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The Koopalings was at the store to shop for the stuff they need to fix the machine along with groceries. They decided to split up into two groups which one will shop for the machine parts and the other will shop for groceries. Lemmy, Iggy, and Larry is shopping for machine parts and Roy, Wendy, Morton, Junior, and Ludwig is shopping for groceries. They will meet at the end once their finished getting the stuff

Iggy, Lemmy, and Larry is currently at the hardware section of the store since their looking for the machine parts

"What parts do we need to fix the machine?"asked Lemmy while looking up at his taller younger brother

"We need is some gears, screws, remote control, stabilizer, lever, and other machine stuff"answered Iggy as he was looking at his list

Lemmy looked around to see screws and gears at a section away from them

"Hey, there's some screws and gears over there!"said Lemmy while smiling big and grasping Iggy's hand

"Woah! Lemmy, wait!"shouted Iggy before being dragged off

Lemmy dragged Iggy eagerly to where the parts are and Larry slowly followed them as he let out a loud bored groan

"Who knew looking for parts for the machine could be this boring?"said Larry to himself in boredom

Larry looked few sections away to see the gaming section and it has a new game called Larry Koopa: Zombie Heartbreaker 2

"They won't mind if I play a game for awhile"smirked Larry as he quietly slipped away


Iggy and Lemmy walked out of the section, they found most of the parts for the machine and currently on their way to meet up with the others

"At least we found most of the parts today Iggy"said Lemmy with a smile

"Yeah, just need to find some tomorrow or so"agreed Iggy while nodding his head

The two continued to walk until they stopped to hear a familar voice at the video game section

"Oh yeah! Take that, you zombie!"shouted a voice

"That sounds like…"trailed off Iggy before he realized who it was"Larry!"

"He must've gone to this section while we was looking for the parts"said Lemmy

"That sly koopaling, making us to do all of the work while he's being a lazy a-"Iggy was about to say a certain curse word as Lemmy cuts him off

"Iggy…"warned Lemmy with a look

"Fine, let's go get him…"

They went to the gaming section and saw Larry playing Larry Koopa: Zombie Heartbreaker 2

"Prepare to be shot by Larry Koopa, zombies!"grinned Larry while getting ready to shoot the zombies in the game

"Ahem…."said a voice behind Larry and tapping his shoulder

The light blue hair koopaling turned to see his older brothers with displeased looks on their faces

"H-Hey bros, wanna play?"asked Larry

Larry dropped the controller as he dragged away from the gaming section by Iggy and Lemmy and whined in disappointment

"Aw come on guys! I was this close to winning this round"whined Larry

"Your not having me and Lemmy to do the work while you are going off playing video games"scolded Iggy to Larry with a glare

"It got boring for me after a few minutes"Larry rolled his eyes

"Just for that, your gonna come with me to get the other parts tomorrow"Iggy grinned evilly at him

"Aw, what!"whined Larry

"That's what you get Lars"giggled Lemmy

With Roy, Wendy, Morton, Junior, and Ludwig

The five koopalings was at the grocery section and Morton and Junior was constantly filling the shopping cart with many food as they can

"Do we need any of this stuff, you two?"asked Wendy while giving her brothers a look

"What? We do need food for the castle"said Morton with a grin

"Yeah!"agreed Junior, nodding his head in agreement

"Don't come to me if you two begin are getting fat from eating all of this food"sighed Wendy in annoyance

"Whatever you say Wendy, I'll still be working out with Roy"said Morton

"Damn right"smirked Roy while fist bumping Morton

Wendy rolled her eyes and slowly shook her head

"Any ideas for dinner?"asked Wendy

"Steak/Pork Chops!"shouted Roy and Morton at the same time which made them pause and glared at one another

"Morton, we're doin' steak for dinner and dat's it"yelled Roy

"I want pork chops, their better than steak anyways!"shouted Morton

"Why you-"Roy glared at Morton

The two strongest koopalings was about to go at each other until Wendy comes between them before they get kicked out of the store

"Enough you two! Nobody isn't gonna eat steak or pork chops so that's it!"said Wendy while glaring at her brothers

"Aww man"groaned Morton

"Dat's just bullcrap"grumbled Roy while crossing his arms

"Since you two can't agree to pick what's gonna be for dinner, Ludwig is gonna choose for us"said Wendy

"What?!"shouted Morton and Roy

"He's still the eldest, toddler or not"Wendy smirked at them

"What do you want Luddy?"asked Junior to the former eldest

"Wuddy wants mac and chweese for dinner!"cheered Ludwig with a smile

"Mac and cheese it is!"said Wendy, getting the mac and cheese and putting it into the cart

"I don't mind having mac and cheese for dinner, anything better than Kammy's cooking"agreed Junior

"How come Ludwig gets what he wants?"asked Morton while raising an eyebrow

"Because he actually has more common sense than the likes of you idiots"huffed Wendy with a glare at them

Ludwig giggled and stuck out his tongue at them which made Roy growl at him and Morton holds Roy back before he can do anything to Ludwig

"Cocky like his older self"grumbled Roy


The Koopalings all met up at the center of the store and talked for a while before they left

"So how did it go with you boys?"asked Wendy

"It was all good and got some of the parts for the machine"answered Iggy with a smile

"Except for Larry who ditched us to play video games"mentioned Lemmy

"I said I was sorry!"said Larry with an annoyed tone and rolling his eyes

"Sounds about right"huffed Wendy

"How did it go with you guys?"asked Lemmy

"Good for us as well, we got the foods we need"said Morton

"We're having mac and cheese for dinner!"said Junior

"Yay! Mac and cheese!"cheered Lemmy with a smile

"Ugh, can't we just have steaks instead?"complained Larry

"See I told you so Mort, even Larry wants steak for dinner"smirked Roy turning to Morton

Morton just rolled his eyes at his older brother's cockiness

"Come on let's go check out the stuff"said Iggy

They started to head for the check out and passing few sections away. Ludwig glanced the toy section and ooed at the sight as he pointed at the section and bouncing up and down

"Wuddy want to see toys!"Ludwig squealed in joy

The other koopalings stopped to look where Ludwig was pointing at

"Can we guys? I want to see if there's a toy of Super Koopa Pals"asked Junior while doing the same thing as Ludwig

"We're not here to look at toys, you two"said Iggy with a look

"Yeah, we don't have time for dis"agreed Roy

Junior got an idea and whispered to the former eldest about the idea as they looked at their siblings and made the puppy eyes

"Pwease Iggy…"said the younger koopalings

"Oh no, I'm not falling for the puppy eyes"Iggy turned away from them to resist them

"Not gonna happen squirts"scoffed Roy, also not trying to fall for the puppy dog eyes

Four of the koopalings didn't hesitate like Iggy and Roy as they went to the two younger koopalings

"Guys!"scolded Iggy, glaring at his siblings

"Hmph, wimps"huffed Roy, crossing his arms

"Come on you two, just look at them"said Wendy, making a sad face at her older brothers

"Can't they just have a treat for being the sweetest angels"said Morton while patting Ludwig's head

"You wouldn't say no to those faces"said Larry as he grinned at them

"Pwease Iggy"said Lemmy, joining in the puppy dog eyes as well

They all made the sad eyes and Iggy and Roy tried to resist those eyes but failed to do so

"Fine, we'll go to the toy aisle since we do have some time left…"sighed Iggy finally giving into the puppy eyes

"Yay!"cheered Junior and Ludwig

They went to the toy aisle to look around at toys, well mostly for Lemmy, Junior, and Ludwig who was all over the place of looking around at a lot of toys

"Says the same person who still has his Koopa Princess anime toys"said Roy as Larry had to snicker of what Roy said

"Hey! My Magical Koopa Princess Precure figures aren't toys, their collectables"protested Iggy, blushing in embarrassment and glares at Roy

"Leave him alone Roy,"said Wendy, glaring at Roy and continued"I can say the same thing for your superhero action figures as well"

They had to hold their laughter at Wendy's comeback except for Roy who glared at them

"Hey! Dat's different!"yelled Roy

Ludwig looked up to see a jumbo blue yoshi plush and awed at the sight like a kid at the candy store

"Wuddy want toy!"said Ludwig as he pointed to a jumbo blue yoshi plush

"We're not here to get toys"groaned Iggy in annoyance and gave Ludwig a look

"But Wuddy want!"Ludwig glared at Iggy back

"No toys!"Iggy was starting to get irritated with Ludwig






"NO! That's final Ludwig!"

Ludwig made a cute mad look while he had an idea and inhaled the air as siblings saw of what Ludwig is about to do and their eyes widened in fear

"Oh no…."said Iggy with a hint of fear in his voice

"Ludwig is gonna blow!"panicked Larry

"Don't yuh dare start you little brat…"warned Roy to the former eldest

"WUDDY WANT THE BLUE DONKEY TOY!"shouted Ludwig as tears started to appear in his eyes and cried louder than before

Ludwig was kicking and screaming on the ground which caused his siblings to cover their ears and some people looked over to see the crying koopaling

"Now I understand of how you guys feel now…"groaned Junior in annoyance

"Welcome to our world little bro"said Larry with a hint of deadpan

"Just get him the damn toy! Just make him stop!"shouted Roy at Iggy with a glare towards him

Iggy grumbled and grabbed the jumbo blue yarn yoshi plush off the shelf as he gives it to Ludwig. Ludwig sees it and hugs it as he cuddles with the yarn yoshi plush and calms down

"Yay! Bwue donkey toy!"cheered Ludwig as he smiles big

"Spoiled little brat…"mumbled Roy

"He's only a toddler Roy, besides all of us were in that age"said Wendy while glaring at Roy

"Like yuh when yuh was in your Kootie Pie days"Roy joked with a chuckle

The male koopalings laughed except for Junior who didn't get it and Ludwig who was playing with his new toy. Wendy glared at them with fire in her eyes which made them stop laughing and step back a bit

"You wanna say that again Roy?…"asked Wendy cracked her knuckles in anger

Roy shook his head in fear and sweatdropped

"What are you gonna do about it Kootie Pie? Throw a tantrum"taunted Larry with a laugh

There was a moment of silence until Wendy walks towards Larry and raised her fist at Larry's face


Few minutes later

They went to the check out to pay for the stuff. Ludwig was still hugging his jumbo yoshi plush and looked to see a king sized chocolate bar as his eyes sparkled

"Oooh! Wuddy want chocowate!"said Ludwig as he grabbed the candy bar while his siblings isn't looking

"Come on Luddy, time to go home"said Lemmy while approaching Ludwig

"Coming, Wemmy!"Ludwig smiled and went to Lemmy

When the Koopalings was about to head to the exit, the sensors went off and they stopped their tracks

"What the fuck?!"shouted Roy in annoyance

"Language!"scolded Lemmy and Wendy at the same time while glaring at Roy

A security guard walked up to them with a unamused look on his face and Junior sees him as he hides behind Morton

"Well well well, if it isn't the royal koopa brats"greeted the guard with a hint of deadpan

"Ugh, this guy again…"said Larry while rolling his eyes in annoyance

"Who are you calling royal koopa brats?"sneered Roy, glaring at the guard

"Mind telling me which one of you stole something?"asked the guard with a glare at The Koopalings

The Koopalings gave Larry an accusing look and Larry looked back at them with a displeased look on his face

"Why are you guys looking at me like that?"asked Larry as he puts his hands on his hips and continued"I didn't steal anything! Honest!"

"Yeah right!"scoffed Wendy while crossing her arms

"That's what you said last time, we was here Lars"said Lemmy

"I couldn't help myself of that time! Geez!"Larry sneered at his siblings

"Looks like Larry didn't steal anything, for once…"said Iggy

"If Larry didn't steal anything then who did?"asked Morton

They paused to hear chewing and turned to Ludwig who was eating the unpaid chocolate bar and giggled cutely

"Yummy!"said Ludwig with a squeal

"Did anybody remember paying for that chocolate bar?"asked Iggy who sweatdropped in fear and looked at his brothers and sister

They shook their heads no and the guard looked at the former eldest in annoyance

"So it was the blue hair brat who stole it, figures…. Kids these days…"grumbled the guard

"He's only a kid, it's not his fault to do that"said Morton

"It was a mistake sir, he didn't mean to steal the chocolate bar"said Lemmy

"I don't care, your coming with me kid"said the guard as he approaches Ludwig

Ludwig sees the security guard coming and whimpers in fear as Junior steps in front of him and glares at the guard

"You leave Luddy alone, you big bully!"shouted Junior as he kicked the guard hard in the shin

"OW! My shin!"yelped the guard while hold his shin and hopping up and down with one foot

"Nice one lil' bro!"laughed Larry and high fived his younger brother

"Come on let's get outta here before he calls da cops on us!"said Roy

They ran out of the store with their stuff and the guard growled in annoyance as he watched them ran off

"I hate those rotten koopa brats…."grumbled the guard under his breath

To be continued

Me:That was a interesting trip to the store am I right people?

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