Chapter 61: Take Back The Throne


'Dragons' - Dragonese

It was the next night when the dragon riders were going to sneak into the palace. Much to the dragons' chagrin, the dragons had to stay outside and out of sight. Sabah had come back to them along with Sinbad's crew. She told them of her friends who were able to gather some more information on Bayhas. According to one of Sabah's friends who was a servant to Bayhas, Bayhas had dug up something that belonged to the dragons and threatened the dragons with that something. Hiccup tried to think of what Bayhas had dug up. It could be a sort of treasure or a dragon's egg. Hiccup was leaning more towards an egg since dragons are very protective of their eggs and wouldn't let any harm come to them. However if their eggs were being threatened, they would have no other choice but to obey the one who confiscated their eggs.

With all the information they retrieved, they decided to invade the palace two days from now. They would also need the help of the citizens of the kingdom to help make this plan succeed. Two days had passed and the plan was in motion, Jabare's allies, including Sinbad's crew and the dragon riders, snuck into the palace to free the dragons which was the first part of the plan.

Sabah led them through the servants entrance and into the kitchen which was empty of servants at the moment. They made sure to avoid every guard that passed by them. Jabare was impressed that Sabah was able to get them into the palace so far.

They soon reached a certain room, but there were two guards at the door. Sabah had told them that that's where the dragons are being held. Najila and Touma easily took them out without making a sound.

Jabare was luckily able to open the door since it was a door that Hiccup didn't know how to open. Using Inferno as a torch, Jabare and Hiccup walked into the dungeon where the dragons were. When they got to the last step, they were shocked at what they saw; dragons tied in chains as they laid around the floor. The dragons had bright sandy brown scales and were covered in brown tones, its spines fading to a far darker almost blake shade, while its wings sport lighter spotting. It had spikes on its head which resembles the Night Fury's nubs and ears on its head. It had secondary wings and a unique tail design which consisted of 2 arrow-like shapes pointing inwards. Similar in body and wing shape to the Night Fury, this dragon had more spines, along with its head and wings. The spines were thinner and longer, and all considerably sharper. It also had two large 'thumb' claws as its wings. Its head was flatter and its ends were more pointed. Instead of having sails at the end of their tails, there were thicker spikes.

"Sand Wraiths." Hiccup identified the dragon.

"Sand Wraiths?" Carlos asked.

"They're dragons who bury themselves in the sand in order to avoid sunburn and they stay near shorelines and beaches." Hiccup informed them.

"How was Bayhas able to imprison them?" Touma asked.

"I'll ask them." Hiccup decided.

"Huh?" The dragon riders, except Hiccup, blinked.

"The dragons might know something about Bayhas. If he has their eggs we have to get them back. I know that they might be able to help us just as we would help them." Hiccup informed them.

The Dragon riders glanced at one another and knew that Hiccup was right. They have to help these dragons get their eggs back. They could use all the help they can get against Bayhas.

"Good luck." Roana said.

Hiccup nodded and walked over to the Sand Wraiths. The dragons heard his footsteps and turned towards him. Their pupils turned to slits and growled as Hiccup walked closer to them. Hiccup held his hands in surrender, to show them that he meant no harm.

"It's all right. I'm here to help you." Hiccup assured them.

But the dragons continued to growl at him. Hiccup dared to walk a little closer, held his hand out to one of the Sand Wraiths and turned away. The Sand Wraith stared at Hiccup's hand with curiosity, he felt a little unsure if he could trust the human. However, the human was brave enough to walk up to him. Taking a risk, he placed his snout against the boy's palm. Hiccup opened his eyes and turned to the Sand Wraith. He gently petted the dragon's head and the dragon cooed in bliss at his gentle touch.

"Is it all right if I can ask you a few things?" Hiccup asked.

"What is it you wish to know?" The Male Sand Wraith asked.

"Is it true that Bayhas has your eggs hostage?" Hiccup asked.

"Yes, they took our eggs. If we don't do as he says, he'll destroy them." The Male Sand Wraith replied.

"Please save our children." The Female Sand Wraith pleaded.

"Don't worry we will." Hiccup assured them and turned to the others, "It looks like my suspicions were right."

"Bayhas has their eggs, right?" Roana asked and Hiccup nodded.

"Sabah, did you know where the eggs could be?" Hiccup requested.

"Yeah, I think I do." Sabah nodded.

"Sinbad, see if you can interrogate any of Bayhas's other guards." Hiccup ordered.

"On it." Sinbad nodded.

A few minutes later, Sabah led them into a chamber where the eggs could be and they were shocked. There were about twenty eggs in total. The riders were surprised that Bayhas was able to get that many. Then they heard heavy footsteps coming towards them. They soon found themselves surrounded by guards.

"How-" Jabare began to say.

"Not a well thought out plan, young man. There happened to be many flails in your plan." A figure soon came out from the shadows. The figure was a man, older than Sinbad, with no hair on his head and a black goatee. He had two gold triangle shaped earrings, and wore a fancy robe. Jabare was shocked to see who it was.

"Bayhas!" Jabare gasped.

"Jabare, such a pleasure to see you again. It feels like forever since I last saw you and your siblings." Bayhas taunted.

"Not long enough." Jabare narrowed his eyes at Bayhas.

"Give the Sand Wraiths back their eggs!" Hiccup demanded.

"Why should I? These dragons are the perfect weapon for me to use in order to keep those slaves in line." Bayhas stated.

"Dragons should never be used as weapons!" Hiccup shouted, angrily.

"Anything that has value can be used as a weapon." Bayhas remarked, "You can only control it if there's something of value to it."

"You're despicable." Roana gritted her teeth.

"I like to think of myself as a idealist." Bayhas placed his hand on his heart, "I'm creating a future that will benefit everyone."

"You mean a future that will benefit you." Merida seethed.

"I suppose that's true. Anyways, back to business," Bayhas said as he picked up an egg and took out a knife. Then placed the blade near the egg, "You best start listening to me if you don't want anything to happen to this egg."

The dragon riders gritted their teeth in anger. It was hard to believe that this man is Jabare's uncle. Not wanting to put the egg in more danger, the riders dropped their weapons and held their hands up in surrender. Bayhas signaled his guards to seize them as he put the egg back with the others. Each guard took a hold of the riders.

"You and your siblings should have stayed away, Jabare. Things never would have gotten this complicated," Bayhas jeered and began to walk away. But then he stopped, "Oh, and by the way, the person who told me of your plan is the one who gave you the information."

"Sabah?" Jabare gasped with wide eyes.

"Yes. I say that it was foolish of you to trust a female. They always lead you astray." Bayhas mocked, "Take them away."

The guards lead the riders and Sabah out of the room and into the hallway. Jabare gritted his teeth in anger. He couldn't believe that Sabah had been leading them into a trap.

They were soon in the dungeons. Sabah stayed in the corner of the cell she shared with Jabare, Hiccup, Roana, and Najila while Merida, Carlos, Audrey, and Touma were in another cell. Everyone can easily sense the rays of anger coming from Jabare.

"Jabare-" Sabah began to say.

"Don't talk to me." Jabare interrupted, coldly.

Sabah flinched at the cold tone.

"Why did you betray us, Sabah?" Roana glared at her.

"I had no choice." Sabah responded.

"No choice?" Najila's brow arched.

"They're keeping my fiancé, Mesu, hostage." Sabah replied.

"Why should I believe you?" Jabare asked.

"Because it's true!" Sabah said, desperately.

"Whatever you had said got us into this cell." Jabare glared.

Sabah sighed heavily at this outcome. She was willing to do anything to save her fiancé. But she ended up in the cell with the people she betrayed. She should have known not to trust Bayhas's word.

"I'll make it up to you." Sabah pleaded.

"How do you plan on doing that?" Jabare sneered.

Sabah was silent at that.

"I hope the others are okay." Touma prayed.

"I hope so too, Touma." Jabare hoped.

The dungeon was quiet as the dragon riders and Sabah sat in their cells. They couldn't think of a proper plan at the moment. Then they heard footsteps coming towards them. None of them bothered to look up, knowing that it was a few guards checking in on them.

"Someone ask for a jailbreak?" A familiar male voice asked.

Their heads snapped up and saw Sinbad, Marina, Rat, and Jed outside of the cell.

"Man are we glad to see you guys." Merida whispered.

"We had a feeling that you might have gotten captured." Rat shrugged.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Touma said, sarcastically.

Jed picked the lock on the cell door and opened it. The riders quickly got out their cells and the others gave them their weapons back. When Sabah was about to get out, Jabare shoved the door closed in front of her.

"It's best you stay here, Sabah." Jabare stated.

"Huh? Why?" Sabah questioned.

"I'm not sure if we should trust you or not." Jabare answered.

Sabah sighed heavily.

"If I betray you once more, I give you permission to execute me." Sabah declared.

Jabare narrowed his eyes at her, trying to see if she was lying. He sighed heavily and opened the door.

"Don't make me regret this, Sabah." Jabare warned.

Sabah gulped and nodded.

The group met up with the others in Zuberi's abandoned bedroom.

"We're so glad you're safe." Zuberi said, relieved.

"Same to you, brother." Jabare said.

"How did you get captured?" Isis asked.

"Ask Sabah." Jabare glanced at the said girl.

Everyone turned to Sabah who flinched at their stares and looked away.

"Sabah?" Isis asked.

"She told Bayhas of our plans of infiltrating the palace." Jabare glared.

"Why would you betray the royal family, Sabah?" Zuberi questioned.

"They're holding my fiancé hostage." Sabah answered.

"I see." Isis understood.

"How can you trust her so easily?" Jabare asked, angrily.

"You have to take a chance, Jabare." Isis advised.

"Fine." Jabare grunted, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Okay, we'll need a new strategy." Hiccup announced.

"What do you have in mind?" Najila asked.

Hiccup made up a new plan to help get the Sand Wraiths and their eggs out of the palace. Isis and Sinbad's crew will lead the citizens through a secret tunnel and carry the eggs out into the village's huts while the dragon riders will help the dragons.

"Alright, let's get to work." Hiccup declared.

And so Hiccup's plan was in action. Isis led the people into the palace through a secret tunnel that led to the inside of the egg room. The dragon riders were freeing the Sand Wraiths and were able to sneak them out of the palace. Later on, they met up again.

"So everything is all good?" Zuberi asked.

"All of the eggs and Sand Wraiths were out of the palace." Najila informed.

"That's a relief." Isis sighed in relief.

"But we haven't found Sabah's fiancé yet." Touma pointed out.

"Where could he be?" Merida pondered.


Everyone turned to the voice and saw Bayhas come out from behind a pillar.

"What?" Sabah's eyes widened.

"The reason why you haven't found because he's dead." Bayhas confessed.

"You bastard." Roana growled.

Bayhas let out a sadistic chuckle.

"You're so simple minded, Sabah. You easily believed that I would release your fiancé if you gave me information about Zuberi and his siblings. So naive." Bayhas mocked.

The gang glared angrily at Bayhas. They should have known that Bayhas would do something like that. This vial man didn't care about dirtying his own hands in order to get what he wanted.

"So you took out all of the dragon eggs and the dragons out of the palace, right?" Bayhas questioned. The gang said nothing, "Oh, but it looks like you forgot the last one." Bayhas held up the last Sand Wraith egg in his hand.

The gang froze when they saw Bayhas holding the egg. They thought they got all of them. How could they have missed that?!

"Now then, bring me back the dragons and the eggs and I won't throw you into the pool of alligators." Bayhas threatened.

Unexpectedly, something attacked Bayhas's face which caused him to let go of the egg. Before it could hit the ground, it stopped in mid air which confused them and then Bayhas was sent flying to the ground. The egg floated towards them. Najila held her hands out to it and was gently placed in her hands. Then a familiar creature appeared in front of her.

"Lihini!" Najila gasped.

"Surprised?" Lihini purred.

Bayhas grunted as he got up and when he looked up at the gang, he had a look of pure rage on his face.

"I've waited many years to become Pharaoh and I won't allow a bunch of misfits to take my throne away from me." Bayhas unsheathed his sword.

"I'll handle Bayhas," Zuberi declared as he unsheathed his sword, "It's time he knew who the real leader of the people is."

"But Zuberi-" Jabare began to say.

"Go. Don't worry about me. Just make sure that the dragons and their eggs are safely out of here." Zuberi interrupted.

The dragon riders were unsure about this, but Zuberi said that he wanted to fight him. So they let him.

"Good luck and make sure that he remembers that dragons shouldn't be used as weapons." Hiccup said.

"With pleasure." Zuberi glared at Bayhas.

The dragon riders ran down the hall that led to where the others are, leaving Zuberi and Bayhas behind them.

"It's just you and me now." Zuberi said.

"Indeed." Bayhas said before he charged towards Zuberi as he charged towards Bayhas.

The two began clashing swords as they chased each other down the halls and through a few rooms which soon led to a balcony where there was a pool of alligators below, waiting for a victim to fall or tossed in. The two continued to clash as they changed from offense to defense with their swords. Unexpectedly, Bayhas hooked onto Zuberi's sword and flung it out of his reach. Zuberi was pressed against the railing of the balcony as Bayhas walked towards him with his sword pointing at him.

"Give it up, little prince. There's nowhere to run. Your bloodline will end here and mine will begin. I will be Pharoah forever." Bayhas demanded.

Zuberi looked over his shoulder and smiled.

"Okay." Zuberi shrugged and jumped off the balcony.

Bayhas blinked in disbelief and walked over to the railing and saw the pool of alligators below. He frowned in confusion when he saw the alligators just swimming around. He was sure that the boy would have landed in the pool.

"Looking for me?"

Bayhas turned to the voice only for a pair of feet to slam into his face and caused him to go over the railing. Bayhas screamed as he fell into the pool of alligators. Jabare, Horus, and Zuberi ran over to the edge where they watched Bayhas struggle while screaming before he got pulled under. Then blood began to spread throughout the pool. Bayhas was dead and his tyranny was over.

"Thanks for helping us." Zuberi thanked Sinbad, Marina, and Sinbad's crew along with the dragon riders with their dragons.

"Don't mention it." Sinbad said.

"I could tell at first you guys didn't want to help, but I'm glad that you did help." Jabare stated.

"Well, the only person who was able to convince me was Hiccup. He and the riders should also be thanked as well." Sinbad admitted, ruffling Hiccup's hair which caused him to laugh.

"True," Isis agreed, "So what are you going to do now?"

"Well, we're headed towards Fiji. The perfect place for our retirement." Sinbad answered.

"I hope you have a good time there. You deserve it from all of the things you've been through." Roana smiled.

"I can agree to that." Sinbad said which made him, Marina, and his crew chuckle along with the three royal family members and dragon riders.

The next day, Sinbad, Marina, and their crew were heading off to find Fiji. Sinbad may not admit it, but he was going to miss the dragon riders.

"Have a great time in Fiji, Sinbad." Hiccup shook Sinbad's hand.

"Have a great time traveling the world, Hiccup." Sinbad shook Hiccup's hand.

"We're really going to miss you." Roana said, sadly.

"Us too." Marina said.

The dragon riders hugged all of the Chimera crew before they boarded their ship and sailed away.

Soon enough, the Chimera was leaving the shores of Egypt and headed off onto the great blue sea. The royal family and the dragon riders waved their hands goodbye until they could no longer see the ship.

People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take. ― Emma Goldman