The Life of a Ranger.

Chapter 1.

"Halbarad where is he, where is Arathorn?" Gilraen cried rushing out of her tent. Her eyes fell on the two biers in the middle of the group. "No, no it can not be, not Arathorn." She fell to her knees, tears coursing down her face, in front of the body of her late husband.

"I'm sorry Gilraen," Halbarad said tears overflowing down his cheeks too. "It's all my fault," he said falling to his knees next to Gilraen "he was trying to warn me about something and he didn't see the orc." "Oh Halbarad, don't blame yourself!" Gilraen replied through her tears.

"You and Aragorn are not safe here, Gilraen. Before we left for every hunting trip, Arathorn told me that if anything happened to him, then I was to take you two to Rivendell. He said that Lord Elrond had agreed to look after you both."

"When shall we leave?" asked Gilraen.

"Day after tomorrow. We should have time to bury Arathorn before then." Halbarad replied.


"Well Gilraen this is Rivendell," Halbarad said with a slight smile on his face.

"Oh my goodness. It's .."

"Breathtaking?" Halbarad suggested, his smile growing.

"Yes, breathtaking, and so peaceful." She murmured in awe.


"Shush Aragorn, its alright, Mummy's here, come on poppet." Gilraen frantically tried to calm him.

"Can I help you?" a tall dark haired elf asked as he glided across the courtyard to meet them.

"Lord Elrond," Halbarad acknowledged him with a short bow, "I am Halbarad, ranger of the north, and cousin of Arathorn, Lord of the Dunedain. I have some ill news about Arathorn, he he.." Halbarad couldn't stop the tears pouring down his cheeks.

Gilraen stepped forward, "Lord Elrond, he is dead," and then remembering her manners attempted to bow with Aragorn in her arms. She swayed and was caught by Lord Elrond.

"This is ill news indeed, but why have you come all the way with Halbarad, and with a child no older than three years old?" Elrond asked puzzled.

"Arathorn was my husband and this is our child Aragorn." Gilraen said, a tear running down her cheek.

"Well you must both be weary, so we will discuss this in the morning. I will show you to the guest rooms." Elrond said gently.


Gilraen woke to the sound of someone knocking on the door, so she got up put a top on and opened the door. Lord Elrond was there with a female elf. Gilraen invited them in with a short bow to Elrond.

"Gilraen there is one thing I want you to know. While you are staying her you will be like one of our family all right. So there will be no bowing or anything like that to me or anyone else." Elrond said with a smile. "Edith this is Gilraen, Gilraen if you want anything you just ask Edith understand?"

"Yes," Gilraen replied.

Just as he was about to leave, Elrond said, "Oh and Gilraen I would be honoured if you and Aragorn would have breakfast with me this morning,"

"Well." Gilraen was didn't want to eat with lots of people today.

"I will be having it in my study," he said guessing how she was feeling.

"We will then, but.."

"Yes?" he asked.

" I don't have any clothes fit for eating with someone like you," she said.

Elrond walked back to her and said, "remember what I said about being one of the family. And if you really want different clothes I'm sure Edith can find some," he said, before he left the room.

"Well would you like some more clothes, miss?" Edith asked

"Yes please, and Edith you can call me Gilraen," she said smiling. "Oh and I don't suppose you have some clothes for Aragorn do you?

"Lord Elrond found quite a selection last night don't worry."


An hour later Gilraen was just about to knock on the open study door when she heard a voice inside welcoming her in.

"When this door is open you may come straight in, when it is closed I would prefer it if you knocked, if that is all right," Elrond said smiling kindly.

"Of course, um.." she stopped. "Um what should I call you?" she asked awkwardly

"Elrond will do just fine," he said.

After breakfast their talk turned to Aragorn who was happily playing with his boiled egg and soldiers.

"I was thinking last night that it would be safest if we hide his true name and lineage.." he said unhappily.

"But.." Gilraen protested.

"Please hear me out Gilraen. If the enemy finds out Aragorn is the heir of Isildur he will try and kill him. I know it would be hard not to call Aragorn by his birth name but."

"You're an elf, elves are immortal so when was the last time you lost someone you love?" and with that Gilraen picked Aragorn up and ran back to her room.

Elrond didn't follow her but closed the door and found a picture on his desk and muttered to himself, "the last time I lost someone I love was only 423 years ago."


Once Gilraen had stopped crying and calmed down she really regretted the way she acted to Elrond. She decided to put Aragorn down for his afternoon nap and go and see if Elrond could forgive her. There was a knock at the door and she went to open it and Elrond was standing there.

"Lord Elrond I am extremely sorry for how I acted earlier, and I understand if you want Aragorn and I to leave." She said not bearing to look at him.

"Gilraen I would never ask you to leave, you were upset I understand that and are emotions make us say and do things we regret. And I thought we had sorted out what you can call me. When you call me lord it makes me feel boring. My sons do that enough without you doing it as well." He said laughing.

"I'm sorry Elrond," Gilraen said laughing too. "Would you like to carry on our chat now or would you prefer to leave it for now?" he asked no longer laughing.

"We can carry it on now," Gilraen said

"Where would you like to do it?" he asked

"Your study?" she asked.

"Of course," he said smiling again, "I don't know if you realised it but you and Aragorn missed lunch,"

"Well I had a little bit of food in my pack that I gave to Aragorn," she said,

"And what about you?" he asked although he already knew the answer.

"I wasn't hungry," she said.

"If you want I can get some food sent up to my study," he suggested smiling.

"Well I am rather hungry now," she admitted.

After Gilraen had eaten they started talking about Aragorn again. "So what would you recommend we call Aragorn from now on?" she asked hesitantly.

"Well I was thinking 'Estel' that means hope in my language, after all he is the hope of your people, but its up to you," he said.

"Estel, yes I think that name suits my Ara- Estel," she said a slight smile on her face.

"Would you like to meet my sons now or later?" he said

"If you don't mind I think I'll leave it until Estel is awake perhaps," she said.

"Of course," he said "Would you like to stay in here with me or not?" asked Elrond.

"If I'm not in the way I'd quite like to stay, after all sleeping two year olds aren't very good company," Gilraen replied through their laughter.

"What are your sons like?" she asked eagerly.

"Absolute menaces, I've told them to behave but I doubt they will. Come to think about it I don't think they know how to," Elrond replied.

"Will they mind about Estel and myself staying here?" she asked a question that had been bothering her for a while.

"No, don't worry I've told them about you and Estel and they seemed quite ecstatic about having a little brother around" he said.

"Where is there mother?" asked Gilraen

A flash of pain crossed Elrond's face.

"Oh I'm sorry," Gilraen said nervous that she had upset the elven lord.

"It's best that you know. Celebrian, my wife was travelling to Lorien to visit her parents and on the way back the company she was travelling in was attacked by orcs and they took her deep into the mountains and tortured her. Elladan and Elrohir got her back and I could heal her body but not her spirit. So in the end she departed over the sea. So I do have an idea about what you're feeling," he said then fell silent.

Gilraen sensing that he wanted to be alone decided she had better go. "I had better go and check on Estel." She said, "I'm sorry Lord Elrond, I had no idea," she added.

"Are all humans as stubborn as you?" Elrond asked with a grin.

"Stubborn Lord Elrond?" Gilraen replied confused.

"Yes how many times have I told you that you need not call me lord," Elrond said kindly.

"Sorry," Gilraen said sheepishly.

"And you don't need to keep apologising. When would you like to meet Elladan and Elrohir?"

"Well I'm just going to wake Estel up and I want to have a little chat with him, after that maybe?" She suggested.

"That's fine, in here?" Elrond asked.

"Yes I will come as soon as I can,"

"There's no rush, and Gilraen remember this is your home and you need not feel awkward around anyone," he said before she left.


"Aragorn, sweetie wake up," Gilraen said softly and next minute there were two arms wrapped tightly around her neck.

"Mommy where are we?" her son asked, big brown eyes staring at her.

"This is our new home, we are living with elves, she said smiling kindly at him.

"Elves," Aragorn said his mouth opening in wonder.

"Yes elves, and you can't live with elves unless you have an elvish name, and Aragorn isn't elvish. Would you like to have a new name?" Gilraen asked hoping he would say yes.

"Hm," he said as if thinking very hard about it, "ok what's my new name?"

"Estel. Do you like that?"


"And you even get an elf for your daddy and your brothers so shall we go and meet them," Gilraen said.

"Ok," he said as they stepped out of the room, "Wow. Mommy what happens if I get lost here?" he asked fearfully.

"Oh don't worry my sugarplum you won't," replied Gilraen as they made their way towards Elrond's study.


"Now remember you two, behave. Gilraen feels awkward here at the moment and I've no doubt that when Estel meets us he will be rather nervous, he is only two, so I want you two to try and make them feel very welcome," Elrond told his sons again.

"Um adar?" "Yes Elrohir," "Does Gilraen know about naneth?" asked Elrohir awkwardly. "Yes, I thought it would be best if she knew," Elrond replied.


Just as Gilraen was about to knock on the door to Elrond's study, Elrond was standing there.

"Come in Gilraen. You weren't about to knock then were you, remember what I said earlier," he said a smile on his face. "Ah this must be Estel."

"He's a little bit shy at the moment," Gilraen said.

"Come and sit down. This is Elladan and this is Elrohir, I think," he added with a laugh.

The twins saw two very big brown eyes staring at them for a moment before they disappeared. Then a tiny voice was heard. "Mommy, look there's two of them," Estel whispered to his mum, although the three elves heard it easily.

"That's because they are twins. Are you going to say hello they are your big brothers. Their names are Elladan and Elrohir," Gilraen replied to him.

Estel looked at them again before turning back to Gilraen, "Mommy which one is which?" he asked nervously, at this point Elladan and Elrohir had to stifle their giggles but immediately stopped when Elrond glanced at them.

"I don't know shall we ask them?" Gilraen said smiling down at him.

"I'm Elladan, and he's Elrohir," Elladan answered kindly.

It didn't occur to Estel that they had answered his question before he had asked it.

"And who are you?" Estel asked nervously looking at Elrond.

"I'm Elrond, I'm there dad," Elrond replied.

"He's also your daddy" a soft voice said in his ear. He turned to see if what Gilraen said was true. From what he could tell his mummy was telling the truth, so he decided to ask him.

"Are you my daddy?"

Elrond glanced at Gilraen who was smiling at him and nodding her head so he said, "Yes, but you can call me Ada."

Estel was confused now and Elrond could see that so he said, "Ada means daddy in elvish,"

"Oh," Estel said still a bit confused.

After a while Estel started to cuddle up to Gilraen and not pay attention to what the grown ups were talking about, suddenly he realised that one of his new brothers was saying his name. Then he heard his daddy, no he corrected himself his ada speaking. "Elladan and Elrohir have already started planning his sword training lessons," Estel heard him say then everyone started laughing.

"Can I use a sword," he decided to ask.

"Oh hello I thought you were asleep. No you can't use a sword yet I'm afraid poppet," Gilraen replied.

"Um mummy," Estel whispered, "Can I go and sit with my brothers and my ada?" he asked nervously.

"Um Ada, El'dan and El'hir, please can I come and sit with you?" he asked, big brown eyes pleading with them.

"Well," said one of the twins, "I don't think there's enough room," said the other.

"Oh okay," Estel said looking rather crestfallen.

"Estel, come and sit with me," Elrond said smiling at the small boy,

"But there's no room," Estel said still rather upset.

"There's room on my lap for you," he said still smiling.

"Oh, you don't mind mommy do you," he asked happily.

"Of course not," she said looking at the excitement on her little baby's face.

So Estel ran to Elrond and with some difficulty climbed up on to his lap and cuddled into his new ada.

"Gilraen," said Elrond, "would you like to eat dinner with us?"

"What about Estel?" she asked. She knew some people didn't think that the dinner table was the place for toddlers. But Elrond just smiled and said. "Estel is of course invited,"

"We will then." She said standing up.

"It will just be us five and a few other elves, is that ok?" he asked.

"Yes. I will have to meet other people sometime so I may as well start now," she said, her smile disappearing.

"If you want you can have it brought up to your room," Elrond suggested sensing Gilraen's unease.

"No I will be fine," she replied her smile coming back. Then remembering Estel she asked, "Would you like me to take him?"

"No I'm all right thank you."

Elrond and Gilraen were walking along and talking about different things when Estel started laughing. Elrond turned him around so he and Gilraen could see him properly. "What were you laughing at little one?" Elrond asked though he had and idea. "El'dan and El'hir are being funny." He said still giggling. "Well are you ready for dinner?" Elrond asked. "Yep" was all they got out of him before he burst out laughing again.

Once they were all seated. Estel in between Gilraen and Elrond. Elrond introduced them to the other elves.

"Gilraen this is Glorfindel and this is Erestor, they are my chief councillors. This is Gilraen and her son Estel. This is now their home for as long as they want it to be. They are now part of my family and will be treated the same as my sons my sons and I, understood." He said.

Halfway through the meal Estel knocked his juice over staining the white tablecloth red. "Mommy I'm sorry I didn't mean to," he started crying. Gilraen thought he was acting very odd when he said, "Mommy someone's going to shout at me now aren't they."

Hearing that last comment Elrond decided to step in, looking at Gilraen who caught his glance and nodded, Elrond said, "Estel," whether Estel heard that and ignored it or didn't hear it Elrond didn't know but he turned him around gently but firmly and set him in his lap.

"Estel, look at me. Good boy. No one is going to shout at you for knocking your drink over okay. It was an accident, they always happen. So are you going to stop crying?" Estel nodded, "Good boy are you going to eat your dinner now?" Elrond asked.
How long do grown-ups talk for Estel thought as he tried not to fall asleep on his ada's lap. Elrohir noticed that Estel was drifting to sleep and looked at his adar then pointed at Estel.

"Oh I had forgotten all about Estel. He's awfully quiet for a two year old, you know Gilraen. Would you like me to put him to bed?" Elrond said.

"If its no trouble than of course you can," Gilraen said surprised that Estel had been so quiet that evening.

As Elrond was standing up Estel woke up again, "Ada, where are we going?" he said quite confused.

"Your going to bed little one," Elrond said smiling at him.

"Oh where's mommy?" he asked

"Over there, would you like to say goodnight?" Elrond asked.

"No, I'm to tired," Estel replied yawning again.
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