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Yes, this is my first attempt at fanfiction. Why Yuffie? Because I think she's a great character you can expand upon. Don't agree with me, then don't read it. It's ok. We all have our different opinions. Alright everyone, this is a Yuffie/Vincent centered fic. Though the actually romance won't be for a while. All you who hate this run now!   But honestly, there's not going to be anything romantic in most of the chapters, except for maybe the last two or so. So you could read until then. It's centered mostly on character development. Now, on with the show.

Chapter one's paragraph one revised due to some unforeseen similarities to another text. (Many apologies, it was completely unintended.)

            I suppose everyone has a destiny of some sort; mine is that of a traveller. My journeys have taken me worldwide, and many of the winding tracks, dusty paths, busy roads, and cobbled streets are known to me as well as the back of my hand. When I was ten I set off, my eyes shining with the light that only little children posess. Ever since then I have journeyed far and wide, never looking back, nor feeling the urge to. The past was the past, and the present was here, all mine to unwrap. The adrenaline rush of something new has always been a secret addiction of mine, one that I indulge in fairly often. Oh alright, one that I indulge in every second I can.     

            Materia, well, that has been a great chunk of my life as well. It is rumored that at six months my lips had carefully formed this first word of mine, and I had shouted it long into the night, keeping awake old Godo and no doubt the rest of Wutai. I do not dispute this claim, in fact it was my first entry in my „Proud achievements" list.

            Oh alright, materia draws me to itself, and I have to posess it. Which is why I stole it from the others. It was calling me. I could hear it calling „Yuuuuuuuufffffffiiiiiieeeee… taaaaaaakeeee meeeeeeee. Maaaaake meeeee youuuuuurs." I couldn't very well say no, could I? It is a very, very, very serious addiction. Really. No, honestly.

            Two full years have passed since we have been crowned as heroes for saving the planet. My restless mind has once again regained control of me and I have been journeying for the past year and a half, recklessly drifting wherever my whimsical desires take me.

            I have not heard from the others for a while, except for the occasional letter or two from Tifa. She always did want the group to stay together. Pity that it inevitably broke apart and each of us drifted off. Well, perhaps not all of us; From these letters I have learned that Cloud and Tifa have finally faced up to each other, and in confiding their sadness and misery to each other their friendship has, well, blossomed into something greater you could say. It seems they live together in Nibelheim now, and I'm sure that one day the world shall be blessed with lots and lots of blonde, well endowed beauties and dark handsome men with striking blue eyes.

            Cid, the damn bastard, is still alive and kicking. I hadn't heard from him until recently, when my PHS had suddenly started ringing. I was quite startled. After all I had not heard that annoying „Drrriiing Drrrrring" for two years. Picking it up cautiously, I wondered whether the world was in danger once more, and secretly hoping that it was, just so I could fulfill my sense of adventure. Needless to say, that gruff voice of the man we all know and… well, loathe in my case, greeted me.

            „&#?*!!%%&# what took you so long?!" I could almost hear him smoking, I swear.

            „Hello to you too Cid." I replied sarcastically.

            „!%#& you sure haven't changed brat!" I winced at his nickname of me. I was considering whether to stick my tongue out, although he would not see it, if only for the secret pleasure that I was taunting him and he didn't even realize it. It seemed like a good idea, and while I was in the process Cid told me the news that caused my mouth to crash into the ground at an exhilirating speed of a hundred miles an hour, and leaving me to look very… stupid indeed.

            „Listen brat, if you laugh, or make any jokes, I swear I will make !&@! kebabs out of you. The thing is, Shera and I are getting !%%%&@ married." After the initial shock passed, I joined my jaw on the ground and rolled around laughing hysterically. I heard Cid growl and launch into a string of expletives  and then uncharacteristically whine to someone in the background, „Shera….do I have to??" 

            And then he was back on the PHS, his voice still gruff yet carrying a tone of defeat.     „Alright brat, I'm !#&@%! inviting you to the !&#!!?# wedding. It's in a year, 'cause Shera's too #&!% prissy to get married while she's &@!%# pregnant." At this point I had gone beyond control and my body shook with laughter. Cid stayed long enough to inform me of the precise date, and that he would get someone to inform me if there were any changes. Then he had slammed the PHS down, leaving me in the same position; still laughing my head off. Well, it was clear who wore the pants in that relationship. Although I was quite sure the world didn't need any more cursing chain smoking pilots. I pitied the world then.

Yeah, Cid was the last one I had communicated with from the group.

            Nanaki, well I suppose he had gone back to Cosmo Canyon, to learn and mature (although he seemed much wiser than all of us put together) so he could rule Cosmo Canyon one day. Ah, well, I had liked him enough. Funny, he had never engaged in calling me brat, or laughing at me. Perhaps that is why I liked him. Or perhaps it had been his serenity, and reassurance. Anyway, he was most likely busy with the affairs one undertook to become a ruler. Affairs that I had left behind. But no more of that, not yet atleast.

            Barret? Well, to be honest I don't really know what happened to him, although as I recall Marlene had been a sweet kid, really. Not that I had met her many times.

            Cait Sith, or rather, Reeve was back in Midgar, rebuilding it presumably. I definetely did not miss that stuffed mog. Or the annoying cat. Frankly, I had never really known him that well.

            Aeris, well, she was most likely off floating in the Lifestream somewhere. Yes, I have been informed on numerous occasions of my morbid mind. Not that I really mind… er, no pun intended.  

            I have no idea where Mr. Angst disappeared to. Most likely he's holed up in his mansion, sleeping in that musty coffin of his. Ah yes, he was always the talkative one. Sense the sarcasm there? No? Then I advise you to read it again. I never did understand how someone could hide away in a dark coffin for… ever. But I never understood him either. After all, most of my conversations with him were quite uneventful; and were almost, but not quite like talking to a wall. Albeit a rich velvet red wall, but a wall nonetheless. I wonder whether he responds to all questions with that frustrating „.."

„Hello Vincent."


„How are you Vincent?"


„Nice weather today, Vincent."


„The world is being ravaged by ravenous donuts, Vincent!"


Ah yes, I do amuse myself.

            As for me? Well, after Meteor I returned back to Wutai, a hero. Godo insisted on me staying, and paraded me around for all the villagers to see. He also began to engage in slyly convincing me of accepting my duties and becoming the next ruler.

            After I caught onto him, I confronted him: informing him that I was not some trophy to be placed in a glass case or to be shown off. And he could stick his rotten rulership where the sun don't shine. Albeit during the speech I phrased myself much much more… vulgarly.

            Needless to say I packed my stuff and left the next day, my visit home lasting only half a year. I'm not ready for taking over. I might never be. The old coot is just going to have to accept it.

            So I've been traveling the past year and a half. I suppose this is where my story starts, although who is it that deems the beginning and the end? Is there an ultimate beginning? An ultimate end? My mind cannot quite grasp the latter. Not even when we were battling Sephiroth. I cannot digest the fact that we die and that's it. Six feet under and all that's left of us is maggot food. Death is something that is simply not for me. It doesn't suit me. Did you really think I was so shallow? Just because I'm a young cheerful thief doesn't mean I don't think. I've learned not to judge from appearances. Well, except for Mr. „I have sinned". But then again, his features, facial expression, choice of clothes and posture practically scream angst and a secret desire for pity. It would take someone blind not see what he's like exactly.

            But I'm wandering way off topic.  I was heading towards Gold Saucer, as I'd gathered enough gil to have some fun. And rich folks had good materia, right? It wasn't stealing exactly. After all, they could afford all the materia they wanted. Would they really miss one little Knights of Round or Bahamut ZERO? Didn't think so. I needed to stock up on some materia anyway.  It was killing two birds with one stone. Or rather, I was going to have fun, and I would get more materia.

            I had just climbed the cliffs that surround Cosmo Canyon, making a wide enough detour around the town itself. It wasn't that I didn't want to meet Nanaki, it's just that I didn't really need the company right now. Sure I missed the group a little. We'd been to hell and back, quite literally, but I just wasn't in the mood. So I had scaled the cliffs, and was looking at a particularly nice sunset. When suddenly a stupid pebble decided to launch itself towards its imminent death and drag me along with it. I lost my footing and pebbles cascaded around me as I frantically wheeled my arms round and round in a pathetic attempt in regaining my balance. Didn't work. Nope. I should have figured. I was pitched forward, but due to my graceful (if I must say so) ninja skills I managed a cartwheel. However, this only added more momentum to my already speedy descent so I fell forwards this time, sliding on the rocky ground towards the bottom.

            Well, it could have been worse, I thought to myself as I rolled down. I closed my eyes momentarily as I came to a halt, only to find myself greeting and practically kissing some very sharp looking boots. Simultaneously I heard the deadly click of a gun as it was cocked.

            I just had to open my big fat mouth, didn't I?