Terry cursed under his breath. He was so late. Bruce was going to kill him. He stopped at the door leading to the Batcave and frowned.

He heard laughter. The Jokers?

He went down a couple steps and stopped, frozen.

Bruce was holding a woman.

The most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

She was wearing a toga.

And they were slow dancing.

There was no music playing.

Yet they were dancing.

And laughing.

Bruce wasn't even holding his cane, but then again he actually looked a little younger. He stood a little taller, his shoulders looked broader, and that new smile he was sporting even smoothed out some wrinkles.

"And then you dared insinuate that I could never hit you when we sparred!" she exclaimed, grinning.

"I still can't believe you giggled," he was chuckling himself.

"I did not!" she protested with mock indignation.

He spun her and pulled her back to him.

"I should warn you, I've turned into quite the dirty old man in my old age."

"Does that mean I get to hit you again?"

"You called that a hit last time?"

She was about to retort, but saw Terry and stopped. She smiled at him. He was in awe. How did a cranky old recluse like Bruce know a woman like her? Was she after his money? Did he have an illegitimate daughter? Was he just letting everyone into the Batcave now?

Bruce turned and pulled away from her, but wouldn't let go of her hand. Terry noted this with an amused grin.

"Hey, Bruce, sorry to interrupt. I was just going to go out on patrol."

"It's alright Terry, even though you're late. There is someone I would like you to meet."

The woman and Bruce exchanged a smile. Terry was dumbfounded again, what would it take for something to get past this guy? And Bruce was smiling? He'd seen the old guy smirk, but never smile.

She stuck out her hand, still beaming at him.

"Hello Terry. Bruce has been telling me a lot about you."

"Terry, this is Diana."

He shook her hand, but glanced at Bruce, still a little confused. Bruce was never good at giving him a full explanation.

"Princess, er, Queen of Themyscira," he added.

'Diana' gave Bruce a 'look' and reproached, "I just told you I abdicated the throne." But Terry could hear the humor in her voice.

Terry heard Bruce murmuring something, but the only word he caught was "Princess," and she laughed, a beautiful laugh that lit up Bruce's face.

Bruce snapped out of their 'moment,' and looked back at Terry, who still looked confused. He hated geography.

"How about 'Wonder Woman?'" Bruce's voice was losing patience, "Don't schools teach you kids anymore?"

Terry's jaw dropped, "Wonder Woman?"

He looked at 'Diana,' who winced.

"But please call me Diana," and her radiating smile returned.

Terry was still processing this. Wonder Woman? The Wonder Woman? With Batman? Mr. Grumpy and this sunny, cheerful, smiling goddess of a woman? And that was like forty or fifty years ago. She looked no older than her late twenties. Ever since donning the Batsuit, Terry started learning about his boss's old flings: the more notable being Catwoman, Barbara Gordon, Andrea Beaumont, heck, even Superman's wife, well, before they got hitched. But Wonder Woman? He never heard of that fling. As he looked at the pair though, he realized that was probably because she was never just a fling.

Bruce was smiling at her, but when he turned back to Terry, his face was serious again. "She's been busy."

Diana face was serious as well, "A civil war and the death of my mother kept me away, for far too long. But I'm back now."

They turned to each other. She looked into Bruce's eyes with such tenderness, even Terry felt a little wistful. Bruce gazed back at her with tears in his eyes.

She caressed Bruce's face and added, "For good."


The End.

for real this time. g

(author's notes: I hope you felt the bittersweet moments I tried to create. I certainly enjoyed writing this, despite all the angst and the fact I was bawling as I typed the last 2 chapter g. This was a chance for me to do a little more than just a straightforward lust and romance BM/WW fic. This was by no means a literal retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice, but I hope some of the overtones were noticeable.)