Hey guys, so after like a long ass hiatus, I decieded I'd get back to writing for Furuichi's demonic adventure - problem is the fact that I just can't vibe with what I've written so far because my plans for the story and my opinions of my past writing has changed by quite a bit. So I decided to rewrite it.

What does that mean? Well, a lot of first chapters are going to look like copy pasted parts of the original fic - because they are, albeit with less grammar and spelling errors - but as we go along all start making bigger changes to the story to fit in better with how I want the series to continue. Overall, it's going to start off a lot like the first story but degiate a bit as we go along.

Just wanna say though, I'm surprised there still isn't a lot of Beelzebub stories of Furuichi. My man The General deserves better.

The Human Pillar

Chapter 1

We Need You, Lieutenant!

Ishiyama High - that's the kind of school name that had a nice ring to it. Five syllables, two words, and all together it spelled out a story that was older than sin itself in the Ishiyama prefecture. You could even say it was a personal legend for the entire area. The School of Delinquents - where ruffians and teenage gangsters roamed freely to do as they want and as they please in the school building. Like a folk story, parents told their kids of Ishiyama High to scare them into studying hard and staying at home late at night.

That was the kind of school Ishiyama High was - a place of dread, a stigma in society. But even the darkest place in the world had their own legends, their own stories and their own pride in who they are. In Ishiyama High, they'd had countless legends and warriors that took the form of the pride and character of the school. It may have been a summit of decadence and unruliness, but it was one that all in Ishiyama sought to conquer, But in recent years that summit had become unattainable, a forlorn goal for anyone who thought they were the baddest in the prefecture.

Because Ishiyama's summit has now forever been etched with one name - the man who had destroyed the school, that had beaten the old leaders and tied them to his name, the man that had taken down the upstarts that had sought to take over the school after it was rebuilt, and the man that was known all throughout the area as the Child-Rearing Badass - Oga Tatsumi. But there was another name that stood just out of reach of that summit, someone who could not gaze out into the setting sun from the top, but instead stared below, towards the foot of this mountain of corpses his friend made, and stayed in vigil over his position as Topdog of Ishiyama.

That man was wrapped up in as many stories as Oga Tatsumi. His prestige only outmatched by his reputation, and while he may never reach the same level as Oga, he had made another name for himself that was revered in places unknown. That man carried the title of The Man With A Hundred Faces, The General, and Oga's No.2.

That man was and forever shall be - Furuichi Takayuki; The General of Ishiyama.

"Agh, can't you guys just leave me alone for one day," Furuichi whined while ducking underneath a bat swing from an overly ambitious freshmen delinquent. There were a dozen or so of them surrounding Furuichi in the hallways of the main building, and quite frankly, he was starting to get annoyed at how they were standing in the way of him eating lunch on the rooftop - his only real safe haven from all the apes of the school. He had even bought melon bread today.

But there was always someone thinking that they could take him down - and for some reason they thought that would be enough for them to be able to take down Oga. Fat chance of that; even if Furuichi went down because of any one of these delinquents, none of them had a fat chance in hell of beating Oga. But, freshmen weren't known for their smarts, and Furuichi was forced to act his part in Ishiyama High - for the first time in his life he had a part to play in the delinquent world.

"Today is the day, General Furuichi!" One of them yelled, his rather impressive look denoting him as the leader of this group of miscreants. "We, the Takahashi Dozen, will be the ones to bea-" Furuichi slammed his fist into his gut before he could finish his spiel.

"What the hell kinda name is that! Takahashi dozen! Are you trying to word play Baker's Dozen with your name!" Furuichi yelled, a vein popping in his head at the ridiculousness of some upstarts thinking they could take down Ishiyama's hierarchy like that. Beyond that, Furuichi was more pissed that these guys were making him actually care about the hierarchy in Ishiyama.

Gah, this was all too much for him to process. It was time for him to focus on just finishing this fight so that he could enjoy some rest time on the roof. "Agiel, I'm letting you take over!" Furuichi said, glancing at the erotic swordswoman who was floating on a locker nearby.

"Oh-kay~," she declared happily. In an instant, Furuichi's body changed and his eyes grew wide with battle lust as Agiel took over not only his bodily functions, but also his personality. The rather passive Furuichi was suddenly a whirlwind of movement, jumping up and down from the many corners in the corridor like some deranged jumping spider - the only visible part of him for the delinquents were his eyes, which shined brightly with manic battle readiness demanding to be satiated.

"Fuck, this is bad. He's entered one of his Faces," one of the delinquents yelled, dropping his baseball bat on the ground in an attempt to look non-threatening to the usually calm and collected Second Man to the strongest in Ishiyama High. He might as well have been trying to shoot down a star with a BB gun though, because in Furuichi's Agiel state of mind, all he did was presented himself as a weakness to exploit.

Furuichi readjusted himself in mid flight from the furthest wall on the corridor, twisting around in midair to bring his heel down on the delinquents head. There was a sickening crack sound as Furuichi forced the delinquents head into the hard floor, creating a web of fractures to spread out from the impact zone. The General made a mental note to send an apology to Toujou for the mess, then performed a spinning heel kick to the nearest delinquent while balancing on the one he had already forced to the ground.

That delinquent was sent flying out the window to slam on the ground, bouncing off the hard pavement as though he were a skipping stone on a water's surface. The other delinquents paused, staring at Furuichi in horror. All of them were shaking their legs, and they knew instinctively that they couldn't beat Furuichi - they knew but they didn't want to run. Their pride as delinquents didn't allow them to run; even though they were weaklings and mob characters.

Furuichi couldn't help but laugh - in his Agiel state of mind, he couldn't help but want to taunt them a little bit. "Yea, yea ~ an attitude like that is good in Ishiyama. You guys might actually be able to do it." He said, shaking his head. The delinquents all took a step back from him, unsure of what he was saying. "You guys might actually not die from fighting me with an attitude like that. Be sure to send me a gift card from the hospital!"

Needless to say, it was a massacre. Oga may be the top dog in Ishiyama, but he didn't really fight people to fight them anymore - not when a single punch from him could end a fight. Instead, he just swatted them away and continued on in his walk. With Furuichi though, it was much different. While Oga was feared and respected for his amazing strength, Furuichi on the hand was feared and respected because of his many different types of personalities - but they all did had one thing in common; they were all merciless.

The last thing any one of those delinquents remembered, was Furuichi standing over them and cracking his knuckles, a demon face stretched across his features as he promised them sweet nothings while he pounded them into the ground.

o0o0 Whatever happened to normal? o0o0

"When are you gonna return me my jump?" Oga muttered in annoyance as he took a bite out of his chocolate chip bread. The two friends were currently sitting across from each other on top of Ishiyama High's rooftop. This was their usual hangout spot in the school - mostly because most students didn't bother to go up on to the rooftops, and it was a place where both Furuichi and Oga could relax and hide from all of the delinquents demanding fights from them.

"When I finish reading them," Furuichi replied simply as he took a bite out of his bread. "Why do you care anyways? You've already read the ones that I borrowed from you. You don't need them, you should just let me keep them."

"Oi, oi, I paid money for that and you said nothing about wanting to keep them when you borrowed it. I ought to charge you a borrowing fee and another fee for wanting to keep them. Plus, you've been overdue, so I should also probably charge you interest," Oga said monotonously, staring at Furuichi as though he were staring at an idiot customer rather than his friend.

"Don't mess with me! Why the hell do I have to pay you anything?! Didn't I help you pay off the damages baby Beel did to your room that one time, I've thrown enough cash your way," Furuichi yelled back, his face set into outrage at the insinuation.

Oga grabbed his chin. "I see, I see. You've given me enough cash money, then you'll just need to pay me back in favors. There's this new issue of Jump that came out recently and I don't have enough money to buy it so -"

"I'm still throwing my money at you!" He yelled again. The banter continued back and forth. It was a continuous barrage of unreasonable demands and constant back-biting, but if anyone were to look at this scene as an outsider they would think - man these two are pretty weird dudes. And to be quite frank with you dear readers - nothing about either of them is tastefully normal.

"If you strap more rockets onto an airplane, that'd make the airplane go faster right? Then you wouldn't need to sit on an airplane for that long."

"That's not how physics work you idiot!" Furuichi screamed. He'd been screaming so much that his jaw hurt. But he felt perfectly fine, in fact he felt at peace, this was his normal. Fighting delinquents in Ishiyama to defend a position like the second strongest in the school was honestly one of the most jarring things that could happen in Furuichi's day. Being on the rooftop was a return to normalcy for him - well, as normal a life as he usually lived with Oga.

Furuichi bit down on his bread, staring out into the sky as he mulled over his thoughts. "Earlier today I got into a fight with some new band of freshmen, some guys calling themselves the Takahashi Dozen."

"Huh? Freshmen? What of it? They strong?" Oga asked, Baby Beel making a soft 'Dah' in agreement.

"Well I don't know about that. I beat them."

"So not strong then."

"What's that supposed to mean? You saying I can't beat anyone that's strong? I'll have you know I've ranked up from my year 1 self!" Furuichi had in fact grown stronger, enough to be able to defend his no. 2 spot without much difficulty from delinquents thinking they could try and usurp the current hierarchy.

"No way, have you actually started peeking at the woman baths rather than creepily waiting outside to ambush the girls as they leave?" Oga said with a straight face.

Furuichi sweatdropped. "I don't wait outside to ambush them, I do reconnaissance, reconnaissance!" Furuichi yelled out in his defence.

"No, wait, that's worse."

The two of them bit down on their bread, both of them suddenly aware of someone watching over them from atop the staircase leading to the rooftop. Both Furuichi and Oga gave each other a knowing and annoyed look, which intensified into utter exasperation when that person jumped down to land between them.

"I've caught the both of you unawares! Me! Murino Sa-," Oga sent the fool of a delinquent flying off the rooftop. Furuichi craned his neck back, watching the flight of the would be assassin as he flew towards the nearby park.

"You know, the delinquents these days are quite chivalrous, announcing their names like that before trying to attack us. If it were Kanzaki or Himekawa, they would have definitely just attacked us while we were distracted," Furuichi commented. Ishiyama sure was changing - the delinquents were still dumb apes, but their genre of delinquents had changed by quite a bit! Impressive, for a school that accepted literally anyone into its school semester.

"I agree, the calibre of these new servants leave much to be desired," a cold monotonous voice admitted from behind them. Furuichi sweatdropped, glancing from the corner of his eye to stare at Hilda, who was sitting cross legged on a nearby ventilation pipe. "Tch, stop staring at my thighs you douche." Furuichi spat out his bread.

"It's not like I wanted to! You're thighs were right there and your skirt is so short there's practically no point in wearing one anyways - not like your sister Yolda-san, but she also has her own charms by being that conservative but having a devilish persona!" Furuichi yelled, pouring his heart out into his speech.

"Douche," Hilda clapped back. Furuichi gripped his heart, that one word insult having a greater impact on him after making such an impassioned monologue - especially because Furuichi was smart enough to see the truth in that statement.

"Hilda, what are you doing here? I thought you'd be back at my place lounging around like the freeloader you -" Ah, Oga was sent flying. Furuichi raised his hand up and waved goodbye to his friend as he was sent rocketing off the rooftop, leaving behind a trail of blood which followed him on his journey. Oh, if you're wondering about Baby Beel, Hilda was holding onto him and was now rapidly chasing after Oga to ensure that her young master did not cry.

That just left Furuichi to awkwardly stare at the retreating figure of his friend and the Demon which had dropped a baby into his life. He could have went out to check on Oga, but after weighing the importance of his lunch and the importance of his friendship with Oga, Furuichi decided lunch was much more prudent. Besides, Furuichi felt like enjoying his day and taking it easy - oi, wait a minute, why are there suddenly a pair of scarily familiar arms wrapped around him.

"I would never be so bold, but today I hope you can forgive me for being brash, but I require you to be inside of me right now," those creepy words which should belong to a voluptuous and tantalizing onee-san was instead being imparted by an ugly old man who was holding onto Furuichi tightly from the waist.

"Wait, wait! If you're going to teleport me somewhere can you not whisper such disgusting things into my ear!" He screamed.

0o0o Why Me?! o0o0

It was a brief moment later, before Furuichi found himself tossed onto the ground of the Pillar Division's headquarters he had visited a few odd months ago. "Huh? I'm back at the castle?!" Furuichi exclaimed as he stared at the large gate. Alandelion stood stoically next to him, hands to his side as he bowed in respect to the woman standing serenely at the front gate.

"Furuichi-dono, thank you for accepting our call so soon," Laymia, the mother of Lamia and a member of the 34th Pillar Division, bowed her head in greeting to Furuichi.

Whatever qualms Furuichi had in the matter of Alandelion's sudden appearance was washed away at the sight of the beautiful Laymia standing before him. Though a part of him was rather obstinate at ogling the mother of Lamia, the greater whole of him had overridden the small voice of guilt for the greater desire of appreciating the body of the young gorgeous woman in front of him.

"Oh, Furuichi-dono, you are still learning I see. It's a shame, Laymia's coat makes it difficult for me to see the object of my own desire," Dr Forcas, the self-proclaimed 'Man who loves ass more than tits', walked up to greet Furuichi. Both of them grasp hands in brotherly camaraderie, their perversion having long since developed their friendship as men of desire. If anything else, Furuichi was glad that there was somebody else that shared in his thoughts, and wouldn't give him the nickname of Creepichi.

"Oh Dr Forcas! And Laymia-san! I had no idea you were the ones who called for me. I thought it was Alandelion disturbing me again!" Furuichi said as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Hmph! How rude Takayuki-dono, I would never disturb you in such a way," Alandelion muttered as he glanced away.

"Like hell you do!" Furuichi's Tsukkomi side yelled, "And what is that reaction?! Are you a tsundere from a shounen manga?! Die! Seriously die you old man!"

In reaction Alandelion grabbed his face with his hands and blushed, "Please stop Takayuki-dono, I alone truly understand your feelings."

"Just die already!" Furuichi cried out. Before anymore could be said Furuichi felt a rough tug at his collar and he was unceremoniously dragged away by Dr Forcas.

"Sorry kid but your comic relief isn't really needed right now. Laymia has already continued on into the castle without us." Furuichi sweat dropped as he was unable to stand up to his feet and had to instead endure being hastily dragged up the stars of the castle. What surprised Furuichi, however, was how all the nearby lesser ranked Pillar soldiers began to salute him as he passed them.

Furuichi knew that ever since he had accepted a contract with all of the Pillar Generals and Barons, he had been elevated to a rank of prestige among the lesser soldiers. Even in school he had already been given the title 'The Man with a Hundred Faces' and 'The Bipolar Demon'. Just as an aside, he had also once almost destroyed Ishiyama in an Oga-like way due to Jabberwock. It's kind of what reinforced Furuichi's position as 'the only one who can stand beside Oga'.

"Good afternoon Lieutenant!" The soldiers greeted. Furuichi sweat dropped at their formal respect and weakly waved at them as he was dragged deeper into the castle.

"Why are they calling me Lieutenant?" Furuichi asked uncomfortably, though he admitted it felt nice having a few mob characters for himself.

"I apologise," Laymia said as she slowed down her pace, "Considering your contract with the top Echelons of the Pillar Squads, it was considered prudent to formally induct you into the unit so as to stave off any confusion among the lesser ranks as to your authority within our hierarchy."

"Huh?! I was inducted into the Pillars?! Is that okay? I'm a human! How is a human so nonchalantly accepted into a demon army!"

"It's quite alright," Laymia said while smiling patiently, "You already have a contract with our current Leader, so in no ways are you a regular human. As such, it was deemed fit to give you the rank of Lieutenant, so that it wouldn't seem weird to see you among the Barons and Generals, especially when they call upon you to bear their strength in the human world."

"Still! This is an unexpected circumstance, especially for a high school student."

"It's fine," a new voice interrupted. "As a Tactician even you must understand that this would provide the best possible situation for you among the Pillars."

"Hecadoth?!" Furuichi yelled in greeting. It was generally accepted that Hecadoth was among the most frequently called Pillar to Furuichi's side, and the one that was most at use within Furuichi's body. His power fit the best with Furuichi, who didn't favor the destructive force of Jabberwock or the dancing agility of Agiel - his joints were always sore after working alongside Agiel.

"Can you stop shouting Lieutenant?" Hecadoth muttered, smirking in slight bemusement when he noticed Furuichi looked uncomfortable being called by a rank rather than his own name. "Be glad, we could have made you a lowly Private that listens to our every beck-and-call."

Furuichi started to sweat at the vicious smile on Hecadoth's face. "Hehe, of course. I am ever grateful."

"However the situation is rather drastic. We wouldn't have called you unless the situation was indeed dire enough to demand the call," Hecadoth said seriously as he went to step next to Laymia.


"All will be explained soon, Furuichi-dono, but please for now exercise patience," Laymia suggested. He clamped his mouth shut and nodded, not wanting to accept such a beautiful bishoujo-san, and rose to his feet when Dr Focas allowed him to. Looking at Laymia, Furuichi was able to understand the situation well enough, considering the uncharacteristic frown on the face of the mother of the young girl that frequented Oga's house.

Speaking of her, "Where is Lamia anyway?" Furuichi asked.

"She's currently asleep. Yesterday was a tiring day for us. Especially with how the situation has become," Dr Forcas replied cryptically.

It took a while but eventually Furuichi was led to the top most section of the castle, where the highest Echelons of the 34th Pillar Division were waiting. The young man couldn't help but feel the cold tingle of danger running down his back at being in the presence of so many dangerous existences around him.

"Oh, it's good to see you again boy, or rather should we call you Lieutenant now?" Behemoth asked as he spared a wide smile to Furuichi.

"Oh, Behemoth-san," Furuichi muttered a terrified greeting, "It's a pleasure to see you again!" The old man chuckled and gestured to a seat on the round table that dominated the center of the room.

"Please seat boy, we have much to discuss," Behemoth said and Furuichi quickly complied, staring uneasily at Laymia and Hecadoth who had taken seats far down the aisle. "Now I'm sure you are wondering why we have asked for you to come here," Behemoth said in his gravelly old voice.

"Yea," Furuichi agreed, "I would imagine Oga would be better suited here." He immediately regretted mentioning that name as all of the assembled Pillars glared balefully at the space in front of them. Even Jabberwock's eyes darkened.

Though they had allowed Oga to drain them of power to defeat Satan, that didn't mean they had forgotten their past grievances with the young boy. The only one not all too affected was Laymia, Dr Focas, and Agiel who was twirling her hair idly, clearly bored with the day's proceedings.

"While Oga would have been a likely candidate, I'm afraid our situation requires a more deft touch," Behemoth replied easily, since he didn't really have that great of a problem with the boy. "Rather our Lord Beelzebub has a plan for him and wishes us not to disturb him. Besides, you are more than enough combat wise and with your Kings Crest, your battle potential at your base is higher than before."

"Oh...is that so," Furuichi said. Or rather, he didn't like the sound of that.

"Furuichi, just how exactly do you perceive the situation in Hell?" Hecadoth asked seriously, watching him carefully.

"Eh?" Furuichi was surprised at the sudden question, "What do you mean? Hell is ruled by the current Beelzebub isn't it?"

Behemoth nodded as he steepled his fingers together, "Yes, but there seems to be a discrepancy between what you know and what the Devils around you have mentioned. Currently, there are Four Great Satans that rule over hell, objectively, you can consider them our standing government."

Furuichi's eyes bulged, "Four?!"

"Yes," Laymia nodded her head, "Lord Beelzebub, Lord Lucifer, Lord Asmodeus and Lady Leviathan. While our Lord Beelzebub has indeed united this section of Hell, his territory is only a small portion of hell."

"Wait Lucifer?! But we defeated her!" Furuichi exclaimed.

Hecadoth shook his head, "That Lucifer is a descendant of the Old Mao, rather, it is easier for us to say that in the past there was a civil war between the Current Maos and the Old Maous. Thus, resulting in the formation of Hell today. Are you keeping up with me Tactician?" Hecadoth asked. Slightly deterred by the onslaught of information that he didn't know about, Furuichi nodded shakily.

"Our current Beelzebub, Ajuka Beelzebub of the House of Astaroth, is considered one of the strongest in Hell, equal to that of the current Lucifer. While they are both quite strong, Lord Beelzebub is smarter and was able to create most of the formulas that govern devil society today," Behemoth stated. At Furuichi's uncomprehending gaze, Behemoth elaborated. "With the loss of Devils in the civil war, Our Lord Beelzebub devised the Evil Chess Piece system. It is the process of reincarnating a human into a Devil through the use of a chess piece that grants certain attributes to the reincarnated Devil. You could compare it to the King system that Devil contractors use. Unlike Devil contractors though, the abilities of the reincarnated Devils do not require a stream of power from the King."

"Wait," Furuichi interrupted, "You can reincarnate humans into devils?!"

"Yes, though only those we have deemed strong. However, only the high devils are able to use the Evil Piece system fully," Behemoth clarified.

"I don't see how this affects me," Furuichi said, "Or rather wasn't the current Beelzebub supposed to be a lazy demon that goes with the flow?! What's with this out-of-the-blue development!" Furuichi shut his mouth quickly, hoping he hadn't insulted anybody with his tsukkomi but they all seem too engrossed in their thoughts to notice his blatant disrespect of their lord.

"Recently there has been movement outside of Hell, in Japan specifically, by the Fallen Angels factions - an enemy the 34th Pillar Division usually keeps tabs on. We are not sure exactly of what is actually occurring, but we are wary to find out what. Currently, Our Lord Beelzebub has ordered us not to disturb but as members of the 34th Pillar Squad, we have also gotten whiff of the Old Mao faction on the move. This has escalated the situation, and by order of Lord Asmodeus, the 34th is to be mobilized in case of an internal security threat."

"Again I don't see how this affects me! I understand the need for exposition but you're boring our readers!" Furuichi said.

"For starters," Jabberwock began, shocking Furuichi that the usually battle-focused character was jumping into the discussion, "While the 34th Pillar Squad are incapable of doing anything here in Hell, on Earth we have a certain amount of leeway which takes the form of our newly inducted Lieutenant."

Furuichi felt beads of sweat roll off his forehead, "But I'm a highschool student!" Furuichi countered desperately. He did not want to be included in whatever turf war was going on in Hell.

"That will be handled, you will be transferred to a school within the vicinity of the disturbance," Behemoth stated.

"What makes you think I'll go," Furuichi yelled.

At that time Hecadoth sucked in a breath. All of the Pillar squad stared at him, as they too had wondered about the answer to that question. Hecadoth was the one with the longest history with the Lieutenant and while the others had been called by him various times throughout the year, Hecadoth was the only one to have been called so often as to say that every day he was with Furuichi. Not too mention Agiel would always drag him to the Pillars annual lunch party and sit him on their table next to Hecadoth.

After a moment Hecadoth rose up from his chair and stood behind Furuichi, bending down to his ear, his voice lowered to a whisper. "The school has a population dominated by girls with C cup breasts and shapely legs," he intoned, hands gripping Furuichi's shoulders.

"O-oooohhhhh!" he snapped, "Why didn't you say so! Let me go! Let me goooooo!" All at once the Pillar Generals stared at Furuichi with disbelieving looks.

What an ass.

"Hey! I'm a healthy teenage boy!" he cried, having heard their thoughts.