Author's Note: Okay, this is a little song I wrote in Inu's PoV about. . . well, himself.

If I understood right (since I've never actually seen the episode or magna where this happens, but whatever,) when not in contact with the Tetsisagia, Inu's youki blood (can) overpowers him, making him pure youki. Which is where I kinda got this idea. A third of it, anyway.

This is basically a song about how Inu-Yasha feels being both Human, Haniyou, and Youki, all at once, and how other reacted to that.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except the idea.


Haniyou, human, youki-

That's me


Half breed

That's me

Not a full human

Yet not a youki

I tried to steal the shards

To make 'em see

That I could be a demon like I wanted to be



When the moon won't shine


When the sword ain't mine


Any other time

Haniyou, Human, Youki-

That's me

Kikyo wanted me to be

of 100% human quality

To be with her I had to change

Or a relationship couldn't be arranged

"Just use the Jewel," she said to me

"We'll be together for eternity"

As long as I wasn't what a I was

A Haniyou boy with worthless blood


Kagome was a different type

She didn't believe the "half-bred" hype

Whatever I was

She didn't care

As long as I was always there

"Be whatever you want to be,

Whatever makes you feel happy"

An' with her there I began to find

I didn't mind being a Haniyou all the time


An' with her there I began to find

Being what I am is just fine!




That's me!