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Get everyone, it is time for a brand new story!

It is time to show Davis Motomiya the love he deserves!

It is time for him to go around, winning the hearts of lovely ladies.

Warning, some Matt and TK Bashing. Because of a mix of 'needed for the story' and 'Ghost and I dislike them to different degrees'

Digimon 02; Davis' Lucky Life

Chapter 1: Sky High with Sora

We start this story in an apartment where a brown-haired man is getting dressed. His hair was an arburm, red-is brown. Shaggy and spikey, a bed head style really. He was alone in his room which showed his love for soccer and cooking, based on the many posters and books scattered around in the semi-messy room. He grabbed a pair of goggles from his bedside table and put them on his head "Getting dressed, complete." He smirked to himself, looking at his attire. He adjusted his blue jacket, the flame design reflecting lightly in the light.

He headed out of his room where he saw his sister lying on the settee after a long night of studying. She was passed out, bedding lightly placed over her "Guess University's taking its toll on her." He sighed with a gentle smile. He walked over to the kitchen area and set up a cup of tea for her when she woke up. "I'm going out." He spoke as gently as possible, locking the door behind him as he went out.

This was Davis Motomiya, the leader of the second generation of DigiDestined. It had been a while since he and his friends had gotten together, his partner Digimon was a blue small Dragonoid Digimon with a small 'V' on his forehead and red eyes. Veemon was currently in the Digital World though, he was getting solo training by a guy called Gankoomon to become a Royal Knight. Davis had wanted to go with but it was something his partner had to do alone, apparently. His friends' Digimon were also doing their own thing, staying with their partners, hanging around in the Digital World. Just doing things that they liked. Armadillomon was with Cody learning kendo, Patamon was with TK doing their own thing. Really, it was just quiet. There wasn't much for the DigiDestined to do, nowadays. As a team protecting the worlds, that is. It was just them enjoying peace, going on dates, doing their own thing...For the most part. Davis hummed as he pulled out a set of blue head phones and turned on a song, nodding to the beat as he closed his eyes and just walked. His head bounced to the beat, going along the road and keeping to himself. Davis' mind began to wander, thinking about everyone and what they where up to. He was going to culinary school while hanging out with the guys and playing soccer on the weekends. He was also getting some lessons from a few of his friends parents about running a business and as he was wandering both mentally and physically.

TK was currently working on a writing course, he said that he wanted to get into literature and write down their adventures. Joe was working hard to be a doctor, his partner Gomamon helping out when he can. Tai had gotten with a girl called Meiko, a shy needy girl. Cody was learning to become a kendo master and learn to continue his family's dojo. Ken, Davis' friend and former rival, was learning to be a detective but there seemed to be something off about Ken recently. Meanwhile there was Yolie, still dating Ken and working at her parents store. Izzy was working on his latest computer project, something in techno-babble that he didn't quite understand, but Izzy was passionate about it. Mimi was learning how to be a fashion model and designer. She was flip-flopping between the two at this point. Kari, Davis' crush and Tai's sister, was at school and earning to be a teacher. And Sora was-


"Huh?" he blinked, feeling softness surround his face. He looked up, revealing he just went face-to-chest with a woman, and saw an angry red head

*flash back, half an hour ago*

We find a beautiful girl sitting at a tabel in a nice cafe. The red head was wearing a tight sleeveless yellow shirt, thigh length denim/Jean skirt, black knee-high socks and black ankle high boots with small heels. She had a slender athletic body with a sexy ass and large D cup breasts. She was sat at a booth, one leg crossed over the other. She was tapping her finger agaisnt the table, her nails painted red, as she stated at her phone in anger

no new messages

This was Sora, Sora Takenouchi

And she was waiting for her boyfriend. Who was over a half hour late by this point.

Sora clenched her teeth. This wasn't the first time Matt had ditched her when they had a date.
But they had been planning this for THREE MONTHS! Because it was their ANNIVERSARY!


Sora looked down at her phone and saw a message.

Band practice is running long.
Reschedule later?

"'Reschedule. Later.'?" She strained and clenched her teeth in anger. "Resched-?"


She jolted up, grabbed her purse and stormed out of the restaurant "Um, Miss. Your-." The waitress began to ask

"Put it under the name 'Matt Ishida'!" She yelled and slammed the door behind her. She walked away from the cafe, where they had their first date, with rage. The place once associated with so many happy memories tainted with heartbreak and anger 'That. That forgetful. STUPID. UNCARING...MAN!' She mentally screamed in her head 'That JERK! Is is fucking band more important than his girlfriend?! He's pulled this same shit for our last THREE dates! And every other date before that! But on our ANNIVERSARY?!' As you could tell, Sora was not in a very good mood 'If I see another man I'll-!' She continued to think in anger before bumping into an oblivious Davis

"Huh?" Davis blinked and looked up at her, but all Sora saw was red

"Okay you little twerp! Prepare..." Sora started to yell, grabbing Davis by the collar of his shirt

"Sora! Sora! Wait! Its me! Davis!" Davis yelled as he pulled his headphones off and waved his hands in fear

"Huh? Davis?" Sora blinked in a rage filled confusion and lowered her fist. "Sorry, I didn't think it was you." She apologised

"Hey, it's okay." he smiled as she released his shirt... But then he frowned "Are you okay?" he asked softly, looking at the small pools of tears building at the corner of her eyes

Sora didn't say anything and wiped her eyes. 'It's nothing.' She wanted to say, but her mouth wasn't moving.

"Hey, come on." he urged softly "Let's go back to my place. We haven't hung out in forever and you can tell me all about it, okay?"

"...Is there tea?" Sora asked after wiping her nose with a tissue.

"I think we have a full box." Davis nodded

*time skip*

"Here we go, home sweet home." Davis said as he closed the door behind them, noticing that Jun wasn't here 'Huh. Must have woken up and left while I was out.' he thought as he and Sora took their shoes off

"Expecting someone?" Sora asked

"My sister was in when I left. She must be out." He answered honestly. "Now, tea." He added, going to the kitchen.


"Er..." Sora grumbled awkwardly, she and Matt WHERE meeting for lunch after all

"No worries. Once I've made the tea, you can try my new recipe. You can tell me what's wrong while I'm cooking." he smiled

"Really? Thanks, Davis." Sora thanked him, sitting down on the settee.

He nodded, quickly pouring them a cup of tea each "Hope you like Oolong."

"Oolong's fine." Sora gave a small chuckle and smile. She gently sipped the tea and sighed as Davis pulled out a woke and some ingredients. The chopping and sliding of the knife on ingredients filled the kitchen and living room.

"So~?" Davis asked kindly as he put some peppers into the wok. He didn't want to push her but he wanted to help

"It's our third year anniversary." Sora frowned as she held the mug of oolong in her hands. "We were supposed to go out today. Go to the restaurant where we had our first date." She looked down at the drink, remembering those found memories "We've been planning this for months. Since my birthday. Planning on making it big, split the bill 50/50. Neither of us said it but... It was to help bring the romance back in our relationship."

Davis froze at that, almost nicking his finger. "R-Really? Ahem." He coughed to clear his throat before going back to it. "I-I guess it didn't plan out the way it did."

"No!" she snapped lightly "He ditched me, AGAIN, for his fucking band!"

Davis almost dropped his knife and caught it by the handle, a mad girl is something he did NOT want to have. Still, he couldn't help himself from asking "He's done this before?" he asked, manipulating the food in the woke with a pair of chopsticks

After taking a sip from her tea, Sora responded. "He has. When we were going to go to the beach his band called up saying about a new gig." She leaned back a bit, closing her eyes "He didn't even hesitate. We had the whole day planned since he had the day off and my mother was out of town. But he left me hanging to be with them."

'Damn.' Davis thought to himself with a frown. 'Don't ask about the gig.' He followed up. "Did he at least apologise?"

"Yes." she nodded and sighed "At least at first."

"Meaning..." Davis asked

"He slowly stopped saying 'sorry'." She responded sadly. "It was like. His band was getting more time than me."

Davis frowned, serving his dish "Here we are." He whispered, setting it up.

"It smells great." Sora smiled, thanking him for the food and began to eat. It was a stir fry like dish with a red-ish sauce coating the chicken "Hmm~, this tastes great." Sora moaned gently, the red-ish sauce tingling on her lips, the crunch of the vegetables in her mouth and the noodles were cooked to tasty perfection. The sauce had a slightly spicy after taste, not over powering but it warmed the mouth pleasantly, and when it wasn't spicy it was really sweet which went well with the chicken

"Thanks." Davis smiled as he joined her, eating his own bowl

"This tastes great. You're really coming along for your noodle cart." Sora smiled

"Thanks." Davis smiled lightly "It's a recipe I came up with by myself."

"It's your own?" She gasped after swallowing. "This is amazing."

"Yeah, but I had to practice a LOT and find the right amount." Davis answered, recalling his attempts to make his own signature dish. Veemon had been the unfortunate taste tester and Davis was the unfortunate luck of being hit by Veemon's punches for numbing his tongue with too much spice. It had been a really interesting week

"Wow..." Sora blinked, realising she had finished her food. She hadn't realised how much she was eating "I-I'm so-"

"Don't apologise. It's a good feeling of pride to see someone enjoy my meals so much." Davis reassured her, seeing that she had three bowls worth of Davis' home cooked meals "You really like that, huh?" he smiled

"Yeah, I did. It might be a new favourite of mine." She nodded

"That's a massive compliment." Davis smiled. Sora nodded, getting up and heading towards the fridge "Do you want anything else? I can get it for you." Davis offered

"Nah, just getting a drink." she commented, before she gasped lightly

"Um, what is it?" He gulped as he heard her gasp. She turned around... Holding two cans of beer "Ah, those. I was saving those." Davis chuckled admitting that.

"Care to share?" She asked

"Sure." he smiled and nodded

Flipping open the tops Sora passed a beer to Davis. "Cheers." She clanked her beer with his.

"Cheers." he nodded, popping open the can

The two continued to sat down opposite of each other. "Ah~, this is nice."

Sora nodded, grasping a second can

*time skip*

The two former DigiDestined had spent about an hour talking and drinking beer. They were just having a good laugh. The two had just finished a small bout of laughter... And Sora began to shake and cry "Sora? Are-are you okay?" Davis asked and went over to her.

"Do you think Matt's cheating on me? Is that why he keeps ignoring me? Why he keeps leaving me alone?" Sora cried

"I. I dunno. But if he is, he's a bloody idiot." Davis admitted. "Cause, who'd cheat on you?"

"Maybe I'm not sexy?" Sora wondered as she straddled Davis' waist, accidentally knocking him onto his back "Wow... You're actually really hot..." she said in shock, a short distance between their faces. She clearly had no filter right now, her thoughts just flowing out of her plump lips "What do you think about me?" she asked, sitting up. There was an inch between their crotches, her skirt pushed up slightly showing a hint of her red panties. She held her head with her right hand, her left in her hip as she tried to look sexy as she pushed out her chest. But at the same time she looked away awkwardly, their eyes not connecting "Maybe he doesn't think I'm attractive anymore?" she whispered, tears welling in the corner of her eyes "Oh what am I saying. I sound pathetic."

"No. Don't say that. You're not pathetic. And honestly, you look AMAZINGLY gorgeous." Davis answered as he looked up at her

"You really think so?" she sniffed

"Does this answer it?" Davis asked, kissing her on the cheek.

"Davis!" she gasped dramatically and giggled

"What? If Matt isn't gonna show you some affection." Davis blushed before he moved forward and kissed her lips. Sora internally gasped as she felt his lips on hers. A feeling she hadn't felt for a while. Just affectionate pecks on the lips and cheek. She fell back. Her back hit the sofa, Davis leaning over her as he kissed her with his jacket hitting the floor. The two continued to kiss, his hands holding Sora as she kissed him back, feeling hotter and hotter. Davis felt his hands glide up and down her back, feeling her shirt rubbing her back

"Davis." Sora moaned as the kiss became more passionate and lewd, their tongues swirling against each other lustfully while she rubbed her knee against his hip. Davis continued to kiss Sora, his hand sliding down between her hips. He didn't think, he just did. It felt right. Sora gasped, her eyes widening as Davis suddenly broke the kiss and pulled her shirt off revealing a red bra that matched her panties "D... Davis! What are you... Ah~" she started to say, as if she snapped back to reality and what she was about to do, only to gasp and moan

Davis had his hand under her skirt, rubbing her slit "I'll make you feel good Sora, I promise. Just relax." he said, not thinking but clearly wanting her to enjoy herself. With his free hand he pushed her bra up and off her breast, making it bounce slightly, before he started suckling and licking her nipple

She moaned and bit her bottom lip, feeling her body being touched like this in such a long while. Matt hardly touched her anymore, so this was a welcomed feeling. She wanted him to make her feel ecstasy.
Even if she was trying to tell herself to stop
She didn't know when Davis took his shirt off, or when he had removed her panties, but she suddenly felt his tongue deep in her pussy and she loved it. She felt her back arch as she felt his tongue lap against her labia, Davis' hands teasing and holding her hips.

"Matt is an idiot to ignore and hurt a cute girl like you." he whispered

"D-Davis~." She gasped as she felt his fingers slowly penetrate her 'How is he so goood~?'

'Make HER feel good, Davis. It's about HER today.' He thought to himself as he kissed her clitoris. This wasn't his first time, he has had a few girlfriends. And each one was surprised about how eager he was to make THEM feel good

"D-Davis. I-I'm going to. AH~!" Sora moaned and climaxed

Davis pulled back and watched, seeing her juices spray out and arch in the air as she raised her hips and quivered while her toes curled. He just smiled, seeing a woman climax, feeling the stress release.

Sora thrust her hips in the air a few more times as her earth shattering orgasm subsided, feeling really lewd in this position... And then guilt hit her like a rushing river.
What had she just done?
She had betrayed Matt and their relationship. Their love.
She had just let Davis give her oral because of alcohol and her anger.
Her mind focused on all the happy memories, all the love, she had with Matt as she felt guilt pull her under as of to drown her...

And suddenly the river of guilt erupted into flames, evaporating away with passion and a soothing heat surrounded her. At the exact same moment the memories of Matt shattered away as she felt pleasure shoot through her body, numbing her brain. She gasped as the sudden heat and pleasure brought her back to reality, shocked to see that Davis was now naked... And pushing his hard dick into her pussy

His... Very large dick

"Oh... Oh my! D... Davis?!" she gasped but she was interrupted as Davis pushed inside, her mind vanishing into a pool of white as she moaned "Oh~"

"Ladies cum first." He joked, kissing her as he slowly thrust in her moist slit. His pussy juice coated tongue batting against hers, Sora tasting her naughty juices on his tongue as she felt her vagina stretch by Davis' fat cock.

Her eyes fluttered closed as she gasped and moaned, her mind and body assaulted by this overwhelming pleasure
'What am I doing?' she wondered as she sucked on Davis' tongue. Davis continued to pleasure Sora, giving her affection and touch. He held her hips thrusting away
'What am I doing?' Sora thought again 'This is wrong! I'm letting someone other than Matt do this to me! It's been so long... I'm basically putty to whatever Davis does to me!'

Davis slowly pulled back, seeing her blushing frustrated face. "What's wrong?" He asked tenderly

Sora didn't answer as she bit her finger, shuddering and whimpering in pleasure 'He's... Oh god! Oh god... He's... So... Big! So... Deep!'

"Sora. I'm gonna cum." He warned her although the tone of voice showed it wouldn't be for a while. He began to thrust again once he saw her nod a bit

'This is insane! He's hitting spots deep inside me! Places Matt has never reached!' she thought, gasping and moaning as her eyes rolled up and her face turned red with a blush

"I'll get rid of your heartache." he assured, kissing her for a second "Matt must be insane, ignoring you. No guy could resist such a sexy girl." he grunted, thrusting faster "Fuck! Did you want this to happen?"

"I-I-I~! I want this! I want to cum! Filled by a REAL man!" Sora exclaimed lustfully. Davis grunted and moved his hips faster, kissing her neck and breasts more. Worshiping her. His fingers sliding across her stomach and sides 'Oh crap!' Sora thought as her eyes widened and her toes curled, her body curving up and... "Cumming~" she moaned loudly as she squirted around his member

Davis moaned as he smiled, slowly pulling out of Sora and came on her stomach. "Do you feel better?" He asked, looking at her ahegao face

Sora shuddered and moaned, her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs around his waist. Her body trembling
'Oh god... That ... That was incredible...' she thought 'Why did Matt never make me feel so... What?!'

"Brace yourself Sora. I'm ready for more." Davis whispered, kissing her and pushing inside her again

'WHAT?!' she thought in shock, feeling his still hard member go deep inside her once more. She had hearts in her eyes now. Davis continued to thrust, hitting deep within her vagina, pushing all her right buttons as she hugged around his neck and her legs clamped around his hips. Davis continued pleasuring her, her breasts pressed against him as he made passionate sex with her "Ah~! Ah~! Ah~!" she moaned with each thrust

'She feels amazing. How could Matt leave such a gorgeous woman like this alone?' Davis thought, groping her breasts as he thrust his member in her pussy


It was roughly an hour later, where we meet up with Jun. She was currently walking back from her friend's house from a study party "I'm home." she said quietly as she took her shoes off, humming to herself.. And heard moaning from the other room 'Wait. What's that?' She thought in confusion as she slowly opened the door and heard it a little louder...and saw who was making it.
It was Davis fucking a girl on the settee. RIGHT in front of her.
'D-Davis? What's he doing?' Jun thought to herself

Sora was on all fours, moaning with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Davis was behind her, slamming into her pussy while holding her arms back and using them to pull her onto his cock. His thick dick speared into her wet hole, which was overflowing with her pussy juices and semen

'Oh. My god. Look at that! He-He's fucking her like a porn star!' Jun thought as she looked at her brother having sex with Sora

We go back into the room, the two moaning and grunting
'Unbelievable!' Sora thought in ecstasy 'I've only ever been with Matt before! And we only did it on special occasions! And when we did, it was only once because he was so tired! But Davis?... Is it normal for guys to have this much stamina? And even when he comes he keeps going, making sure I cum more than he does!'

"How does it feel, Sora? How do YOU feel?" Davis moaned, asking her like a lover.

"Ah~" she moaned, Davis pressing against her back. He pinned her to the bed, pushing her stomach flat against the sofa with his chest was pressed against her back. He moved quick and hard, going deep into her pussy "M-More~! More! Harder! C-Cum! YES~!" Sora moaned, feeling her body ache for him 'This is all Matt's fault! Why did he never show me this much love?' she thought bitterly but happily, cumming again 'With Davis it's non-stop pleasure! He makes me cum again and again!'

Davis changed their positions now, sitting on the sofa as Sora bounced on his cock reverse cowgirl style. The two kissed over Sora's shoulder, Davis rubbing her clit "Cum for me Sora." he begged as he came inside her again

Sora just moaned, her breasts bouncing and exposed to the door, not knowing that Jun was there and she came, squirting onto his cock and onto the seat. Climaxing as hard as she could from the pleasure. "C-CUMMING~!" She screamed 'But I don't care about Matt anymore.' Sora thought as she felt her... She had lost count of how many orgasms she had today 'All I can think about is him.' Sora moaned, kissing Davis "Davis~" she moaned into the soft lovers kiss, his sperm still shooting deep inside her pussy before she passed out agaisnt him

Davis blinked and then smiled, stroking her head before slowly exiting her, his seed dripping out of her slit. "Good night, Sora." He whispered, resting her on the sofa. Once she was flat on her back he did his best to pick her up, taking her to his bedroom

Seeing her opportunity, Jun rushed through the living room to her bedroom and she was panting heavily, her panties were soaked and she landed onto her bed. 'Oh, oh fuck! So much!' Jun thought in lust, masturbating to the thought of her brother and Sora.

Davis walked back into the living room, wearing boxers and began to clean the room from his and Sora's mess "Okay, time to clean up." He muttered to himself and picked up the bowls, getting a bowl full of hot soapy water to clean up unaware of Jun fingerings herself to him in the other room

*time skip *

It was night as Sora awoke, her body sore but happily so. She slowly stretched out as she got out of Davis' bed. Feeling her body happily ache from Davis making love to her.

"Good evening, sleepyhead." Davis smiled, sitting opposite her and had a glass of water for her.

"Davis!" she gasped and jumped lightly, covering herself with his bedding on instinct "You frightened me." she giggled... And then the guilt kicked in "Oh. Oh, my god. What've I done?" She gripped her head, realising that she had cheated on Matt. "I'm a-"

"Stop. Right there." Davis interrupted. He held her close, pushing her face against his chest and cradling her lightly "You're not in the wrong. Matt's been ignoring you for AGES." Davis logically recalled her own words "I mean like... Yeah. Don't want to admit it but you where a bit in the wrong. But you where drunk and he broke your heart. Don't blame yourself. Blame him... Blame me."

Sora sniffed and looked up at him. "D-Davis. Thank you." She looked up at him, biting her lip "But I can't hate you."

Davis just nodded and stroked her head. "I guess." He nodded, knowing that his former girlfriends were like this.

"You just wanted to help. You made me feel so good." she mumbled

Davis nodded, knowing that he had this effect on women, but he didn't want that to go to his head. He was just trying to help women. He wanted to help Sora

"Davis. Thank you." She spoke softly, hugging him close while the sheet separated them. And she kissed him. All her, no alcohol. Her choice here and now

Davis blinked gently and cupped her cheek, holding her cheek and smiled internally. His tongue rolled against hers, returning the kiss

Sora gasped softly as she broke the kiss, staring into his eyes "Davis. You are amazing. You can be an idiot sometimes but your kind. You care for others. You love life. Your funny. You cook. You're just, genuinely a nice guy. And you are sexy as fuck. I... If you want a cheating whore like me... I'd be happy to be your girlfriend after I've broken up with Matt." Sora panted soflty

"Are you serious?" Davis asked looking right at her, seeing that she was serious.

"I am." Sora nodded

Davis could only stare in shock at her "...I don't think you're a cheating slut." Davis admitted and he kissed her again

'Hmm~' Sora moaned happily, kissing back and falling onto him. "Hey, I have an idea." she smiled naughtily

"What're you thinking?" Davis asked, seeing her smile and felt his own grin grow.

*time skip*

We move forward in time a bit, Davis now naked. He was lying on the bed, holding Sora's phone with the camera pointed towards his crotch "Don't you think this is a bit cruel?" he groaned softly

"Davis~." Sora whined as she rubbed his cock. She was lying on her stomach, her legs swinging back and forth lazily behind her while her hand slid up and down his member "We aren't going to send it, it's just for us. Some fun. Besides, Matt deserves this. Asshole. And really, it's all your fault." she kissed the top of his dick and giggled "You made me fall in love with your dick. So take responsibility." she added before she began to lewdly kiss the dick, her cheeks hollowing out as she sucked his head

"Okay, okay~. I'll take responsibility." He moaned and was focusing the camera on her face, keeping his own face out of shot. Watching as she gave him a blowjob "Oh, damn~!" Davis moaned, his head falling back onto the pillow and continued to film Sora sucking his cock. She looked so sexy, so lewd and sexy

Sora continued to bob her head on his cock, giving slutty moans with each thrust.

Davis hissed sexually and held her head down, keeping Sora there...and wanted to cum right in her mouth. He held her head, starting to thrust in and out of her mouth himself

Sora began to gag as she felt his cock hit the back of her throat, her tongue tasting his head as she now had little hearts in her eyes. She wanted his cum to paint her mouth white. She held his thighs to help brace herself, shuddering and moaning around his member

"I'm. Gonna. Cum!" Davis moaned and came, filling her mouth with his seed "Yeah Sora! Oh hell you suck GREAT!"

Sora moaned happily, sucking his cock and sperm lustfully and took it all. She was Davis' 'cheating whore', she was going to play into that role. She waited until he had finished, her mouth full of cum, and pulled back. Her tongue gave one last long twirl around the head of his member as she released his member from her mouth

"Fuck, that was so sexy. Matt's a fool to ignore you." Davis gasped as he looked at her with the camera.

"Sorry Matt, Davis is my man now." Sora winked softly as she swallowed the cum

"And you're my woman." Davis smiled as he put the camera down, positioning it to capture her and Davis in view with his cock tapping on her leg. Sora giggled as she spread her legs, as well as her pussy. He kissed down her legs, teasing her pussy before slowly entering her pussy with his sperm covered cock, feeling her warm folds wrap around him. "You know. I think Matt ignored you because he was insecure about having a girlfriend who was both more beautiful than him. And in better shape." Davis mocked softly as he ran his fingers over Sora's stomach, which was toned from all the sports she played while also making a play at how obsessed Matt was with his looks

"Sto~p. Seriously? I'm in better shape than Matt?" Sora moaned, being tickled by Davis' fingers.

"When have you seen the guy work out?" he chuckled lightly and kissed her breasts, thrusting in and out of her

"Ah~, I-I don't think. I have." She moaned, feeling like she was special by Davis' touch. Like she was all that mattered. She smiled up at him, feeling him move in and out "He's mainly with his...AH~! Band!" Sora exclaimed, feeling her pussy tingle from Davis' member as she felt his cock-head kiss her womb

"You don't think?" Davis chuckled and flinched, holding back his limit

"He-He WAS getting... Pudgy." Sora moaned, arching back and grabbed her breasts as she wanted to cum first.

"Not what I meant." he chuckled "I mean, if was spending all his time with his BAND instead of his super fun and sexy girlfriend..."

"I-I-AH~!" Sora moaned and squirted on Davis' sheets

"Fuck!" Davis moaned and came inside her

"I. Love this~." Sora panted happily, hugging Davis as best as she could "... Did you just say Matt is having gay orgies with his band while we where fucking?" she suddenly started laughing

"I think I did." Davis laughed as he looked at her. He kissed her gently, holding her close

*time skip, next week*

Davis was with Sora, having broken up with Matt earlier that day and were going back to Davis' home for some home made dinner. Davis was carrying a few bags, with Sora carrying one herself "So, what're you gonna make for dinner today?" Sora asked as she carried the vegetables.

"Probably something involving prawns, I think." He admitted

"Oh? Hoping to be frisky tonight?" Sora giggled

"Was it that obvious?" Davis laughed and tried to grab his keys.

"Oh, don't worry. I've got them." Sora reached into his pocket and grabbed his keys while subtly rubbing his cock over his trousers.

Shuddering a bit, Davis let out a small exhale. "You did that on purpose."

"Did I?" She winked

Davis laughed softly and kissed her before they walked in "So, you got work tomorrow?" he asked

"Yeah, I do. It'll be a late night too." She admitted a little sadly.

"Well, then I'll leave you a nice dinner for when you get in." he smiled as he pulled out some paper from a draw and hid them behind his back "If you want to stay over, that is. Nothing big and it'll be fine to eat cold. But it will really fill you up and help you get to sleep easier."

"That sounds great, Davis." Sora answered, putting the vegetables down. "I might take you up on that."

"I'll leave it there even if you don't come over." he smiled, showing him being thoughtful of her... And she caught a small glimps of the paper behind his back

Sora had a small smiled as she clocked the paper and nodded. "Do you need a hand with cooking?"

"No, I'm fine." he nodded, walking past... And Sora swipped the paper form his hands "Wha-hey!"

"No way!" Sora gasped as she looked at the tickets in her hand "You got us tickets to the Shinjuku/Shibuya match?!"

"I. Well, I. It was-Give those back!" He tried to explain and then panicked, trying to reach for her hand. "Those were a-!"

"Surprise?" she smiled, kissing him

"...Yes. For you." He admitted and blushed. "It was meant for when you came back from work."

"You are so sweet." she smiled and kissed him softly

"So. Um...Can I have the tickets back now?" He joked

"Here's yours." she smiled, giving one ticket back

"Thank you." He answered and sighed; he pocketed the ticket into a special hold so he wouldn't forget it and looked at her. "I love you; you know?"

"I know." she smiled, resting their heads against each other "I love you to."

"So. Dinner?" He offered.

"Love some." She responded