Alright, you all ready for this, I most certainly am. Coming off the heels of the first story I've ever completed, this is the sequel to Broken Angel, Rising Demon. I hope you all enjoy this opening because we're gonna get straight into this. There is going to be a large number of crossovers as I build this world up, but I'm gonna keep it as a Harry Potter/Naruto crossover, as those are the primary base elements to it. Let me know if you think I should change it up any.

Time will also play a crucial role in this story so I'll do my best to keep track of when and where we are so that everyone can easily tell. This first chapters going to cover a bunch of exposition and hopefully serve as a simple starting point to get everyone around the same page. unlike with broken angel, this story isn't going to wait until chapter 20 or so to reach the real meat of the actual conflict. The first two chapters will be exposition, but the third is where the story officially starts, so please be patient and I hope everyone enjoys.

Just for those who don't know, MC is Riley, she's a fusion of Harry Potter and Naruto Uzumaki.

Pairings for Riley include:

Fleur Delacour

Katie Bell

Daphne Greengrass

Luna Lovegood


FemGaara (Gaia)

Arturia Pendragon

Yugito Nii

I own nothing, all credit goes to the original authors.

Broken Angel: Rising Demon


It began with a child stolen from his home, as it burned to ash. This child was Arashi Uzumaki Uchiwa. Later to be named Minato Namikaze, otherwise known as the Fourth Hokage of Konohagakure.

When history looked back on how it all started, it would be the name of his kidnapper that would ring out throughout the annuls of history. This woman, Mito Uzumaki, would become known as the perpetrator for the rise of Darkness and the End of the Age of Man.

The kidnapping of Minato Namikaze and the erasure of his past, had set the field for the rise of a demon. A beast of unimaginable power. This beast came into the world as his child, a daughter mothered by another woman, stolen, and implanted into the womb of his wife to hide his mistake. That had been the first sin, one that would ignite the demon's fury in the years to come. That Child was born Narumi Namikaze, alongside a twin sister, Minato's trueborn child, Naruko Namikaze. On the day of their births, the student of the Fourth Hokage, Obito Uchiha, in an alliance with Mito Uzumaki, stole the Nine-Tailed Fox from it's temple and unleashed the greatest of the Bijuu onto the Hidden Leaf Village.

With the aid of the Sannin, and the Third Hokage, Minato was able to defeat the beast and seal it away into the bodies of his daughters. The power into Naruko, and the spirit into Narumi.

That event had been the major catalyst for the ruination of the Age of Man. For the sealing of the Fox Spirit, opened the doorway to something far worse, and far more powerful.

On that same day, in an attempt to destroy Minato for good, a third ally, a Dark Lord from a distant land, attempted to murder the children and free the Nine-Tails. His attempt would have been successful, had it not been for the raw power that the elder child possessed. In an act of self-preservation and accidental magic, Narumi was able to rebound the Dark Lord's curse back onto him, destroying his body and sending his soul, scattering to the winds.

The credit for this accident, fell to her twin, and that marked the second sin, that would see the mighty child scorned and forgotten by her people.

For nearly eight years, Narumi suffered. For nearly eight years she fought with every fiber of her being, in order to survive and gain her parents affections. This child, who should have had it all, was instead, cast away, and resented for her abilities. Her family ignored her, her people, reviled her. She was all alone. Her only comfort came from a voice that accompanied her thoughts, ever since her birth. This voice belonged to the spirit of her Grandfather, Madara Uchiwa. Part of his chakra having been sealed into Minato, and then later passed onto her when the Nine-Tails was sealed into her body.

With Madara's aid, and wisdom, Narumi survived, and grew stronger.

At almost eight years old, the child finally had enough and cast her family and village aside. Instead of facing further loneliness, the child grew in strength. In her time away, she began making friends, and of those friends that she made in the Leaf Village, none did she love so much, or hold on a higher pedestal then the one she saw as a brother, Shisui Uchiha.

Her love for the man, and her despair when he passed away so soon into their time together, led Narumi to awakening the Mangekyou Sharingan. With the aid of her grandfather, this child obtained the Eternal Mangekyou, and mastered it's powers. Shisui's death, had caused great pain in the young girl, very nearly driving her to murder those she thought were responsible.

In the end, no matter what the truth was, Narumi had, had enough. The death of Shisui, had been the final nail in the coffin and the child would have no more it. She refused to suffer within the Hidden Leaf any longer, and with the companionship of a family friend, young Narumi set out into the world, intent on making something for herself.

The first thing she did upon leaving was change her name, freeing herself from the title of Namikaze, and from the name, Minato and Lily had bestowed upon her, at her birth. From that day forward she was known as Riley. Riley Narumi Slytherin Uchiwa.

The years that followed were infinitely brighter. With each passing day, the lonely child gained more friends and felt her heart swell as she sought out those to stave off her sadness.

Riley refused to allow herself to be constrained by society, or by basic human morals. She loved whomever she pleased, she befriended whomever she pleased, and most importantly, she did whatever she wanted. The young genius utilized her mind to escape trouble, while doing what she thought as necessary to make the world a safer place for her loved ones.

She trained every single day, learning the arts of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Sage Arts, whatever abilities or techniques existed out in the world, Riley sought to learn them, all to make herself stronger and prove to herself that she was better then her father, better then her home village.

One day, at a chance meeting with the Nine-Tails, she learned the truth about her incredible strength. Riley was a half-demon. Slowly but surely she was absorbing the spirit of the Fox and if given enough time, she'd fully consume it, becoming a full blooded demon in the process.

Striking a deal with the ancient beast, Riley chose to forgo her humanity and become a full demon. She freed the fox from it's prison and turned her body into the temple where it could reside in peace. In repayment for her kindness, the Fox showed her how to become a full demon. And not just any demon, an Archdemon, a beast, equal to the Fox in power.

Riley's true ascension began there. With the powers of an Archdemon, and the newly awakened Rinne Sharingan Riley quickly ascended into the realm of the gods in terms of pure power, and around the same point in her life, Riley developed her dream.

Seeing the world, and the human race for what they were, flawed, ruthless, and wretched, Riley made the choice to build her own paradise, away from it all. Riley intended to build a place where her loved ones would be free to build their own happiness, away from the chaos of the Earth, away from the wretches of society.

Riley dreamed of a utopia, where her loved ones could be happy.

And with burning ambition, Riley set out to accomplish that goal. Despite not knowing where to start, Riley knew in her heart that the best way to achieve her dream was to further her already vast repertoire of skill, and increase her knowledge of magic. And that is exactly what she did. Day in, and day out, she trained. Using her own pocket dimension, and her newfound immortality, she began to train for week, months at a time. Every single day.

Eventually she came to learn the truth about her grandmother, and how she was actually the reincarnation of the Sage of Six Paths, Kaguya Ootsutsuki, the Rabbit Goddess.

Not long after, while avenging the death of Shisui Uchiha, Riley learned of her real mother, and she immediately set out to free her mother from the clutches of the Hidden Leaf.

Through her reunion with Kushina Uzumaki, Riley gained a new friend in spirit form, in the shape of her Great-Grandfather, Hashirama Senju. Hashirama joined Madara and the Nine-Tailed Fox Kurama as her guides and closest confidantes.

One day, the Leaf made a choice, one that would signify the beginning of the end. Utilizing unspeakable means, they turned on the beloved second child, Naruko Namikaze, and began to use her as a stud to breed the Uchiwa genetics that lay within her. It was their hope that they could create an army of people, born with the power of the Rinnegan.

Riley, upon learning of this, assaulted the Hidden Leaf and freed her sister, thus allowing the sisters to begin healing from their childhood of fighting.

One day, the Leaf's paranoia and viciousness grew to be too much, and their actions led to friends and the family of her beloved mates, to be harmed, one even lost her life due to the Leaf.

Enraged, and with violence in her heart, Riley destroyed her place of birth, and ended the life of the father that had seen fit to abandon her.

The fall of the Hidden Leaf, marked the beginning of the Akatsuki's movements. The organization of S-Ranked criminals began to hunt down the Bijuu.

Eventually, Riley was drawn back to the Elemental Nations where she aided her friend and future lover, Gaia no Sabaku in winning the Fourth Great Ninja War and destroying the Akatsuki, in the process.

The battles fought there, would be forever remembered by those that took part in them. In those battles, Riley unleashed the terror and horror of her true self. Her allies, frothed and fought like demons, cementing their status as bloodthirsty warriors and earning their place by the demoness's side.

With most of their foes defeated, the last of the Akatsuki, initiated their final plan. In alliance with an Archdevil, Mito Uzumaki, Obito Uchiha, and an army of reanimated souls, unleashed a horde of demons and devils upon the Elemental Nations.

With great skill and power, Riley and her allies defeated the invading hordes, and she was even able to return some old friends back from the dead.

The final act of the War, saw Obito and Mito killed for their treachery, though before they fell, they succeeded in reviving the Ten-Tails. The primordial god of the Earth, that had once been the Shinju Tree, had fused with the Rabbit Goddess to create said beast, and it was due to the actions of Riley and her allies that the beast was sealed away within Riley's body, marking her as it's second Jinchuriki.

With the war over, and the Akatsuki beaten, only questions remained. What had Mito Uzumaki truly been after? Where were the missing Akatsuki members that had survived the organizations destruction? Who was the mysterious devil that had aided Obito in Mito, in their final assault on the Earth? All of these questions hung in the air, but there was no time left for them.

The war was over, and our heroes returned home. Now… a year later, Riley has finished her schooling and sets forth into the world, with not set path, and no constraints. With the power to annihilate entire planets with ease, the world now faced the rise of a new Goddess. Unlike the last, this God was a demon, one of unspeakable power, and unyielding wrath. A god who dreamed of paradise, and of protecting those that she loved.

The rebirth of the Juubi had marked the beginning of the End for the Age of Mankind. Now, we see the final days of that age, and the dawn of the Second Age of Magic.

Chapter 1: Dawn of a New Age

July 15th 1998

The end of the twentieth century was fast approaching. The closing years of this time, had brought many a great curiosities into the world. Many of the faithful claimed that the actions of the Angel of Carnage provided proof of the existence of a higher power. The final battle of the Fourth Great Ninja War, had caused massive reverberations throughout the world. The magic unleashed in that battle, caused hurricanes, and earthquakes. Strange special distortions and the appearance of the Aurora Borealis in places it should have never been seen.

Everyone knew that something was going on. Every muggle on the planet had felt the final battle between Riley and the Ten-Tails, and on an instinctual level, they knew that the fate of their very existence had hindered on that battle. And yet... no one knew that it happened. The only people that had any idea what was happening with the world, was the magical community. Only those tied to the ICW had any way of learning what had happened in the Elemental Nations in 1997. To those that did know, they could only breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the danger had come and passed. But some saw the actions perpetrated in that war, as a sign. A sign that soon, very soon, the Age of secrecy would come to an end. The Muggles were scrambling to explain the events of that final battle. A battle, as part of a war, that they knew nothing about.

One day, they'd learn the truth. One day the conspiracy theorists and the world governments would know what happened that sunny spring day in 1997, and they'd tremble at the implications.

-Riley's home, London-

Riley leaned against the sill of her bedroom window. Her eyes stared down across the open field towards the glowing lights of London, that lit up the night sky just a few miles off. Riley's gaze held on nothing in particular, drifting here and there. Her mind was absent most thoughts, as she simply took in the peacefulness of it all.

Like a form of meditation to calm herself after a busy day, Riley allowed the distant sounds of London, coupled with the quiet sounds of nature around her house to form a beautiful melody that when united with the gentle snoring and the beating hearts of her mates, filled Riley with contentedness.

After a few seconds, Riley shifted her gaze back into her bedroom. The room itself was quite large, much larger on the inside then what the outside would have you believe. Magic was an incredible thing. It allowed for this large open room, with space enough for it's six inhabitants to live peacefully with one another. Even the bed was surprisingly wide and large enough to allow all six women to sleep comfortably amongst each other, without taking up too much room in the bedroom itself.

Riley's eyes drifted over the slumbering forms of her mates. Each one, in their own comfortable position to sleep peacefully. Amongst the group, a clone of Riley, lay beneath two of them, a comfortable pillow for Daphne, and Luna. The only one not present was Gaia, though that was because she was currently awake and busy running her Hidden Village on the opposite side of the planet. The only other person whom may find themselves in Riley's bed would have been the illustrious Arturia Pendragon, whom she was currently in the process of 'dating' if it could be called that.

Their relationship hadn't become overly physical, even if the two were openly together. Riley had been able to distract herself from the slow progress of their relationship by going to school and enjoying her final year at Hogwarts, but now that it was over, she was spending more time with Arturia and was beginning to wonder when she should start pressing the ancient king for something more physical.

Riley was patient and understanding, but she wasn't above admitting that she wanted to get the old knight into bed sooner rather then later.

Riley shook her head as she focused her thoughts back onto her sleeping mates. Despite their slumbering state, Riley knew them all well enough to know that they'd pick up on her absence from bed mere moments after she departed. This was for the best, allowing them to enjoy the comfort of a restful night.

Riley loved sleeping with them, but she also found it distracting. Despite how much she loved them all, the dreams of humans, demons, and Veela, could be quite strange at times, and feeling two or three of them going on at once, gave Riley a headache. Just another change that Riley was slowly getting used to since absorbing the Ten-Tails, and achieving the full rank of an Archdemon.

A cool breeze touched at the demoness's cheek, and she let out a content sigh of pleasure.

Riley turned her gaze back outside and lifted her eyes up to the moon. A full moon hung in the sky that night, filling the night with a dim glow. A moment passed as she pondered whether anyone she knew was looking up at this very same moon at this very same moment.

A gentle smile touched at her lips as she heard the rustling of cloth. She held the smile as the one who caused it, crawled out of bed and made their way over to her.

It was an active effort to keep from determining which of her mates it was. Smell, the weight of their steps, the way they took steps, even their emotional state, all were things that Riley could pick up on and in the case of her mates, she had them memorized down to a tee.

Sometimes life was better with it's little surprises and so she actively filled her mind with thought to avoid focusing on the presence that made it's way towards her. Within a moment, that person was next to her, staring out the window alongside her.

Despite her attempts to avoid determining who it was, the lack of contact, while Riley wasn't looking, immediately put a face to the unknown person.

"What are you doing awake my love?" Riley inquired to the red-headed half-demon.

"Couldn't sleep." Kaede responded as Riley shifted over a bit to allow them both a comfortable view out the window.

Riley allowed a gentle smile to take up residence on her face. She simply knew her mates too well, she could tell who they were based off of so many factors that it was nigh impossible to mix them up.

Fleur was sensual, romantic, and elegant in everything she did. Every movement was deliberate and carried out with an almost clinical degree of precision. When she walked her hips swayed just enough to entice a look. When she hugged, her whole body pressed to yours, allowing both parties to bask in the contact. Fleur always initiated contact directly. If she came up behind Riley, she would place a hand on her shoulder, to draw her attention first. She always ensured that her partner was aware of her presence when she wanted them to be.

Katie was different. Katie was energetic. A bit spastic at times, even playful. She was bouncy, not above skipping around with a wide grin. Katie always gave off energy, wherever she went. Her presence never went unnoticed because of how loud she was. That wasn't to say she spoke loud, or stepped heavy, it simply meant that she had a large personality and she wore it openly, which earned attention from people. Katie was always upbeat when it came to personal contact, an arm around the neck, or around the waist. Linking elbows and holding hands while they walked. She just made herself known.

Daphne was far more reserved, even in privacy. She allowed for public contact, but it obviously embarrassed her when it got intimate. Anything more then a peck on the lips would leave the Ice Queen blushing. When alone, she was more open with physical contact, though she rarely initiated anything more then hand-holding or perhaps a hug. Daphne was reserved like that, and it helped her stand out from the others.

Luna was a very physical person. Luna was generally always in contact with someone. Either cuddled up to them, leaning on them, holding hands. Much like Daphne, it made her stand out amongst Riley's mates as she was always hanging off of someone, usually Riley, Katie, or Fleur, whom were more open about it. Luna wasn't above stepping up behind Riley and wrapping her arms around her. In fact had it been her that had woken up, Riley would bet money that she would have.

Gaia, was very much like Daphne, but a bit more cautious, rather then reserved. Gaia was laid back and generally kept the physical acts to a minimum outside of when they were in private. With that being said, unlike Daphne, in private, Gaia would initiate contact, she'd flirt, and she'd be more then willing to walk up to Riley wrap an arm around her, or press up next to her. In a way, Gaia was far more bold, when it came to the intimate, then Daphne was. It was simply who they were as people, and Riley was piecing more and more together about how Gaia handled the intimate aspect of their relationship, the more time she spent with the Kazekage.

And Arturia, well Arturia was overly stoic, even in private. Though in truth, she was more so uncertain when it came to anything physical, due to two major points. One being that she had never engaged in anything overly intimate with anyone before, and the second was that most of her knowledge about the courting rituals of people were in regards to men and women, and not two women, or in this case a woman, whom considered herself a knight before that, and a demon who looked like a woman but really wasn't either. Add onto that, this knowledge came from fifteen-hundred years ago. Needless to say, Arturia felt out of place when trying to court Riley, and it often showed, with the awkward silences. That all being taken into account, Arturia was just like Katie in that she had a loud presence, though unlike Katie where it was her personality that was loud, in Arturia's case it was purely the strength of her presence. The combination of being a powerful warrior, king, and knight, gave her an unmistakable aura.

Knowing all of that, Riley knew the instant that someone stepped up next to her, rather then initiate contact, that it had to be Kaede. Kaede was unique amongst Riley's mates in that she didn't usually start anything, but once it started, she was highly invested. If Riley pulled her into a hug, Kaede would hold her, in a way that it almost seemed like the world would end if the two separated. If they kissed, Kaede would put her all into it, there was never any getting away with just a peck on the lips or a kiss on the cheek. Kaede was reserved, and very shy, but she adored affection and coveted it. She simply held a fear of rejection, and thus was hesitant to make any moves. Once contact was initiated on Riley's part though, Kaede would be more then happy to partake.

Knowing that, Riley let out the smallest of chuckles and placed an arm around the half-demon's shoulder. Just as Riley anticipated, Kaede sunk into her side, melding into it as the two continued to stare out the window.

Riley's smile grew as she breathed in her mate's scent. A gentle surge passed through Riley's body as she took in that scent, and the feeling of Kaede's body pressed against hers...

Riley stamped down the building arousal. She knew what this desire was, and though she knew her mates would happily oblige, they had things to do in the morning, and most of them were sleeping comfortably.

"What are you thinking about?" Kaede inquired.

"All sorts of stuff." Riley responded dreamily, mimicking Luna in that way which earned a curious look from Kaede.

Kaede didn't inquire for more, despite wanting to know. She'd always been a private person and she held others privacy to a high standard, and expected her own privacy to be held to such as well. If Riley was going to be vague about the answer, then in Kaede's mind that meant that she may not want to talk about it. So she'd drop it. It's not like it was important or anything.

It's just who she was as a person. Kaede didn't like to pry, she didn't like to push. She was quiet, and thoughtful. Reserved in that way when it came to people. Kaede preferred actions over words. Words could be turned into lies. It was harder to lie with your actions. Kaede trusted actions more then words.

Riley knew this about Kaede. She had come to learn parts of it through experience and a bit of guesswork but a lot of it also came from a newly developed ability that Riley had gained ever since sealing away the Ten-Tails and becoming it's Jinchuriki.

Ever since that day, Riley's ability to interact with the bonds she shared with her mates, had grown to incredible levels, and even now, over a year later, she was still learning new things she could do with it. The most important change was that Riley could now hear her mate's thoughts whenever they were touching. No longer did they have to direct their thoughts towards her, or even be feeling anything intensely. If she was touching them, then everything they thought, she felt and heard.

This new ability allowed for a level of closeness that few could ever dream of. Riley didn't tell them about this ability, mostly because she didn't want to embarrass them over the beautiful things they thought about her and each other.

Ever since becoming a demon, Riley had always had powerful empathic abilities. The stronger she got the clearer people's emotions appeared to her. Riley was a master Occlumens and she was extremely gifted in Legilimency, but she had never been able to just hear a persons thoughts like this, without so much as trying. Her skills with Legilimency were enough that she could read a person's surface thoughts with only eye contact, but she still needed to actually cast the spell to get anything deeper. Now though, with her mates, and with physical contact, the things that occurred in their heads, flowed freely into Riley's, and for the life of her, Riley couldn't bring herself to tell them about this gift and run the risk of them trying to hide some of the sappy, love-struck, and beautiful things they'd think about sometimes. Though one downside was the aforementioned sharing of their dreams. When they slept, what they dreamt flowed into Riley's mind just as clearly as their thoughts, and as said, sometimes people had weird dreams.

Even now it was happening. She could hear Kaede's voice inside her own head, and it filled Riley with pleasure, and happiness, that she was sure her mate could detect through their bond.

'The moon is beautiful tonight. I wonder if that's what Riley's focused on? She likes staring at the sights. I wonder if it's a hobby of hers? Should I ask her to go look at some of the sights with me? She'd ask me where I wanted to go, and I have no idea. I need to get out more. Things are quieter here. I like the quiet. I wonder what she's thinking about. Is it me? Probably not. She's probably got other things on her mind… hmm…'

Riley couldn't help it as her grin grew. Kaede was often so quiet, but she thought a lot. Rarely did a moment go by when the Diclonius wasn't thinking.

Though one of those thoughts did stand out, and Riley felt the need to clarify that she was in fact thinking about her.

"Hey Kaede… if we ever got married, would you want it to be like mine and Daphne's or would you want something more private?" Riley inquired, turning herself and pulling away from Kaede, just enough so that the two could face each other.

Kaede stared back, blinking a few times before turning her head, in an attempt to hide her blush as she smiled.

'Marriage… to Riley? Just like Daphne. Riley's always so nice to me. I wish I could do something to thank her. She always says such nice things.' Riley could hear her beloved mate through their bond, and like with many other occasions in recent memory, Riley had to resist the urge to answer those concerns with reassurances of her own. Riley knew that Kaede held a deep seated amount of loathing for who she was, and what she had done in the past. Kaede wanted love, more then anything in the world, but she didn't think she deserved it. Especially not from Riley. Not that long ago, just before the two became a couple actually, Kaede had sworn that she would repent for her past by using her powers to protect those that she loved. Riley had thought she understood then, that the healing process would begin, and Kaede could somehow find peace.

Ever since gaining this new power, Riley knew that she hadn't. Kaede still hated herself. She was still determined to repent and so she kept her anger in check. She tried to smile and trust more. She tried so desperately to be worthy of the love she was being given, but it quickly dawned on Riley that Kaede still hadn't forgiven herself.

The first time that horrible thought crawled into Riley's head, it broke her heart, and left her miserable for the entire day. Her mates could obviously see that something was bothering her, but out of respect for Kaede, Riley kept the reason for her distress a secret.

Nowadays, Riley did what she could to lift Kaede's spirit and give her special attention when she was feeling lonely. She knew the two of them would need to have another talk about this, but she didn't want to reveal her new ability, nor did she want to put any pressure on any of them to control their thoughts around her. A part of Riley knew it was wrong to keep this ability from them, but a much stronger part simply found their true feelings far too beautiful to run the risk of them willingly or unwillingly, trying to hide them again.

"I think… if we ever got married, I'd want it to be private. I don't mind something small and quiet. I've never really thought much about it, but… I guess I'd be fine with that." Kaede responded after several long moments of thought.

"I didn't ask what you'd be 'fine' with. I asked what you wanted. I'll book the busiest street in London to hold our wedding on, and I'll invite the entire world if that's what you want. And if not, if you want something quiet… something peaceful, with just our close friends, and family… then I'll find the most beautiful venue I can possibly think of, and we'll just get hitched… no camera's, no press, no other person besides those we love and a goblin to officiate it." Riley state as she placed her hands on Kaede's shoulders and offered her a bright smile.

Kaede maintained her own smile as she locked eyes with Riley. After several seconds she averted her gaze and brought her hands up taking hold of Riley's arms as they held her.

"I think I'd like that. Something peaceful and quiet. Something we can do that just involves us and those we love. I don't care about anyone else. I don't care if anyone else knows. I'll know, and that's all that matters to me." Kaede responded. Riley offered her a nod and pulled her into an embrace, allowing both women to bask in each other's body warmth and the feeling of their magic.

Despite only being a half-demon, Kaede was much more sensitive to magic then humans. Riley's magic affected her to a similar degree that it affected Fleur, as the only other non-human amongst Riley's mates.

A quiet moments passed between before Riley finally released Kaede. She stared down at her for several more seconds before leaning in and kissing her gently on the lips.

Riley smiled into the kiss as she felt Kaede reach out and hold her face in her hands.

The kiss held for almost thirty seconds before Riley pulled back and smiled.

"What was that for?" Kaede inquired, a gentle blush, tinging her cheeks.

"I need a reason to kiss my beautiful girlfriend?" Riley asked in reply, causing Kaede's blush to deepen.

Silence passed between the two for several moments before Riley leaned in again, and this time kissed Kaede upon the forehead.

"Why don't you go back to sleep. I'm gonna go out for a bit. Get some air and clear my head. I'll be back before morning." Riley stated. Kaede was silent for a few seconds as she stared at Riley with curious eyes.

"Something bothering you?" Kaede asked.

"Bloodlust." Riley responded, earning a solemn nod from Kaede. Kaede knew that feeling all too well, though even she couldn't compare her own bloodlust to Riley's. A half-demon's normal affinity for violence was on par with some of the worst serial killers, humanity had to offer, but Riley was no half-demon. She was a full blooded archdemon, and when she wanted blood, it was almost like a kind of arousal would take her over. Where Kaede and many of Riley's half-demon children wanted to kill, Riley needed to.

"Alright. I'll see you in the morning." Kaede offered, earning a nod from Riley. In an instant, Riley was gone. To Kaede's eyes she simply disappeared. If Kaede had turned her head fast enough, she may have caught a figure in the sky, vanishing over the horizon a half-second after Riley vanished.

Several moments went by as Kaede stood there pondering to herself, why she didn't offer to go with Riley. Kaede was just as bloodthirsty as she was when she wore the name Lucy, she just had better control now. Even still, she knew Riley was going to kill bad people, rapists, murderers, criminals, through and through. The world would be a better place without them, so then why hadn't she asked to go with?

Kaede knew that Riley would have taken her with, if she'd asked. Riley would never admit it, but Kaede knew she got off on seeing her mates kill. Kaede had seen it throughout the Fourth Great Ninja war. Riley was never more aroused, then after a battle where she got to watch her mates bathe in the blood of their enemies. Kaede may not have been the best at picking up on certain social cues, but even she could tell what the look of desire in Riley's eyes meant whenever that happened.

So that left the question, why not go with? Perhaps she simply didn't want to embrace Lucy right now. Kaede kept that part of her locked within, but it wasn't so deep that she couldn't summon it up with a little bit of effort. Perhaps she simply didn't want to feed the caged demon. She enjoyed the way things were right now, and the less she partook in her demonic pleasures, the more content she was.

After several more seconds of thought, Kaede snuck back over to the bed and climbed back into her original spot.

Within a few minutes she was back asleep, her dreams filled with her dark haired lover.

July 16th 1998

-Hellsing Manor-

"You come highly recommended. Even from our own resident vampire. I find that interesting considering your former occupation." Came the voice of Daphne Greengrass Slytherin Hellsing. She currently sat in the wide spacious office that had once belonged to the head of the Hellsing Organization within the Hellsing manor.

Standing before her was an elderly man, in his late sixties at least. Despite his age and wrinkled face, the man stood with excellent posture and more then a modicum of pride. He stood at over six foot tall and was finely dressed, and over his left eye he wore a manacle. He bore twin blue eyes, and despite his age, his hair was jet black, and pulled back into a pony-tail. This man was Walter C. Dornez. An Ex-Vampire hunter and apparently a former employee at Hellsing. He used to work with Arthur Hellsing but he'd quit the organization after Richard Hellsing murdered his brother and niece and took over the organization.

Now he was back, and looking to begin working within the organization again, now that it was slowly getting back on it's feet.

Daphne stared at the man with piercing ice blue eyes, he stared back, a calm smile resting upon his elderly face. Her eyes slowly dropped from his face down to the pile of documents that sat on her desk. Within these documents were reports of various missions carried out by Walter during his time at Hellsing. Missions which pointed to an extreme level of skill and ability. These reports though, paled in comparison to the endorsement from the vampire in the basement, Alucard himself.

Upon hearing that Walter was applying for the position of Butler at the Hellsing manor, Alucard had offered his input suggesting that Daphne accept him as a candidate. When asked why, Alucard, with a degree of sadistic pleasure, stressed just how many people the two of them had slaughtered on missions together in the past. Despite being the literal Lord of Vampires, Daphne had long since grown accustomed to his sadism. She dealt with it enough in Riley to last a thousand life times. The vampire was no worse then the demoness. She simply accepted his endorsement and took a closer look at the man.

Finding nothing amiss she had called him in for a personal interview.

"Hellsing has it's own unique way of doing things I've found. Even having vampire hunters and vampires work together, should it be beneficial to the mission at hand. I guess you could say I impressed the old count once upon a time." Walter stated, his tone the epitome of the stereotypical old British gentleman. Smooth and dry.

"Yes. I feel as if such things are destined to continue. Regardless, you come highly recommended as I've said, and you're familiar with the facility. You should know that Hellsing itself is still recovering from what that traitorous git Richard Hellsing put it through. I've been tasked by the Queen and the Round Table to get the organization back up and running, and we're nearly there. I've already got a team of house elves to keep the manor in order and I've begun hiring out soldiers and mercenaries to guard the facility. I have Alucard to serve as our weapon, though I am in desperate need of aid in other areas." Daphne explained earning a nod from the man.

"Should you have me, my duty will be to you ma'am. Whatever you need of me, you simply have to say the word and I will see it done. As a good butler should." He responded, finishing with a very formal half-bow, hand placed on the chest and all.

"That's good to hear. Very well then Walter C. Dornez. Welcome to the Hellsing organization. And welcome home. The building is mostly unoccupied so you're free to choose from any empty room you find within. Pick one and get yourself settled and let me know where you'll be staying. Otherwise, we have some things to discuss. Primarily, I wish to better understand the business Hellsing did under Arthur Hellsing, and with that understanding perhaps we both can formulate how this organization is going to run under the Queen's new directive." Daphne stated earning a smile and a nod from the man.


Power surged through the air as Riley channeled twin formations of spiraling wind into her palms. These formations grew and shaped, taking the form of large shuriken of wind.

A metallic buzzing filled the air and with a smirk, Riley sent the twin bladed spheres rushing forward at mind-boggling speeds. They shot up into the air, racing towards the peek of a towering mountain. Within moments they had crossed the massive distance and struck it's peek. Two massive spheres of rotating wind exploded outward and enveloped the mountaintop. Within moments, the uppermost peak of this massive mountain was gone. A lucky thing to have one's own pocket dimension, and the ability to morph, change, and create to one's heart's content. The young goddess had spent many an hour, testing her strength against greater and greater structures of nature, from massive forests, to titanic mountains, and even to impossibly high walls of water, the young goddess assaulted them all within Kamui, testing her ability to bring each of them low, before her might.

"Her power truly is immeasurable." Haku stated with a look of wonderment.

It wasn't uncommon for Riley's progeny to stand slack-jawed and in awe of her might. Most of them had never known true battle until coming to her, and thus most were left in shock, at the power that magic held over the universe.

Haku was one such person, despite his long history with conflict. He often found himself pondering his strange family, and how they interacted with each other and developed their relationships. Haku had always been very thoughtful, and ever since being brought back from the dead, and introduced to his new family, the young man, spent a great deal of time, analyzing the world around him.

Often times, his analysis of his sibling, started with an analysis of himself. Haku was a teenage boy, with effeminate features and a soft, almost womanly voice. He had long dark hair, and dark brown eyes. Many, upon looking at him, would misconstrue his gender, due to his feminine face, and delicate body. This young boy was the son of Riley, born in the future, and sent back in time due to an accident caused by a powerful sibling with control over space and time. As it stood right now, all of his current siblings were much the same.

There was Zabuza Mamochi, Haku's longtime mentor and friend. The two had only recently learned that they were half brothers and were still getting use to that fact. Zabuza was a tall man with dark brown hair. His eyes had once been dark brown as well, but after learning of his demonic heritage and the power he held within himself, he had fully embraced his inner demon, causing his dark eyes to now hum with a dim red glow, that would increase if he ever got angry or bloodthirsty. Unlike many of his other siblings, Zabuza was the only one with skin that matched his sire's, as it was almost gray like Riley's was. The only difference was that Zabuza's was more of a tanned gray, while Riley's was a pale gray.

Next amongst Haku's siblings was his full sister Elsa. Elsa had once stood as a queen of an old kingdom, but she no longer held such a title nor seemed to care about it. She had icy blonde hair, and amazingly vibrant blue eyes. Her clothes were often tinted with her ice magic, making them sparkle and glitter in the daylight. The pale skinned Elsa would rarely be found without her adoptive sister, and mate, Anna. Anna was an unofficial family member, though she was very friendly, so Haku chose to accept her as one. It was a bit odd to see the two of them together, as they would often times act just like sisters would, playful and having fun, but in a moments notice, they could become more intimate. Their relationship itself, didn't seem to bother anyone, but just the way they could go between sisters and lovers, was kinda strange, even for the admittedly strange family. Elsa had not embraced her demonic heritage yet, though she still commanded vast magical powers and was currently the only one of her half-demon siblings to have made herself several magical familiars.

After her was Eleanor, Zabuza's full sister. Much liker her brother, Eleanor had taken to embracing her demonic heritage, and it showed. Her hair was an oily black, and her eyes often dimly glowed red. She was ghostly pale, and rail thin, but on the taller side for a young woman. She was also incredibly strong, and impossibly intelligent. Eleanor was a genius, able to deduct and crunch facts, faster then most people could even begin to comprehend. Despite not being trained as a shinobi, she had proven in more then a few duels that she could still take Zabuza in a one on one fight, and damn did she make it spectacular. Watching the two duel was honestly frightening for Haku, and for many of his other siblings. He had seen Zabuza angry before, and he seen Zabuza brutally slaughter people on countless occasions, but nowadays, things were different. Zabuza had embraced his inner demon, just like Eleanor had, and when the two fought, they let their demon sides go wild. That was the only explanation that Haku had for it to explain the sudden fear he developed when seeing the two go at it, because they weren't two humans fighting anymore, they were going at each other like demons.

Eleanor was often followed around by her eternal guardian, a powerful misshapen golem of a man, inside a massive Diving suit. This man's name was Delta. He never spoke, the most noise he ever made were grunts and groans, but otherwise he held silent and followed Eleanor around like a faithful guard dog. Eleanor loved and revered the iron suited man, putting him on the same pedestal that she placed her mothers. She considered Delta her father and adored him as such, and the tin giant protected her as a father would his daughter, and he was no slouch in that department.

Next came Amaru. Amaru stood out from her siblings due to her dark red hair, and tan skin. Her eyes were a pretty teal and she held a beauty mark on her cheek. Much like Elsa, Amaru was a non-combatant. She had spent most of her life learning to be a doctor and even now she spent all hours of the day in pursuit of those goals. She learned medicine in all forms, from muggle to magical, from physical to spiritual. If there was a way to heal a person's injuries, Amaru wanted to learn it. More often then not, Amaru was the one that patched her siblings up after they were done training. Haku found that quite amusing as it used to be him always patching up Zabuza's injuries from battle, but nowadays, things were peaceful, and thus training was where the injuries were plentiful, and Haku more often then not, found himself sprawled out next to Zabuza, tired and hurt from a long training work out, and it was Amaru who moved between them, dutifully tending to their wounds, and happily using them as her practice dummies for honing her skills. Amaru was the daughter of the current Kazekage of Sunagakure, Sabaku no Gaia, and so she often made trips with Riley out to the Elemental Nations to visit her mother and spend time in Suna to experience it and learn more about where her other mother came from.

The last of the half-demon brood, was Elizabeth, whom was arguably the strongest of them. Elizabeth had shoulder length dark-brown hair, and much like Elsa, bright blue eyes. Elizabeth had the power to open portals between different dimensions and timelines. These portals were known as tears and Elizabeth could open them seemingly as will. While going through these tears was something she wasn't too keen on doing, Elizabeth could pull objects out. Anything she saw through her tears, she could bring into this reality if she wanted too. She worked constantly to master her control over these tears and learn how to harness them. Outside of them Elizabeth was becoming a skilled medic alongside Amaru and Haku, and though she wasn't a fighter, she was unafraid of being in a fight and would gladly assist those that did do the fighting. It was a version of Elizabeth from another time that had caused the incident that had separated the siblings in the first place, and though she wasn't at all responsible for something that not only happened when she was a baby, but said baby was also a different version of the Elizabeth that they had with them. Still though, guilt manifests for the strangest reasons, and Elizabeth tried her best to accommodate her siblings and make them happy as her way of atoning for causing all of the chaos in their lives.

The last of his siblings, Haku knew almost nothing about. Other then he was the only one who was born from Riley's womb and not one of her mates. He was a full demon because of this, and unimaginably powerful too. This sibling had no name, nor did he have a form. He was known simply as The Darkness. And if Haku understood correctly, he was a demonic aspect that encompassed all of the darkness and shadows of the Earth and it's solar system. Meaning anything in the dark, it could sense, detect, read, feel, things like that. The Darkness currently lived within Riley's body. Their souls unified, allowing Riley to manifest it's power alongside her own. As a full demon and his mother, the Darkness could channel it's full power through her if it wished, and from what Haku had heard, at full power the Darkness was as strong as the Nine-Tailed Fox.

So many siblings, so many personalities, all of them making Haku's life so very interesting.

He let out a sigh as explosions filled the air. The loud rumble of the blasts, finally drew him out of his thoughts and he turned his attention over to Zabuza and Eleanor. Brother and sister were sitting next to each other, recovering from a recent duel. One of Zabuza's arms was dislocated, and Eleanor was breathing strangely, almost like she had collapsed a lung or perhaps damaged her diaphragm.

"I see you two are finished. Do you need me to tend to your injuries?" Haku inquired gently as he stepped over to them. Both siblings let out almost identical sighs, causing Haku to smile.

"Just take my arm." Zabuza bit out, earning a nod from Haku whom knelt by his side and raised the arm up, holding it steady as Zabuze threw his weight against it, forcing the arm back into it's socket. With a growl, Zabuza rolled the shoulder a few times, while Haku moved over to Eleanor.

"How are you doing?" Haku inquired gently.

"I took a Water Dragon Jutsu straight to the sternum. I think I might need to take the night off." Eleanor replied, earning a gentle chuckle from Haku.

"I would say so. You two are often quite rough. I'll call mother Riley down and have her look at that. Best to deal with it quickly." Haku stated. Eleanor merely sighed, lacking any real sense of pride at the moment. Several seconds passed when Haku returned with Riley by his side.

"You kids playing rough now?" Riley inquired, earning a chuckle from Haku, while Eleanor merely deadpanned at their shared choice in wording.

"He started it." Eleanor muttered sending a devilish smirk towards Zabuza.

"Sadist woman. You hit me with another fireball and I'll teach what it's like when I 'start' shit!" Zabuza growled. Eleanor's smirk turned predatory, but a quick poke to the forehead, broke her concentration.

Riley stood over Eleanor with a smirk adorning her face. Zabuza and Eleanor inherited powerful Uchiwa genes through Riley's magic. They acted just like Madara and Izuna did whenever they fought. The demon blood helped to accentuate their aggression but they were just like their ancestors.

Riley let out a tut of laughter and knelt down in front of Eleanor. She extended her hand and quickly channeled healing magic into her daughter's body. Within moments she had located the damage and began to correct it. Eleanor's enhanced demonic healing was already in the works so it wouldn't have been more then a few hours until she was fine, but Riley didn't like seeing her children in pain, so she was more then happy to speed along their recovering, despite their demonic healing factor.

Once she was done, she pulled Eleanor to her feet, then stepped over and offered a hand to Zabuza. With a sigh he took it and rose up as well. Riley then offered the full siblings a look before turning her gaze towards Haku. Brown eyes, met with her Rinne Sharingan, and after a few seconds mother and child started to giggle.

"I think that's enough training for now. Let's head back and I'll make you guys some food." Riley offered, earning a polite smile from Haku, and a weak one from Eleanor, and a deadpan from Zabuza.

"Is that a treat or a threat?" Zabuza asked.

"Hey! I'm trying out new recipes and you're my guinea pigs! Be happy, a mother's cooking is to be cherished!" Riley responded indignantly.

"But you cant cook." Zabuza responded.

"I'm trying dammit! I just got out of school. I've got nothing else to do. Training and learning to cook are the only things that help pass the time!" Riley shouted back. Eleanor held quiet, not wanting to earn Riley's wrath, while Haku held his gentle smile.

"In truth she is getting better. Practice does make perfect after all." Haku stated, earning a pouting look from Riley.

"Not you too." Riley whined.

"Face it kit. You suck." Riley heard her ever present, so called 'better half' say to her.

"Shut the fuck up you enormous walking carpet. At least I'm trying to learn new skills, make myself a decent person to have around the house." Riley thought back.

"Face it Riley. The only reason you got into cooking was because Sirius told you it's a way to a woman's heart. You bought into that crap and now you're trying your hardest to learn one of the few skills you actually aren't that good at." Kurama responded with a laugh.

"I will make my mates the best damn meals the world has ever seen. It's like Haku said, practice makes perfect. So what if I haven't mastered it yet? I've only been working at it for three months!" Came Riley's response.

"True. Though perhaps the fault in your ability lay in the fact that you yourself, have never partaken in that many fine meals? I mean face it. As a child you ate garbage, both literally and figuratively. When you were out on the road with Remus, sometimes you had the time to go to the bank and get money, other times you two just ate whatever you hunted. Roasting up some rabbit, and the like isn't exactly exquisite cuisine." Kurama noted.

Riley was silent for a second before she let out a sigh.

"Alright, I'll just order pizza, let's go." Riley stated as she grabbed the three and withdrew them from Kamui.

"Maybe I should ask mama for some cooking lessons. Hmm… maybe I should dig into the vault of memories I've taken and track down the assholes who knew something about cooking decent food. I'm tired of crap coming out looking like roadkill. How in the hell am I supposed to make a nigh perfect paradise if I can hardly season a proper egg?" Riley pondered to herself as she followed after her children, leaving the massive pocket dimension quiet and lifeless.

July 17th 1998

-Riley's House, Outside London-

Riley sat on a grassy field outside of her home. Standing by her side was Arturia. Both were silent as they stared out over the city. Riley found herself doing this more and more. It was becoming almost meditative.

While Riley basked in the calmness of the world around her, Arturia was busy running plans through her mind. Since the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Arturia had spend a great deal of her time working with the Knights of the Round Table. As the newly established head of the organization, her job was to ensure the safety, security, and stability of the country. The Round Table had always had close ties to Britian's muggle military, and with the Hellsing Organization, though with the rise of the Cysgodol Legion, and with Riley not taking center stage as a walking talking nuclear deterrent, the role of the Round Table had evolved.

Now Arturia presided over not only chief politicians, military officers, and bureaucrats, but also Daphne, as the head of Hellsing, and Itachi, as the newly established head of the Legion. It was Arturia's job to make sure all of these powerful individuals were using their power to benefit the kingdom, and ensure that they were all cooperating. Slowly but surely, Arturia fell back into the commanding mindset that she had held so close during her reign as king. She ensured that she held close allies to the powerhouses within the organization. People like Itachi, and Daphne, were a given, considering their prior experience working together. Then there was the head of the DMLE, madam Bones. Arturia made sure that she kept the woman close and secured her loyalty. Bones was pragmatic, and straightforward. She adhered stringently to the law, and didn't let her feelings or emotions get in the way of her decisions. Which was exactly how Arturia handled herself when it came to her decisions.

A quiet noise from Riley drew the ancient king's attention, her gaze fell down to the grey-skinned demoness as she ran a hand through her hair.

A few moments passed before Riley glanced up at Arturia and offered her a smile. Arturia returned Riley's smile, with one of her own. Despite how awkward things were between the two of them, neither could deny the attraction they felt for the other. Nor did they want too. Arturia wished she was better at this. Better at courting and expressing her feelings. She knew she felt something for Riley, what that something was, was anyone's guess. And yet, even with that well known to the ancient King, she still couldn't fully express herself to Riley.

Instead the two of them often traded gentle looks with one another. Occasionally they'd kiss and things would get more heated, but it never went much further then gentle petting. Arturia was often astounded by how patient Riley was wit her. She had heard more then a few whispers from Riley's other mates in regards to her libido and her proclivity for the intimate. But Riley never pushed Arturia, or put her under any pressure. She seemed to be perfectly happy with the baby steps they were taking, and that was just fine with Arturia. If Riley was going to let them work through this at their own pace, then Arturia would take all the time she had so she could get it right.

After a few quiet seconds of smiling at one another, Riley rose to her feet. When standing next to her, it often astounded Arturia, just how tall Riley was. Perhaps it was because she had lived so long ago, and people were noticeably shorter back then, but Riley being six foot even, made her appear enormous to Arturia.

Riley stared down at Arturia for a few moments, her smile never leaving her, and Arturia never once flinching from the powerful gaze of the demoness. The movement was shared by the two, as both moved to capture the lips of the other. Arturia rose up on her toes, while Riley leaned down. The kiss was gentle, and chaste, almost free of lust, though it one searched for it, they could probably find it.

When they separated, Riley flashed her partner a charming smile as before turning her gaze back out towards London.

"Feeling playful today?" Arturia inquired.

"A bit. I miss the taste of those lips sometimes." Riley responded, earning a smile and a gentle blush from Arturia.

"You flatter me. You must want something." Arturia noted as her smile morphed into a smirk, while Riley let out a chuckle.

"It's not flattery to speak the truth. I could spend all day kissing those lips, and my heart wouldn't stop racing until we separated." Came Riley's response.

"I'm not sure I would mind that. You are quite skilled in that particular area." Arturia stated, earning herself a chuckle from Riley.

The sound of footsteps approaching broke the two lovebirds out of their flirting. Riley glanced over to find Fleur standing there, eyeing the two with curiosity.

"Dinner is almost ready." Fleur informed them, earning a nod from both.

Riley offered Arturia another smile before stepping towards Fleur and placing an arm around her. The two headed back towards the house as Arturia turned her gaze back out towards London. After several moments, her mind began to fill once again with plans. There was still work to be done after all, and if Arturia had her way, this would be the beginning of a new age for Britain. An age of peace and justice for all people, magic and muggle alike.

Meanwhile, Riley and Fleur made their way up to the house, both hanging off one another, and enjoying the feeling of the other pressed against them.

"Enjoy these moments of levity while you can kit. Dark days are on the horizon." Kurama noted, earning a mental hum of agreement from Riley.

"I know. I'm trying not to push anyone, but we all need to resume training. The threat posed by the Day of Wrath, is still present. Until that day has come and gone, and the devil responsible for it, is dealt with, I wont rest." Riley stated in reply to her furry companion.

"Good.Something tells me that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. We all need to begin preparing. With whatever time we have until then, we need to gather our power, in whatever form that takes. Training. Allies. Weapons. The world has plenty to offer us, and magic is still screaming to life, ever since the end of the war. We can use this to our advantage, and ensure that we start benefiting from these changes." Kurama informed her.

"Yeah. Just a few more days of relaxation. I want them to enjoy just a few more days. Once that's done. It'll be time to start moving. War is on the horizon, and I intend to win it." Riley thought back as she turned her attention back towards Fleur as they entered the house. Just a few more days to spend time with her friends and family. A bit more time to enjoy what little peace the world had to offer. But once it had come and passed, they'd need to begin preparing. Darkness was gathering, and hidden within, a foe unlike any other.

Yes the end of the Age of Man was a quiet thing. Passing by almost unnoticed. But it's end was coming. Magic swelled to life, growing stronger and stronger, and in the coming days, the demon would rise from obscurity and the world would come to know her power.

-To Be Continued-

Alright, there's the first chapter. I hope it was a decent recap, introducing some of the characters and reminding everyone about Riley's family. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope you all like the introduction of time and placement. I plan on holding to that and keeping track of the whens and hows, so that the story flows a lot better.