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If only you could see. . Remember the times when Palermo was still the boss? How we sneaked around him? How am I supposed to do that now? My husband and my best friend, I can't sneak around them, and everyone knows it, so they shun me. You automatically get their respect, not that you don't deserve it! It's just that, I am nothing, I am not one of the gang I am not one of the higher ups. Then what am I? I'm a wife that doesn't know how to talk to her husband, you would feel guilty if you knew, you'd try to change it, but you can't, not without transferring me, and you won't do that. Homicide really does appeal to me, you know?

I am dependant of you, I hate that. I don't mind taking orders, but I do mind taking orders from you, doesn't marriage mean equality? This has been going on for so long now, and I just can't take it anymore. I can't talk to you but you notice something's wrong anyway, and I hurt you by lying, by saying everything is fine. I just can't do it anymore. I can't hurt you anymore and I won't hurt myself anymore. So I'm going away, hoping one day you will see. See that I love you and see that this was the only thing left for me to do. I never meant to hurt you.


TC looked at the book in his hands, he had just read the final entry. When he had found it he thought it was just a book Chris had left behind. A book with the rather corny title 'letters to my love' he had opened it, just so see what was in there. It were letters, all addressed to him, like a diary, telling day by day how their marriage had gone from happy to the breaking point, and then snapped. He had always known he and Chris weren't really good at talking things out, but the things she kept bottled up inside. . Things he had no idea were even an issue.

In a sudden outburst of rage he kicked a chair, sending it flying through the room. Cory who had been dozing on the couch with their little girl in her arms woke up with a start and looked around worriedly, holding her baby very close, protecting her from whatever threat had woke her up so harshly. Surprisingly enough the girl stayed asleep.

Finally Cory's eyes found TC's.

"What was that?" she asked.

"Nothing." He answered soothingly "It's not important, go back to sleep, you need your rest." He told her and gave her a reassuring smile. When she, after giving him a questioning look had lain back down again and closed her eyes his features changed. His gaze turned longingly back to the book, he understood now. But now was too late, he had other responsibilities, he had a new family to take care of, a family he loved dearly and would never leave. With a sigh he grabbed the keys of the car, it was time to pick up his son from school.


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