Helpless Addiction

Chapter 3

Rating: PG-16ish

Author: Moonchild DJ

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Seto's thoughts: oo/…/oo

Jou's thoughts: =/…/=


=/Of all the things to happen, to have Seto holding my hand, leading me to his room, was the last thing I expected. Part of me was cheering, wondering why it hadn't happened sooner, the rest of me was in shock, half-stammering and having convinced myself I was dreaming. I know I've got it bad, I acknowledge that, but to know that Seto was THERE, holding my hand…I think I fairly floated along after him.

In a short amount of time, so much has happened. I mean, I was kidnapped, along with Mokuba and Anzu, brainwashed, dueled against my best friend, nearly killed him, broke the mind control and saved him, nearly drowned myself, all leading up to boarding this floating tub for the finals…and Seto Kaiba's holding my hand. Can you blame me for being in a stupor? It seemed so long ago when those curious words of love slipped from Seto's lips. Does he still mean them? Would he take them back? Would things change between us? Gods, I hope so. It's seemed like forever since this all started.

"Penny for your thoughts, koinu?" purrs that smooth-as-silk voice near my ear, and I can't help but shudder in pleasure. Ah, that voice was pure heaven, even when insult colored it.

"Only a penny?" I laugh, trying not to blush very much when I see those beautiful eyes turned to me. "Aw, you can afford more than that!" I tease.

"Mmm, depends on if the words are worth more." you reply back with that dry wit of yours. No matter that it's a half-insult, I'm a puddle of pleasure, as always. What? Let's see anyone stand up to Seto Kaiba and that sensual voice of his, no wonder half of Domino High's female quota are his fangirls, not to mention a few fanboys.

"Hardy har har." I reply, when I had stopped mentally swooning and smile. "Just thinking how much stuff has happened."

"I agree. Battle City's turning bigger than I expected."

"But you wanted it that way, right?"

You nod, and I swear my knees nearly give out when you gaze at me and give a look and a little smile that makes me tingle from head to foot.

"Of course. But getting to spend time with my puppy is even better."

Oh gods. His puppy. Not A puppy. HIS puppy. I think I'll melt into a pile of goo, now. I can feel my cheeks burning under that heated gaze, and I lick my lips, watching those incredible eyes flicker southwards to take in the movement. If I was a girl, I'd be squealing, now. But I'm a guy, thank you very much, so I figuratively stop myself from drooling and manage to reply, "Y-your puppy?" Shaddap. I'd like to see anyone piece two sentences together after that.

All of a sudden, I find myself pinned up against Seto's door, and it's all I can do to squeak in surprise when his hands land on my shoulders and his lips on mine. My eyes pop open wide to see an up close and personal view of Seto before me--and what a lovely view it is, too--and warm, full lips against mine. My eyes fall closed, and as I wrap my arms around Seto's neck, there's only two thoughts running through my head before my brain melts down: the first one being, 'oh gods, he's kissing me', naturally, and the second one was desperately praying I wasn't dreaming, and if I was, then I didn't wanna wake up!/=


Oo/Oh gods. I can't believe I've done it. I'm kissing the one that's been driving me insane since I met him. Insane with that beautiful flapping mouth that I've been dying to kiss shut, insane with that fiery temper and drive and spunk that never knows when to quit, insane with that golden beauty and innocent, carefree charm and toughness. I've finally taken the last step and kissed him, and he isn't pushing me away.

What drove me to it, you ask? A simple thing, really. That smaller, warm hand in mine, that soft laugh, that smile, those warm honeyed eyes gazing to me in shock when I proclaimed him as my puppy. Simple reasons, but just enough to encourage me to capture those sweet, warm lips with mine. I am very glad I listened to those thoughts instead of the scared ones that were screaming I was making a big mistake. I'm not scared of anything…well, except of losing Mokuba or my puppy, or Jou not loving me back. Looks like I was scared for nothing.

My hand fumbles for the mechanism that opens the door, sliding the needed card through the slot without letting go of the sweet lips beneath mine, stumbling when the door opens behind Jou, and I try to grab him before he falls--and end up tumbling right in with him, falling to the floor with a grunt, which sadly breaks our kiss as he yelps. But he's smiling as he gazes up at me.

"That's one way to make an entrance, ne?"

Gods…his voice is husky and breathless, soft and inviting, and I can't help but kiss him again, shivering in pleasure when I hear and feel a moan from the lips beneath mine, those fingers run through my hair, before I reluctantly break the kiss to gaze down into that flushed face. Gods, Jou…what you do to me.

"I'm addicted to you." I whisper, sending soft golden waves of hair fluttering with the breath of my words. "In a very, very good way."

"I'm your drug?" Your nose squinches up so cutely at the thought, before you grin at me, playfully batting my bangs out of my eyes. "Jonouchi Katsuya, drug of choice! Only available to handsome blue-eyed CEOs with an affinity for dragons." you reply with an impish wink, and I can feel my cheeks flooding with color at that one before I smirk in amusement. You are such an idiot, but a very cute one.

My my…if this isn't an interesting sight." another voice drawls from behind me, and I feel you stiffen. I hate the interruption, and probably my voice shows it after climbing to my feet with you, and glancing suspiciously at the other blond in my doorway.

"Shouldn't you be in your room, Namu?" I hiss as I pull Jou to my side. I should have expected something was wrong when the blond smiled, but I was so distracted with Jou, I didn't pay attention. Maybe if I had, I would have seen the flash of gold at Namu's back, maybe not. All I knew was that Jou stiffened again, his eyes wide when I glance at him, and frown at Namu.

"You're right, of course. Just wandering around a bit." he replies with a wink of one of those eerie violet eyes. "Enjoy yourself, you two." he finishes as he gave a little wave and sauntered back down the hall.

I frown after him, then glance back to Jou. "You all right, koinu?" I ask softly.

I didn't expect him to gaze up at me with such a heated expression of pure need. Good gods. I think I forgot how to breathe.

"You were talking about addiction?" came the soft, low voice, thick and rich and sensual as he nudges the door closed, and smaller, hungry hands rove over my chest. "I wanna get addicted to you."

Well, if that wasn't the embodiment of many wet dreams about my puppy…I gave a low moan of pleasure and caught those delicious lips with mine, again./oo


=/Oh gods…that voice, again! I thought I was rid of it! Namu…he had that freaky Item in his hand, he's the one, he's Malik! A wave of fear shot through me when those violet eyes stared into me, and I heard his voice in my head.

-You know what card Kaiba holds in his deck, he's bragged about it enough times. I want you to get it for me.-

I protest violently, try to shake off the trance. I had already hurt Yugi, I didn't want to hurt Seto, too! Please, not him…don't do this to me now, not when things are looking so good between us! But Namu-Malik- must've had a backup switch or something, 'cause no matter how I internally struggle, try to tell Seto, I'm frozen in place. I want to cry at the unfairness of it all, but Malik has taken away my will, again.

-You will do as I say, won't you, Jonouchi? I don't leave you much choice, do I? I want you to seduce him, make him take you to his bed. When he's sleeping, you'll take the card I desire and bring it to me. You'll be with your precious Seto, and I'll get what I want. We both win.-

That mad cackle is still echoing in my head…I don't want to be with Seto in THIS way! I want to be with him, but for ourselves, not because of a baka with control over a doohickey that takes your will away from you and insane machinations over a God Card! I try to warn Seto, but all I can do is watch myself tempt and tease Seto, wrap my arms around him and kiss him back as he steers us to his bedroom.

Seto, Seto…! I can't betray him, it'll hurt him in the worst way. He'll think I was with him, slept with him just to get his God Card, he'll never forgive me. He'll hate me for sure. I try to stop, try to pull my lips from his, try to get the words out…nothing. Nothing at all. I want to scream, but all I do is moan and arch when those wonderful lips land up against my skin, nibbling, licking when our bodies find the bed. All I do is hold onto him when clothes are shed, bodies combine, lips and hands slide over bared skin, my mouth, my body working against me, urging him on instead of warning him. Oh, Seto, please forgive me.

It can't constitute as rape, not unless you count mind-rape…I want to be with him, I want him to make love to me. Just not like this. Not like this. A part of me--the physical part of me that wasn't latched to Malik's commands--enjoys the feel of his skin gliding over mine, his strong body so gentle and considerate, the feel of his loving touch and the way he claims me and makes love to me. It was what I've wanted, what I've dreamt of, and Malik had to make a mockery out of it.

I hear his loving words, that he needs me, LOVES me, never wants to let me go. I hear his pleasured sounds as our bodies conjoin, and my lips were echoing his. I could never regret making love with the one that's practically held my heart since we first met, I just wish it didn't come with strings attached. My body revels in the act, and the part of me caught up in Malik's web is scheming. How can Seto ever forgive me…?

He holds me so perfectly in his arms after. I feel his soft, shaky breaths fluttering my hair, his hands resting on my spine as our limbs twine together, my head resting against his chest, listening to his heart beat as he rolls to my side and embraces me.

"I love you, koinu." was whispered against my ear, and I feel tears pricking at my eyes. Will he still love me after I'm gone from his bed and taken his card with me? I doubt it.

"I love you, too." I whisper back. That, I can mean with my whole heart and soul, no matter what. I hear Seto sigh softly in contentment, his body relaxed and warm, his arms gentle and loose about me. I kiss his chest softly, shivering when I hear his breaths even out into slumber. I try to fight myself, to not rise from his arms, but I might as well have been arguing with a brick wall.

I find myself sliding out of his slack embrace, and gaze down at him, before kissing him again, soft and lingering. Then I find I can cry, as tears splash lightly off of Seto's face like rain. "I'm so sorry…" I whisper, wrapping my arms around myself. "So sorry…"

Dressing was robotic, and I find myself tiptoeing across the room to the white trenchcoat where he had to have his deck stashed. I fumble through the pockets methodically until I felt the cards against my fingers, drawing them out and riffling through them. My tears splash on my hands and the cards, but my body kept on going until finding the card Malik wanted.

My fingers are shaking. I was fighting Malik's control with everything within me, but this spell seemed stronger than the one with Yugi. While I could see what I was doing, react to outside things, I can't control myself an inch. I pick up the God Card, placing the rest of Seto's deck back where I'd found it, gazing at the card in my hand. God of Obelisk. My life, my love, was being ruined over this. The powerful card quivers in my fingers, and I want to give it to Seto, explain, put it back in his deck, run back into Seto's arms and never come back out. But I can't do any of it. I hate the sensation of being powerless, and it's choking me, now.

I walk mechanically through the room, to the door with Obelisk in my hand. Only one thing stops me.

Seto's voice.

"Koinu…? Where are you going…?" /=


End Chapter 3


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