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Chapter 4

When I came to, I was greeted by a message in my vision.

You have been affected by Amnesia (Level 6). Time Remaining: 24 hours

Huh. Strange. I don't have Amnesia-Wait…I can't seem to remember anything. Where am I? Who am I? Why can't I remember my name? What's happening?

A large headache began to affect my mind. I grasped my head. God this hurts! What is going on?

"Hey there. Drink this." A man with a gentle smile gave me a drink. He had dark skin, narrow jaw-line, shoulder-length hair, and was wearing unique tribal clothing. His face looked young, but I noticed that the rest of his body seemed a lot older. It was weird. "You hit your head pretty hard there. Are you alright?"

"I don't know. What's going on? I can't remember anything. Not even my name!" I was panicking. Why can't I remember?

"Just relax. I'm sure everything will slowly come back to you. Just take a drink and relax." He encouraged me to drink. "Finish the whole thing. I'm sure it will help you feel better."

"Okay." So I slowly drank the whole thing and another message showed up in my vision.

You have been affected by a Mind Altering Substance. Increased Mental Suggestion (Level 3). Time Remaining: 4 hours

Well that wasn't good. Even though I didn't have my memories, I was sure that friendly people wouldn't try to drug you without your knowledge. Thank you, random message that appeared in my vision.

"Your name is Doyle." The man told me. "My name is Silkwat Jenazad. You're the son of one of my friends. Your father asked if I would take you in as one of my disciples, and I agreed after I determined that you had talent. In fact, all of my friends here are involved in training you in their styles because I asked and they thought it would be fun. I was training you in the Art of Supreme Silat, when you accidentally fell and hit your head. Luckily, I was able to catch you before any major damage occurred."

"I see." I nodded, while I was inwardly thinking. It sounded legit and he looked like a nice person. The only problem was my lack of memories and the fact that he drugged me. Something wasn't right.

Detect Deception has reached Level 2!

It seemed like the messages in my vision agreed. Somehow, I instinctively knew to keep these messages quiet. They were providing information that perhaps people around me didn't want me to know. I looked around to see if there were any clues, but there was only a creepy looking mask next to him. Not sure why a nice person would wear an evil looking mask like that, but it was just another clue among all of the inconsistencies.

Regardless, I can only take things one step at a time.

"Regardless, we don't have unlimited amounts of time. Your next teacher will be coming soon. I'm going to continue teaching you, and maybe it will jog your memory. Come with me."

He walked me through a bunch of moves that I was able to grasp quickly. It was amazing! I think maybe it was because I didn't have anything in my mind to distract me. No thoughts other than learning martial arts because there were few other thoughts or memories to distract me.

His martial art, Supreme Silat, was interesting. We were in the forest, and it felt like this martial art was made for hit and run tactics. Somehow, I knew innately that this was very different from what I had learned before.

Supreme Silat (Level 2)

Martial Arts specializing in decisive blows and guerrilla tactics incorporating strikes, grappling and throwing in addition to weaponry. Also known as the 'Dance of Attack', with over 900 different styles. As a result, it possesses a lot of rhythm and is generally trained with music. Known to be highly adaptable, freely changeable, a large amount of techniques, and complicated and bizarre. Sometimes unable to deal with straightforward moves of other martial arts due to the complexity.

Another suspicious point that came up was that the messages indicated that I had just learned Supreme Silat. I had gained both levels during this training. If I was truly his disciple, shouldn't I have already known his martial art?

I also received some additional welcome messages.

Memory Alteration Resistance (Level 1)

Decreased effect and duration of Memory Altering Effects

Mental Control Resistance has increased by one!

Poison Resistance (Level 2)

The Duration and Effect of Poisons are decreased.

With those messages, the time left for my Amnesia Status Effect halved to 12 hours and the Mental Suggestion Status Effect decreased to 2 hours. I don't know what is happening, but whatever it is, appears to be good for me.

It wasn't that the Mental Suggestion wasn't working, but rather, the messages that appeared in my vision brought my guard up. I also think the mental suggestion improved my learning rate. It was all interesting to think about.

At the end of our session, a tall and very muscular middle-aged man with short black hair and a thick beard came over. He was wearing an open vest, dark pants, arm bands around his wrists, and was casually drinking out of a gourd. He smelled like alcohol.

Behind him was a tall fair-skinned young man with blue eyes, spiky blond hair, and was wearing a dark hood and cloak with arm bands and leather boots, with a pentagram sewn into his leather gloves.

Master Jenazad looked at me and smiled to reassure me and quickly put on his mask. "I need to go have a little chat with your next teacher. I'll be right back." He walked over to the new arrival.

I'm not sure what they are going to talk about, but it probably wasn't something that was beneficial to me. Otherwise they wouldn't need to have a private conversation.

Maybe I was being paranoid. Maybe their conversation had nothing to do with me at all.

I attempted to strain my ears to hear what they were saying. I was surprised by a notification stating that my Listening Skill went up by 1. Cool.

"Sogetsu Ma, is it your time already?" Master Jenazad asked him.

"Yes." Master Sogetsu responded succinctly and just continued to drink. A man of few words I see.

"I erased our student's memories. Told him he hit his head and his name was Doyle. His ability to learn martial arts should be at its peak due to his state of empty mind. Play along."

Son of a bitch! I knew something was definitely wrong!

Master Sogetsu just stared at him impassively for a moment, but then nodded.

"Good. There's no need to concern ourselves with Ryozanpaku's reaction. They teach their way, we teach our way. I'll let the others know too." Master Jenazad was satisfied. "Any updates?"

"No, the meeting is over. Further negotiations will take place after the subjugation of those pirates." Master Sogetsu shrugged.

"Good. Nothing else to do but prepare our cute little disciple for the evaluation." Master Jenazad walked off cackling.

Master Sogetsu walked up to me. "Hmmm. I heard what...happened." The huge man looked at me. "Since you don't remember anything, I'll introduce myself this one time. I am Sogetsu Ma, a member of Yami. I'm going to be teaching you some Kung Fu." He took another swig from his gourd. "There isn't enough time to worry about your amnesia right now, since we only have a limited amount of time to teach you what we know. Don't blame me for not holding back. Let's go. Tanimoto. Show him."

What followed was another grueling session of learning. Master Sogetsu taught us the basics of hard forms of Kung Fu. Like he said, he used methods that were more extreme than normal. All I'm going to say is that fire was involved, and every time I messed something up, I got burned.

Full Body Burns (Level 3) - 30% loss in ability, Time Remaining: 3 hours

Fire Resistance (Level 1)

Decreases the effects of fire and burns on the body

It felt familiar, like I had learned some of this stuff before, but I couldn't remember when.

Chinese Kempo - Hard Forms (Level 1)

Kung Fu that focuses on outer strength (such as the power and hardness of muscles and bones) to increase one's offensive skill in a fight. External training includes the hands, the eyes, the body, stances and steps.

Chinese Kempo - Hard Forms and Chinese Kempo - Soft Forms have combined to generate Chinese Kempo - All Styles!

Chinese Kempo - All Styles (Level 1)

Soft Forms focuses on training inner strength, such as cardio-vascular development and strengthening organs, to increase the users' defensive capabilities and their endurance in the fight, and attacking the opponent's inner strength. Internal training includes the heart, the spirit, the mind, breathing and strength. Hard forms focus on outer strength, such as the power and hardness of muscles and bones, to increase one's offensive skill in a fight. External training includes the hands, the eyes, the body, stances and steps.

Chinese Kempo Soft forms? I don't remember learning them, but that must be where I'm getting the familiarity from.

"It seems the others weren't lying. You really do have talent. It seems that we will have something to do on this god forsaken island." He took a large drink before he headed out. "At least they have plenty of alcohol."

Natsu was going to head out too, but he hesitated and stopped. "Try to remember Ryozanpaku. Tch! You guys are so troublesome." That's all he said before he left.

Ryozanpaku? I heard that earlier when I was eavesdropping on Master Jenazad and Master Sogetsu's conversation. What's that? A restaurant?

When I started to think about it, another headache assaulted my mind and I screamed in pain. Flashes of some memories went through my mind. When it stopped, I received another message stating that my Amnesia Status Effect had been shortened to five hours and I gained a level in Memory Alteration Resistance.

I remember a little. Ryozanpaku...it was the place of my other masters. I remember that because of the flashes of extreme training experiences. Whatever was done to me, it seems to be unraveling.

"Is everything okay?" A tall and slim man with blonde hair, and wearing a striped suit with arm and leg guards had showed up. He took a look at me. "It seems that you will be okay."

"Who are you?" I looked at him warily. So far, since I woke up without any memories, I haven't had any good experiences. Just people forcing me to learn martial arts.

"My name is Saiga Furinji. I am the leader of the One Shadow, Nine Fists." He explained patiently. "I am your last teacher for today. I understand that you have lost your memories, but I'm sure it's temporary. Even if it's not, life must go on. Therefore, I am going to teach you now as well. We will start with some of the basics."

I nodded. "Understood." Somehow, we were really short of on time, and everyone was forcing martial arts knowledge into me for some odd reason. Weird. I wonder why?

"Above us, I have set up a network of ropes attached to trees across the forest." Master Saiga pointed up above us. Somehow, he had set everything up while I was training with Master Sogetsu. "I specialize in Unarmed Ninjitsu, also commonly known as the art of ninjas. We specialize in stealth and precision. Being able to move and fight on these ropes and trees silently is the aim of this exercise. Come Kajima. We have much to teach this one, and very little time on our hands."

Master Saiga, along with his disciple, started to teach me Unarmed Ninjutsu techniques. His disciple, Satomi Kajima, had dark scraggly hair, is covered in scars, and is wearing an eyepatch and a unique vest with a fur collar. Master Saiga was amazing too. He always had this gentle smile on his face, but something always felt a little off about it.

Unarmed Ninjutsu (Level 1)

Martial art based on the Kuremisago Style Ninjutsu that focuses on unarmed combat, stealth, and precision. This style includes both the traditional and forgotten techniques and stances of the origins of Ninjutsu itself. Provides a full understanding of the human anatomy, and access to unique fighting abilities.

"Excellent. Since you seem to understand the very basics of Ninjutsu, let's increase the difficulty immediately. Come with me."

He led me a small distance away, where he had apparently created the obstacle course from hell. Oh god, what did I get myself into when I had my memories?

"This is a basic course designed to improve your ability to move across terrains. Half of our time together will be on this course, while the other half will be learning martial arts."

I had to run over and under a number of areas that would have probably killed me without ever touching the ground. If you know that television show, American Ninja Warrior, know that this made that feel like a piece of cake. I failed it over and over again, and had to start from the beginning. My body was taking a beating from this and I got another status effect that reduced my ability even further for another six hours. One good thing did come out of this.

Parkour (Level 1)

The ability to navigate complex terrains in the most efficient manner possible using running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, plyometrics, rolling, quadrupedal movement and other movements as deemed most suitable for the situation.

Exhaustion (Level 9) - Decrease your abilities by 90%. Time Remaining: 10 hours.

"It seems that you are getting the hang of this. Good job! Come. We are done for the day." We started to walk towards what I assumed was our base. Glad we don't live in the forest.

"So what is the point of all this learning?" I asked. I wanted to know why I was going through all of this.

Master Saiga looked at me. "You tell me. Everyone has their own reasons to get strong. Some just want power. Others wish to broaden their horizons and see their limits. Some want to protect something important to themselves. Maybe they are carrying on their family traditions. Or maybe they just love martial arts. Everyone is different."

I thought about it for a while. "I think it is a combination of a bunch of those for me. Even though I don't remember anything, I feel like that's what my heart is telling me."

"I see." He nodded and we had a companionable silence for a little before he started talking again. "You know, this world is so amazing. There are so many new things here that didn't exist where we used to be. Unique fighting styles, devil fruits, interesting technologies...and apparently the Grand line is filled with unique weather and terrains that we've never seen or heard of before."

"The way that you're talking, it sounds like you came from a different word." I joked. There was no way that was true.

"That's right." He nodded, and continued, unaffected by my shock. "Both Yami and Ryozanpaku are from a different world. It's a lot different than it is here. People are more similar to one another. There are no mystical abilities, but only power that is gained through hard work or money." Master Saiga seemed to be reminiscing. "Unfortunately, even though our worlds are different, people are always the same. Even here, people fight and kill constantly to accomplish their dreams. There are Pirates, Marines, Nobles, countries, and citizens all moving toward their own ambitions. Right now, even you are working towards your own dream. Even we have seen a new height of power in this world and wish to pursue it. Will people let us pursue it in peace? I wonder. Even so, none of us can stop."

They really came from another world? Are they for real? No. That can't be true. Master Saiga must be messing with me since I lost my memories. I'm being pranked. Yes. That must be it.

Today, I had apparently trained for a total of 18 hours, even if I didn't remember most of it. When we came to the base, there was a standoff between two groups waiting for us.

"It seems we have won today's wager." A guy with whole white hair and a white hoodie declared.

"Normally, I would agree with you...except you trained him for an extra two hours!" A man with a thin well-groomed moustache disagreed.

The old giant of a man looked at me and frowned when he realized that I couldn't recognize him. "What did you do to Krishna? YOU BETTER HAVE A GOOD EXPLANATION FOR THIS OR ELSE WE DON'T MIND TEACH YOU ALL SOME MANNERS!" Hmm, so my name is Krishna? That does sound better than Doyle...

"Heh." Master Jenazad was wearing his scary mask. "He's better this way, no? If you don't want him, don't worry. We don't mind keeping him for ourselves…" I knew I was right not to trust him.

"You bastards…" "Apachai is angry!" "I won't let you have it...your way." The people on the other side got ready for battle.

As everyone prepared to fight, I could feel all of the Ki generating in the air. It was suffocating me. I received a Terror Status Effect and something known as Fear Resistance went up another level. The Ki kept increasing until I felt something snap in my mind.

All of a sudden, my memories all came back at once. In that moment, I experienced all of my loss and gain in one moment. The feelings of depression and anger washed over me just as fast as the feelings of gratitude that I had family that loved me and other people that cared for me in this world. They were from a different world. I was from a different world. I gained three more levels in Memory Alteration Resistance and the Amnesia Status Effect had disappeared.

It took a moment for me to settle my feelings before I spoke up. "Everyone wait! I'm back to normal! I remember everything again." I caught everyone's attention. "Master Jenazad did something to seal my memories and drugged me, but it didn't hold."

"Oh you remember? Was I not firm enough with my Amnesia Fist?" He questioned. "No worries. I can fix that problem easily."

As he was about to make a move, several members of Yami surrounded him. It included Alexander Gaider, Akira Hongo, Agaard Jum Sai, Cyril Rahman, Diego Carlo, and Sogetsu Ma.

"Oh? All of you are going to stop me?" The Demon God Fist merely took out a fruit and began to munch on it."

"If you had succeeded, we probably would have supported you," Master Alexander stated. "But your scheme failed in the end!"

"Apachai and I are finally sharing a disciple." Master Agaard cracked his knuckles. "I'm not going to let you ruin that for me."

"You bring dishonor to Yami and to those that follow the way of Satsujinken." Master Cyril was in position in case he had to act.

"Now, now. Everyone stop." Master 'Saiga' spoke up. "Now isn't the time to fight among ourselves. We are stuck here together, and it's better to keep the peace among us all than animosity."

"Tsk! As I thought." The Elder looking at Master Saiga. "You're not Saiga. You have the mannerisms down, but the atmosphere is different and can't hide from my eyes. You're Senzui, aren't you?"

"...Heh." Master Saiga's face went from kindly look to an evil smirk. "That's why I didn't want to see you too often. I knew I couldn't hide from your eyes for long." He tore off his disguise, revealing a man with medium long black hair that falls to his back, wearing ancient-like long sleeve shirt with a sash tied across his waist, chain-mail vest and gauntlet bands around his arms and legs with soft ninja shoes. "Well, what now?"

"Nothing." The Second Hades, Ōganosuke Yogi, spoke up. "I already knew you weren't Saiga anyways. We will continue the way we have been going, unless...you all want to break our truce?" He released a massive amount of Ki.

The Elder released his Ki at the same time but eventually stopped. "It seems that we are at an impasse. I suppose we are back to where we started then." The Elder took a seat.

Everyone took their seats around for the meal. It was pretty quiet and super awkward. Yami literally did something super sketchy and almost started a war with Ryozanpaku. Master Akisame was the one to break the silence.

"I would like to talk to you all about Krishna's training." Oh god, Master Akisame, stop talking! You're going to say and do something that is hazardous to my health, aren't you? "I have designed an outerwear contraption for Krishna to wear that will constantly train him throughout the day while practicing martial arts simultaneously. Would any of you like to add in any improvements to suit your styles?"

Oh god, this isn't going to end well for me, is it?

"Interesting! I don't mind!" Master Diego immediately agreed. "If it's for my disciple's career in entertainment, I don't mind helping out to develop his Iron Body!"

No...I wasn't planning a career in entertainment…

"Hmm. I see. Then I would like to add to this so that he is constantly practicing his body control and having to adjust his center of gravity." Master Kushinada added. "With that, he should be able to improve his skills much faster."

"Heh. If Mikumo Kushinada, the Bewitching Fist, is going to contribute towards training her amazing "Zero Gravity Technique", it would be remiss of me not to add my own ideas in there." The Demon God stated casually while eating another fruit. That man was always eating fruit.

I've decided that I kind of hate Master Kushinada and Master Jenazad.

Once Master Kushinada and the Demon God Fist decided to contribute to the designs, everyone else followed suit and pointed out areas for improvement. With everyone's help, the process, although rough, was progressing to completion. At the end, the contraption basically looked like a metallic bodysuit that I had to wear 24/7. Hell, it even covered my neck and head. Once they finished the design, it was built up in like 15 minutes. Jeez, everything they learn ends up being at the Master class.

When they put it on me, I felt like my entire body was being compressed. I immediately collapsed to the ground. It was insanely tough to move into any position. The head and neck part was definitely giving me a headache. On top of which, it somehow was continuously messing with my center of gravity. I have to repeatedly counteract it to move properly. I don't even know how it was doing all of that. How the hell did they put that feature into the suit? God, I finally truly felt what everyone else felt. My masters were so monstrously talented.

It was supposed to train my body to have my muscles converted to being 100% pink muscle fibers, develop an Iron Body, and have extreme control over my entire body and strength to be able to perform any of their martial arts. Of course, it was also going to develop my overall strength, endurance, reflexes, and speed.

On top of that, it was supposed to make training more efficient for the different martial arts with all of the resistance. Practicing with it on for one hour was supposed to be the same as training for a day. It was supposed to improve my skills by a huge margin.

"I will teach you how to maintain this suit later." Master Akisame was admiring his handiwork. "More importantly, you should never take it off. It will improve the growth of your body by ten times and we will no longer need to make as much time for basic training. In addition, it should at least quintuple the rate of improvement of your martial arts skills! We will probably have to update the design every day to get the maximum effect as you really do improve at a rapid rate. We should be able to reach perfection soon though! It's a shame that this can only be used by you long term, otherwise we would all use this for all of our disciples."

I literally saw every disciple at dinner get goosebumps. I think they were super grateful that they weren't me right now.

The suit is awesome, yet annoying at the same time. I don't get breaks from martial arts, even when I'm sleeping now? The skill gains are amazing, but it's only been five days and they have pretty much taken over my life. I have yet to complete any other quests on purpose since the first day.

Foundational Body Training Exercise (Level 18) has become the Perfect Foundation Body Training Exercise (Level 5)!

Perfect Foundation Body Training Exercise (Level 5)

Rebuilding the body from bottom up to be suitable for martial arts. Allows increased awareness of your body condition. All of the body's muscle fibers are changed from red (High power, low endurance) and white (High endurance, low power) muscle fibers to the superior hybrid pink muscle fibers that possess both power and endurance. Training techniques also simultaneously increases the body's toughness to create an iron body, and control over one's center of gravity, and extreme control over physical movements. Maxing this skill brings one to the peak of human physical fitness in all aspects.

Huh. The skill is a lot different from what it used to be. It basically underwent skill evolution. Interesting. Of course, the worst part was the loss in all of those skill levels. I mean, I guess they weren't actually lost, but still. It was one of my highest level skills and went down to one of the lower ones. Dammit.

After the meal, I dragged myself over to feed the dogs. As always, Springer and his friends came by for some food.

"Arf?" Springer barked at me. Somehow I knew he was questioning me. I don't know how I knew that, I just did.

"It's just some new clothes that I have to wear to become stronger." I explained.

Springer came over and basically sniffed me from head to toe. I guess he was using it to familiarize the scent of the training bodysuit and make sure it was actually me. When he was satisfied, he sat down and barked in anticipation.

"Okay, okay! I got you guys." I laughed and gave them the leftovers of the day and skewer meat of the day. I could tell that all of them were getting a little stronger from the food, and it made me feel better about myself.

I think they all legitimately consider me a friend. At least I am able to pet all of them, whether they are dogs or cats.

When I got home, my aunt and uncle gasped. Dear god, did I look that bad?

"Krishna! What happened to you?" My aunt cried out.

"Nothing, it's just a training suit meant to exercise my body non-stop through the day and night to improve the quality of my body faster."

"You look like a robot wrestler." My Uncle Mickey commented. Dammit Master Diego! "I mean, it doesn't look bad, just weird with all of those machine parts."

"Well regardless of how it looks, it's doing its job." I sighed. "It's also extremely strenuous. It may not look like it, but I'm constantly struggling against the suit. I'm already feeling a little hungry from all of the energy I'm burning, and I'm guessing I'll be starving by morning. Thank god it's partially Ryozanpaku and Yami's job to feed me, otherwise I'd have to work all day just to pay for my food bill. Hell, I had to eat a bunch of grinded fish bones today because I needed more calcium in my diet to keep up with the changes."

"Fish bones?" They blanched.

"Yeah." I confirmed. "Although they don't taste particularly great, the fish bones have nutrients that my body needs and are supposed to be really healthy."

"Yeah, we'll pass and just eat normal food." Aunt Minne stated, looking a little nauseous.

"Lucky you." I rolled my eyes. "I don't have a choice, unless I want to develop some severe nutritional deficiencies."

My aunt and uncle still seemed confused about why I needed all of this. I haven't told them anything about my special body yet, and how fast it improves. My current food intake is barely able to keep up with my growth. Honestly, that information is on a 'need to know' basis. There's no reason even my family really needs to know about that. Even Ryozanpaku and Yami only have an idea about my Gamer's Body because they can really help me improve, otherwise I would have left them in the dark too.

The less I reveal about my overall abilities and system, the less any future enemies will be able to capitalize on any weaknesses that I have. While I'm weak, safety is key. Although the masters can protect me right now, I don't know how long they will actually still be here in this world. The moment they are gone, I lose a huge level of protection and have to deal with everything myself.

"I'll make sure to make you a much bigger and healthier meal every morning." Aunt Minnie promised. "Let us know if we can do anything else to help you out."

"I can't believe how seriously you're taking everything." Uncle Mickey smiled at me. "Even to the extent of training throughout the night. It also looks like you've almost burned off all of that fat too. Those teachers of yours are really amazing. I never thought I'd see a fit version of you. I'm really proud of you." It actually looked like he had some tears in his eyes.

"Thanks." I shuffled awkwardly. I didn't know how to react to their feelings, but I really felt loved. "I'm going to head over to sleep now. Every moment of sleep is a precious moment these days. Goodnight!"

"Have a good night!"

I went to bed, but sleep was fleeting. The suit was really messing with me. Especially those changes in my center of gravity. It was making my head spin a little.

Eventually, after less than an hour of struggle with the suit, I thankfully passed out from exhaustion. When I woke up in the morning, I found that my perfect foundation body skill leveled up a few times. It turns out the suit does work well even if I'm not consciously trying.

Things went back to normal after that over the next four days. When people saw me wearing the suit for the first time, they all pointed and stared at me again, and they made a huge deal out of it in the morning. By the evening though, no one really made a big deal out of it other than staring at me like a novelty. I guess they had gotten used to all of the mini shocks that I was giving them regularly. After a certain point, people get used to the same person doing weird things.

One of the newer things was Springer joining me for the morning training run every day. He would run in front and behind us the entire time, barking happily. It was so adorable that even Master Akisame enjoyed it profusely. He started yelling newer things like 'even a malnourished dog is faster than you!' to me all the time. Basically insults that related to how much faster Springer was going compared to me. I didn't take it seriously because I was wearing the suit, and the fact that Master Akisame would increase the amount of weight I was dragging around every day.

Everybody was teaching me fighting techniques and the suit was definitely doing its job. My Perfect Foundational Body exercise skill and my martial arts skills were increasing like crazy every day. It was the combination of the training multiplier I got from training with the different Masters multiplied by the effects of the suit. I was getting stronger crazy fast, and eating like a maniac every day just so I didn't die from malnutrition. I swear, I was eating for twenty people.

Ryozanpaku and Yami would improve and upgrade it every day as well so the suit could do more things and train more areas. I have no idea how they made the suit so durable, that it was easily able to take attacks from the other disciples. They said it was something about making all of the parts super flexible, while still retaining all of the other functions they wanted. Apparently, all of the materials were being provided by the World Government. These materials weren't naturally occurring in their world.

I have no idea why the World Government was playing so nice. Master Ogata said it was because the World Government wanted to see how strong I could get if they gave us resources. In addition, the materials weren't particularly rare, although they were found in the Grand Line.

Though, who really knows what the World Government is thinking? I thought that they probably wanted to steal the Master's unique ideas and technology afterwards. The Marines and other sections of the World Government have their own effective training methods, but things could always be faster and more perfect.

On the fourth day, Master Akisame said the suit finally reached perfection and would last me until my muscles eventually all turned pink and my body had the perfect foundation for martial arts. I could change the setting of the suit myself now as appropriate too to increase the level of training as I pleased.

Once I eventually reached the max setting, it wouldn't be able to do much more to improve my body's strength. It would only be useful for improving my martial arts skills. That's still very useful though.

Some of the Masters of Yami were still wiping my memories and brainwashing me on the daily, like the Demon Fist and the Bewitching Fist. Thankfully, I had the Gamer's Body, so it just ended up being a status effect that would slowly time out, and result in the leveling of my various mental resistance skills.

I was being passed around so many times in one day, sometimes I would get dizzy. The only moments of happiness that I got was from training with Ryozanpaku, sparring with the other disciples (especially Kenichi and Miu), hanging with Springer, and all of the constant gains from training with the Masters.

A few interesting things did happen though. On two different occasions, I had a run in with the Marines. They were starting to get bold in approaching me. I guess the unique bodysuit was the final straw.

The first time, I was on my way to the dojo. Just doing my thing picking up some trash off the streets, you know, when I came across a regiment of Marines. At their front was Captain Smoker. He's a muscular, white-haired and brown-eyed man, with two cigars in his mouth. He wears a large thick white and blue specialist marine jacket which he keeps open, with greenish fur lining the neck, wrists, and hem.

He has this intimidating look on his face that always reminds me of Master Sakaki. That perpetual 'frown' on his brow, or what I like to call male resting bitch face. Master Sakaki, most members of Yami, and Smoker have it bad.

They are watching me without even trying to hide it now. Just straight up following me around like super stalkers. It was actually really awkward.

When Smoker noticed that I was looking at him, he initiated conversation. "You! What are you doing?" He asked in an authoritative voice, as if he had the right to know my personal business. Rude.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm picking up trash off the ground." I rolled my eyes at him. I would have thought that my actions were obvious.

"Why?" Why are you bothering me? It's trash. Literally, who cares?

"The trash is littered all over town. Do you need a reason to help clean up the town you live in?" I replied back rhetorically. It wasn't like I was going to tell him that it was a system generated quest that told me to help around town.

Smoker just answered with a long puff of his cigars. He stood there thinking. I decided to ignore him now because I had extremely limited amounts of time these days. I still needed to go to the masters for my daily torture-I mean, practice. So I continued to walk along picking up trash while Smoker and his men followed me around like creeps. It was still early, but people had noticed and were whispering about it.

I was getting annoyed. I know Smoker is a scary dude, but I've been dealing with Ryozanpaku and Yami these days. Smoker feels like a kitten comparatively. "Do you need something?"

"No." He just stared at me like what he was doing was natural.

"Why are you following me?"

"Just wanted to see the person that was creating the ruckus across town."

"You're creating a ruckus!" An angry vein appeared on my head. "Nobody cared about this until you guys started following me around. Everyone is pointing and staring at you guys, not me! You're creating the ruckus! Well, are you done spectating?"

"I suppose." Although Smoker said this, he and his men kept following me.

I was getting increasingly annoyed. "Alright, if you are going to follow me around town, make yourself useful. You guys help me pick up trash across town."

"...What?" The Marines behind Smoker asked incredulously.

"Did I stutter? PICK. UP. THE. TRASH. It's not like you're doing anything important right? And your job is to protect the Public right? Protect them for sickness and disease that comes from the trash everywhere." I don't know where it came from, but looking back, I think I had balls of steel at that moment to antagonize the Marines like that.

One of the marines was more zealous than the others. "That's ridiculous! We are marines, not street cleaners!"

"You're right. Street Cleaners would be doing something useful, like their jobs right now. You all are clearly skipping work to follow me around. You're just a drain on public funds-getting paid to loiter around."

"What? Clearly, we are here to monitor a dangerous element like you-"

"Dangerous element?" I interrupted. "I haven't done any criminal activity of any kind. I'm the one helping to literally clean up the town. You guys, on the other hand, are accosting a citizen while armed with guns. Which one of us is the dangerous element?"

"You joined those places-"

"You mean, Ryozanpaku and Yami?" I interrupted again. "Ryozanpaku is a dojo that teaches martial arts for money. Anyone can join if you fit their requirements and are willing to pay. No one is stopping any of you for trying out. Yami volunteered to teach me free of charge as well. Also, Yami is apparently making a deal with the World Government. It's something far above your pay grade, in which neither of us have the right to comment on. Regardless, I'm just one of their students. Don't take your fear out on me."

"Stop." Smoker interrupted. "Send my orders to base. All Marines are to make the town spotless by the end of today."

"But Sir! If the Marines do this, it will lower our prestige in town!"

"Kid's right. You guys are acting too arrogant. This'll bring all the Marines in town off of their high horses. Go now." All of the marines hesitated. "...Or are you questioning my orders?" Smoker went from reasonable to threatening in a moment.

Their faces blanched. "No Sir! Right away Sir!" The Marines all hurried off.

As Smoker turned to leave as well, he only said one thing. "I'm keeping my eye on you."

"Same here."


"Is everyone in town afraid of me, or of you? You're the man that can turn into smoke and can't be hurt."


"Being a Marine Captain yourself, you should know better than me about everything. That's why people are just as afraid of the marines and World Government as they are of pirates. Before pointing fingers, you should check all of the people you work with first."

Smoker paused for a second, but still left. I don't know what gave me the balls to speak to Smoker like that, when just last week I was planning on hiding from him until I leave this island. I guess all of my stress had just been building up until I exploded it on Smoker. Man, I almost feel sorry for the Marines today.

Daily Mission: Help Clean the Town has been Permanently Completed!

Your town is a hub for trade for all kinds of people in the East Blue. As a result, the town has gotten dirty as people are known to discard their trash everywhere. Do your part to help clean the town to make it into a better place!

Reward: Word has spread and you are seen favorably by the Town Residents and known as the man who got the Marines to clean the town!

Well, I guess that's another thing off the list. Once again, there was a hidden way to complete the daily task permanently. I guess I don't need to do this anymore either.

Since then, people in town were treating me differently. The word had spread that I convinced the Marines to clean the town, something they would never have done on their own. A lot of people would greet me enthusiastically whenever I had to go somewhere around town.

Even Master Diego's ring started getting completely packed to the brim whenever I came by for training. People were curious about me, and other than my morning runs with Master Akisame, that was the only time I could be easily viewed publicly.

In fact, after the Marines cleaned everything up that day, it brought a huge change in attitude among the residents as well. People went out of their way to keep the town clean. It smelled cleaner, and just looked more beautiful overall. Everyone enjoyed the newfound beauty of our town.

The next time I encountered the marines was a bit more casual. It was another long day of training, and the Masters were especially rough. Their competition was ramping up and things were starting to become more and more ridiculous to increase the speed of my growth. They were also trying to make me ready to take down some pirates or other scum or other scum as soon as possible to prove their value.

Honestly, I think my future battle with pirates had led to an unofficial truce between Ryozanpaku and Yami. It didn't really feel like they were keeping score at the moment, and we would just alternate dinners each day. Even since they made that bodysuit, the two groups seem to have formed a level of mutual respect and their hostility for one another has decreased significantly.

Dinners with Ryozanpaku was actually very simple. One of the masters would go out and get a bunch of fish from the ocean, while the money they earned from Master Akisame's artwork was able to buy a bunch of other simple things like rice and vegetables in bulk.

The next night, I was decompressing by doing my nightly round of feeding strays. Somehow, the animals had spread the world among themselves, and it felt like all of the stray cats and dogs in town were showing up. I suspected Springer. That happy dog was a lot smarter than he looked. Compared to yesterday, Springer brought at least five or six times the number of strays. There weren't a ton, but probably enough to fill an animal shelter.

It was also probably because after the Marines moved out to clean the town, everyone was motivated and the place became spotless. The fish market had also stopped throwing away their spoiled catch inappropriately as well. The mice and rats no longer had any food and had left for the woods or invaded indoors. Cats had less prey and dogs had less food to find around town.

I felt really bad about changing their lives. I didn't realize that completing my cleaning mission would cause a chain reaction and affect their lives so negatively. Completing missions could have negative effects for others, even if they improved my life. I had to remember that.

The strays didn't know it was my fault, so they were grateful that I was feeding them. It made me feel incredibly guilty. These animals were so pure, and I had ended up significantly changing their lives for the worse.

I didn't have enough money for skewer meat, so I actually went to the fish market to request all of their fish or animal waste products that were going to be disposed of anyways. This stuff was the best that I could give them all. Regardless of quality, the strays were very grateful to have something to eat and drink.

"Wow! They really like you, don't they?"

I jumped. I didn't even notice when someone had come up behind me. If the Masters had seen this, they would have put me through 'special training'. I hope Tochimaru wasn't nearby. I shuddered. The Gamer's Body can only do so much. Status effects begin to accumulate, you know. My Gamer's Body doesn't automatically get rid of Status Effects after I sleep, although it can reduce the time.

I already had various status effects like shoulder pain from a formerly dislocated shoulder, constant skin pain from the punishment it takes for Shigure every day, various contusions, and organ damage that is slowly healing over time.

My Blunt Trauma Resistance Skill and Penetrating Trauma Resistance were increasing from all of the beating. I was definitely getting tougher and more force was required to create a status effect. In addition, status effect duration was decreasing with each level.

Regardless, special training was not something I wanted right now.

I looked behind me and there was a woman with short black hair and kind, brown eyes. She had glasses on and was wearing a blue marine coat, with a sword at her side. It was Officer Tashigi. Accompanying her were a few marines that seemed a little put off by the scene in front of them.

"I suppose." I answered. "They are probably like that with anyone that feeds them though."

"That's not true!" She adamantly denied. "I have never seen so many strays in one place. They must really trust you!" I shrugged, not really believing her. "I'm serious! Animals have amazing instincts. They must know that you are a good person, even while you're wearing that thing." Hey! It's not like the suit is my idea!

"Ha!" I laughed derisively. "I wonder if they would feel the same way, if they knew it was my fault that they are all starving now."

"Ah!" She suddenly exclaimed in realization. "Because of the effort to clean the town? I never thought about how that would affect the strays in town…"

"Yes. I didn't think about it either until I was feeding them tonight." I comforted her. "They are easy to overlook since they don't have a voice of their own."

"This is terrible!" She was panicking. I'm not sure why because this wasn't a huge emergency or anything. "What do we do?"

"Oh? Are you planning on helping out with this?" I raised an eyebrow at her.

"That's right! I'll do anything I can to help!" Tashigi exclaimed righteously. Bingo! That's what I was waiting for.

"Great! That makes things a lot simpler!"

"How?" Tashigi asked with a cute look on her face.

"You and your fellow marines can help gather all of the animals and put them up for adoption in the main square of town. I'm sure that many of the residents wouldn't mind getting a new pet. Anyways, there aren't a ridiculous number of them or anything. We are on a relatively smaller island."

"That's a great idea!" She clapped her hands in happiness. "That will definitely work! Everyone! Come on! Let's get to work!"

"But sir? Should we really be doing this?" The marines were extremely uncomfortable. They liked Officer Tashigi, but this wasn't really something that Marines did.

"Oh, how can you say no to this face?" She picked up a kitten and gave it to the marine. The kitten gave the most heartbreaking meow you had ever heard, and broke their hearts.

"Right away ma'am!" They all saluted with tears in their eyes before going to round up the animals using the food I'd brought.

Mission 'Pawn off another Daily Quest to the Marines' accomplished! Well, I mean, Smoker helped me complete the last one and as long as they are watching me, I might as well use them to mine and the stray's benefit.

The animals were getting frightened by the Marines, since they had long learned to avoid them, but I calmed them down. "Hey guys! Guess what? These good guys are going to help find you new homes! You're going to have a nice place to sleep, food to eat every day, and people that are going to love you! It's going to be the best! I promise!" The strays all started to calm down. In the One Piece World, I think animals are able to understand humans a lot better than the other way around.

Feed the Stray Animals: Completed!

On the streets, there are lots of animals that require food. You obtained the help of the Marines to find happy and safe forever homes for your canine and feline friends. The animals all know that you were the one to help them out! Congratulations!

Reward: Decreases presence of strays and unhappy animals in town. Animals tend to like you more.

Earned: Animal Whisperer Trait

Animal Whisperer - All animals tend to trust you more than the average person. Simple communication is possible with any animal that trusts you with it's life.

Once my new trait manifested, many of the animals actually came up to me and started licking me to express their gratitude. I understood their feelings and I appreciated the gesture too. Animals were pure and simple. If you treated them kindly, they would be kind in turn. The opposite was true as well. On the other hand, Humans were more complicated and might stab you in the back even if you were good to them your whole life.

After we escorted the strays to the Marine Headquarters, Tashigi turned to me. "Hey Krishna, would you like to join the Marines?"

"Nope." No hesitation.

"What? Why?" She was shocked. "I saw how those animals treated you! You're a good person! And you're training to become stronger! You are definitely suited to become a Marine! Come and work with us!"

I just shook my head. "I'm not suited to be a Marine. I wouldn't obey orders without question. It's not my style. Plus, I have my own dreams."


"I want to have fun! I want to explore the world! I want to see everything! East Blue, West Blue, North Blue, and South blue! And most of all, the Grand Line!"

"You can do that with the Marines!" She argued.

"But only if the Marines allow me to go there! I'd have to stay wherever they tell me to and I'd have to follow orders. And you know as well as I do that Marines don't have fun. It's a serious responsibility."


"Also, even if the Marines are a good organization, they still answer and follow all of the orders of the World Government and Celestial Dragons. As far as I know, they definitely can't be trusted."

"That's…not true..." She was speechless. I knew that the Marines all knew about the behavior of the World Nobles. They were people that considered themselves to be far superior to the rest of us and above all laws. Everyone literally had to bow down to them whenever they came along, and countries had to cater to all of their whims.

"Really?" I gave her my best skeptical face.

Officer Tashigi sighed. "I suppose I can't convince you. I hope you change your mind in the future."

"Maybe." I conceded gracefully. "Anyways, you don't have to be a Marine to do good!"

She brightened up. "Yes! That's true! Still, we could always use good people like yourself."

I just shrugged. I turned to Springer. "Hey buddy, you want to come home with me?" Springer barked happily and did his little happy dance hops around us and gave me huge licks on my face. It was official. I loved this dog and he shall be mine.

I know I should have gotten permission from my uncle and aunt first, but I didn't think they would mind much. They liked animals and I thought they would definitely like Springer. He was a really cute dog with lots of life. He would hop around in happiness and excitement. It seemed like it was impossible not to like him. At least, it felt that way to me. It was like he belonged with our family.

As I was going home, I thought about the last couple of days. I was changing. I'm not talking about physically. That was obvious enough from the changes in my status. No, I'm talking about the changes that have been happening to my personality. I was becoming more outgoing and less afraid of everything. I liked it.

An example of this was when I was with Master Sogetsu the day before yesterday. After practicing, I casually mentioned that a friend of mine, Raoul, is a bar owner that wanted to make a stronger, better liquor. The only problem was that he wasn't able to bring the equipment over to his place. He didn't say anything, but at the end of the day, after dinner, he showed up and made me lead him to the equipment. He casually picked it up, and had me take him to Raoul. Suffice it to say, Raoul was surprised to get a visit late at night. I did get his promise that he would teach me how to distil liquor when I had time in the future.

Location Mission: Raoul - Completed

Raoul requires extra help at his shop. Go talk to him to help him out!

Reward: Connection to Raoul and other bars in town. Liquor Making Knowledge can be taught.

On top of all of that, he gave Master Sogetsu a shitload of booze. Master Sogetsu seemed to be in a good mood ever since too and was more willing to teach us stuff.

When I got home, it wasn't my aunt and uncle that were surprised, but me.

"Oh, I see that you met our new dog." Uncle Mickey commented.

"Whaaaaa?" I didn't see that coming at all. I explained how I met Springer days ago, had been feeding the strays across town, and finally decided to bring Springer home with me.

"Huh." Uncle Mickey snorted and laughed. "It seems you're a bit late on the uptake here. Springer, as you've named him, has been coming by for the last week or so. He's been sleeping outside the house at night. Minnie and I noticed that and after the first day or two, decided to take him in officially. Hearing from you now, you must have been the reason for it. Guess he already chose you as his boy."

"Look." Aunt Minnie pointed to a corner of our yard. "We started working on a little doghouse for him at night time, in the meanwhile, before we officially adopted him into the family. We wanted to make sure he felt welcome and felt safe at night."

Did I mention that I had the best family ever? Somehow, we are all on the same wavelength even though we haven't been spending much time together lately.

"Guess you're here to stay buddy!" I pet Springer on his head as he wagged his tail a ton and let him into the house officially as family.

The most recent day of training was the worst. Both the Legendary Superman Hayato Furinji (aka Elder), and the Second Hades Yogi Ōganosuke (or as I like to think of him, Dark Elder) had appeared at the same time.

"Hello Krishna! How are you doing?" The Elder asked me, almost with too much cheer.

"I'm alright Elder. How about you? What are you both doing here together?" It was suspicious. Ryozanpaku and Yami didn't hang out.

"Today, we are going to be the ones to train you." The Elder stated while stroking his chin.

I backed away. "I think I'll pass. Going to stick to the regular training. All the masters must be waiting for me, you know. Uhhh...see ya!" No way! Give me a break! Your guy's training might actually kill me!

"Ho ho ho! Good joke!" The Elder just laughed at me and picked me up. "Let's go!" I was totally ignored.

They ran on water while carrying me to some remote island outside of Loguetown that they had found for special training.

I'm just going to say it, I completely understand why Kenichi always panicked like a madman whenever the Elder said he was going to train him. I was literally trained and beaten to an inch of my life over and over again by both of them and forced to survive on the Island on my own. Kenichi truly had extreme willpower. If I didn't have the Gamer's Body, I might have been broken physically and mentally.

One thing I can say is that the training with the Elder and Second Hades is monstrous to another scale. I thought that the gains were fast already with the other masters, but they had nothing on them. In one day, I was able to master Seikūken and learn the preliminary stage of Ryūsui Seikūken!

Seikūken, also known as the 'Control of the Air Sphere', is when a Martial Artist is able to control the space that is within an arm's length.

Ryūsui Seikūken, also known as the 'Flowing Water Control of the Air Sphere', is when you reduce your sphere of influence and use a minimal distance to dodge or take on attacks.

Furinji-Style Mixed Martial Arts (Level 6)

A style of Martial Arts created by Furinji Hayato, the Invincible Superman that was made and refined through numerous battles. It possesses moves from many different martial arts alongside his 108 Legendary Secret techniques.

The Second Hades didn't teach me true swordsmanship, but rather how to understand weapons. He stated that only by understanding weapons would I be able to fight against people who use them.

Weapon Intent (Level 1)

The ability to understand and bond with a weapon for higher weapon skills.

I actually thought I was going to get a Weapon Mastery Skill, but it turns out that this skill is even better than that. Weapon Intent is something only advanced martial artists can grasp and understand. The only reason I was able to get it with my meager skills was because I'm the Gamer, and I was being taught by Ōganosuke Yogi.

Well, I'll reach the appropriate level eventually.

The next day, there was a meeting with the Masters. Both Ryozanpaku and Yami were there together.

"Krishna-boyo. It's time for a little test to see how far you've gotten with your training." Master Ogata began to explain. "Yami has made a deal with the World Government and is already aware of your existence and wishes to see what level you are currently at. There's a group called the Sickle-blade Pirates coming to the island soon. They are the ones you will have to take down."

"Shouldn't you have asked me first?" This doesn't seem very fair.

"...Do you really think that any of us need your permission?" He looked at me like I was stupid.

"Krishna." Akisame interrupted. "If you don't want to fight, no one can force you to do so as long as Ryozanpaku is still up and running."

"That's true." Isshinsai Ogata nodded in agreement. "Even Yami won't stop Ryozanpaku either." I was relieved until I saw his evil grin. "But don't you know what kind of trouble that will cause your masters? The World Government will definitely be enraged and take action against them. Even Yami is wary of the World Government. Do you think that Ryozanpaku can withstand their might?"

Shit! He's right! Although they are strong, there's no way Ryozanpaku can beat them all. The World Government and Marines are like a never ending machine, and aren't above wave tactics. If it was each of them alone, they would survive. But if they have to protect someone weak like me, or other civilians from something like the Buster Call, they may not make it out alive!

"Relax." The Elder's calming voice stopped my worries. "Ryozanpaku isn't afraid of anyone! If the World Government wants a fight, BRING IT ON!" He roared. All of the Masters had their eye glowy thing going on.

I think they want me to refuse so they can have an all-out brawl with the World Government. It's hard dealing with battle maniacs sometimes. Wonder if I will be like that in the future too.

"I'll do it." I stated. "It's fine. There's a bounty out on them for robbing a town in the East Blue." I pulled out one of the bounties that I had collected. "The bounty of their leader is 150,000 berries. The World Government bounties are usually directly correlated with strength. They aren't that strong, and probably at a level that I can fight. The World Government should already know that you guys have only been training me for ten days."

Everyone from Ryozanpaku deflated.

"Alright. Since you've decided, there is nothing we can do." Master Ma smiled. No, no, I'm not that resolved yet. Don't show me those happy eyes.

"Masters can't interfere in their disciple's fights." Master Sakaki grinned. "So...well...everyone dies eventually." Why are you killing me off already?

"Apachai will come to your funeral if you die!" E'Tu Apachai?

"Wear this." Master Shigure gave some arm and shin guards. "They are strong. Can withstand a...blade easily." She gave me a thumbs up.

This is a bad idea. "Can I still change my mind?"

"No." Everyone from Ryozanpaku and Yami had synchronized their response. So cruel!

"You probably want to hurry. Actually, those pirates should be docking soon." Master Ogata mentioned carelessly.

I wanted to cry out anime tears, but there wasn't enough time. The Sickle blade Pirates would be arriving at any moment, so I needed to hurry down over to the docks. Fighting around there was the best idea I could come up with, unless I wanted them to escape into the town and threaten other townsfolk. It would be really bad if they ended up taking hostages.

Hmm? Why didn't I get a quest for taking down the Sickle Blade Pirates? Weird.

As I moved towards the docks, I was suddenly marveling at how fast I was moving. I couldn't even imagine doing this a week ago, and now I was quite a bit faster, and I had learned how to parkour. Being the Gamer was AWESOME!

I bet one day I'll be able to actually do anything and everything.

I've been busy learning martial arts from the Masters, otherwise I would have already tried to figure out how to use magic by now. *Sigh* The things I do for a 100% completion rate…

Regardless, I knew my way around town, so getting to the docks didn't take that long. Already I could see the Sickle Blade Pirates starting to get off their boat.

"Alright everyone! Hurry up and get supplies and then rush back. We don't want Smoker getting an inkling that we are on this Island! We won't be able to make it out if we get stopped by him!"

"You don't have to worry about the Marines." I pulled out their bounty. "It's the end of the line for you."

"Shit! We've been made by some sort of masked idiot! Get him!" They all pulled out sickles and ran towards me.

You've been made? Seriously? Your pirate flag is waving right there and the Jolly Roger is on full display. Are you guys idiots?

You might be wondering why I didn't go and take them all down assassin's creed style. It's because this is meant to be a test and show of power for the World Government. Anyone can be sneaky and take people down with surprise attacks. The World Government already has their own assassin groups. This is a show of martial might.

What's that? You say it's because it's actually because I don't have any stealth based skills? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Ok fine. My ninjutsu and other martial training lessons haven't reached that point yet. Happy now?

Maybe it's dumb to show off my strength, but there's no choice. I don't want to get into trouble, and on top of that Ryozanpaku and Yami seem really excited to see me fight...

Anyways, I'm the Gamer. This is just my current strength this week. Next week I'll probably know a lot more different things. The Gamer can't be judged by normal standards. Sucks for the World Government, but great for me.

As they headed towards me, I prepared myself and set up my Seikuken.

"Ho? Not bad Krishna!" The Elder praised. "You set up your Seikuken quickly. It seems like the special training worked! It seems like I should give you special training more often!" My body shivered in response. Oh god, what have I done?

As they drew in, I noticed how sloppy their movements were. They weren't holding their weapons properly or judging the distance. There were numerous openings that they were all showing. After training with Shigure and the Second Hades, this was like a breeze. I redirected their blades toward their companions. It was nothing that would lead to fatal wounds, but rather injuries that would put them down.

Right away four people fell. I couldn't believe it. I had been losing constantly against strong people for so long that I didn't know my own strength. Well, it was more likely that these guys were just too weak.

"Ohh! That's my Kakei! Nice!" Master Kensai shouted out. "Oh! Sogetsu look! he used your axe kick!?

"Hmph." I'd appreciate some more enthusiasm Master Sogetsu!

"I'm the one that taught Krishna how to deal with...weapons." Shigure was super satisfied at this moment and was doing another Superman pose to show off.

The masters started all narrating my actions and cheering whenever I used something they taught.

"Oh! Nice throw!" Master Akisame exclaimed.

"Hmph, he combined that with my underground throw." Master Kushinda was annoyed that I didn't use the pure version of her technique. I'm sorry I'm in a life or death situation against pirates you jerk!

"Apachai super punch! Hooray!" I heard Apachai cheering. "Super low kick!"

"Ha! That's some decent use of his knee and elbows!" Master Agaard exclaimed after I elbowed someone in the face that had gotten behind me.

"Oh, Krishna switched to the Maeba no Kamae stance to defend! Nice!" Mater Sakaki commented. "Oh? It looks like you already taught him your knife hands, Hongo! He switches fast between the different martial arts techniques, huh?"

"Tsk. Needs more practice." I heard that Master Hongo! How about you clean up this mess and I go practice? I'd prefer that for sure!.

"His body control has significantly improved." Senzui stated calmly. "It seems that I can take his training to the next level." AHHHHHH! Why are your thoughts on my battle on how to increase my training?

"Agreed. His ability to attack pressure points has also improved significantly due to that." Master Cyril pointed out. I was hitting pressure points whenever I could to keep them down, instead of getting back up to join the fight. "I can also take his training to the next level."

Can you guys just leave?

"Hahahahaha! That's my disciple Krishna!" Master Diego was being boisterous. "You're doing great entertaining your audience! The only thing that would make it better was if you were using more Lucha Libre moves! Make sure to grapple when appropriate!"

"Hmph. All of those moves are a part of Combat Sambo!" Master Alexander declared. "Combat Sambo is the greatest martial art!"

"Oh? He used Jatuhan Puncak Pohon quite well there." Master Jenezard stated while eating some grapes. "I guess he isn't a waste after all."

"It seems like the blind fighting with Lugh has been paying off." Master Ogata praised. "His situational awareness has been allowing him to fight multiple opponents, even if it isn't easy for him." Finally, some real praise! I knew Master Ogata was a nice guy! "I'll let him spend more time training with Lugh." Gah, spoke too soon.

Anyways, I was able to take down a bunch of the cannon fodder small fry, before the boss finally showed up. He looked exactly like what you would have expected from a villain. Ugly face with scars all over his face and body, while sporting a handlebar moustache. On top of that, he was dual wielding sickles. Is that a thing? Seems dangerous. You can probably easily cut yourself if you're not careful.

"Damn! You lot are useless!" He cursed at them.

"Boss!" "The captain is here!" "Save us Captain!" "This guy is a monster!"

I resent that last comment. You guys are just useless. If you guys had guns, it would be a lot harder to deal with you guys.

He looked at me. "Stop right there! You've messed with the wrong people! Today, the world will know why you don't mess with Sickle Captain Rany."

Did he just refer to himself in the third person as Sickle Captain Rany? Is this for real? I can't allow him to run amuck. He must be stopped at once!

I went forward to take him out in one blow, but he didn't even react. I thought it was super weird. As I was punching to take him out, a sensation overcame me. If I didn't retreat immediately, I would die.

Sense Danger (Level 1)

Your sixth sense has awakened and you have the ability to sense danger. As this skill improves, accuracy and precision increases.

I jumped back as quickly as I could, dodged blades by a hair. Numerous Sickles had grown out of his chest to grasp and cut me to pieces. That was dangerous. If I hadn't sensed something coming, I would have died. My Battle Awareness increased by a level too.

All of a sudden, I felt a huge amount of danger behind me and my Sense Danger Skill leveled up again. Shit! I jumped out of the way, but it turns out there was nothing there. Then I heard a voice shout out nearby.

"Hey Krishna, if your training suit gets damaged, we are all going to put you through special training to make up for it." Master Akisame's statement made me scream internally, while simultaneously praising God that I dodged that last attack. If everyone made me undergo special training in one day, I would have been doomed.

"Oh, that's surprising. Most people fall for that attack." Captain Rany commented. "Did your robot parts warn you? Rany just thought you had questionable taste, but perhaps you are a machine."

"I'm not a machine!" I snapped. "These are just clothes!"

"Ah. Captain Rany has confirmed your questionable taste then."

"You!" I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. "You're a devil fruit user, aren't you?"

"Captain Rany has eaten the Sickle Sickle no Mi! Reaping lives is Captain Rany's favorite pastime!"

"Stop it! Stop talking in the third person! Stop it now! You need to talk properly!" He was seriously irritating me. "Say 'I ate the Sickle Sickle no mi!'. Say it!"

His face contorted. "Captain Rany hates it the most when people comment on his speech. Captain Rany now believes that only one of us can survive this encounter. Annoying kid must die!" He rallied his men. "Everyone! Attack together with me! Let's kill him!"

Really? I have to die because of your annoying speech impediment?

Just about when all of his men were about to rush at me, shots rang out. "Hey there everyone. Daddy's here!"

Who was this guy? Oh I remember! He was Daddy Matterson, the bounty hunter. I had a quest for him too. I haven't had the time to do it yet though.

Daddy looked at me. "No bad kid. I'll handle the others. You just need to take down the captain."

"Are you sure we can't switch?" He rolled his eyes at me. "Yeah, that was expecting a bit too much, wasn't it? Thanks for the help. I'll think of something to take that guy down." Daddy Matterson tipped his hat in response.

"Hmph. Captain Rany isn't afraid. Captain Rany will definitely kill you!" The Sickle-man shook his fist at me.

"No way." If I was only being taught by Yami, I'm sure I'd be intense enough to entertain a deathmatch with you. Unfortunately for you, being taught by Ryozanpaku has kept my mindset intact and more normal. At worst, I'll run and let the marines clean up the mess.

Regardless, this is not just a 150,000 berry bounty. This guy is way stronger than that. What the hell is the World Government doing? Is this a set up?

No, if it was a setup, it wouldn't be against someone as insignificant as me. It seems that the World Government didn't have enough information about this guy, and is using me to fill in the gaps. It's irritating to be used like this by different people.

Forget that for now. More importantly, how the heck do I face off against someone that can turn any part of their body into sickles or generate sickles from their body?

This is way above my pay grade. I can handle normal mooks, but devil fruit users are a bit too high level for me right now. I was too cocky, and now I'm paying the price.

I have to think of a plan. We are surrounded by the sea. I need to find a chance to push him in. Or I can face him head on and knock him out. That would be ideal. Devil fruit users are always cautious of the sea, so it'll be harder to eject him into the ocean. I need a way to deal with his blades. I wish I knew how to use a gun or something, but that is less effective on a devil fruit user.

Guns…that gives me an idea.

I grabbed some of the stronger rubble from my inventory and started throwing it at him with all my strength. It was just too bad, that everything missed.

"What the hell? Where are you getting that garbage from?" The Captain exclaimed while dodging or batting the garbage away. "It can't be! Did you eat a garbage garbage no mi devil fruit?"

Argh, insulted by someone who can't speak properly. Dammit. I should have leveled up my throwing skill.

Guess that was a bad idea. Let's continue down that vein. I need a weapon. Something metal to block those sickles. I scan my surroundings and spot a metal pole.

That'll do.

I retreated quickly and made a break for the pole. The captain saw where I was headed but was too slow to stop me.

Once I had my hands on the pole, I took a stance and attacked Captain Rany. He blocked my swing, by generating more sickles from various spots on his body. Although I wasn't in danger of getting cut anymore, I wasn't able to hurt him either.

"Tsk." Captain Rany was getting agitated. "This is taking too much time. Captain Rany didn't want to do this, but he has no choice." He raised his arm and it turned into a giant sickle the size of a building and swung down. "Die!"

I entered the Ryūsui Seikūken state immediately and was able to barely dodge by a hair. I know that was the whole point of the technique, but it was still insanely scary. After all, just about a week ago, I was a normal human who lived in a peaceful modern society.

"Nicely done." I heard the Elder's voice in my ear. It was one of his 108 secret techniques. "You can win this Krishna!" Thanks Elder!

I know I'm not using this metal stick properly. I don't know any stances or anything. Otherwise, I'm sure I could've taken him out.

In that moment, the Second Hades' voice rang in my head. "If you can feel a weapon's intent, you can naturally learn how to use it." It was a memory from the special training I went through.

With his training, I had just barely stepped into the realm of weapon intent. Second Hades was truly a monster. Normally, you need to completely master a weapon before moving on to the intent. Somehow, he devised a training method to reverse the process! Learn Intent first, and then use it to master any weapons that you need!

I don't have other options right now against this guy that I can think of. Damn, I really wish I had magic like the original gamer. I have to get started on that soon.

I concentrated on the metal stick in my hand...no, it was a staff. The moment I decided to use it as a weapon, its intent became that of a staff.

I don't know how to describe the connection between us. That would be like describing colors to someone born blind, or sound to someone born deaf. The best way to would be...hmm...like it was talking to me.

'Why are you holding me like that? You should hold me like this.' 'Why are you standing like that? Are you even trying?' 'Is that how you planned on attacking with me? Are you stupid? Attack like this!' The staff kept berating me. This staff in particular was a jerk.

Or maybe it was all in my head. I don't know. This is trippy.

Regardless, all of that happened in a moment. My grip and stance completely changed and I thrust at the Captain using all of the force and intent I could muster. I hit him right in the solar plexus. I could see Captain Rany's eyes bug out from surprise and pain, and he went flying into a building. When the dust cleared, I found him knocked out with serious injuries. Weapon intent went up by a level too.

Take that! No villain who talks in the third person will ever take me down!

All of a sudden, heard a bunch of surprised shouts.

"Oh my god! The Second Hades just smiled!"

"No way! He's never smiled as far as anyone knows!"

"Oh shit, he really is smiling!"

"I'm so scared! Run!"

"Everyone retreat! The Second Hades is about to go crazy!"

The masters of Yami and Ryozanpaku were panicking and running away. I guess Second Hades was satisfied with how I ended the fight.

It was at this moment that the Marines showed up. There were like a hundred of them all pointing their guns at the pirates, which led to their immediate surrender. They were weak without their captain.

A man I recognized as Officer Mashikaku stepped up to speak to me. "We will take over from here. Thank you for your assistance. The bounty will be sent to your home."

I nodded. "Thanks. Please give half to Daddy Matterson. Without his help, it's unlikely that I could have succeeded." When someone helps you out, you have to thank them properly. Otherwise, you're just an ungrateful person.

He nodded and went to join the other marines in rounding up all of the pirates. I saw them place sea stone cuffs on Captain Rany and flinched. That's got to suck. Sea stone makes all devil fruit users completely weak and powerless.

I headed back towards Ryozanpaku and Yami. I attracted quite a bit of attention because a lot of people were watching the fight. Basically everyone knew that I wasn't a weakling anymore. The training that I was put through really worked.

"Dude, are you ok?" Robbie approached me from the crowd.

"I'm not dead, so there is that." I laughed. "Could be better though. I took a number of hits too. But it'll heal fast. Thankfully, it's just superficial injuries."

"Dude, you were awesome!" Robbie was practically hopping with excitement. "I didn't know I had such a strong friend."

"Since when were you here?" I didn't expect to see Robbie in the crowd.

"Bro, I live near the pier. My dad is the harbor master, you know?"

"What really?" That was not in my memories at all. "No wonder."

"That dojo taught you how to fight like that? Think they'll take more students?" Robbie looked at me with anticipation, and even a lot of people in the crowd nodded their heads. Looks like Ryozanpaku was about to get a bunch of business! Yami would probably ignore them though, unless they found someone interesting. "Are you going to see your masters now? Can we come?"

"I guess." I shrugged. "Shouldn't be a big deal. Just be extremely respectful. The Masters have eccentric personalities, and many of them are more than willing to kill someone for being disrespectful."

The crowd went silent and I saw sweat drip down Robbie's brow. "I'll keep that in mind." He better keep that in mind, along with anyone else following us.

"Fine. I just want to be clear that I'm not responsible for anyone if the Masters do anything though." I made sure that was clear before heading back with a large crowd following me.

Part of the way there, I met up with Smoker and a regiment of the Marines. "We are here to escort you to Yami and deliver a message to them from the World Government." Smoker stated calmly. "Come with us."

Of course they had to come now. I nodded in understanding. "Lead the way." This was becoming a large crowd of people to see the Masters. After proving their strength, everyone wanted something from them.

When we reached the mansion, everyone could hear the arguing. The Masters were all there with their disciples. I guess the craziness that resulted from Second Hades smiling had worn off. Now they were fighting over whose training had the greatest effect on the battle.

"Did you see that? Krishna used my training to beat those pirates." Well, it's true that Master Ma's teachings were really helpful, especially the footwork.

"No, it was clearly my training that helped Krishna! Didn't you see all of those karate moves?" I mean the Karate helped too, Master Sakaki.

"Hmph." No need to give Master Sakaki a death stare. Your Karate training was really amazing too Master Akira.

"No way! He used my Muay Thai moves!" I mean, I used everyone's martial arts during the attack. Don't try to claim all of the credit Master Agaard.

"Please, he took down all of those people with Jujitsu. Jujitsu is the most elegant Martial Art!" Master Akisame, are you trying to start a fight?

"Please. He only used those moves to take out the same fry. He used combat sambo to fight the boss! Combat Sambo is a much stronger and more elegant martial art!" I knew Master Akisame would provoke Master Alexander.

"Kekekekeke! Regardless of what moves the brat used, my Supreme Silat is still the strongest!" As always, the Demon God Fist always alienates everyone else.

"Apachai saw Krishna use Apachai Punch! Yay!" At least Apachai is still pure.

"Ho ho ho. It seems Krishna is slowly getting a handle on that technique I taught him." Ryusei Seikuken is a really impressive technique! Thank you Elder!

"At the end of the day, Krishna won with a...weapon." I don't have the heart to tell Shigure that it was the Second Hades' training that helped me win at the end. Especially since she is doing her 'cool pose'.

"Hmph. Settle down." The Bewitching fist spoke up. "Our disciple is back and it appears that he has brought guests.

"Mission complete!" I stated, proud of myself. "I know you guys already knew that, but I still had to say it."

"So that was a devil fruit." Akisame stroked his moustache. "How remarkable. Those sickles could come out of his body at any point or angle. We were lucky he was so incompetent, otherwise you would have died."

The poured cold water over my victory. It was true. Captain Rany was weak in general. If he was stronger, he would have used his devil fruit in better ways. Devil fruit users are only limited by their imagination. In addition, strong devil fruit users don't depend wholly on their devil fruit. When it came to his hand-to-hand or weapon skill, he was actually weaker than I was. He was just waving the sickle at me without any proper skill.

I was someone who had trained with the Masters for a week. Although they improved my skills, I had little to no real battle experience. He should have been able to beat me if he was even a little bit strong.

It was a combination of the Elder's Ryuusei Seikuken and the Second Hades' Weapon Intent that allowed me to get through the experience successfully, rather than anything else.

I was lucky.

"Our martial arts doesn't account for people like that." Master Akisame continued to ponder. "Using these people as reference, how can we improve our martial arts? It's an interesting question to ponder. Perhaps we'll even be able to break the bottlenecks of our respective martial arts by going down this route." All of the Masters quieted down thinking about it. "Regardless, you did well for your first real battle! Congratulations!"

I looked around and all of the Masters were looking at me with approval.

"Heh. Now that we know what to look out for…" Every single of the Masters had that crazy evil glow going on. "...It's time to take your training to the next level."


"You made quite the spectacle!" Master Diego declared happily. "However...why didn't you use more Lucha Libre? Clearly, you didn't receive enough training to utilize it correctly! Don't worry, by the time I'm done with you, you'll be more than ready to take down your opponents with it!"

I look around and I see everybody nodding. Clearly, many of them were thinking the same thing about their own martial arts.

"Your Karate moves were so weak!" Master Sakaki gave me his patented evil grin. "Don't worry. Hongo and I will get you up to par with some special training." I saw Master Hongo standing aside quietly. That means he agreed.

Oh shit!

"I saw people surrounding you with guns...afterwards." Shigure stated nonchalantly. "We will increase your training to involve guns from...now on." I saw a bunch of Masters nodding seriously.

Aww shit.

"Ho ho ho! Don't worry Krishna! As long as you live and breathe martial arts for the next 5 to 10 years-No, 2 to 3 years, with constant around the clock teaching and training, we'll make you into an invincible existence that can handle anything!"

Why did the time decrease so much? What kind of hellish training are you planning, Elder?

"Why are you getting all strung up?" Master Akisame asked. "You won't be doing this alone. All of our other disciples will be undergoing all of this training too!"

All of the Masters' disciples blanched at the same time. Kenichi even tried to run, but Shigure caught him within seconds. In the background, we could hear him screaming "Noooooo!" Poor Kenichi.

"Isn't this training a bit extreme?" Backtrack! Move in reverse! Flee if necessary! If the training kills you, what's the point? The Gamer's Body isn't omnipotent-it can be overwhelmed, and I can still die.

"Of course not! The battles will only get tougher from now on! Either you keep fighting and winning, or you die!" Master Akisame gave me a thumbs up. "How thrilling for you! Lucky!"

"..." I was speechless. My future is going to be rough.

At this time, Smoker stepped forward. "I am sorry to interrupt your meeting here. I am Captain Smoker of the Marines. I have been sent to you by the orders of the World Government to inform Yami that they are qualified to negotiate with the World Government."

"As expected." Master Senzui nodded.

"The World Government also welcomes Ryozanpaku to the table, as a group that is able to rival Yami." Captain Smoker stated. "Please inform us of your decision soon."

"Apa! People know Ryozanpaku is strong! Yay!" Apachai did a little victory dance with Shigure.

Huh, I guess everyone recognizes the Master's strength.

The quests, Help Ryozanpaku and Help Yami have been completed! Dimensional Transport and memory wiping for Ryozanpaku and Yami will be initiated in a few minutes!

Everyone from Ryozanpaku and Yami started glowing.

"This sensation...it's like when we were transported here!" Master Akisame was staring at the glow on his hands. "How curious…"


"Ma, it seems our time here is up." Master Ma lowered his hat.


"You're leaving?" It was too sudden for me.

"Awwwww." Master Ma groaned. "I wanted to play with-train with Krishna more and explore the new world!"

It's too soon. Wait, did you just say play?

"Kekekekeke!" The Demon Fist gave off an evil laugh. "I had so many plans for this place. It's such a shame…"

Well, you can definitely leave. A shiver ran down my back. I think completing this quest saved the world.

"Hmph. Finally." Master Kushinada stated and there was a round of assent among Yami. I guess some of them didn't really like it here that much. I guess it's hard to go from top dog of their Earth, to needing to make a deal with the World Government and become their lackeys.

"Ho ho ho. It seems it's time for us to part Krishna! It's a shame, but I wanted to be able to teach you more! I think all of us did!" The Elder looked around and everyone from Ryozanpaku and Yami agreed with him. I could hear Shigure saying 'I really wanted to teach him how to deal with guns' in the background.

Kenichi came up to me. "It's a shame that we have to go so soon. I'll miss having a fellow disciple."

"Me too." I replied. "I had a lot of fun having out with you and Miu and the rest of Ryozanpaku." Then I mischievously added. "Go after Miu with all of your might!" Kenichi and Miu both blushed. Miu ended up getting so embarrassed that she ran behind the Elder. "Keep believing in yourself Kenichi. I believe you will eventually surpass the Elder in strength."

"Really?" Kenichi was so surprised. I nodded in affirmation. "Thanks." Kenichi started to get some tears in his eyes too before he went back to Ryozanpaku.

Everyone was going to disappear soon, so I want to say my final goodbyes to all of the friends I made.

"Hey Boris. Thanks for helping me to learn Combat Sambo. I really appreciate everything you did for me! It was a lot of fun learning from you and Master Alexander!"

"Orders are absolute! But, I had fun too." Boris finally showed me some emotion for the first time. It was a shame it was the last time I'd see him.

"Take care of yourself, and don't shame Combat Sambo." Master Alexander looked at me in the eye. "Remember, Combat Sambo is the strongest Martial Art!"

"Thank you Master Alexander for everything." I gave him a bow of respect as one of my Masters.

I saw and skipped Master Hongo's disciples. "You guys are jerks-" They reacted angrily. "-But I still had lots of fun learning with you guys. Thanks for everything."

"Tsk. Take care of yourself and don't embarrass us in the future." Hayami and Seta were jerks to me until the end. I understood though. I could never take the place of Kano Sho in their hearts.

I looked at Master Hongo who seemed a little distracted. "Thanks for teaching me Master Hongo, even though you didn't want to. I really appreciate it." I gave him a bow.

"Stay strong and work hard." Master Hongo nodded to me. "Always remember that you are one of Akira Hongo's disciples." At that last moment, Master Hongo had finally accepted me. I felt really happy and sad at the same time. Master Hongo was actually a really good person, despite being a part of Yami. He had a really kind heart.

I saw Master Agaard grinning and Tirawat behind him. "Thanks for teaching me Muay Thai and Muay Boran, Master Agaard. Although you were tough, you were always fair and it was always fun to learn from you. Also, I had lots of fun fighting with you Tirawit. I mean it was painful, but fun. Thanks a lot bro."

Tirawat looked at me impassively. "No problem. I had fun toying with you." Ouch, but accurate.

Master Agaard broke out laughing. "Tirawat is harsh as always. You are a very talented kid Krishna. I'm proud to have taken you in as a disciple. Make sure you continue to practice everything I taught you!" I gave him a bow in thanks as well.

Master Cyril and Ethan Stanley were standing calmly next to each other. "I still think you aren't suited to be a martial artist. Emotionlessness is key in martial arts." Sigh, of course Master Cyril would say that. "But that's okay. Perhaps you'll be able to create a new route with emotions. I believe, if it's you, you can do it. Perhaps completely ignoring Satsujinken and Katsujinken here can allow you to create a new path from yourself, free of preconceptions."

"Wow...I didn't think you thought so highly of me. Thank you for everything Master Cyril." I gave him a bow of respect. "Ethan, you're a nice guy. Don't let satsujinken take that away from you." His eyes widened slightly, but all he did was nod in affirmation.

"Master Diego…" This one was a bit more personal. "Thank you for instructing me in Lucha Libre. I had lots of fun fighting and performing in front of audiences. I...have always had stage fright, and your training helped me overcome that. For that I thank you."

"It's a shame that I can't keep teaching you the Art of Entertainment!" Master Diego was very passionate. "But the show must go on! Take what I have taught you to entertain the world!"

Rachel Stanley came out flamboyantly and pointed at me. "I will always be a better entertainer than you!"

"Heh, probably. But I bet I'll become much stronger than you in the future." I responded and we tried to stare each other down before she finally went 'hmph' and went back to Master Diego. Rachel was my rival for real. She always made things personal in the ring. I really wanted to be able to give her a beatdown before she left. I don't care if she's a girl.

Master Kushinada and Chikage were next. "Despite all of the sketch things that you did during training like attempting to control my mind, I'm really grateful that you imparted your amazing skills to me and tried your best to train me. For that, I thank you greatly." I gave her a bow of respect even though she didn't really want it.

"Hmph. You were a very good student, even though you were difficult." What? When was I difficult? When I resisted your brainwashing?

"Chikage, thanks for helping me learn more about the Zero Gravity technique and helping me to improve my jujitsu skills. Here's a little something I got for you." I pulled a small bag of sweets out of my inventory and gave it to her.

Chikage looked at the bag in her hands, and then at Master Kushinada. Master Kushinada just sighed. "Fine, just this one time. Don't think I don't know about all of those other times Krishna secretly handed you sweets!" Busted. No wonder she didn't like me that much. Oh well. It's still worth it to see Chikage go into chibi mode and happily eat some sweets.

After Master Kushinada and Chikage was Master Jenazad. "Despite your highly disputable methods, I would like to thank Master Jenazad for teaching me Supreme Silat." I said politely and gave him a bow. Dude was insane but he had real skills. I'm grateful that he spent time teaching me, regardless of methods. I didn't need to like him to be grateful to him.

"Kekekeke!" Master Jenazad, the Demon Fist, just laughed. "It's a pity I didn't get you all to myself. I could have advanced you much further in Supreme Silat." It was true that if I had been trained in only one martial art by one master, I probably would have been much more skilled right now. Still, I'm glad to get the most perfect foundation that 17 of World's top masters could give me together.

Master Sogetsu and Natsu Tanimoto were off in a corner being antisocial like always. "Thank you Master Sogetsu for teaching me Chinese Kempo, even though I know you rather would have been off drinking booze and fighting other people at your strength. I really appreciate all that you have done for me." I gave him a bow too and turned towards Natsu with a sly smile. "Thank you for everything too Natsu. Just remember, even though you are a part of Yami, you can still be best friends with Kenichi. I know how glad you really are to have him as a friend."

"What? You jer-" Was all Natsu could say before Kenichi had zipped up to his face.

"What? Tanimoto-kun wants to be best friends with me? I'm so happy!" Kenichi started clinging to Natsu tightly and crying. "Don't worry, we'll be the best of friends!" Kenichi completely ignored Natsu's cries of 'lies', 'no way!', 'get off of me!', and other curses towards me and him.

It's okay. Natsu is a good guy that does need people. Without Kenichi and his friends, Natsu would probably have already drowned in darkness. Despite his complaints, Natsu was really grateful deep down. Deep deep deeeeep down.

At the lead of Yami was Senzui and Kajima Satomi. "Master Senzui, thank you for teaching me what you could about Ninjutsu and training me to the best of your abilities. I know it ended up leading to your identity being discovered and I'm grateful you trained me despite that risk." I gave him a bow of respect as well.

"You have talent. It would have been a shame not to have been involved. I don't regret it." Master Senzui stated calmly. "Make sure you work hard to uphold Yami's name."

"I will." I promised him. I looked at Kajima. "If we ever have a chance to train together again, next time I'll be the one to complete the obstacle course from hell first."

"Heh! Bring it! You won't be the only one to grow stronger the next time we meet!" He smiled. "I look forward to it!" Kajima Satomi was one cool dude.

I saw Master Ogata with all of his disciples surrounding him. They seemed a bit solemn.

"Rimi! Do you do what I told you to do?" I questioned her.

Rimi straightened her back right and away and replied. "Reporting Sir! Rimi has captured Ryuto-kun's heart by being cool and quiet, silently taking care of Ryuto's needs, and feeding Ryuto delicious homemade food!"

Ryuto blushed. "Rimi! You can't just-"

"Just live with it." I interrupted. "Rimi is extremely sincere in her approach and you have already had your heart touched by her."

"Tsk. Just as annoying as Kenichi." He looked away.

I looked at the blind man in the group. "Thanks for teaching me about blind fighting Lugh. I really appreciate it. I know I would take some of your time to learn from Master Ogata, so I'm really grateful for the time and energy that you sacrificed for me. It made me into a better fighter."

Lugh laughed. "It was an absolute pleasure to teach you. I never thought I would ever be able to teach anyone my style, but you were able to learn a lot from me. Keep working at it!"

I also casually thanked Shōgo Kitsukawa, also known as Berserker, for sparring with me. I was really glad to have fought and learned from him. Actually, Berserker's Formless Martial Arts is actually similar to how many people fought in the One Piece world. Most people didn't know official martial arts and fought without any forms. It was great for the future.

"Thanks for getting me the opportunity to be trained by Yami, Master Ogata. And thank you for taking the time to teach me Ancient Martial Arts. I really appreciate it!" I gave him a deep bow. If it wasn't for Master Ogata, no one in Yami would have ever trained me. I'm really lucky that he forced me to follow him that day. It changed my life around.

"Hahahaha! It's fine! I'm glad I did, because I can tell that you love Martial Arts just as much as me!" Master Ogata smiled at me proudly. "Keep training and breaking the limits of Martial Arts!"

I looked at the last member of Yami, the Second Hades, Ōganosuke Yogi with mixed feelings. I spent only a day with him, but he taught me something so important and amazing. "Thank you Elder Ōganosuke for the knowledge of weapon use that you have imparted to me. It might be one of the most amazing things I will ever learn, and I thank you greatly for it."

The Second Hades looked at me. "You love martial arts and fighting. Don't hold back your heart." That was all he said. I bowed deeply while thinking about it.

I love fighting? Could it be? Am I just as crazy about it like people from Ryozanpaku and Yami? Maybe it was true, otherwise I wouldn't have been training so hard all the time. I guess I really did enjoy fighting. It made my blood pump, and in those moments I felt truly alive. I guess I was a battle junkie, just like the others.

I had left the masters of Ryozanpaku for last. They were good people who were close to my heart.

"I want to thank Master Akisame for everything." I bowed to him deeply. "You started teaching me from the very beginning till the end and had me undergo the most comprehensive and complete training you could come up with. You even went as far as to collaborate with Yami to make me this body suit and perfect a training regime. Thank you very much for everything that you've done for me!"

"Heh. I picked up a good disciple" Master Akisame smiled and waved it off. "You were easy, unlike my other difficult disciple." Kenichi yelled out 'hey!' in the background, which everyone ignored like usual. "You have a lot of talent. It's a shame that we won't be around to see it."

I turned to Apachai and bowed. "Thank you for teaching me how to fight. I had lots of fun learning from you!"

"Apachai wants to teach Krishna more, but Apachai has to go home!" Apachai looked like he was going to cry. "Apachai will miss playing with Krishna! Apachai will leave the toy he made with Krishna so he doesn't get lonely!" Apachai handed me a rough wood carved dog he made a few days back. It almost made me cry.

"Thanks Apachai! I'll keep it as one of my treasures." I turned to Shigure. "Although we didn't get to finish everything, I still am grateful for everything you've taught me. I feel very lucky to have had you as a teacher."

Shigure puffed up, but then deflated. "I really wanted to teach you how to deal with...guns."

I could feel my back starting to sweat. My masters were crazy. I definitely dodged the metaphorical bullet there. "Ha ha ha...I really wanted to learn a lot more from you too Master Shigure. I bet I'm going to regret not learning that from you too."

I looked over next to Master Sakaki and gave him a bow. "Even though you didn't take me as one of your disciples, thanks for teaching me Master Sakaki." Yeah, I'm bringing that back.

"Brat! You know you're one of my disciples too! Just like Kenichi!" Master Sakaki was embarrassed.

"Haha, I know Master. I was just kidding around."

"Tsk! Listen up! I'm proud to have you as a disciple! All of us here are, no matter what side we are on! Do us proud!"

"Thanks Master Sakaki! I'll do my best!" I looked over to Master Ma who was covering his eyes with his hat. "I'll miss our sessions, Master Ma. They were always fun. Especially when Miu would chase you around with a broom."

Master Ma facepalmed. "Hey! Don't ruin my super cool reputation in front of Yami!" It just made me laugh harder. "Well, whatever. Keep practicing and show everyone what Ryozanpaku can do!"

"Of course!" I gave him a bow before turning to the Elder. "Thank you Elder, for giving me the chance to learn from Ryozanpaku and believing in me." I gave him a deep bow.

The Elder laughed heartily. "Ho ho ho! You have a kind heart Krishna. We could all tell when we first met you."

I shrugged. "Maybe."

The Elder shook his head. "Not many would have chosen to fight those pirates. Just like Kenichi, you are brave when you want to be."

My eyes started to get watery. Had I changed into a stronger, better person since I came here? I hoped so. "Thanks Elder. That means a lot to me."

The Elder merely laughed it off. "We'll miss you."

Then it really hit me. They were leaving. They were really going to be gone. I didn't want them to leave. Not a single one. Well, except for Demon Fist God of course. I liked them. I liked them all a lot. I had fun hanging out with them all. They were my friends, and I didn't want to lose them. It was really nice having good friends that trained together for a common goal. I'd never been a part of the armed forces before, but I think it probably feels something like this.

"I don't want you guys to go. I want to learn more from you guys!" I was starting to cry. Dammit. I haven't cried in a long time. "I want to have more fun with you guys and joke around with everyone. I want to get stronger with everyone!"

"Everyone must eventually part one day. Ours just came a bit earlier! Remember everything we taught you! No matter what happens, you will always be a part of Ryozanpaku!"

"And Yami!" Master Ogata added. The rest of Yami also assented.

"And most of all, have courage and conviction!" The Elder boomed. "With that, you can accomplish anything!"

I got down on my hands and knees and bowed down deeply to them all. "Thank you for everything, everyone! Thank you for changing my life!"

Everyone from Ryozanpaku and Yami just smiled and laughed heartily.

There was a final flash of light, and everyone from Yami and Ryozanpaku was gone.

I was all alone once again. I could feel the fear and anxiety coming back. They had kept me distracted from my own transmigration and kept me sane. I could feel all of the uncertainty coming back to me. I had to make new plans for the day to day.

The best option was just to complete missions issued by the system. They haven't led me wrong yet.

"Ahem." The clearing of someone's throat brought me back to reality.

Everyone was staring at me in shock, except for Smoker, who had caught my attention.

"You are coming back to the base for questioning." Smoker stated to me in a voice that didn't allow for disagreement. The marines had also subtly surrounded me when I was wallowing and had their guns out and ready in case I tried to resist.

Oh, this isn't good.


Please Review! Only through your reviews do I get the motivation to write more. Only through your reviews am I able to find and improve my story and fix mistakes.


I would like your opinion on Krishna's supernatural skill/ability. The rule is Krishna can only have one, otherwise it will cause problems for the story and gamer system by becoming too OP for the story.

Weakened version of the Gamer's Magic abilities

Only Energy Manipulation skills like energy bolt, energy shield, spinning mana arrows, body reinforcement, etc. (no elemental abilities)

Highly versatile

Battle Suitable

Utility skills possible

Easier to generate new skills

Lower in Power in comparison to other energy sources

Chakra (Naruto - Ninja abilities)

Basic Genin level ninja abilities like walking on different water surfaces, Clone Jitsu, Transformation Jutsu, Replacement Jutsu (Which is pretty OP teleportation), Hand Seal based attacks that he needs to discover/create on his own

Medium versatility

Battle Suitable with high survival based abilities

Less suitable for utility skills

Hard to generate new skills (Requires hand seals that MC will have to discover on his own, and will have no guidance on how to create skills)

No bloodlines, No Senjutsu (No Nature Chakra in the One Piece World)

Probably can't learn Haki

Nen (HunterxHunter - Variable ability)

Specialist ability based on tattoos and sealing things from the One Piece world into Tattoos for special abilities. Each tattoo can only be used once before it disappears.

Or another Specialist Nen ability of some kind if you want to think of one.

Or Transmutation Type Nen of Void Energy type, which returns anything that touches back to nothing. Requires high control and high nen capacity.

Or Manipulation Type Nen to control Inanimate objects like a specific type of 'weapon' or ships or seawater or something. Will not be living creatures

Or something else if you guys can think of something.

Variable versatility based on nen ability

Suitability for battle and utility depends on growth and Nen type (probably Specialist)

Regular difficulty to generate new skills

Probably can't learn Haki

Reiatsu (Bleach - Human Fullbring)

Object such a necklace or weapon that activates fullbring abilities. Probably something similar to Ichigo's, Sado's, or Orihime's fullbring. Leaning more toward Orihime's abilities.

Low versatility, Focused abilities with few skills

Battle Suitable

Unsuitable for utility skills

Can see Ghosts and other hidden paranormal creatures and attacks target the soul.

Probably can't learn Haki

Ki (DBZ - Human Only)

Human level potential of Ki. Requires constant training just like in DBZ for fighters, and may require special equipment to improve after a certain level.

Least amount of versatility

Battle Suitable (Only Body Reinforcement and energy blasts)

No Utility skills

Human Potential, not Saiyan or other races. Obviously meaning that the MC will not be able to super saiyan or its equivalent. No awesome power ups after being healed from near death. Allowed because Ki strength of humans up to DBZ level only.

Probably can't learn Haki

Other manga/anime/etc energy source - You write in and explain, and I will look it up.

Must be energy based.

No energy source that leads automatically to Godhood allowed.

Not Cultivation of Qi. Doesn't work well with the Gamer

Not Straight up Magic like Zatanna

Can't be anything that provides ridiculous abilities like devouring others to gain their abilities or mimic learning every ability in the world or something.

So Quirks from MHA, Reality Marbles from the fate series, or Strands from Jojo don't fit here at all.

Must not be ridiculously complicated (ex: Prana/Magecraft). I want the story to be about the story, and not about the abilities.

Depending on the energy, it will appear at a different time in the story. The MC won't receive any associated bloodlines or etc. That means no Sharingan, Chakra Beast, Kurta clan bloodline, Quincy bloodline, Saiyan bloodline, etc.

Depending on the energy source and ability chosen, the MC may or may not have Haki. I'm not going to tell you which ones will probably prevent learning haki. You should probably be able to tell which ones I wouldn't allow the MC to simultaneously have Haki though based on the strength of the ability...

I already have an Idea for his powers, but I'm open to ideas. I can currently see this going in any direction.



Race: Human

Titles: East Blue Dweller


Gamer's Body - Grants a body that allows the Gamer to live life as like a game. Grants Regeneration of Health and Mana over time. All status effects are temporary. The Gamer is unable to gain any abilities from Devil Fruits.

Pathfinder – Many Missions will be made available in each area without having to stumble upon them first.

Plot Seeking – You are drawn towards the main plot of the story. Missions related to the characters of the story tend to have higher rewards.

Otherworldly Attraction – Your presence causes distortions to occur across the multiverse.

Martial Talent - Born to do Martial Arts. Martial Arts Skills improve quickly.

Flexible Body - Your body's elasticity is at the limit of Human ability

Supernatural Talent - Possess the ability to have and use supernatural skills.

Genius - Greatly reduces requirements to learn new skills

Resistance Body – Allows for the generation of Damage Mitigation Skills.

Animal Whisperer - All animals tend to trust you more than the average person. Simple communication is possible with any animal that trusts you with it's life.

Afraid of Heights - Fear of being in high places, more likely to freeze in those places


Throwing (Level 1)

The ability to propel an object with force through the air with specific body movements.

Cleaning (Level 3)

The ability to both notice dirty areas and make something or someone free of dirt, marks, or mess, especially by washing, wiping, or brushing.

Hauling (Level 1)

The ability to carry objects from one place to the next.

Running (Level 9)

Move from Point A to Point B with faster speed.

Jumping (level 4)

The ability to propel yourself through the air with your own body.

Swimming (Level 1)

The ability for self-propulsion through water through specific body movements.

Climbing (Level 2)

The ability to scale different terrains with the power of your own Body.

Parkour (Level 6)

The ability to navigate complex terrains in the most efficient manner possible using running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, plyometrics, rolling, quadrupedal movement and other movements as deemed most suitable for the situation.

Acting (Level 8)

The ability to take on a fictional role and represent it well in a performance of any kind.

Battle Awareness (Level 16)

The ability to be aware of the flow of battle and everything happening around you.

Sense Danger (Level 1)

Your sixth sense has awakened and you have the ability to sense danger. As this skill improves, accuracy and precision increases.

Listening (Level 12)

The ability to hear at a greater distance and with increased sensitivity.

Meditation (Level 1)

The ability to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state, and focus the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity.

Blunt Trauma Resistance (Level 14)

Decreased effect and duration of contusions, abrasions, lacerations, internal hemorrhages and/or bone fractures.

Penetrating Trauma Resistance (Level 13)

Decreased effect and duration of Bladed or Piercing Weapon or Projectile damage

Pain Resistance (Level 8)

The Duration and Effect of Pain is decreased.

Mind Control Resistance (Level 6)

Decreased effect and duration of Mind Control-like Effects

Memory Alteration Resistance (Level 8)

Decreased effect and duration of Memory Altering Effects

Charm Resistance (Level 2)

Decreases the effects of Charm on the Mind

Poison Resistance (Level 2)

The Duration and Effect of Poisons are decreased.

Fire Resistance (Level 2)

Decreases the effects of fire and burns on the body.

Cold Resistance (Level 2)

Decreases the effects of Cold on the body

Odor Resistance (Level 1)

Decreases the effects of odors on you and your nose.

Fear Resistance (Level 23)

Decreases the effects of Fear on your mind

Detect Deception (Level 3)

Increases your ability to differentiate lies from the truth

Perfect Foundational Body Training Exercise (Level 88)

Rebuilding the body from bottom up to be suitable for martial arts. Allows increased awareness of your body condition. All of the body's muscle fibers are changed from red (High power, low endurance) and white (High endurance, low power) muscle fibers to the superior hybrid pink muscle fibers that possess both power and endurance. Training techniques also simultaneously increases the body's toughness to create an iron body, and control over one's center of gravity, and extreme control over physical movements. Maxing this skill brings one to the peak of human physical fitness in all aspects.

Formless Martial Arts (Level 4)

Martial Arts that have no set attack patterns or battle methods, and good at confusing opponents.

Ancient Martial Arts (Level 5)

An old, and undefined form of mixed martial arts, not much is known of this fighting style or its creation. It specializes in different forms ranging from locks, speed, and purely training Exercises. Possess many forgotten techniques that have high power, but are destructive to the Human Body.

Chinese Kempo - All Styles (Level 8)

Soft Forms focuses on training inner strength, such as cardio-vascular development and strengthening organs, to increase the users' defensive capabilities and their endurance in the fight, and attacking the opponent's inner strength. Internal training includes the heart, the spirit, the mind, breathing and strength. Hard forms focus on outer strength, such as the power and hardness of muscles and bones, to increase one's offensive skill in a fight. External training includes the hands, the eyes, the body, stances and steps.

Jujitsu - All Styles (Level 9)

Martial Arts that focus on grappling, ground fighting, submission holds, and throwing techniques. Also known as the 'Art of Flexibility'. The addition of the Kushinada Style of Martial Arts is able to bring out moves without using any power, using 100% Skill in all of your moves. At the peak, the User is able to change their own or their enemy's center of gravity however they desire.

Muay Thai/Muay Boran (Level 8)

A Boxing Martial Art that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Known as the Science of Eight Limbs due to the importance it places on using the hands, elbows, knees, and legs as weapons.

Karate - All Styles (Level 8)

A striking art primarily using punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open-hand techniques such as knife-hands, spear-hands and palm-heel strikes. Grappling, throws, joint locks, restraints and vital-point strikes are also used in certain variations.

Armed Ninjutsu (Level 14)

Martial art based on the Kōsaka Style Armed Ninjutsu that focuses on stealth, precision, and mastery of multiple weapons for versatility. The principle of this martial art is the philosophy that a weapon must be an extension of the user's body, and that they must be one with their weapon in order to truly use it in battle. Eventually, regular everyday items can be used as a weapon, to the point where just a piece of cloth can be turned into the deadliest weapon.

Unarmed Ninjutsu (Level 6)

Martial art based on the Kuremisago Style Ninjutsu that focuses on unarmed combat, stealth, and precision. This style includes both the traditional and forgotten techniques and stances of the origins of Ninjutsu itself. Provides a full understanding of the human anatomy, and access to unique fighting abilities.

Combat Sambo (Level 5)

This Martial Art combines the grappling techniques with practical punches and kicks to make it more effective in long term fights. Developed from a combination of many other martial arts to take down an armed or unarmed opponent in the shortest time possible.

Kalaripayattu (Level 5)

A Martial Art that was derived from Ancient Yoga that concentrates more on using different exercises and massage to develop strength and flexibility. Knowledge of different pressure points is used to allow users to take out their enemies. It was improved over time for use in actual warfare and one of the few bare banded martial arts that has a weapons component to it. One of the few martial arts that teaches compassion, discipline, and respect toward the master, fellow-students, parents and the community.

Lucha Libre Wrestling (Level 5)

A Martial Arts style that uses powerful techniques, but is ultimately difficult to use in real combat due to its flashy, time consuming, aerial-based, tackling nature of fighting. It also possesses standard grappling moves that wrestling is known for. Its unpredictability makes it difficult to counter and anticipate.

Supreme Silat (Level 8)

Martial Arts specializing in decisive blows and guerrilla tactics incorporating strikes, grappling and throwing in addition to weaponry.. Also known as the 'Dance of Attack', with over 900 different styles. As a result, it possesses a lot of rhythm and is generally trained with music. Known to be highly adaptable, freely changeable, a large amount of techniques, and complicated and bizarre. Sometimes unable to deal with straightforward moves of other martial arts due to the complexity.

Furinji-Style Mixed Martial Arts (Level 6)

A style of Martial Arts created by Furinji Hayato, the Invincible Superman that was made and refined through numerous battles. It possesses moves from many different martial arts alongside his 108 Legendary Secret techniques.

Weapon Intent (Level 2)

The ability to understand and bond with a weapon for higher weapon skills.