The Raven

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Turksha went back to the abbey grounds the next morning to replenish his stock of fruit. Hazelnuts and chestnuts were easily found, but things like strawberries and pears thrived only in the place that had once been an orchard.

The squirrel made his way towards the crumbled wall. Before scanning the wide, overgrown grounds for possible hazards, he pulled out his throwing stars. One could never be too careful.

A blue-black bird circled overhead. He stiffened, muscles tensing, and stood stock-still, tail quivering. There was something odd about that creature - he could've sworn he saw it somewhere...somewhere before. In his dreams there had been that ominous, dark shape...

He slunk carefully through the long grass and unkempt bushes, going slowly. If there was an enemy here, he could take no chance at all of being seen. He was afraid, and had always been afraid. He didn't know why, but -

A sudden snapping of brittle tree branches cracked through the silence of the ruins like a gunshot. Turk nearly jumped five feet into the air in shock, but he kept it inside. No need to go losing his head over something that could have been caused naturally.

It was when it happened again that he ran.


Here was a section of the ruins he had never seen before - a small part of the largest building was still standing...sort of. A fragment of a wall was still stubbornly standing, barely taller than the squirrel himself. And there were faint markings - markings scratched into the walls.

Turksha didn't know how to read. But still...the scratch-marks looked vaguely like some form of writing. He laid a paw upon the carvings. The words had somehow been filled in with ink so that they stood out bold and black against the stone. A few colored threads clung to a metal bar further up the wall.

What had it been?

Suddenly he felt dizzy - there was a whirling, whirling blackness...

He saw the building as it must have been ages and ages ago - still standing. There were beautiful, stained-glass windows near the top. All made of stone. And he saw the same piece of stone, as it once had been...but this time, it was different.

There was a tapestry, a ripped tapestry. And an old mouse dressed in a green habit, tracing his frail paws over the letters that Turksha could not read.


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