Author's Note: Postscript

And so this part is over. I can't believe I've actually finished fifth year, I never thought I would. And it's turned out longer than I thought. I initially planned about fourteen chapters, and I've finished with twenty-three!

The next part (their sixth year) is still on the drawing boards. I'm still drafting, coneptualising, all that sort of stuff, which will probably take at least a few months. The next part may not even come up until as late as next year, but hey! I've probably got at least three years until book 6 comes out, and my aim is to finish my fic before then. I'm thinking of putting The Manor up at Schnoogle, FictionAlley Park, which means I'll probably be revising, especially once I start writing their sixth year, so you may expect some re-posting of The Manor that should flesh it out a bit more, starting I don't know.

Um, what to expect in the next part? I'm not sure, to be frank. The task of writing the next part seems extremely daunting, in fact – I knew what would happen in part 1, and what to happen in part 3, but the in between is looking really scary. Okay, character wise, more Sirius, Lupin, Tonks, Jem, Snape, Narcissa and all that jazz … gang, I meant gang, and a fair bit of backstory, involving the earlier generations at Hogwarts. And of course, loads more of the main characters, and even some new characters. (They're not new to me – they've been with me since this fic began, but I'm not introducing them until part 2.) At the moment, I think the fic will mostly deal with a drawing of power, developing powers, with Voldemort building up his forces, and a piecing together of the oh-so-mysterious Prophecy. It will be bigger scale. Part 1 was centred around Hogwarts and the Manor. Not so for part 2.

I must thank all my inspirations for this fic: JKR for writing the Harry Potter series (and Order of the Phoenix to get me out of a writing block), Warner Bros for making them into films, David Eddings for his writing style, Tamora Pierce too for her writing style, Harper Lee for writing To Kill a Mockingbird which I borrowed from, and the millions of Harry Potter fanfics out there that I've read and drawn lots of influence from, especially in shaping Draco's wonderful (x million) character. One fic especially – Cassie Claire's Draco Trilogy – was the reason this fic was begun. It introduced me to D/Hr, and also made me want to fix things up since her fic was veering dangerously towards staying H/Hr.

Finally, I'd like to thank all my reviewers for reviewing. 100 was reached! (just!) Lots of especial thanks to those who reviewed frequently ever since they started reading: Porphyrophobic Grape, Wolfy 65 and LilyFlower (sorry if I missed anybody!) The biggest thanks, though, go to Lady Prongs and Cinnamon (Angel), who were my first reviewers, and stayed on till the end! I don't think I could have finished this without you two keeping on reading!!! :)

However, since this is only the end of Part 1, I'll still leave my little personal notes to reviews from chapter 22:

cooky173 – Aussie me too …

Cinammon Angel – I'm glad you like the fact that I update very quickly, but I won't be updating for a long time now … telepathy is pretty cool. I find it scary, personally, because I wouldn't want to know what people are thinking, I think. I wouldn't want people in my mind. If I had any power … I really don't know!

Drex – thank you!

Porphyrophobic Grape – go the Dumbledore-sounding wisdom!

Armitage Blade – thanks! I will try to keep it up.

Lady Prongs – glad to know I'll have somebody to read the next part!

airotci – I really don't have a clue. Big age gap definitely, but no, I don't think anything will really happen there. Jem's already got his big somebody in his life.

LilyFlower – thanks for the info! More questions – are there any exhibitions, or anything hanging around the place? And where are the crown jewels held? Is the room big, well guarded, what's it made off, what's it like? Full description would be fantastic, if you can remember!

wolfy65 – rest assured, you'll know what happens to Draco.

AverageGal – you're meant to be confused! Personally, I hate H/Hr – but I needed a plot device thing, so that's why it's in.

mina-ise – Sirius!

Xaein – D/Hr spread over three years.

DesiGemini6089 – H/Hr is soooo wrong isn't it? But you see, I'm writing three parts to my fic, and the fic isn't totally centred around just love & romance. If Draco and Hermione got together in part 1, there's nowhere to go in part 2+3 except to split up, snog stacks or have lots of mad sex, which, interesting as it is, isn't the path I want to take since my fic isn't romance/angst oriented. Snogging starts in the next part, though, rest assured.

Pansa - thank you for the words of encouragement!

Feel free to keep reviewing – tell me things you want changed, things you liked (so I know to continue them) things you want to happen in the next parts (I'll take them all into serious consideration). Any brits out there? Still searching for a reliable source of information! And if you'd like me to e-mail you when I put up part 2, tell me! See you all in a few months or so! :-)