The Soul in the Body

"I'm late, I'm late." Seeley Booth kept repeating to himself as he climbed out of his car. As usual he was meeting Bones, Temperance Brennan, and the rest of the squints at the Jeffersonian Institute.

A truly gruesome murder had come across the FBI's wavelength. The remains of a six-foot three human male, with skin that had been nearly scorched off and had settled on the skin. Bones was at work doing her thing and examining the remains and giving him all the scientific mumbo jumbo that he had gotten used to.

Lately, he had not been able to make it over to Maryland Avenue in quite a few weeks. He had been bogged down at the Agency's headquarters, pouring over reports and evidence. He had also been suffering from a series of nightmares: filled with strange beings, occult like symbols, crosses and blood that looked like streams of blood.

Needless to say, he had headed over to St. Matthew's as much as he could to try and take his mind off the provocative and disturbing images. Booth thought being surrounded by some grace would help dispel those visions. He really needed a vacation from his job. There were too many bodies lately and too much death.

"Oh!" A woman said in surprise, causing Booth to snap back from his intense preoccupation. He could add lost in thought to his long list of his job consuming his life.

"I'm sorry about that." Booth said scooping up the lady's purse on the ground, along with some of his dropped files. The woman was half bent over, after he had bent down to pick up her purse. Booth met her light blue eyes as they both stood up straight together.

"Um…" Booth started.

"Yeah...thank you." The blonde woman said with a laugh and smile as she reclaimed her purse.

"Sorry…" Booth said again.

The woman giggled and smiled, "You said that already, but It's quite alright."

Booth suddenly felt his heart skip a beat and his mouth hung slightly ajar, he suddenly found himself wanting to say so much to this woman but was unable to. Booth laughed tongue tied. The woman smiled back at him laughing.

"I'm sorry for how awkward I must look –'' Booth began to say.

"Not at all." The woman replied.

Booth continued: "I just suddenly have this feeling that we've met before."

"Oh, you do?" The woman replied.

"Yes, how strange? I don't…say that very often."

"I'm not asked that often to tell you the truth." The woman said in delight, her smile only getting wider and wider. It only seemed to make Booth happier, as if this was all he wanted for the day.

"I don't suppose we have?" Booth asked as charmingly as he could. The thought of the case, the thought of Brennan suddenly out of his mind.

'Ah…" the woman began to say, as her smile seemed to come down two degrees, but was still present on her face. Though Booth thought he saw her eyes water up. The woman brushed her hand over her face, regaining some composure.

"Well, let's fix that, I'm Booth, Seeley Booth."

A stifled laugh escaped the woman as the smile grew again. She cleared her throat and took Booth's hand.

"Anne…Anne is my name."

"Got a last name to go with it?" Booth asked.

"You'll have to earn there, Booth, Seeley Booth." Anne replied. They both laughed.

"Seeley is my first name, but a lot of people just call me Booth."

"Oh, and here I thought it was a James Bond thing." Anne said with a laugh.

"No, no, far from it." Booth said, trying desperately to think of something to keep the conversation with Anne going, to make it the top of his day.

'Do you work here?" Anne asked, pointing to his files.

Yes! Booth said to himself in his mind.

"Hmmm, oh, no, no. I actually work over at the FBI."

"The FBI?" Anne said, "What brings you over here then? I don't see…J. Edgar Hoover or anything that would indicate this is where FBI people work. Or are you sneaking out of work? Are you a museum guy…Seeley?"

Seeley smiled back, "Hardly. This place is amazing, but I'm actually here on work, on the job. The scientists who work here are consultants for our cases. I was actually going over to meet with one of the scientists and her team."

"How exciting." Anne said.

"It has it's ups and downs, but the scientists here are very, very good."

"Oh, and here I thought I might try and suddenly steal you for the day." Anne said, her smile slowly leaving her face.

"Really now?" Booth said.

"I'm new to Washington and you're the first nice guy I've met here." Anne said with hope written on her face.

"Oh…" Booth began to say.

"BOOTH!" Hodgins called.

Damn. Booth shouted in his head.

Both Anne and Booth turned in the direction of Hodgins' voice.

"Come on, Dr. Brennan has some important evidence to share with you."

A frog filled Booth's throat; he desperately did not want to leave.

"I'm afraid duty calls." Booth said. A worried look crossed over Anne's face.

"Can I call you?" Booth asked.

"That would be great, but I sorta…lost it. I don't have one." Anne replied.

"Oh…" Booth began to say.

"But I'm going to hang around here for a while. Maybe…we can see each other after you're done?"

"BOOTH!" Hodgins called again.

"Coming!" Booth called back, looking over Anne's head. He quickly apologized for yelling.

"It might be awhile. And depending on what they tell me, I may have to leave." Booth said, "Maybe…you're address?"

Anne's mouth fell slack and then Hodgins called again.

"Still not settled unfortunately." Anne began to stammer, "I'll wait for you…I mean, I don't mind…I'll be here for a while. If not today, I'll look up your office – your office at the FBI…FBI office."

Booth smiled, "Alright. I think I can deal with that."

"Okay." Anne said.

"I'll see you." Booth said.

"Me too." Anne replied.

Booth excused himself and followed after Hodgins as the scientist escorted him to lab.

"Yo, who is that hot blonde you were talking to?" Hodgins asked.

"Just met her," Booth replied, "But I hope to find out more."

"Banging." Hodgins said with a smile.

"Hodgins, what have talked about?" Booth lectured as they entered the Brennan's lab.

Anne walked from the main entrance and out into the gardens of the Jeffersonian. She felt like she had a pit in her stomach and that she wanted to vomit and cry at the same time. She began to wander the gardens, almost as if she were hyperventilating.

"B!" A voice called. Anne turned and began to walk toward the voice, coming upon a woman with dark eyes and dark brown hair, looking out of place in the Washington D.C. heat.


"There you are, Faith." Buffy said. They walked toward each other.

"Did you find –" Faith began to ask Buffy when the blonde threw her arms around her.

"I found him, Faith, I found him. I found Angel." Faith could sense that Buffy was filled with relief and at the same time, a certain dread. They parted from the support hug.

'That's good news?" Faith said with a smile, "We can bring him home soon."


"What?" Faith asked.

"Faith, he's…he's a different person. He's happy – happy and alive."

"What's…" Faith went silent for a moment and considered Buffy's words. "I see." Faith finally said.

"What do I do, Faith? What do we do? What will tearing him from this…this world do to him?"

Faith again fell silent. "I'm not sure," Faith said slowly, "But you'll figure it out. We'll figure something out.

Buffy looked back at the Jeffersonian building, her head awash with ideas and questions. Determination was in the mix as well, but at the same time, Angel was happy. Was what she about to do the right thing to do?