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Rating: PG

Summary: The title says it all

Spoilers/Timeline: Takes place in late season two, post-"The Grift", pre-"Lest He Become"

Relationships: Not a big part of the story, but there are J/E and B/S vibes going on. I'm normally a B/E fan but for this story, I'm making an exception. It just flows better this way. And as ever, poor Adam lives a life of solitude. :)

Author's note: I'm having a bout of writer's malaise with respect to Research Subject (man, I really need to rename that one). So I decided to write this one instead. It's not going to be a long one, but I'll try to stretch it over a few chapters.

July 12, 2005: I had given up on finishing this story, but today I thought I'd give it a go, especially I'm writer's-blocking on Pitch Perfect. I didn't think I'd come back to MX fic but hey, everyone needs some brain candy now and again.

Four Mutants and a Baby - Chapter 1

by Deichtine

"Is this MutantX?"

"Who is this? How did you get this number?"

"Please, you have to help me. I'm desperate. I have no one else to turn to."

The young woman on the screen looked to be telling the truth. Her hair was disheveled, her clothes were rumpled, and she looked like she hadn't had a good sleep in weeks. Adam hesitated, thennodded soothingly.

"Of course we'll help you," he said gently. "That's what we do. What's wrong?"

"Is it safe to talk like this?"

"Don't worry, this line is secure."

She took a deep breath. "I'm a...a mutant," she said. It was obvious this wasn't something she admitted often, perhaps even to herself. "These people are following me, chasing me, and I don't know why. I can't run any more, not on my own!" She was crying now, the exhaustion evident in every line of her body.

"I'm going to send my team to bring you in. We can talk when you get here. Just tell me where you are."

The woman bit her lip, and her eyes darted around as though she might see potential listeners. "Are you sure no one else can hear this?"

"Yes, positive," Adam soothed gently. "This is the most secure system in the country, if not the world."

"Okay. I'm at the Traveler's Inn, on Pells Street. Room 125. Please, come soon."

Looking somewhat relieved, but still on the verge of tears, she broke the connection. Turning away from the communications console, Adam raised his ring hand to his lips.

"Brennan, Jesse, Shalimar, Emma. I need you guys to head to the Helix."

"So, what kind of mutant are we looking for?" Shalimar asked as the team approached room 125.

Brennan shrugged. "Adam didn't know. Just that she's young, mutant, and terrified of something. She wouldn't even give him her name. She was afraid of someone hearing."

Jesse opened his mouth, then closed it again, and Emma looked over at him.

"What, Jesse?"

He smiled ruefully. "Well, I was going to make a crack about her being paranoid, but considering what we've been through the last few years, she probably has every right to be."

"True enough," Brennan said, and knocked on the door. "Hello?" There was no response. "We're friends of Adam," he called. "Can we come in?" Still nothing.

The four mutants exchanged glances. Silent agreement. Brennan stepped back, pivoted, and with a smooth, quick movement kicked the door in, landing ready for action.

The young woman who had called Adam was nowhere in sight. The window was open, the bedclothes rumpled; the remains of a cheap take-out dinner littered the small bedside table. And sitting atop the unmade bed was a baby carrier in which an infant, maybe six months old, cooed happily.

"What the hell?" Shalimar said, springing in behind Brennan.

"Took the words right out of my mouth," Jesse said dryly, peeking over Emma's shoulder where she had stopped still in the doorway.

"Where's our mutant?" Emma asked.

"Split, obviously," Brennan said, and from his voice it was clear that he was pretty pissed off.

"Adam said she was young, but somehow I don't think this is what he meant," Jesse observed, joining Shalimar at the bedside to look at the baby.

The feral looked down at the infant, her eyes soft. "And who are you then, little one?" she asked. The baby smiled up at her withcurious green eyes. "There's a note here." She picked it up, scanned it, then read it aloud.

"I'm sorry I deceived you, but I couldn't think of any other way. No adoption agency would know how to deal with her special abilities, but Mutant X will know what to do. She isn't safe with me. Her name is Siobhan. God forgive me." Shalimar lowered the note, looked up at her teammates. "It's unsigned."

Brennan frowned. "So what do we do now? We can't take it back with us."

Emma gave him the universal look of a female unimpressed with a male's boorish ways. "Of course we can take her back," she said. "Not permanently, of course. But what else can we do? We can't just leave her here alone.Besides," she added, her face growing soft as she looked down again at Siobhan, "she's beautiful."

Brennan shook his head. "Are you nuts? We're not prepared to take care of a baby."

The flat stare returned. "No one ever is. We'll make do. When we get back Jesse and I'll take the car, go to the store, get what we need. Meanwhile, if that girl really was being watched, we'd better get Siobhan out of here and back to Sanctuary."

Brennan looked ready to object again, but one look at Shalimar's and Emma's faces stopped him. He turned to Jesse, who was regarding the baby with bemusement. "What do you have to say about this, Jesse?"

His young friend grinned. "Well, I have to admit, she is pretty cute."

Brennan let out a frustrated breath, then turned around and stalked out of the room, speaking into his comlink. "Adam, we have a problem. You're not going to believe this."

End chapter one.