My first attempt at writing fannfiction, I came up with idea after watching a clip of Shannen talking about this episode at a comic con. I don't own the show or make money from writing, if I did the kelly thing would of never happened. For now this a quriky, crazy little one shot.

Warning this story is not for Kelly fans.

A big huge thanks to the amazing NikkylovesBD, who betated this for me.

Their hearts beat as one and their souls were born to be joined, without each other they weren't whole. The universe was watching, it was waiting, the stars were about to be realigned.

Since the day he made his choice he felt off. Not himself cloudy and empty, something was missing but he wasn't sure what it was. Maybe it was the uncertainty of starting a new relationship, he wasn't the type to date steady, well he hadn't been until Brenda. The ache and pain of even hearing her name, he pushed it away and buried it deeper.

Two months since he'd chosen Kelly. They dated, kissed and made out but had not gone any further. She's making him wait, work for it. Or so he'd over heard her tell Donna. To you the truth, he kinda felt relieved, he liked Kelly or so he thought, but since that night in the pool, he had a nagging doubt, that he'd made a mistake in choosing her.

Last week he'd gone over to Kelly's house, he paused and looked around. Kelly hadn't been in his house since they started dating, everywhere he looked, held a memory of Brenda. The sofa, the coffee table, the rug by the front door when they couldn't even make it any further inside. Each place was his and his Bren's, no Kelly couldn't come in their place. He went back to thinking about last week when Kelly had gone down on him. Looking down at her attached to him, it didn't excite him or turn him on, he didn't really feel anything it felt like an out of body experience. He had to close his eyes and imagine Brenda in order to finish the job. Kelly wanted him to return the favour, the thought made feel ill, he even shuddered at it now, truthfully he'd only ever done that with one girl. He couldn't imagine ever doing that with someone else. He made his excuses saying the take out food they'd had earlier hadn't agreed with him, and he needed to go home.

He thought back to last night, Kelly hadn't wanted to go up to make out point, and she's been asking him to do this for a while, but he'd kept making excuses. That again like his house was their spot. Kelly had been whining that he never took her anywhere in his car, she always had to meet him wherever they were going. Dylan had told her it just made it easier, if not he had to go out of his way to pick her up. She'd argued and said he had to go out of his way to pick Brenda up, he shrugged and said she didn't have a car so it was different. Kelly had muttered under her breath, "it alway is different when Brenda's concerned. Dylan was angered by that and glared at her, asking her what that supposed to mean? She saw the look in his eyes and stopped. Dylan didn't like it when Kelly was mean about his Bren. He'd always have her back, and she always had his. Whether they were together or not.

Another two weeks passed, Dylan was barely holding it together, he skipped school, went surfing to try and clear his head. Only saw Kelly occasionally, avoiding places she'd be, not even eating at Peach Pit.

Jackie was out of town and Kelly had asked him over, it was Friday night and he had no other plans, the rest of the gang had persuaded Brenda to go out dancing to cheer her up. He knew where he'd rather be going, but now he'd chosen, it was to late, he wouldn't be welcome and he didn't want to spoil her night out.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he got off the futon and walked out the door. He drove slowly to Kelly's house, taking his time, not really wanting to go, and prolonged it as much as he could.
Most of the lights were off, her car was in the drive, he had wondered if she was in, and signed when he realised she was, only her bedroom light on in that big dark house.
He took his time getting out of his car, and put the roof up in case it rained, even though the weather was good, anything to take longer to knock on that door. Eventually, he slowly made his way to the front door and rang the bell.
Kelly bratty tone told him "you're late" as she opened the door wearing a black negligee, all he could think of was Brenda had a shorter one, that she looked amazing in, it hugged her perfect curves. Kelly looked decidedly average in her long one, that went past her knees.
His heart was staring to beat faster, but not in a good way. More in the deer caught in the head lights kinda way.
Kelly led him inside, they made small talk, well Kelly did, gossiping about who and god knows what at school, to tell you the truth Dylan couldn't be bothered to listen, having a meaningful conversation, reading together, quoting poetry or just sitting enjoying the moment with someone special was more his style, but he's only felt comfortable to truly be himself and share that with one other soul. And that wasn't Kelly's style.

He'd zoned out of Kelly's jabbering, and didn't realise that he's just agreed to spend the night with her, he could of kicked himself. What had he done, he could feel his heart hammering in his chest, his palms were starting to sweat, his stomach was twisting.
Kelly lead him upstairs trying to be coy and sexy, she looked as appealing as watching paint dry he thought. She pulled him further up the stairs, he felt like he was being led to his doom.
Once in the bedroom, Kelly pulled his trousers off and buried her hand in his boxers, his body started to react to her touch. He hadn't been touched that way in a while. He wasn't sure if he wanted this, he wasn't ready to move on, it hadn't been long enough. She pulled his boxes off, and tried to climb on top of him, he pushed her back and said, "We need to be careful".
She replied with "It's ok, I'm on the pill".
Dylan felt repulsed at going bare back with anyone, but his ex, and not wanting Kelly to entrap him, replied "It's better to be safe than sorry".
She reluctantly agreed, pulling a condom out of her bedside draw.
Dylan put it on, took a deep breath and geared himself up. He'd never had not wanted to have sex with someone before when he had it front of him more than he did right now. He was only semi aroused. He pumped into her twice, she lay there unmoving like a blow up doll. He looked down at her, and really looked at her. What ever did he see in her, she was average looking, she wasn't that pretty, he had the most gorgeous girl in the world and chose this, over her, what was he thinking?
He started to feel himself deflate, she didn't notice, she was still laying there, not moving or touching him, looking up at him like he was a Greek god or something.
His heart continued to pound, harder and louder in his chest, he didn't want this, it was repelling. His stomach was still flipping, he felt like he was on a boat in the worst storm of his life, he could feel the bile coming up as he deflated completely, he started to heave, and puked up all over Kelly. He panted, as he finished heaving, his stomach started to settled, and the hammering in his chest lessened, regaining his breathing. He moved off of her and to the side of the bed taking deep breaths trying to further steady himself. She was crying and screaming and calling him every name under the sun. He didn't care, he felt free, for the first time since he made his choice. He had tears in his eyes as he realised his body couldn't betray him, he loved Brenda with every pore of his being, he couldn't sleep with another girl.
He got up, pulled on his boxers not bothering to pull off his condom. He put on his jeans and trainers picked up his T-shirt and jacket.
Kelly was getting up, trying to make it to the bathroom with the sick on her and in her hair from falling onto her shag pile carpet, she looked at him and asked "Why aren't you helping me?" with a pissed off tone.
He replied, "It was over, it should never of happened and you are the biggest mistake of his life."
She screamed at him, "No you're mine!" He walked right out of that door and didn't look back.