I. Prologue

She was tired.

They've been dating for nearly three years now, and the absolute furthest she's ever gotten with him (in terms of intimacy) was a point second a kiss, when she tried to take a page out of Penny's book and bought him what she thought was a rare action figure. ("Amy, Sheldon has this action figure already. You should've checked with me or the guys before you went and spent so much money...") She could still hear the sympathy in the blonde's voice as they watched Sheldon take the box from his girlfriend and bring it to his bedroom, probably to store it in his closet or something. No need for two of the same items to be on display, a waste of shelf space that was.

She's tried in vain since then to get him to notice her, sexually. She'd wear perfumes, or she'd wear skirts that were to her shin instead of her ankle. It was like everything she did, she was invisible to him. It was extremely off putting at how well he was at ignoring sexual advances. At this point, she felt like the only way to get through to him was to tie him down and jump his bones. Though, she figured that was wrong. Morally, of course. Still, the idea still bounced around the back of her mind.

What she found more ethical was the thought of using a serum she developed on her monkey's, to help wake up his more…carnal desires. It wouldn't alter him or his personality (or it shouldn't), what it would do is just wake up the lust and need he felt inside of that he kept so well repressed. She expected the side effects to take a lesser toll on him than her monkey's, he was larger anyways. So, she didn't expect him to become animalistic. He would just be focused a lot more on her, than usual. The serum would make him lust for the object of his affection and love, the thing that drove him wild with need and sexual desire the most. Her.

She would sneak it into his drink while he wasn't looking and would catalogue his reaction as the days went on. She would pay close attention to him as the experiment went on and would write down his actions –this would be very good for her work, whether it succeeded or failed.

The eager brunette looked at the vial in her hand, it was a clear liquid that had no taste nor smell. It would virtually be undetectable, but still, she had to be careful while putting it into his drink. He was very particular about his food, and barely ever took his eyes off his plate. She doubled the dosage (because it had only worked on monkey's so far, who knew how much a human needed), and sealed the vial; she'd do it tonight. The serum needed a few hours to get into the system usually, so it would be best if he slept while it worked and tomorrow, she'd start collecting data.

She sighed deeply as she placed the glass vial carefully into a container and placed the container into her bag, she'd go to the guys apartment tonight for Halo night and slip it in then. She had no real hope that this would work, Sheldon was, as he called, Homo Novus; he had control over every aspect of his body and life. She was positive his body would find a way to reject this serum too.

"Take that!"

Penny shouted loudly, as she blew Raj up and a blood effect was shown on the Indian's screen. He groaned as he placed his remote down, waiting to respawn. Howard was still in the game, and if he managed to stay in the game by the time he respawned, they still had a chance against the evil team that was Sheldon and Penny. He never understood why they faced off against them every week, knowing the results would be the same, they'd lose exceptionally, and hang their heads in shame while Sheldon and Penny did a victory air fist pump.

Just then, the door opened, and a smiling Amy walked through the door. Everyone nodded their greeting, and she waved and smiled back, "Hey Bestie," she acknowledged the only female in the room. The blonde glanced up at Amy quickly, "Oh hey, Ames," she greeted, but she sounded as if she would say something else but paused. She assisted Sheldon in blowing Howard up and then looked back up at Amy, "Here, you can sit next to Sheldon, I'll get the floor."

She looked like she wanted to object, but still she remembered her plan and nodded, "Thanks, Bestie. I always love any elbow time I can get with my man," she grinned as she playfully bumped his elbow. Sheldon only regarded her quickly, with a stern look, before looking back at the screen.

"Please refrain from bumping my person, in any instance, especially this one. I know you're aware that I'm trying to destroy Team Raj and Howard in a vicious game of Halo, I cannot afford to lose because I was bumped off axis," he stated firmly, "Other than that, hello Amy."

She sighed deeply and took her bag off; she prayed this serum worked because if not she wasn't sure just how much she could take of this with Sheldon. Sure, she was comfortable and had a smart boyfriend, that was more than her mother would give her credit for, but she never expected to be lacking in the sexual department. No, she wasn't experienced, but neither was Sheldon. She knew they could learn together. She looked at Leonard who had been on his phone this entire time, ignoring the situation at hand. Maybe she could get tips on sexual intercourse from Penny, she had Leonard whipped around her finger and they weren't even dating. Hadn't been for a few years now.

She settled in, careful not to touch Sheldon, and watched the game with uninterested eyes. She didn't get Halo; she didn't get a lot of things the guys and Penny liked. First of all, she was surprised Penny even liked the same things as them (Well, some of the same things), she was also surprised a woman like Penny even spent time with them. Though, she decided it was never best to judge a book by its cover. That's what many teenage females and males did to her back in high school.

"Would you like a beverage, Sheldon?"

The man in question looked up at her quickly, before speaking, "Why yes, Amy, thank you for being so hospitable."

Amy smiled and stood to her feet, stepping over everyone and going to the kitchen. It didn't take her long to get a cup of water and pour the serum in discreetly. She was sure it was enough to last the week; she didn't know when she'd be able to sneak some more into his food, so she made sure to bring enough for one dose. She smelt the drink and nodded once she realized it had no smell. It was undetectable, like she thought.

She brought the glass to the man and watched as he drank it down without mercy. "Thank you, Amy, I was rather thirsty it seems."

All of a sudden, she felt giddy. Sheldon had drunk her serum, and he would soon start to turn his attention to her and be attracted to her the way she was to him. This was everything she wanted and more, and she couldn't wait for tomorrow. For now, she had to wait for him to go to bed so the serum could take its course naturally. She knew she couldn't stay around the apartment without causing a scene, due to her giddiness, so she said goodnight and left.

She'd check on him at work tomorrow, and if he kissed her or ravished her in his office…well that was just a bonus.