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Digimon 02; Davis' Lucky Life

Chapter 9: The Finale With Biyomon

A couple of days later, Sora was sitting outside and was with her partner. She was pushing Sky's pram, Biyomon flying next to her "Thanks for coming with me, Biyomon. I've missed this." Sora commented kindly.

"Happy to help Sora." Biyomon smiled, Sky sleeping peacefully

"Are you okay Sora?" Biyomon asked

"I guess." Davis' first lover sighed "I just... I guess I feel a bit jealous and left out?"

"Really? But you're a mum." Biyomon answered

"I mean in Davis' relationship." she corrected

"Oh. Well. Have you talked to him?" Biyomon asked nervously.

"I... I don't want to come across as selfish." Sora admitted "But those Digimon are nymphs. And as you said, I'm a mother. I've been busy for none months being pregnant. And I love Sky, but I'm busy looking after him so much. While Catherine and Kari have a near monopoly on his cock with the three DigiGirls, at least until Kari is too far pregnant. Heck Jun gets more of his dick than I have recently. "

Biyomon frowned, stopped flying and hugged her even if there was a guilt to the motion

"Thanks, Biyo." Sora whispered, stroking her head gently "Thank you."

*at home*

Back at the Motomiya residence, Davis had finished making lunch for everyone. It was something he wanted to do for them. After hours of fucking beforehand of course. Gatomon and Kari were purring gently, they were resting on the settee with Lady lazily eating with a satisfied smile

"Anyone else?" Davis asked, holding a wok. which he put away

"No, thank you." Catherine answered, patting her stomach

Mimi just patted Niko's mouth, cleaning up the mess "Who wants a bath? Who wants splashy splashy? You do, yes you do." she baby talked

"Mama, mama!" Niko giggled, flailing their arms in a 'splishy splashy' manner. Mimi giggled, walking away

"Niko is gonna be one spoiled little kid when she grows up." Lady teased

"No, she won't." Catherine answered

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, cause we'll teach them right." Catherine answered with a smirk, challenging the leader clad woman

"OH~, Little Ms Frenchy is getting fresh with MOI?" Lady teased

"Yes I am Madam Cuir F├ętiche." Catherine replied with a smile

"I'm gonna get you for that." LadyDevimon smirked and slapped her ass "You latex whore." she whispered into the blonde ear

"Ladies, please. If you're going to do that, take it in the other room." Davis asked

"Why? Niko's in the bath now." Kari yawned, rubbing her pregnant stomach

"That's...Fair." Davis admitted. "But what if Sora comes back with Sky in her arms and he sees?"

"Fine." both pouted

"Killjoy." Kari frowned

"I-I just-" Davis stammered before she kissed him to shut him up

"Quick." Catherine whispered to LadyDevimon and kissed her

"Right." the Ultimate nodded, the two rushing out the room with Lady's heels clicking loudly

'Oh god~.' Davis thought to himself

*time skip*

Davis yawned as he arrived home past midnight, work having been long and hard... And he heard crying 'Huh?' He thought in confusion and headed to the source. He saw Biyomon perched on a chair, crying softly in the dark room "Biyomon? Are you okay?" He whispered, grabbing her attention

"Huh? D-Davis?" she sniffed

"You're crying. Want to tell me what's wrong?" He asked

"Nothing." she sniffed

"Biyo, you know you can talk to me about anything; right?" Davis reassured her. The bird shuddered a bit at the nickname, sighing "Sorry, it's just I hear Sora call you that. I hope you don't mind." He apologised

"It's not that." she shook her head

"Then, What is it?" He inquired, acting like how a friend should

"I'M JEALOUS AND GUILTY!" she yelled

Davis jerked back by Biyomon's response, it was like she was gonna wake up the whole house! Good thing the bed rooms where a few apartments back "Why do you feel jealous and guilty?" Davis asked in worry

"Davis... I... Have you seen your family?" she muttered sadly "Imagine how I feel. Being alone, family wise, around all that love? That's why."

"I. I'm sorry. I didn't notice." He apologised "I didn't even realise."

"And its not just that. I'm sad because... Davis, look at me." the pink bird sighed as she held her wings out

"You. You're a bird-humanoid Digimon." Davis slowly realised, hearing the hurt in her voice

"I'm a fucking bird!" she all but yelled "Who'd want to fuck a bird?!" Davis frowned and hugged her tightly. He held her close, unable to think of anything else "D-Davis. L-let me go!" Biyomon cried.

"Why?" he asked lightly

"Cause, cause I-." Biyomon began to cry "My digivolutions...they're ALL frigging bird forms!"


"So? I can't-!" She choked on her words

"Can't what?"

"Can't...have sex like a human!" She exclaimed "Who wants to fuck a bird?! And my only form that looks human-is is bigger than this building!"

'Got to admit, that IS true.' Davis thought to himself.

"And then there's what Sora told me." she muttered

"What did she tell you?" He asked sadly.

"That she feels like your ignoring her." she admitted

Davis frowned and felt guilty. "I'll apologise to her. AND to you." he said before he had an idea

"Davis, what're you saying?" Biyomon asked in confusion

"You've not reached Mega, have you?" Davis asked

"Um. N-No. I haven't." Biyomon shook her head.

"Well I know what I'm going to do." he smiled

"What? What're you going to do?" Biyomon asked as she looked at him.

"I'm going to make it up to Sora! Show her all the love I have for her!" he called proudly

Biyomon's eyes widened at that, feeling hopeful by his words "Oh wow!"

*Time Skip*

It was the following morning, Davis had his plan set in motion to help Biyomon and Sora. Preparing an entire romantic day for the red head, just him and her "Is everything ready?" Mimi asked

"Yeah, should be." Davis nodded "Thanks for the help girls."

"Hey, anything for you." Yolei answered

"We'll be back later." Kari kissed his cheek.

"Have a kinky day." LadyDevimon teased

"Plan to." He answered

"Don't listen to her." Angewomon whispered in Davis' ear, kissing his cheek

"Slap her butt for me today." Davis winked subtly to her.

"Bye!" Lillymon waved

In the bedroom, Sora was still asleep; Biyomon right next to her, although she was anxious about today. "Have a good day." Catherine whispered as she peaked through the door, hoping the day would be God for the two of them

Biyomon nodded and waved gently as she saw Catherine leave. She sighed, nervous 'I. I hope this works.' She thought as Sora yawned

"Hmm...Morning." Sora yawned as she slowly got up.

"Morning." Davis smiled from the doorway

"Morning. What time is it?" Sora yawned as she got up.

"Around 10." Davis commented

"Why didn't you wake me?" She asked

"I've got a surprise for you." He answered, kissing her cheek. "A whole day of you and me."

"Really? That sounds great." Sora smiled as she got up with a loving, excited sparkle in her eyes

"Of course, I'll be waiting outside for you." He added, letting her get dressed. He smiled over his shoulder, closing the door

"Wow, being spoiled. Must feel nice; right, Sora?" Biyomon asked

Sora nodded, wanting the day to be special. It took a few minutes, but Sora got dressed and went out to the living room. She walked out of the bedroom, hoping her outfit was okay "I'm coming out, Davis." Sora called out, and showed herself. She wore a low cut red dress, a simple but sensual outfit which showed a lot of clevedge "What do you...? Whoa." Sora asked before she gasped seeing the spread. Seeing a spread of cold foods which could be enjoyed throughout the day "Davis, this- this is amazing." Sora gasped, seeing it all.

Davis smiled and hugged her from behind "And all for us." Davis smiled kissing her cheek. "You and I, all day. I can finally show you all the love I haven't been able to until now."

Sora turned to him and nodded. "I...Thank you."

"No need to thank me.. Being with you is enough." he smiled and kissed her

Biyomon rolled her eyes and smirked. 'SO much sugar.' She thought

*time skip*

It was a couple of hours later, Davis treating Sora to a lot of affection. He was kissing over her body, every inch

Sora moaned and shuddered by his techniques, feeling his lips and hands tease her body Every inch, electricity sparking through her

'Oh, wow. He's really treating her.' Biyomon thought, panting gently to herself as she saw this.

"D-Davis. This. Is so...Good~!" Sora moaned even though he hadn't touched anywhere intimate much yet

'Good. I want to make this last.' He thought, massaging her sides. The massage had already been going on for an hour, Sora slowly being edged to a mind-blowing orgasm

"C-Can you do my legs. Again?" Sora asked

"Anything for you." he nodded, kissing her stomach as his hands descended. Davis' hands stroked down her hips, going to her thighs and then her calves, massaging them as he went, soothing her knots. Not touching her intimately, just shooting pleasure through her

"A-AH~!" Sora arched back as she felt her hips close. She pressed her thighs together, wetness gushing out

"Enjoy that?" He asked with a smile.

"Oh Davis." she whimpered

"Wow; How did you do that?" Biyomon asked

"Huh?" Davis asked

"I. I was just...Could you do that to me?" Biyomon asked making the two look at her

"YOU want to try a massage?" Sora panted

"I... I guess." she nodded, quickly feeling guilty about asking to take part in this when it was Sora's special day

"Okay." Sora smiled

"Are you sure?" Biyomon asked.

"Yeah, of course." She nodded as she pushed Biyomon closer

"H-Hey." She looked behind her and was put upon the table.

"Okay, my hands are lotioned. Ready, Biyomon?" Davis asked

"I guess." she muttered "That lotion won't mess with my feathers, will it?"

"No, I won't mess with your feathers." He answered, reassuring her. "I've been doing research." He rubbed his hands, getting ready and as he began Biyomon began to feel much more relaxed

"AH~!" Her eyes rolled up almost instantly

'Here we go.' He thought as he stroked and massaged her wings.

Sora sat by and smiled 'This must be how Biyo saw us.' She thought, relaxing

Seeing how Biyo shook and moaned. Davis smiled as he pleasured Biyomon, giving her the love and affection she needed. Biyomon suddenly screamed as he rubbed her stomach, the bird girl cumming hard. As she screamed in ecstasy she glowed, changing

"B-Biyo!" Sora gasped as she saw her partner begin to Digivolve!

"What?" Davis gasped lightly as Biyomon changed

Instead of her normal bird-like form, it looked...humanoid
"Biyomon warp Digivolve too~!" She moaned as she transformed. Her form was human sized with the only bird like quality noticeable right away being her feet. Her hands had turned from feathered claws into more human looking hands and her body changed to a slim but busty woman.
In one hand was a rapier sword. Around her shoulders grew feathery capes. And then the light died down, revealing details. She had a mask which covered the bottom half of her face, her hands had light red fingerless gloves, a reddish feathered decoration which covered her chest and hips. She was beautiful

"Oh my gosh!" Sora gasped, seeing her lying there and fully transformed. Evolved into a sexy woman

AncientKazemon looked at her hands and gasped, feeling her body gently...She was humanoid! "No... No way! In... Incredible!"

"I think this calls for a celebration." Davis smiled

Sora nodded, reaching for AncientKazemon's mask to see if it would move. As she reached for it, it gently lifted up, revealing AncientKazemon's lips and her silvery eyes. "Wow. It does come off." Sora whispered

"Yeah, it does." She responded and hugged her partner making the two kiss each other

Davis sat back, smiling as he had brought the two much closer. The two girls held each other close, showing their love. He wanted to go over and soothe his hands, after all, he HAD spent hours working on Sora and AncientKazemon together but at the same time this show was getting good
So...He gently masturbated to the two of them.
He smiled, working himself as their love kept growing

"Sora~, I love you." AncientKazemon whispered, groping her breasts.

"You to Biyo." Sora smiled softly

Davis didn't want to interrupt, but then saw the two eye his member. He saw them crawl towards him hungrily "Oh boy. Guess I've got to perform." He chuckled gently.

"Ready for your turn, Biyo?" Sora asked

"Yes. Finally." AncientKazemon answered, stroking Davis' hard cock with her new fingers. "I've wanted this for month." she shuddered

"Well, it's all yours. Just...Don't break it." Davis joked.

"I'll make sure she doesn't." Sora grinned

"Thank you." Davis answered

"Ah~, hmm." AncientKazemon moaned as she was giving a hand-blowjob. She had the tip in her mouth, sucking it as her hand moved up and down quick and hard

"That's a good start, Biyo. A good start." He moaned

Sora reached down, rubbing her partners pussy "Eep!" AncientKazemon gasped as she felt Sora's fingers.

"Come on. Show him all the love." Sora whispered

Davis helped guide Biyo's face down deeper and deeper onto his cock, deepthroating her. She gave cute gagging noise as she was almost used "Take. The first. Load!" Davis moaned and climaxed in her mouth. It was like she didn't need to breath, as the cum just shoot right down into her body without any resistance "OH~, that was great." Davis smiled, slowly pulling out and was still hard, ready to make love to this beautiful Digital woman. "What position would you like?"

"Um...Me. On top. Of you?" AncientKazemon blushed.

"Cowgirl? Okay." He nodded as he spread his legs a bit, giving her a comfortable seat. Biyo gulped and hovered above his member, readying herself mentally and physically to feel him inside of her. 'She's so light.' Davis realised as he held her thigh, realising she had hollow bones because 'bird' and flight "Ready, Biyo?" He asked tenderly.

"Yes." she gulped, dropping down. Davis' cock slowly penetrated the bird-woman's pussy, feeling her lips spread open and push deep inside of her "Cumming!" She moaned right away

Sora and Davis couldn't believe it, Biyo must've been a virgin to be like this. But they didn't care. It was her first time and he made her feel like a princess. Or maybe Davis was just that good to a woman who was barley touched "Well, that's climax number 1. Get ready for more, Biyo." Davis smiled and kissed her. "I'm aiming for 10, at least."

"T-Ten? Between?" Biyo panted

"EACH." Davis smiled "I'm gonna make YOU cum ten times." he grinned

Biyo moaned and arched back as she felt Davis' cock thrust deep into her 'I'm gonna die!' she thought in horror/joy

Davis could see the look of Biyo's face, seeing how she was getting into it and how she was feeling. How pleasure was becoming her entire world

Biyo could feel her breasts being massaged by Sora's hands while Davis' was holding her hips in place. Her eyes rolled further up, her hips moving faster

Davis smiled, grinding his hips on hers, thrusting his cock deep within her pussy and saw her hand-covered breasts bounce in Sora's hands. He kissed the red head, enjoying the new pussy

"How's it feel, Davis? Wet? Sexy? Hot?" Sora moaned

"Yeah." he nodded, kissing her between words

"C-Cumming~!" AncientKazemon as she came over Davis' cock again.

"Two down." Sora grinned

*time skip*

AncientKazemon was now being fucked in the doggy position, Davis fucking her in the ass with her face lapping against Sora's pussy. "Oh yes! Biyo! Oh Biyo! So good!"

"You must love anal, Biyo. You're so tight!" Davis moaned, pleasuring her lovingly. The mega moaned into Sora's pussy, seemingly agreeing "I'm cumming~!" Davis moaned and climaxed into her ass pussy. Biyo screamed into Sora's vagina as she came as well

"FU-WAA~!" Sora moaned and held Biyo's head down.

Davis sighed, his hard member pulling out of Biyo's cum filled ass "How was it, Biyo?" Davis asked lovingly

"So good." she shuddered and drooled

"Which one was that? Ninth or tenth?" Sora asked, having lost track.

"Tenth." Davis admitted

"So we've both came ten times?" Sora smiled, holding Biyo close "And you're still hard?"

"Being married to women who ask for a LOT every day; I've trained for more." he joked

"Davis. You easily outlasted me during our first time, fucking me unconscious twice." Sora said seriously and lovingly, kissing him deeply

Davis chuckled internally and kissed back, letting her fall on top of him "Well I knew there was SOME reason you loved me." he joked. Sora slapped his chest gently and playfully. Biyo hummed, suckling his cock again "You bounced back quick, Biyo." Davis teased not that he minded.. This was great

*time skip. Years later*

A lot has happened since Biyomon had joined the family. After she joined it grew once again, and Davis' noodle cart had taken off. He now had a few carts, a small local chain, with employees and considering how popular it was, they were never without customers. Davis was kind of happy since he didn't have to spend much time away from his family. Speaking of...

"Everyone ready?" Davis called

"Yes, Dad." Up to a dozen kids responded, both Digimon AND humans. He smiled, looking at the gathered group. A mix between Digimon and humans, some having his eye colour, some having his hair colour, boys and girls. All with their respective parent.
Sora had Sky next to her, Niko was being fussed over by Mimi, Yolie was making sure her daughter Mikoto had everything.
Kari had her son, Daisuke, by her side, making sure he had his bandage on after he scraped his knee a couple days ago.
Catherine was trying to urge her son, Phillip, not to take so many books
Angel and Lady had their own daughters, a Gatomon and BlackGatomon respectively, carrying a LOT of stuff. Yin and Yang, said daughters, holding a lot of bags... Kind of insisting on it
Next was Lilly's son Oak. He was a Palmon with Davis' eye colour; strangely, he was wearing overalls.
And finally there was Biyo, still in her AncientKazemon form, with her child. It was a young humanoid with brown hair, with small wings on his back. It kind of looked like a small fatherless Garudamon

"Come on, Haru. Let's get ready." Biyo smiled as she stroked his head.

"Yes mother." he said polity

"Come along everyone, to the digital world." Davis smiled. Davis set up the computer and activated the Digital Gate. "Here we go!" He called out, his wives and lovers brought out their Digivices and teleported away with their families.

A large burst of energy washed over them, the family emerging on the other side of the portal where they met up with Veemon

"Hey, guys! Welcome back!" Veemon smiled, looking at his best friend and waved at his sisters in law, nieces and nephews. Behind him being his own family

"Hello, everyone." Blanc and Noir announces as they had their daughters behind them. Both daughters being Veemon, Noir's having black scales

"Greetings." QueenCheesmon bowed

"Hey, QueenChessmon." Sora bowed back respectfully who had two PawnChessmon beside her

"Who're these adorable little guys?" Mimi asked cutely at the small Red PawnChessmon

"Our sons." QueenCheesmon smiled

"Hi!" Daisuke waved as he saw them

"Sir." the saluted

"Err?" Daisuke blinked in confusion, wondering WHY they're saluting him.

"Ready for the picnic?" Davis asked

"By picnic, you mean 'smorgasbord'. And yeah, we are." Veemon laughed

"Let's go, we're running late and the others are waiting." Kari encouraged

"Okay, okay. We're going!" Davis answered as they walked over to the large picnic area where the other DigiDestined and their families where

"HEY!" They cheered, waving at the family.

"Sorry we're late." Davis grinned

"You should be, I got sandwiches." Ken answered, sitting with Wormmon by his side.

"Hey dad, can we play with the soccer ball?" Tai's son asked

"Of course." Tai nodded and passed it over to his son.

"Let's go guys!" his son called as he ran off with his partner Koromon, the younger kids all running off

"How've you been, guys?" Davis asked as he put his bag on the floor, opening it up and revealed all MANNER of bento boxes. Time ticked away, everyone happy to meet up with old friends again

"You're looking well, Ken." Yolei spoke kindly, having seen Ken again.

"Thanks, Yolei. I've been keeping busy." Ken added

"How's the husband?" she asked with a smile

"He's fine, he's staying home with our baby daughter." Ken chuckled, looking at his left hand and at his ring.

Kari giggled as her brother told her stories about his son and wife, the group relaxing. Hours ticked by until finally it was time to go home, Davis giving all his children the speech to 'behave' as they where spending the night with different friends

"Yes, dad/daddy." Each responded and went with their respective godparent/uncles or aunts.

Davis smiled proudly, saying good bye to Vee who was having some of his kids over, before he and his wives returned home "Don't be strangers, buddy." Veemon smiled, fist-bumping with Davis.

Davis nodded, heading home

They all teleported back to their home, Davis being last and he headed to the kitchen, putting the backpack down so he could relax now. He hummed, starting to make a small, simple meal for them all since they had the house to themselves. 'Man. What a day.' He thought to himself. He put the food on the side, a series of small cold 'nibbles' to tide them over. They'd order in a bigger dinner later...
Where WERE the girls?
"Sora? Kari? Yolei? Where ARE they?" He wondered. He walked through their main apartment... And found them all in the bedroom, in some form of undress or sexy clothing "Oh...My gosh." He blushed

Sora was naked, in the center of the room, sat there bare without any shame
Juni was lying on the bed with two other women by her women being Mimi and Yolie. The trio of Jun, Yolei and Mimi were wearing some sexy blue, green and pink lingerie, exposing their vaginas with a hole ready there for Davis.
Kari was wearing a new skintight pink latex suit. It had a long inflatable tail as thick as her legs, several inflatable wings on her back. Her head was masked in an inhuman hood which showed her eyes and had large inflatable horns, this suit being based off Gatomon's mega form Megandramon
Catherine was wearing a red skintight latex bodysuit which stopped at her clevedge. She had thigh high black leather high heeled boots, near shoulder length black latex gloves and a green latex ass length cape. The top of her head blocked by a red latex hood shaped like a flower. This suit was based on Floramon's final form, Rosemon

"What do you think, husband?" Sora teased

"Yeah?" Angewomon smiled shyly, Kari having bought her a latex version of her normal outfit. She was not wearing her helmet, however

"We good enough to fuck?" LadyDevimon asked sexily, clad in a leather maid outfit, minus her hood

"I don't know. ARE we, Davis?" Sora teased

"Yeah, are we?" a naked Lillymon giggled

Davis sighed with a smile and a roll of his eyes, stripping off and revealed his abs and cock.

"Oh yes. Mama's like." AncientKazemon giggled

"I love my life." Davis smiled as he was ready to make love to his harem of wives.