Jack had originally dismissed the internet when it was first introduced. As a spirit, he didn't really have much interest in mortal fads. Plus, he still had no idea how to read, so that pretty much put a massive damper on the whole thing.

When it started to grow in strength and ease of use, he looked at it with mild interest. Like one would a rather interesting flower or dish.

Then he discovered something that had him sneaking into a computer store to 'buy' a laptop and certain programs. Of course he couldn't do it normally, since the whole "invisible to the living" thing made it impossible to purchase anything... but he did leave more than enough compensation for the device he took and the programs.

The next year was a game of trial and error, but the fact he could now claim he was able to read more than made up for it. It was like he was a dried out sponge that had been thrown into the ocean...he eagerly soaked up all the things he had never been able to enjoy before once his job handling the winter season was over.

So long as he brought the cold weather, no one really paid attention to what he did.

Considering no one actually believed in his existence, Jack decided to play a little trick via the message forums and multiple usernames to see if that did anything.

His almost fell off his staff in shock when the humans were able to see him, however briefly. Sure, they were a bunch of bored and stupid teenagers, but it was the most interaction he had with the living in centuries.

All because of a little "internet myth" about a winter spirit that went by "Jack Frost", along with the most bare minimum description.

Excited, Jack realized he finally had a way to garner belief. With enough of it, people would spread his name to the point they wouldn't walk through him anymore!

Now...he just had to pick a name.

Jack had to giggle every time he thought of his username.

Jack_Fr05t, or simply "Frost" for short.

What had started out as a quest to learn how to read had spiraled into a way to kill his boredom during the months outside the winter season. Mother Nature really didn't care what the seasonal spirits did so long as they performed their duties and didn't interfere overly much with the duties of the other spirits. She was pretty much hand's-off in that regard, which was both great and frustrating.

So long as he brought the winter cold around the earth, he was free to do what he pleased the rest of the year.

He was sure the other spirits, especially Summer was wondering what new prank he was up to, considering he allowed winter's chill to vanish a little early for the past two years.

The simply truth was that he had become fascinated with the internet, and now that he knew how to read he had started 'surfing' the web whenever he had the chance.

He was flying over the arctic when he spotted it. One of those funny moving pods that the human scientists were using to study the ice and cold.

He sometimes liked to observe them, because very few people liked his element and by extension him.

Today there was a pretty bad blizzard, though it wasn't his fault. He saw one of the female scientists going out onto the ice to collect samples, huddling under her parka to try and stay warm.

His heart almost stopped (again) when he saw the ice begin to crack under the weight of the woman and her equipment. Whatever she was carrying had to be heavy.

Jack raced towards her, as he knew that with the blizzard going on like it was there was no way any of her friends would be able to see her fall, much less be able to rescue her in time if she went in.

Water began to seep in from the cracks, a sure sign that the ice was about to collapse right from under her.

The woman finally realized the danger she was in, as she screamed just as the ice caved in from under her. No one could hear her over the wind and the raging snow.

No one but Jack.

He didn't even stop to think about it...he used his powers to firm up the ice beneath her. She still became drenched, but she wouldn't slip under the ice anymore.

Considering the sub-zero temperatures, Jack promptly cleared the worst of the blizzard around her so that she wouldn't freeze to death in seconds. Her equipment was a lost cause but that was a small price to pay for saving her life.

Seeing her promptly head back inside after the near scare she had, Jack relaxed a bit.

That was way too close...she would have died if he hadn't been here!

Jack would have left, as the incident brought memories that were a bit too close to home...but he wanted to see if the female scientist was alright.

So you could imagine his unhappy countenance upon finding out someone had deliberately sent her out during a nasty blizzard for samples that would have still been there once it was over.

The asshole who sent her out was pranked nine ways to Easter once Jack figured out who it was.

However that wasn't the end of it.

Elsa, the tiny scientist he had saved had obviously figured out something saved her life...after all, the sudden lack of blizzard after the dunk she had in the freezing water, never mind the fact he had elevated the ice to make it easier for her to climb out...was hardly subtle.

And considering it was Spring, which meant several months before Jack had anything to actually do, that meant she had quite a bit of time before the winter spirit vanished on her.

It took her two months to develop enough belief to see him.

It took them a full month of getting to know each other before Elsa got Jack hooked on internet MMO's and the wonders of RPG's.

There was no escape for Jack, who suffered from boredom and prank-deprivation during the months outside winter. It also provided a wonderful distraction from the loneliness.

It was almost a disappointment when winter started to creep in...except Elsa was finally allowed to go home and she wanted to introduce Anna to her new bestie.

(The scientists were still baffled how Elsa was able to complete so much research on rare and almost impossible to experience weather events that only occurred around ice and snow.)

If one had asked Jack that he would be seen because of conspiracy theorists who were all gung-ho about proving that "Jack Frost did not exist and we will bleeping prove that's the case come hell or high water"...only to end up confronted by a mischievous spirit all too happy to dump tons of snow right on them whenever they tried to claim "Jack Frost does not exist"... well, he would have laughed at you sadly before he discover the wonders of the internet.

On an unrelated note, he was still blessing Elsa and her knowledge of how to apply certain filters, because it meant he could quit stumbling into the "adult" sites that he had absolutely no interest in by complete accident.

Swearing, gore and general psychological horror he could live with, and to a certain extent enjoy the latter two. However he firmly drew the line at porn.

Which wasn't entirely shocking as he was a spirit, even if he had died as a teenager. It wasn't like he could find a girlfriend without it being a complete turn off because he felt like a literal ice cube, and he wasn't interest in guys outside of being 'bros', as Anna had so eloquently put it.

Either way, hearing Jack come up with some creative swears while exploring the wonderful world of online gaming (he wasn't limited to one language, since he had been around long enough to pick up more than a few out of boredom...including Klingon, oddly enough) would make Elsa laugh. Hard.

Jack grinned, as he heard even more kids start spreading his name around along with a bare description based off the drawing Anna had done for him. Unlike her sister Elsa, Anna was artistically inclined.

Ever since he discovered the wonders of the internet...specifically online forums and gaming... more and more people were starting to accept the possibility that maybe he might be more than just a name people used to complain about winter.

He felt a thrill of delight every time he found a new drawn picture of himself (none of which was R-rated...he had become quite proficient in hacking and any time he saw it on his official 'website' he made sure to remove it within an hour). He was starting to become one of those internet legends, complete with a fan base and devout followers. The fact that he tracked down the biggest sources of belief for "Jack Frost, Spirit of Winter" and did a few displays of his powers that wouldn't piss off Mother Nature or the Guardians, only made his legend grow.

His name had been around for centuries...only now people were starting to have a face that they could associate with it.

By Manny, he loved the internet. There were billions of people on the planet, and he only needed to extend a little effort and proof to get the belief started. He might never reach the same heights as the big four (North, Bunnymund, Sandy and Toothiana), but he would be seen and more importantly believed in.

It wasn't like he was trying to steal belief from the Guardians... children outgrew that on their own and passed it down to their kids, starting the cycle all over again. He just wanted to be noticed and not treated like a monster.

He had lost count of the number of times he tried to befriend some of the other spirits, only to be spurned or treated like crap because of the fact he controlled winter.

And they wondered why ice spirits acted so pissy around the others, considering the distrust and sneers that kept being thrown their way.


It honestly made him wonder why in Manny's name Pitch hadn't simply capitlized on the fact that there were several subcultures of humans who would be all too happy to pay in order to be subjected to his power over fear.

Jack had sat with the sisters when they watched Trick R Treat with the twisted 'spirit' of Halloween known as Sam. He felt nothing said more about humanity's ability to accept fear and turn it into fun than watching that movie, since it hit upon several key traditions of Halloween and how you didn't necessarily need to fear the darkness if you could embrace it instead.

(That being said, he had made a few discreet inquiries about whether that twisted little guy existed...so far he wasn't having much luck but that wasn't to say the odd spirit didn't exist.)

The whole thing was almost enough to make Jack forget the sorta-epic rivalry he had with the Easter Bunny, aka Bunnymund. Almost.

But noooo, Bunnymund the jerk had to be a total drama queen and get a snitty about the accidental blizzard he created by adding a proper scenic backdrop for his stupid eggs.

Jack's eyes gleamed...he would give that stupid kangaroo frozen feet for a freaking month after that snide comment the jerk made about him having no believers.

It wasn't being petty when the other guy acted like such an ass, just because he thought he was hot stuff for being one of the Big Four.

Jack only kept his mouth shut about having actual believers because he didn't want the Guardians to get all snitty about his methods and using the internet to drum up belief.

It was slow, but it was working and he wasn't about to give that up just because they might not like the fact he was interacting with the living through a screen.

So what if people merely thought he was just an oddball who liked the old legends of Jack Frost a bit too much and ran with it? They still believed enough to see him and interact with him, and that's all he really cared about. He was so sick of being alone that he was willing to try almost anything to be SEEN.

(And no, Elsa, he was NOT going to attend freaking therapy. He was a spirit, for Manny's sake! Besides, where would they find an actual therapist who was willing to believe long enough to actually have sessions with Jack Frost in the first place without trying to 'convince' him to let go of his unrealistic fantasy of being a winter spirit?)

Jack bit his tongue and ignored the hurtful comments of the Easter Kangaroo (sorry, bunny) with the ease of long practice. Far too much practice, if you asked him. Was it his fault that his powers were pretty much the opposite of what the stupid kangaroo wanted for his lame holiday? He never asked for the Man in the Moon to turn him into a winter spirit, and he still had no idea what it was that Manny wanted him to do in the first place.

After nearly three hundred years, he had given up trying to figure it out and decided to find his own purpose outside the winter season.

He could not say this enough...thank the Moon that humans created the internet and ways to access it, even if he had to 'pay' for his first laptop in a way that could have been considered stealing since he couldn't go in to the shops like a normal person. He never thought getting one so he could learn how to read would give him actual friends, much less believers.

'One day, the Guardians will wake up and realize I found my own way to drum up belief, and then we'll see who's mocking who, you stupid kangaroo,' thought Jack viciously.