Hi everyone! Like I said before from my Yugioh story, I'll be uploading this surprise story for anyone who loves Blindshipping and Proposalshipping! After seeing Abidos on GX, I always wondered what it would be like if he met Atem. I imagined they would be courteous with each other due to a common interest they have with one another (Liking two protagonists who are stars of their show).


This was supposed to be a one-shot, but it felt too long. Hopefully, all of you are fine with it being a story. Anyways, I hope you all like it!

A soft melody wafted through the air as musical notes escaped from the flute-players. The beating of the drums reverberated with the music, creating a steady beat along with the harp, lute, and many others. Two women, both bearing the same face, brown skin, and dark hair color, twirled around gracefully in synchronization as their velvet bedleh skirt fluttered from their movements.

As they continued to dance for their audience, most of the guests were watching them, eating, drinking, or chatting with one another. Each and every one of them were invited to celebrate the arrival of their pharaoh's cousin, who hailed from the ancient city of Abydos, who was also named after his city by his late father pharaoh Seti the first.

The throne room was quite large, decorated with many items to appease everyone. However, the guests are mostly drawn to two figures sitting on their thrones above the staircase. The figure on the left throne is a young Egyptian teen with tricolored spiky hair shaped into a star with red, black, and yellow streaks on them, yellow bangs that frame his face along with yellow strands of hair facing upwards on each point, crimson colored eyes, a sleeveless white tunic knee-length dress with a blue sash tied around his waist, golden bands on his neck, biceps, arms, waist, and legs, sandy-colored sandals that cover his feet, a purple cape tied on his back, golden jewelry along with a crown on his forehead, and a necklace that has a golden upside down pyramid with an eye on it tied with brown rope.

The figure on the right had the same face as the figure on the left, but his eyes were more purple and he had short black hair reaching past his shoulders that was covered in a royal headdress. He wore a sleeveless white tunic top with a blue and yellow kilt that were a few inches above his knees, a red sash with gold trimmings tied around his waist, light blue and yellow armbands on his wrists along with shoulder-pads, golden bands on his legs, biceps, and neck, sandy-colored shoes, golden Egyptian jewelry, and a purple cape tied on his back.

They may look like fraternal twins, but they are really not. The figure on the right is considered taller than the figure on the left, and their eye colors were different.

Taking a sip of his wine from a golden chalice, the figure on the right turned his head to look at his cousin. "Why the glum face, Temi? You look like you'd rather be anywhere than here." Hearing no response, he snapped his fingers near his ear. "Hello? Come back to the land of living, little cousin!"

Blinking once after hearing the snap, he turned his head to look at him. "Forgive me, Abidos. What were you saying?"

"Are you ill, Temi?"

"Not at all. Why do you think that?"

"For starters, you're not telling me to stop calling you 'Temi'."

"I learned to accept it."

"I don't believe you. You hated that nickname."

"When we were little, I did. But now, we are grown men and I decided to not be bothered by it."

"I still don't believe you. Are you really my cousin?"

"Do you still have that carved wooden horse toy you kept under your bed whom you named Horsey?"

"…. You're despicable, Atem…"

"And you're still childish, Abidos," Atem softly chuckled and placed his elbow on the throne's armchair, his cheek resting against his fist. "But don't worry, no one will ever know about Horsey."

Abidos let out a humph and drank more wine from the chalice. Even though they were half-blooded cousins, they still share a good bond with one another. It was a huge shock to learn that Atem's mother had a half-sister who became the third wife of Pharaoh Seti the First. While Abidos inherited his father's looks, he did get his mother's eyes. However, he couldn't remember much about her since she died from an illness when he was very small. But learning about having a distant cousin from another city, who is also a pharaoh, was still a huge shock to him.

He was even more surprised that his cousin Atem became the pharaoh while still in his boyhood. He does have a lot of respect towards Atem for he had the qualities of being a pharaoh: maturity, strength, courage, and an iron will. He wasn't even afraid to shed blood as long as he protects his people from danger.

Taking another sip of his wine, Abidos gazed at the High Priests who were surveying the party. Consisting of his cousin Seth, Isis, Mahado, Karim, Siamun, and Shada, they were all making sure there is no threat to their pharaohs. They each held an item that had an eye just like the puzzle his cousin has. There was another item, but it was hidden within the palace and he had no idea what happened to its previous successor.

He gazed over at Priest Seth, who is also one of Atem's cousins. He's a bit neutral with him, but he is a strong priest who will keep his pharaoh and citizens safe from danger. Its hard to tell if he ever smiles since he heard that he stopped smiling that much after the death of a woman named Kisara, someone who is considered close to the priest. He could tell Seth still blamed himself for her death and isn't over it.

However, Seth is starting to open up a bit thanks to his personal servant called Joey. Those two sometimes like to squabble with each other, but he did remember a particular time when he saw them being 'friendly' with each other behind palace walls. Perfect blackmail material if he ever needs something from Seth.

Finishing up his wine, he brought his hand up and gestured over a servant to give him more. The servant quickly went over to him, poured more wine into his chalice from a jug, and bowed down before leaving. Sipping more of his wine, he looked over at Atem. "Care to share your personal thoughts with me, Temi?"

Atem shook his head no. "Its nothing, Abidos."

"It doesn't look like it. You're not even paying attention to anything."

"I was paying attention. I was thinking about the dancers doing very well in their performance."

"You didn't even realize that they're almost done. You really need to come back from la-la land and enjoy the party," Abidos said and offered his chalice to him. "Drink some wine and learn to let loose. Don't die of boredom, cousin."

Atem gave him a small smile and gently pushed the chalice back to him. "Thank you, but not today. I have no craving for wine at all. I only wish to just watch the party, that's all."

"Your loss, Temi," Abidos shrugged and drank more wine from the chalice.

The party lasted after dusk came, but it soon came to an end as midnight approached. As everyone thanked the dancers for their entertainment and bowed to their rulers, all the guests began to leave and the servants started to clean up. Placing the empty chalice on the ground, Abidos stood up from his seat and stretched his arms upwards.

"Now that the party is over, its time to get some sleep. Sitting on the throne for hours can definitely tire you out." He looked over and saw no one on the throne next to him. "Temi? Now where did you go? And its also rude to sneak off somewhere without informing me!"

The stars continued to twinkle, like glittering diamonds floating in the dark sky. The moon shone brightly, creating a halo around it to make the setting ethereal. A small breeze blew against Atem, who covered himself with his cape to keep him warm from the cold nights.

Standing in front of the balcony, he placed one hand on the railing as the other hand is keeping him covered with the cape. His dark violet eyes gazed at the constellations. Looking at each star connected with one another to form a shape, he didn't realize someone was next to him until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Honestly, Temi. Leaving the throne room without telling me where you're going is very impolite. At least inform me you're about to leave. I had to check everywhere before coming up to your room to make sure you're close by."

"… Abidos?"


"Do you ever get tired of doing the same routine everyday as pharaoh?"

"Of course I do! It's exhausting to attend the meetings, do the paperwork-

"Do you ever wish the gods would provide us with something to help make things easier for the both of us?"

"Be more clear, Temi. I'm not a huge fan of riddles."

Atem turned his head to look at Abidos. "I've never told anyone about this, but I pray everyday for something good to happen in our lives."

His statement made Abidos look at him in disbelief. "Something good to happen in our lives? Are you not getting enough sleep, cousin?"

"I'm serious, Abidos," Atem said and looked back at the stars. "Everyday, we go by the same strict routine of our duty as royal pharaohs. Our schedules keep us busy, and it's almost impossible to have time for ourselves or with our loved ones." The twinkle of the stars reflected back in Atem's eyes. "I ask the gods and goddesses to provide us with something…. Anything that can bring excitement back into our lives."

"Like fighting against an enemy or winning a war?"

"Something like that. I know it's selfish of me to ask the deities to hear my plea, but I'm hoping they would answer my prayers. All I wish is that things would be different here in the kingdom. Something new and amazing would happen to all of us."

"Are you sure this isn't one of your weird dreams again?"

"I'm still awake, Abidos. I'm not going senile."

"Good. I was about to hit your head in order to wake you up."

"Don't even think about it."

"Only if you don't become insane."

Atem sighed at his response. "Go and get some sleep, cousin. I'll head off to bed soon."

"If you say so," Abidos shrugged and turned around. "Tesbah ala khair, cousin."

"Tesbah ala khair, Abidos," Atem replied back in his native tongue.

He heard his footsteps walking away from him until he heard the door being closed shut from the distance. Feeling the breeze flutter against his bangs, Atem closed his eyes and placed his hands together in a prayer.

"Hear my plea, Goddess Sopdet. Please let me use one of your beloved stars to grant my wish. Forgive me for being selfish, but all I wish is for something amazing to not only happen to me, but also to my cousin Abidos. Please listen and think about it. That's all I ever want."

As his eyes were still closed and hands still clasped together, he did not notice a star shooting across the sky and vanishing into the heavens.

"Thank you for shopping at the Kame Game Shop! Have a pleasant day, ma'am!"

Bowing down to the little old lady who bought a board game for her grandchild, the old lady bowed back and gave him a smile as she soon left the game shop. Raising his body back up, Yugi glanced at the clock.

"Its already after 4? Time sure flies by."

He brought a broom out from the corner and went to the center of the room, sweeping it from back and forth. It was a typical Sunday evening, but he didn't have to worry about school tomorrow since he's on summer break. Even though he has a bunch of free time now, he still has his summer homework to finish. Luckily for him, he and Jaden are almost done with it.

Jaden Yuki, one of his best friends whom he grew up with. Their mothers knew each other from high school and their fateful meeting at the park sparked a friendship between Yugi and Jaden. The both of them had the same love for playing games, especially Duel Monsters. He was even more surprised in meeting Yubel, Jaden's older sister.

It was hard to tell if they were related or not due to Yubel having long spiky purple hair with a white streak in it along with green eyes, while Jaden has short brown hair and brown eyes. He learned that Yubel inherited her looks from her grandmother's side of the family while Jaden got his looks from his grandpa's side of the family. He understood what its like to be different since he also got his Grandpa Solomon's looks.

Finishing up his sweeping, he used the dustpan to scoop up the pile of dirty and dump the contents in the trash bin. After he placed the broom and dustpan back to their locations, he heard the door open, making a loud jingle to indicate that a customer is here.

"Yugi! It came! It finally came!"

Turning around, he yelped as he felt a body collide against his. Holding the counter as support to prevent him from falling, he looked down to see someone hugging him while burying his face onto his shoulder. Then, the hug loosened and he lifted up his head to give him a huge smile. "It finally came in the mail, Yugi! We gotta play it!"

"Calm down, Jaden," Yugi chuckled, getting out of his grip and making him take a step back. "What came in the mail?"

"Remember that contest they held one month ago on drawing your most favorite duel monster?"

"Along with adding a description on why you chose to draw that particular duel monster you love?"

"Yup! And guess what?! I got first prize!"

"You entered that contest!?"

"I sure did! The judges loved my drawing of Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh along with my description on why I chose to draw them! One of them said my description moved them to tears!"

"Do you still have that drawing?"

"In my bag! But anyways, the judges told me that my prize would be a game created by Maximillion Pegasus himself! What's better is that this game hasn't been released yet into the public, but I'll be the first one to get a copy of the official game! I heard it's supposed to blow your mind!"

"And that game finally came in the mail?"

"Yup! I got it in my bag! We gotta go to your room and play it! I bet it involves duel monsters in that game!"

Yugi smiled and patted his shoulder. "Congratulations on winning that contest, Jaden. However, I still got work to do and-

"What's this I hear about you winning a contest, Jaden?" he got cut off and they both looked over to see Solomon entering from behind the counter.

"Hey grandpa Solomon! I won a contest hosted by Pegasus! He loved my drawing and description of Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh and-

"No need to say anymore, young lad," Solomon laughed. "I heard everything from the other room. Congratulations on winning that contest."

"Thanks! So Yugi, you wanna test this game out?"

"I would, but the game shop-

"Will now be taken over by me," Solomon finished. "Go ahead and take a break with your friend, Yugi. I'll handle the rest."

"Are you sure, grandpa?" Yugi asked.

"I'm sure," Solomon waved his hand out. "Now go on ahead and test it out. Consider it as a thank you for covering my shift while I was busy with my errands."

"Okay then. Thanks, grandpa."

"Anytime, Yugi."

Grinning, Jaden gave Solomon the peace sign as he grabbed Yugi's arm and dragged him out the room. "Thanks again, Solomon!"

Solomon chuckled as he shook his head. "That boy is definitely too energized. However, he's a very nice boy and good friend to Yugi. I'm glad my grandson has a kind-hearted friend like Jaden."

Opening up his backpack, Jaden pulled out a small brown package and placed it on the ground. He also pulled out his drawing and gave it to Yugi, who took it from his hands and looked at it. On the paper showed a drawing that looked like Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh frolicking on grass with flowers surrounding them. There was also a picture of the sun in the left corner with a smiley face on it.

"Your drawing skills improved well, Jaden. You even did a great job on Winged Kuriboh's wings," Yugi said.

"Thanks! Those online videos gave me more practice on how to make them look real!" Jaden replied and picked up the package. "Now, time to open it!" Removing the tape and tearing it open, Jaden's face turned into confusion. "Huh? Just an envelope?"

Opening up the envelope, he brought out a letter from its opening and started reading it. With his eyes darting back and forth to read each sentence, his eyes grew wider and wider the more he read. "No way!"

"What's wrong, Jaden?" Yugi asked and placed the drawing back inside Jaden's back. "Is the game damaged?"

"Read this!" Jaden shoved the letter in Yugi's face, who took it and started reading it.

Greetings, Jaden Yuki!

Congratulations on winning my annual Duel Monster drawing contest! Your drawing and description of your Kuribohs was not only marvelous, but it nearly brought me and the other judges to tears on why you chose them! Now, you're probably wondering why your prize isn't in the package. Actually, your prize is located at the Domino City museum. You and your guest shall go there and retrieve it personally by me. But I must warn you that there's no turning back. You will understand why once you come meet my 'special' guest and me.

Sincerely, Maximillion Pegasus

Yugi's eyes widened in surprise, his mouth open in shock. He re-reads the letter again to check and make sure this wasn't a joke. He could tell from the fancy cursive handwriting that it belongs to Pegasus. And there was a special seal on it resembling a rose. "P-Pegasus wrote you a letter!?"

"This is so cool!" Jaden pumped his fist in the air. "I'm gonna get my prize in person by him!" He continued to cheer while jumping up and down. "This day gets better and better!"

Yugi's eyes glanced over at his alarm clock. "If your prize really is located at the Domino City museum, we should probably go now since the place closes at 5."

"Then what time is it now?"


"What?!" Jaden's eyes widened in shock, quickly grabbing the letter from Yugi's hand and shoving it back in his backpack before putting it on. "We gotta leave now! Come on!"

Not wasting time, he grabbed Yugi's arm and dragged him out of the room and down the stairs where he said a quick goodbye to Solomon and ran out the door while dragging Yugi with him. Luckily for Yugi, he was able to keep up with Jaden since the both of them sometimes would run to school if they nearly overslept, mostly Jaden oversleeping and Yugi trying to wake him up so they wouldn't be late.

Luckily for them, they're in the same year and same homeroom. They were able to sit next to each other and Yugi had to make sure Jaden would stay awake during lecture. They were both decent students, but at an average level so they wouldn't get ranked at the bottom.

Right now, they only have one more year of school left. Besides their summer homework, they need to be prepared for the world of adulthood along with what type of future they wanted. Yugi knew he would continue to work at the Kame Game Shop with his grandfather, but he was thinking of taking college classes at Domino City Community College. As for Jaden, he has no idea what he'll do after they finish high school, but he'll probably travel around the world or do something else.

"Jaden? Did you also took my backpack with you?"

"Yeah! I forgot to tell you that I'm kinda stuck on our history homework! You won't mind staying at my place and helping me out with it after we go to the museum?"

"I don't mind, but you haven't picked out a topic yet?"

"Nope! That's why I need your help in finding an interesting topic that won't put me to sleep!"

"All you gotta do is pick one of the Seven Wonders of the World."

"But which ones are the most interesting?"


"Oh look! We're here!"

Seeing that they completely stopped, Yugi looked over to see the museum right in front of them. How were they able to get there on time? That question will still remain a mystery. For now, he can feel Jaden dragging him up the stairs and over to the entrance. There wasn't any sign to indicate it was closed, so it looked like they made it during open hours.

He felt Jaden release his arm, thankful that he can feel it again, and they both stepped inside as the doors slid open for them. Jaden handed Yugi his backpack, who took it and wore it on his shoulders like he usually does whenever he goes to school. They looked around and noticed there wasn't anybody here except for them.

"Hello! You arrived just in time!"

Startled by the voice, they looked over and gasped to see the one and only Maximillion Pegasus approaching them in his usual attire. "I've been expecting you, Jaden-boy. I see you even brought over Yugi-boy here. How delightful!"

"Huh? How did you know who we were?" Jaden asked in confusion.

Pegasus let out a small laugh. "You did entered my contest and won first prize, have you not? As for your friend, I heard he made a reputation as the 'Duel King of Domino City'."

A faint pink line appeared on Yugi's face. When he first entered a Duel Monsters tournament and faced off against Pegasus, he was able to defeat him and win the tournament. It is true that he'd never lost a game, resulting in him being called the 'King of Games'. However, his reputation helped increase business at the game shop, which is a good thing too since the game shop is also his and his grandpa's home.

"That's so cool! The Maximillion Pegasus is standing right in front of us in person! And he knows us!" Jaden exclaimed in glee with stars in his eyes. "Its really an honor to meet you, sir!"

"Oh no. I should thank you for coming here to meet me. I was worried if you got my letter in time or not."

"It did! And now that we're here to meet you in person, do you have my prize?"

"I believe my guest has it. If you follow me to the Ancient Egypt exhibit, we shall find him there."

"Mr. Pegasus, I thought Jaden won the new video game you created?" Yugi stared at him in disbelief. "Is it based on ancient Egypt?"

Pegasus smiled at him with his eyes closed, and placed his finger on his lips. "Its best not to ruin the surprise, Yugi-boy. You will get your answer once we meet our guest," he opened his eyes, beckoning them to follow him. "Now come along. We mustn't keep our guest waiting."

Looking at Jaden, who is still star-struck at seeing Pegasus, Yugi sighed and started following Pegasus. Passing by the usual artifacts and replicas of what ancient Egypt is like, Yugi's eyes spotted a man gazing at one of the Egyptian tablets hanging on the wall. He looked like a foreigner from Egypt, noticing his sandy colored cloak with a white cape tied around his shoulders, a white turban, golden hoop earrings, white Egyptian sandals, and a necklace that resembled a golden ankh.

The man turned his head, his piercing blue eyes staring at them. To Yugi, it almost felt like he was staring right into their souls.

"I hope you weren't waiting too long, my friend. Our guests were way too excited to come here."

His blue eyes glanced over at Pegasus. "Have they been informed of their destiny?"

"Well… not exactly," Pegasus sheepishly smiled, his eyes closed and hands folded behind his back. "I thought it would be best if you would tell them instead."

"Uh, is he the 'special guest' from your letter?" Jaden pointed out after noticing the blue-eyed man.

"Ah yes! Forgive me for not introducing you!" Pegasus cleared his throat and brought his hand out to gesture at the man. "Jaden-boy. Yugi-boy. I would like you both to meet Shadi Shin, who came all the way from Egypt to meet you both. He is also one of the judges in my Duel Monster drawing contest."

"It is an honor to meet you both," Shadi replied and gave them a small bow.

"I-Its also an honor to meet you, Mr. Shin!" Yugi bowed down and gestured Jaden to do the same.

"T-Thank you for loving my drawing!" Jaden nearly stuttered in surprise and bowed down. He can't believe that one of the judges was also here to see them. How lucky could he get?

The corner of Shadi's lips grew into a small smile. "I sense no hostility from either of you. The two of you are very pure-hearted." Seeing their confused expressions, he continued. "I believe it is best if I can explain to you two everything on why you were brought here to this museum. Please take a look at this tablet."

Pointing at the tablet he was gazing at, they all turned their heads and nearly gasped. The tablet had pictures with ancient hieroglyphics in the background. Yugi's amethyst-colored eyes gazed at the carving of a spiky-haired boy who resembled him. It looked like he was in a battle with the carving of Dark Magician hovering above him.

Jaden's chocolate-colored eyes were gazing at another carving of a man slightly taller than Yugi's look-alike who had on an Egyptian headdress along with his royal outfit. Above the man is a carving of a monster resembling a pharaoh.

This was the first time they've seen this ancient tablet, especially one that showed the carvings of duel monster and spell cards. However, their eyes could never peel away from it. It almost felt like they were in a trance.

They snapped out of their trance when they heard Shadi speak. "This is known as the Memory Tablet. The great pharaohs of ancient Egypt, Atem and Abidos the Third, built this to symbolize their friendship and bond as cousins." He touched his golden ankh hanging around his neck, clutching it. "They were loved by their people. However, our beloved pharaohs each had a small hole in their hearts. A hole that was impossible to heal. We were unaware they were secretly unhappy, but we had no idea what it is or why."

"Which is why I hosted the Duel Monsters drawing contest!" Pegasus explained. "Shadi believed the pharaohs were unhappy because they could not find their other halves, the missing part of their souls. By hosting this contest, we were hoping to find two pure souls who could help bring happiness back to the pharaohs." He snapped his fingers. "And voila! The drawing and description of the Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh was picked as the winner! It even led us to the two of you!"

"… Huh?" Yugi and Jaden replied in unison with confused expressions on their faces.

Shadi cleared his throat, holding his fist near his mouth. "You two are the pure souls we were looking for. You will both fill up the hole in my pharaohs' hearts."

"… WHAT!?" Yugi and Jaden shouted in disbelief.

"I did explain in my letter there is no turning back," Pegasus said. "The two of you have a destiny to fulfill. Isn't it great?"

"Now hold on just a minute!" Jaden exclaimed. "This was not the prize I was hoping for! I thought my prize would be a new video game!?"

"What Jaden is trying to say is," Yugi said. "The two of us should go now since its obvious we're exhausted from running here. Thank you for inviting us here, though. It's been a real pleasure."

"I'm afraid you cannot leave," Shadi replied while gazing at them. "You two were chosen by your duel spirits to help fulfill your destinies. There is no turning back."

Confusion turned into shock as the golden ankh necklace began to glow. Pegasus moved his bang away to reveal a golden eye in his eye socket that was also glowing. Soon, the tablet began to glow and the entire room became engulfed in light. Covering their eyes before they blacked out, Yugi and Jaden were able to pick up a few words Shadi said to them.

"Your hearts will be their guiding light."

"Cousin, did you feel that?"

"What do you mean, Abidos?"

Abidos frowned while folding his arms over his chest, one leg draped over the other on his throne. "Its hard to say. It felt like a voice is trying to tell me something, but I can't figure out if I'm imagining it or not."

Atem raised his eyebrow. "Maybe its due to lack of sleep? I hope you weren't staying up late again."

"I slept perfectly fine last night!" Abidos nearly scowled at him. "And I'm not going crazy! I just have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach!"

"Is it possible your Ka is trying to tell you something?"

"You mean Spirit of the Pharaoh? He would've appeared already and told me that danger is coming."

"It might be danger, or it could be something else."

Just when Abidos was about to open his mouth, the doors burst open and a couple of guards ran over to their throne and kneeled down in front of them. He scowled at them. "How dare you interrupt a private a conversation with my cousin!? Have you no shame at all!?"

"Lord Abidos! Lord Atem! Forgive us for barging in, but we discovered two intruders in the Temple of the Kings! We don't know how they were able to get in, but we will investigate it!"

"Intruders, you say?" Abidos asked. "What do they look like and what was stolen from the temple?"

"We checked and nothing was stolen from the temple, my lord," the second guard said. "However, the intruders have pale skin and their clothing is strange."

"Strange how?" Atem asked.

"It is best if you two see this with your very own eyes, my lords," the first guard said as he heard the doors opening.

Atem and Abidos looked up to see two of their trusted guards, Tristan and Tyranno, walking over with a person slung over their shoulder. Realizing they were bringing in the intruders, they noticed their clothing was different from theirs. It truly is strange.

Bowing down to their pharaohs, Tristan and Tyranno placed the unconscious intruders on the ground and took a step back. A gasp escaped from Atem's lips as his eyes landed on one of them. The intruder with star-shaped hair and golden bangs resembled him. Besides the pale skin and strange purple clothing, the young boy could nearly pass off as his twin.

His eyes glanced over at the second intruder, who also had pale skin but his hair was brown with a lighter hue on top of it. He also wore strange clothing in a red color. He noticed that Abidos was still staring at the brown-haired boy, but did glance over at the other boy.

"Do you know what they were doing in the temple?" Atem glanced over at the guards.

"We don't know, your highness," Tristan replied while keeping his head bowed down. "They were already unconscious when we discovered them."

"We did not find any weapons on them, but the contents in their bags are something we've never seen before," Tyranno said, his head bowed down.

Abidos continued to gaze at the intruders, the guards, and then looked over at Atem. "What shall we do with them, cousin?"

Closing his eyes, Atem's mind started to ponder. The dungeons could work, but it didn't feel right to him. A part of him is curious on who the boy in purple is and why he resembles him. And not only that, why did it felt like he wanted to get closer to that boy and hold him forever?

He opened his eyes and gave the guards a commanding tone. "Take them to the healing chambers. Have Isis do a full examination on them!"

"Sir!" they bowed down, scooping up the unconscious boys and slung them over their shoulders as they were guided to the healing chambers.

"Why not hold them in the dungeons until they woke up, Temi?"

Atem turned his head to look at him. "Are you not curious on learning who they are? Its very rare to find people with pale skin in our land."

"Now that you mention it, I truly am curious. I don't know why, but I wish to know who the boy in red is. His hair reminds me of a certain monster, but I can't remember which one."

A small chuckle escaped from Atem's lips. "We'll figure it out later. For now, we must wait until those boys wake up. Once they've awoken from their slumber, we must interrogate them and get answers on why they're here and where they came from."

"Indeed. If they're secretly assassins sent from an unknown enemy to kill us, they'll wish they didn't come here."

"I agree, Abidos. I definitely agree."

Darkness. It was all he could see. Everything looked completely empty, void of any life. He could barely move his body. All he could do is float, making him feel like he's underwater but he can still breathe. His entire body felt numb, indicating there was no pain.

Was he dead? Is this the afterlife? If it is, shouldn't he be given a sign on where heaven is? Or maybe an angel who can help guide him to the gates of heaven?

Hold on... How did he die?

He didn't remember any pain at all. All he could remember is a flash of light, and then darkness invading his vision. Did he faint? If so, shouldn't he be awake by now?


Huh? What was that?

"Krii! Krii!"

An orb of light floated down and hovered in front of his face. Then, the orb changed shape and faded away to reveal a brown, furry creature with green arms and legs, cute beady eyes, and white angel wings on its back. The creature chirped at him, as he continued to gaze at it.

"Winged Kuriboh?"

As the name escaped his lips, the room suddenly became engulfed in white light. He closed his eyes shut while hearing Winged Kuriboh saying something, but he couldn't figure out what its saying. He continued to close his eyes for a few minutes, and then slowly opened them.

Blinking twice, he noticed that he was no longer floating. He was lying on some sort of bed, and it felt really warm. He tried to get up, but his back felt really stiff from the bed. Groaning a bit, he squeezed his eyes shut to regain more of his vision and then opened them.

Carefully sitting up, his chocolate-colored eyes scanned the room. It looked like a hospital ward, but a lot different from a regular hospital. He spotted a bed next to his and his eyes widened at the figure lying on the bed.

Removing the sheet from his body, he swung his legs over the bed and slowly stood up. A wave of dizziness hit him, but he chose to ignore it and slowly went over to the figure. Placing his knee on the bed, he started shaking him.

"Hey Yugi! You gotta wake up!"

Shaking him more for a few minutes, a moan escaped from Yugi's lips as his eyes started to flutter open. As he blinked a few times to regain his vision, he slowly sat up from the bed and rubbed his eye. "Jaden?"

"Right here, buddy," he said. "You okay?"

"I think so," Yugi replied and looked around. "Are we in a hospital ward?"

"It looks like it. But I don't remember getting injured."

"Wait! Weren't we at the museum!?"

Memories of them going to the museum, meeting Pegasus, seeing Shadi, and the bright light coming from them invaded their minds. Their eyes widened in shock as they looked at each other and exclaimed in unison.

"What did they do to us?!"

Their outburst caused a couple of duel spirits to appear in front of them: two brown, furry creatures who looked like twins, except that one of them has angel wings while the other doesn't. They started squealing when they saw the boys and pounced on them, rubbing their cheeks with their own.


"Winged Kuriboh?"

"Krii! Krii!"

"It looks like you two have woken up. And those creatures must be your Ka, correct?"

Both Jaden and Yugi looked over to see a tall Egyptian woman in white clothing along with a white headdress entering the room. Her blue eyes glanced at the Kuribohs, and then towards the boys. "Your clothing is strange. You two are not from this land, correct?"

"N-No," Yugi shook his head. "To tell you the truth, we have no idea how we got here."

"Maybe we're dreaming," Jaden said. "We probably hit our heads pretty hard. All we gotta do is wake up, and we'll be back at the museum again!"

Jaden pinched his arm, but noticed that he's still in the ward. He pinched his arm harder, letting out a huge yelp. Pinching his arm a few times, he then stopped as his eyes widened in shock. "Uh Yugi?"


"This doesn't feel like a dream at all."

"What makes you say that?"

"I can still feel pain in my arm."

"Are you implying that everything here, including our Kuribohs, are actually real?"


"Winged Kuriboh said we're not dreaming. We're still awake."

"You understood him?"

"I heard his voice in my head."

"I'm just gonna say we're in a weird hallucination."


They heard the Egyptian woman clearing her throat, which got their full attention. "I'm aware you both have questions, correct?" They nodded their heads at her. "Then please follow me. My kings would be happy to answer any question you wish to know."

Motioning them to get up, Yugi and Jaden slowly got off the bed and stood on shaky legs. They felt Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh grabbing onto their arms and helping them move. Thankful for their help, they walked over to the woman and followed behind her as they all left the room.

Their eyes scanned the long hallway, and were nearly in awe at how ancient the building is. They saw a couple of people wearing modern Egyptian clothing cleaning some vases, and a few guards who were wearing headdresses and a long skirt resembling a kilt patrolling with spears in their hands.

They could feel eyes on them along with some whispering. Where are they exactly? Did they somehow end up in Egypt? It felt like they time-travelled to a different era. And not only that, Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh are out in the open where everyone can see them.

It's not a huge surprise for Jaden, since he grew up seeing Duel Monster spirits ever since he was born. But for Yugi, he's both surprised and shocked that he can see, hear, and touch Kuriboh. He always wondered what it would be like to actually see his Duel Monsters in real life without having to use them in battle, and now he knows what its like to actually meet them. Since Jaden is able to see all Duel Monster spirits, what would it be like for Yugi to see his favorite monsters like the Dark Magician, Celtic Guardian, or many others?

The Egyptian woman stopped in front of a door, which made Yugi and Jaden also stop behind her. Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh hovered near them as the woman turned her head to look at them. "Before we go into the throne room, its best if you both keep your head down. You cannot look at the pharaohs unless you have been granted permission to look at them. Be respectful and do not use their real names. Am I clear?"

Hearing her stern tone to know she wasn't joking, they both nodded their heads. The corner of her lips twitched to form a small smile. "Good. And remember; don't make any eye contact with any of the guards and priests in the throne room. There mustn't be any tension in there."

Turning her head back, she pushed the doors open and entered the throne room. Yugi and Jaden clutched onto the straps of their bags as they followed behind her while looking at the ground. They could hear gasps and murmurings, but couldn't make out what they're saying. They both made sure to stay at a steady pace while looking at the Egyptian woman's shoes, so they'll know when to stop and not trip.

She stopped and kneeled down in front of something, causing Yugi and Jaden to also kneel down like her. They noticed from the corner of their eyes that Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh were also kneeling down like they are.

"My pharaohs, our guests have now awoken from their slumber and are now here to answer your questions. They too have questions they wish to be answered."

"Thank you, Isis," a deep, baritone voice rang through the room, causing a small shiver to run through Yugi's body. "Please stand aside so we can have a better look at our guests."

"Of course, my pharaoh," she bowed down and stood up, stepping away from her spot and over to where her fellow priests are.

"You two stand up and look at us. That is an order," a rich, velvety tone caused Jaden to slightly shiver.

Taking deep and steady breaths while mentally praying everything would go well, they slowly stood up from their kneeling positions and lifted their heads. Gasps escaped from their mouths as they saw two men sitting on their golden thrones: Yugi's amethyst-colored eyes gazed at scarlet-colored eyes while Jaden's chocolate-colored eyes gazed at violet-colored eyes.

Atem felt his breath leaving as he gazed at the star-haired boy with beautiful purple eyes. They reminded him of amethyst, but his eyes were more dazzling and stunning than any other jewel he has ever seen. The younger look-alike, his innocent little one, is truly gorgeous. His pale skin reminded him of the moon's light; his star-shaped hair resembled his own but with purple streaks on them, and his slime frame looked delicate, but quite strong.

He tightly clenched his fists while taking a deep breath and releasing it. His mind and body are telling him to go to his look-alike and take him to his bedroom where he can touch and kiss him all day. An image of him ravishing his little angel burned in his mind, seeing him squirm underneath him while pleading him to never stop touching him. He quickly shook his head to get rid of the image before his lower region would get excited.

He noticed Abidos was staring at the brown haired boy, whose hair reminded him of a Kuriboh. That would explain why those boys have a Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh as their Ka. He could see the shock, fascination, lust, desire, hunger, and attraction in his cousin's eyes as he continued to gaze at the brown-haired boy. It looks like Atem isn't the only one who has these feelings and desire for the person they wish to have.

However, they first need to see if those boys came here for something. Atem loudly cleared his throat and looked at them both. "Tell us your names."

"M-My name is Yugi Mutou!"

"I-I'm Jaden Yuki!"

Yu-gi? What a lovely name for his little one. Wait, when did he called him his little one? Oh yeah, it was after seeing how his appearance reminded him of an angel. Hopefully, the gods are not playing a trick on him.

"Exactly what were you two doing inside the Temple of the Kings?" Abidos questioned in a commanding tone.

"Temple of the what now?" Jaden said in a confusing tone.

"Answer the pharaoh, peasant!" one of the guards barked at him.

"I wasn't talking to you, guard! Do not interrupt me!" Abidos shouted in anger while glaring at him.

"F-Forgive me, my lord!" the guard bowed down and quickly went back to his post.

Abidos clicked his tongue in annoyance and looked back at Jaden. "The Temple of the Kings. What were you and your friend doing in there?"

"Temple of the Kings?" Yugi mumbled to himself while looking at the ground in confusion. Suddenly, his eyes widened in shock and he looked up at Atem. "Forgive me for interrupting, but are we somewhere in Egypt?"

His statement caused Atem and Abidos to blink in confusion. Everyone else was also confused on his question. Looking at each other with a puzzled expression, they looked back at their guests and Atem was the one who answered him. "Ee-gypt? You must be mistaken, little one. You're in Khemet."

"K-Khemet?!" Yugi started to freak out. "So we're in Ancient Egypt!?"

"This is Khemet. You're not in this Ee-gypt."

"Chill out, Yugi. You look like you're about to panic," Jaden said.

"Of course I'm about to panic! We're not in the modern era of Egypt! We're in the past era of Ancient Egypt!"

"But the pharaoh said we're in Khemet."

"Its an ancient city! I think Pegasus and Shadi did something and had us time-travel here in this era!"

"But how far along?"

"We're 5,000 years into the past!"

"F-Five thousand years!? T-This has to be a weird dream!"

"This is not a dream! We're still awake!"

"Aw man! I didn't even tell Yubel where I am! She is so gonna get mad at me for not calling her at our usual time!"


"Grandpa doesn't even know I'm here! He still thinks I'm at the museum with you! How am I gonna tell him I'm in Ancient Egypt!?"


"I'm more scared on how Yubel would react once she realizes I'm not coming home for dinner on time! She'll think I got kidnapped or-


They quickly shut their mouths, slowly turning their heads to look at the pharaohs. They were both pinching the bridge of their noses, sighing as they opened their eyes and released their hold.

"Why don't you two start from the beginning? We need to know the whole story," Abidos suggested.

"I agree with him," Atem said. "We wish to know what is going on."

Yugi looked at Jaden, who looked back at him. They were both hesitant. Should they tell them they're from the future, or continue to believe its all a weird dream they're having? A nudge from Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh broke their thoughts.


"Krii! Krii!"

"You sure, bro?"

"Krii! Krii!"

"Are they saying we should tell them the truth, Jaden?"

"That's what they're trying to say."

"Krii!" Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh nodded their heads to say yes.

Yugi sighed and looked up, making eye contact with Atem. "It's a very long story, and I hope you'll believe us."

"Isn't it amazing, Temi!? We have time-travelers here in your kingdom!"

"I'm surprised they fainted after we showed them our Ka."

"I bet they were amazed at seeing them, especially after seeing Spirit of the Pharaoh! He is one of my most powerful monsters!"

Atem let out a small sigh, resting his back against a statue pouring water out from a huge bowl. Right now, he and Abidos are in their private bath chambers. Stripped of their clothing, jewelry, and headdress except for a cloth covering their lower region, their servants had just finished scrubbing them and left them alone so he and Abidos could have more privacy.

He closed his eyes, leaning his head back a bit as he transpired what happened before they came here. After hearing Yugi and Jaden's story on how they came from another place in a different era, he had no idea if their story was true or not. It wasn't possible for someone to come from a different time, but their story changed everything.


"After we arrived at the museum and met up with Pegasus, he brought us over to his 'special' guest," Yugi made air-quotes on the word special. "His guest is an Egyptian man named Shadi Shin."

"He was one of the judges who loved my drawing!" Jaden happily grinned with his eyes closed.

"We had no idea what he and Pegasus were telling us, and they suddenly used a couple of odd golden items that made us pass out!"

"Yeah! Pegasus had a weird golden object in his eye, and it glowed really brightly!"

"Mr. Shadi Shin wielded a golden ankh necklace that looked a lot like that one!" Yugi pointed at the Millennium Key, causing the wielder to look surprised. "Both the ankh and an ancient tablet were glowing and after that, we woke up in the hospital ward."

"Krii! Krii!"

"Then our Kuribohs appeared after hearing us freak out!"

"Which is strange because we can actually touch and understand them."


"Wait just a moment," Atem folded his arms over his chest. "This Shadi person wielded the Millennium Key?" He questioned with disbelief on his face. "And not only that, this Pegasus person wielded the Millennium Eye?"

Now it was Yugi's turn to be confused. "Millennium what now? Are you talking about those golden objects they have?"

"Millennium items," Abidos stated. "You obviously have no idea what they are, do you?"

"Not a clue," Jaden answered.

Atem looked at Yugi, and then at Jaden. He could tell by their eyes that they weren't lying. They have no idea what the Millennium items are, and what they can do. He has no clue who Pegasus is, and how he was able to get the Millennium eye, but why does this Shadi person has a name that's close to Priest Shada? It doesn't look like Shada knows them. Is there a connection between both his priest and this Shadi person?

"My lords, I believe it is best if we check and see what type of Ka they both have."

He and Abidos looked over at Priest Shada, who was kneeling while keeping his head bowed down. Now that he thought about it, Atem wasn't even sure if the Kuriboh monsters were Yugi and Jaden's main Ka. While they don't look harmless, he must take precaution for his kingdom. "Very well, Shada. Rise and use the Key to see their Ka."

"As you wish, my lord," Shada stood up from his position and held up his Millennium Key.

"Uh, what do they meant by Ka?" Jaden asked and looked at Yugi.

"Even I have no idea what they're talking about," Yugi gulped.

"Kuri! Kuri!"


"They're saying that a Ka is an Egyptian Spirit Monster that reside in people. It depends on our nature what type of spirits we have within ourselves."

"But what about those Millennium items they were talking about? And why does this Shada person look like Shadi!?"

"Huh? Whoa! He does! Maybe that is Shadi Shin!"

The Millennium Key began to glow, letting Shada use its powers to look inside their souls. He did not feel any hostility or ill intention from both Yugi and Jaden, but he could feel the presence of another Ka within their souls. Wanting a closer look, he tries to go deep inside their minds, but was suddenly pushed back by a strong force.

Regaining his balance, he could feel a strong presence coming from both Yugi and Jaden. His eyes widened as two Ka monsters suddenly appeared behind them, giving off a protective aura.

He quickly summoned his Ka Zelua, and he could see the other priests summoning their Ka monsters. Those two boys were definitely not from this land. Their Ka spirits were something he had never seen before.

The Ka near Yugi is a tall woman wearing a blue and white magician outfit with white gloves, boots, and a hat covering her head. She had long white spiky hair with blue eyes, but one eye was covered by her white bang. She also wielded a scepter that looked like it was nearly glowing.

The Ka near Jaden is a tall, muscular white figure with red stripes outlining its body and a shade of blue on its head, neck, shoulder, and a blue stone on its chest. Its hands and boots were colored black, and its blue eyes reminded him of the sky. There was also a small yellow jewel on its forehead, and its arms had some sort of sharp weapon attached to it like a blade.

"S-Silent Magician?"




Silent Magician and Neos? Are those the names of their Ka? It must be since those boys called out their names. But why do they look so surprised? He noticed both Ka spirits looking around, and was shocked to hear the monsters starting to speak.

"Jaden? Where exactly are we? I felt someone trying to go into your soul."

"Young master Yugi, are you all right? I sensed you were in trouble, and I was able to be summoned. But this does not feel like a duel."

Everyone else was shocked to see two Ka monsters speaking to their masters. What type of bond do they have with each other? Is it even possible for a Ka to speak?

Yugi and Jaden were too shocked to say anything, which made Silent Magician and Neos worry more. Silent Magician looked around and noticed a familiar monster floating near Atem. "Dark Magician? What is exactly going on here? How am I able to talk with master Yugi?"

Confusion and surprise appeared on Dark Magician's face, along with Atem and Priest Mahado. Atem narrowed his eyes at her response. "How do you know about Dark Magician?"

She raised her eyebrow at him. "He is master Yugi's symbol in his deck."


"Silent Magician," she heard Neos say. "I don't think Jaden and Yugi are moving."

She turned around and saw that he was right. They were still as a statue, and their mouths were still open in shock as their eyes looked at every Ka spirit in the throne room. Both her and Neos poked them, causing their masters to close their eyes and collapse on the ground. Their fainting caused her and Neos to vanish along with the Kuribohs.

End of flashback

After everyone was shaken out of their stupor, Atem ordered the guards to take Yugi and Jaden back to the hospital ward. Isis led them to her ward since Yugi and Jaden are still her patients. He had no clue on why those two fainted like that, but it could be due to stress and a state of shock they were in. But not only that, the Ka known as Silent Magician knew Dark Magician and stated he is part of Yugi's deck. What did his Ka mean by that?

He sighed more and sunk into the warm water until he was neck-deep. Today had definitely been very stressful for him. He hoped that tomorrow would be better than today. Who knew today would give him so many surprises.

"Temi, are you trying to drown yourself?" he heard Abidos snicker. "You'll end up like a wet rat if you do that."

He gave Abidos a glare. "I'm trying to clear my head, cousin. Have you forgotten today's events?"

"Of course not!" he scoffed at him and crossed his arms over his muscular chest. "Today was actually the best day ever! Not only have we seen their Ka spirits, but everyone is still surprised their spirits were able to talk to them! Its amazing!" he tilted his head back to gaze at the ceiling as a dreamy sigh escaped his lips. "Jaden Yuki. What an interesting name he has. And he's so lovely. His pale skin shines like a diamond. His body reminds me of a temple. Oh, you should've seen his eyes! They shine with innocence and curiosity. It makes him look so cute! He would make a fine palace boy, or maybe become my personal servant!"

As Abidos continued to ramble on and on about Jaden, Atem's thoughts lingered over to Yugi Mutou. He truly is a mystery, almost like a puzzle that is difficult to solve. However, Atem enjoyed playing games and Yugi is both a mystery and a puzzle to him. He won't back down until he figures out who Yugi Mutou really is, and why he can't stop thinking about him. It's hard to not remember his star-shaped hair that resembled his, but in purple. He could still remember his dazzling amethyst-colored eyes. No, his eyes were more rare than an amethyst gem. The way they shine and sparkle from the light, reflecting off innocence and kindness.

His pale skin definitely reminded him of the moon. He could tell it's at a healthy glow, so he wasn't deprived of the sun. His frame did look delicate, but he could tell that Yugi is quite strong and brave. However, his voice was something he loved. To him, Yugi's voice reminded him of bells. It felt comforting and soothing to him, almost like a melody.

"Do you agree with me, Temi?"

He snapped out of his thoughts and glanced over at Abidos. "Hmm? Agree with what?"

"Did you not hear me?" Abidos pouted, nearly puffing up his cheeks. "Our two time-travelers should stay here in the palace with us."

Atem nodded once. "I agree. No one must ever know about them appearing from a different era. I don't want any panic to happen in my kingdom."

"I was thinking we could have them be our personal servants," Abidos suggested. "They would make fine palace boys. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Its best if we treat them as our guests. They are still wary and frightened from being here."

"You do have a point. Though it would be nice to see them wearing our palace clothes, or maybe wear a harem outfit! I would love to see Jaden-



"Please control your urges. And do not even think about making them wear those harem outfits. I don't think they would be comfortable wearing them."

"But you do wish to see your look-alike wear one, right?" Abidos smirked.

Atem could feel his cheeks heating up as an image of Yugi wearing a harem outfit in Atem's signature colors appeared in his mind. He would definitely look amazing it. Atem quickly shook his head to get rid of the image. "Cousin, please keep your unholy thoughts to yourself."

"As you wish, Temi~"

"I'm serious!"

Abidos laughed at his reaction while Atem huffed and slowly got out of the water. Grabbing his towel, he started drying himself while walking out of the bathhouse and into his room. He saw his servants bow down to him and they started to dry him off, before dressing him up in his pharaoh outfit.

He noticed in the distance the sky turning orange and yellow. It looks like twilight is approaching soon. Who knew today would be so hectic? And now that he thought about it, when was the last time he had eaten or drank anything?

"My pharaoh, is there anything else you want us to do?"

He glanced over at his servants, still bowing down and looking at the ground. "Inform my cousin Abidos that he must come to the dining hall for dinner. I'll be waiting there for him."

"As you wish, my pharaoh."

Giving them a firm nod, Atem left his room while the servants resumed their duties in keeping everything clean. Now that he thought about it, he and Abidos did not eat anything all day. It didn't occur to him due to asking their fellow priests to figure out how his little one and his friend were able to come to their era. He did remember his little one mentioning about those two men, known as Pegasus and Shadi, sending them here by using their Millennium items. Can both the Millennium Key and Millennium Eye actually send someone from the future to the past and vice versa? And is this Shadi person a descendant of his Priest Shada?

Whatever answer he'll get, lets hope it'll be more clear once everyone is at the dining room for supper. And maybe their two time-travelers will wake up before dusk approaches. It would be nice to learn more about them along with what their home is like. It has nothing to do with him wanting to see Yugi again.

"Aw man! I thought this was all a dream!"

"You're not the only one, Jaden. We really are in Ancient Egypt."

"So everything here is real? Even Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh?"

"Along with our duel monsters, whom they refer to as our Ka."

"I had no idea Neos would appear like that!"

"Same with Silent Magician. But I feel like they're not telling us everything."

"What do you mean?"

Yugi sighed and folded his arms over his chest, sitting cross-legged on the bed. "The pharaohs were talking about the Millennium items. They were the golden objects Shadi and Pegasus have. It could be a mystical artifact with magic powers that are either used for good or evil."

"But what are those Millennium items?" Jaden asked, sitting cross-legged on the bed across from Yugi. "What can they really do, and how come Shadi and Pegasus have them?"

"But more importantly, what did Shadi and Pegasus meant that we must fulfill our destiny?"

"I don't know. They were pretty vague about it."

"Once we find them, they are definitely gonna get it! Its obvious they're both crazy!"

"Mostly Pegasus. He always does a lot of crazy stuff," Jaden got off the bed and over to his backpack, which was resting on the ground. "However, I'm starving! It should be dinnertime, right?"

"I believe so," Yugi felt his stomach rumble. "Grandpa's gonna be worried sick once he sees I won't be there for dinner."

"He'll either think you're spending the night with me at my place, or Yubel will think I'm spending the night at your place."

"Won't she freak out once she sees you didn't come home on time for dinner?"

"If I won't answer her calls or messages, then she'll think I got kidnapped or hurt," Jaden rummaged through his bag. "Found it!" He pulled out a tall, massive size bag filled with bento boxes and many others from his backpack.

Yugi's eyes grew big. "H-How can that fit in your bag?!"

"This bag has powers. It can fit so much stuff in there and not look like its gonna explode."

"That'll explain where your snacks came from."

"I'm a growing boy, dude. I need to eat! Plus, Yubel made these bentos for the both of us!"

"A-All of them for us!?"

"For emergencies. And right now, this is an emergency!"

Jaden grabbed two bento boxes out from the bag and placed the rest back inside. He sat down on the floor with his legs cross-legged, placing two of the bento boxes on the ground in front of him. "Come join me, Yugi! Before your food gets cold!"

Nearly laughing, Yugi jumped off the bed and sat down cross-legged on the floor. Jaden got out two pairs of chopsticks and placed them on top of the bento boxes. Pushing one box near Yugi, they both clapped their hands together in a prayer.

Opening their bento boxes, they were surprised to see how delicious their food looked. And not only that, they were decorated to look like their duel monsters.

"Yubel is definitely amazing. My bento looks like Kuriboh!"

"And mine looks like Winged Kuriboh! No wonder she wanted to become a chef. Yubel-nee is awesome!"

"Kuri! Kuri!"

"Krii! Krii!"

Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh suddenly appeared, startling Yugi and Jaden.

"W-Whoa! That was quick!"

"Yeah! Hey, do you think they're hungry?"

"Maybe, but what do Kuribohs eat?"

"That's a good question."

Kuriboh looked at Yugi's bento, his food styled to resemble Kuriboh. Winged Kuriboh did the same while looking at Jaden's bento and saw the food resembling him. They both squealed while bouncing up and down in the air. Their antics made Yugi and Jaden laugh.

Yugi scooped up a small octopus wiener with his chopsticks and held it near Kuriboh's mouth. "Are you two able to eat human food?"

Jaden rummaged through his bag and brought out a small bundle wrapped in a cloth. He placed it on the ground and unwrapped it, revealing some rice-balls. "Go ahead and try them. The food is really good."

Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh sniffed at their bentos, and then over to the rice-balls. They each picked one up with their claws and started eating one, both eliciting a happy squeal as they continued to eat their rice-balls.

Yugi smiled and ate his octopus wiener. "They obviously love the rice-balls."

"I know! They're so good!" Jaden responded before stuffing his mouth.

As they continued to eat, they heard the door open. They looked over to see Isis coming inside, along with the pharaohs. Speaking of which, Yugi recalled that they never told him and Jaden their names. He'll have to ask without sounding rude since they're the rulers of Ancient Egypt.

"It looks like they have now risen from their slumber, my lords," Isis said and stepped away to let them through.

"Indeed," Atem looked at their bentos. "May I ask what you're both eating?"

"Food made by Jaden's older sister," Yugi answered. "Our Kuribohs were also hungry so we gave them some rice-balls."

"Kuri! Kuri!"

"Rice-balls?" Abidos blinked. "And you have an older sister, Jaden?"

"Yup! Her name's Yubel and she's an awesome cook!" Jaden happily exclaimed.

"Krii! Krii!"

"I had no idea duel spirits can eat human food," Atem commented.

Isis cleared her throat. "It looks like you two are already eating your dinner. We were waiting to see if you would wake up before dusk approaches. My kings wish to learn more about you two along with your families and home."

"Providing that the two of you won't faint again," Abidos covered his mouth to refrain from laughing.

"Hey! No one told us that our monsters can be summoned without being in a duel!" Jaden pouted.

"I'm even more surprised in seeing Silent Magician and hearing her talk," Yugi said. "But yes, we will answer any questions you have. However, we also have questions for the pharaohs as well.

Atem nodded and looked at Isis. "Isis, please wait outside in the hallway. Abidos and I would like to question our guests in private."

"But my pharaoh-

He put his hand up to silence her. "Its all right. If there is any trouble, we will summon our Ka. Now please do as I say."

She opened her mouth, but then closed it and bowed her head. "As you wish, my pharaoh." She soon left the room and shut the door behind her.

"Before we start the interrogation, you two must stand up and sit on the bed," Abidos crossed his arms over his chest. "And that is an order."

Yugi and Jaden both complied as they stood up from their position and sat down on the bed behind them, securely holding their bento boxes on their laps. Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh floated up and also sat on the bed, while Yugi picked up the bundle still holding the rice-balls and placing the bundle cloth on the bed in front of their duel spirits.

Atem placed two chairs in front of them and sat on one of them, which was facing Yugi. Abidos occupied the other chair, which was facing Jaden. Atem crossed his arms over his chest while looking at Yugi. "Now answer our questions. Where are you two originally from?"

"We both came from Domino City."


"It resides in a country known as Japan, which is a foreign land very far from here."

"How interesting. That would explain your foreign accents."

"My turn!" Abidos piped up. "What type of relationship do the two of you have with one another?"

Jaden was the one who answered him. "Yugi and I are the best of friends! We knew each other back when we were little by our moms! A lot of people would sometimes mistaken us as brothers."

"He's right. Our moms studied in the same school before they settled down, and were able to reconnect when Jaden and I were little kids. Because of that, me and Jaden have an unbreakable bond as brothers," Yugi explained. "By the way, are you two fraternal twin brothers? And we never got your names."

A small chuckle escaped from Atem's lips. "Actually, Abidos and I are half-cousins. People do confuse us as fraternal twins due to the genes from my mother's side of the family, but we're not really twins since Abidos is slightly taller than me."

"Temi, don't be so jealous of my height!"

"I wasn't saying that, cousin."

"I still think you are jealous!"

"Anyways," Atem continued to gaze at Yugi, and then at Jaden. "I am Atem, Pharaoh of Khemet and son of the previous ruler Aknamkanon. Next to me is my cousin Abidos the Third, son of Pharaoh Seti the First and ruler of his kingdom called Abydos."

"I am also considered a legendary duelist," Abidos smirked while placing his hand on his chest. "No one could ever defeat me."

"Legendary duelist!?" Jaden exclaimed in awe. "And you're still undefeated!? That's awesome!"

"I almost forgot that duel monsters originated from Ancient Egypt," Yugi said. "You two must be very strong duelists."

"Indeed we are," Atem's lips formed into a smile. "No one can defeat our Ka monsters."

"My Spirit of the Pharaoh and his Dark Magician are unbeatable," Abidos replied with a smug look.

"Ooh! Then can I duel either of you guys?!" Jaden gave his unfinished bento to Yugi, and gave them a pleading look with his hands held together in front of him. "Pretty please? It would be so cool to duel a legend!"

"Krii! Krii!"

Abidos could fee his face heating up as he gazed at Jaden's puppy-dog look. Who knew he would make it look so cute? He truly is adorable, and he even wanted to duel him. Today is definitely a great day for him.

"Hold on, Jaden. We can't force them to have a duel with us if they don't want to," Yugi said and gave Jaden back his bento. "Plus, it's late and we gotta finish our food and get some rest."

"Kuri! Kuri!" Kuriboh nodded its head at Yugi's statement.

"Aww, but Yugi-

"Krii! Krii!"

"You as well!? I thought you were on my side!?"


Atem and Abidos covered their mouths to prevent themselves from laughing. Jaden was busy pouting while Yugi is trying to get him to focus on other things besides dueling them. Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh were still speaking to their masters in their usual language, with Jaden replying back to them. They definitely act like brothers, which gave them a huge sense of relief, but they do not know why they felt relieved.

"Kuri! Kuri!"

"Krii! Krii!"

The pharaohs looked over to see Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh floating over to them while holding a rice-ball in each of their hands. Kuriboh placed his rice-ball in Atem's hands and Winged Kuriboh placed his rice-ball in Abidos's hands. They used their hands to gesture them to eat the rice-balls.

"Go ahead and try them. They're really good," Yugi said and continued to eat from his bento.

"Yubel-nee makes the best rice-balls," Jaden replied while getting his bento back and eating his food.

Looking at the rice-balls for a minute, they looked at each other and shrugged as they took a bite from the rice-ball. Slowly chewing with their mouths closed, their eyes widened a bit after they swallowed. Atem looked at the rice-ball, and then over to Yugi. "This is incredible. You mentioned it's called a rice-ball?"

Yugi smiled and nodded. "In our language, we also call it 'onigiri'."

Abidos blinked in confusion. "Oni-giri?"

"There you go! You pronounced it right!" Jaden smiled at him.

Abidos puffed his chest up in pride. "Why thank you! I'm better at pronouncing foreign words than Temi here!"

"Cousin, just eat your rice-ball," Atem sighed while trying not to face-palm at his cousin's haughty attitude. He then noticed Yugi's bento, filled with food that was decorated to look like Kuriboh. "What an amazing design."

"Thanks. Yubel created these bentos for us whenever we get hungry. She's an amazing cook and artist," Yugi said, using his chopsticks to pick up a small piece of chicken with rice. "Would you like to try?"

Atem nodded his head, as he looked at Yugi placing his hand under the food to prevent from falling. He opened his mouth as Yugi fed him. Chewing on the food, his eyes widened more as he felt the flavor explode in his mouth. Never before in his life had he ever tasted anything so delicious. The food could make the chefs in his palace cry due to how powerful the flavor is. He swallowed while looking at Yugi. "This Yubel person has a gift in cooking. I would love to have her as my personal chef here in the palace."

"I'll let her know about that offer. She's very serious in her cooking skills," Yugi smiled with his eyes closed.

Atem smiled back as he continued to gaze at Yugi. His little one is definitely cute. Even his smile is adorable. It could light up the whole room on a gloomy day. But not only that, he shared his food with him. And the greatest moment was that Yugi fed him. He truly is a sweet and kind-hearted boy.

"Oh you're right, Temi! This Yubel person must definitely work as a chef in the palace!"

He turned his head to find Abidos being fed some food by Jaden. He couldn't tell what his cousin is eating, but the happy face on Abidos meant that he really liked it. However, he couldn't tell if he's happy eating the food or that Jaden is feeding him. It could be both. Atem noticed his rice-ball was still in his hand and he continued to eat it. Their food is truly remarkable.

"I had no idea your food could be so tasty!" Abidos took another bite of his rice-ball. "You must share your recipes with us!"

"Well, Yugi and I aren't too bad with cooking," Jaden sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "But Yubel-nee can easily turn any dish into a masterpiece. We still have a long way to go until we are able to reach her level."

"But we'll be happy to share recipes as long as you guys share your recipes with us," Yugi told them.

"Of course!" Atem replied. "And you mentioned that you can cook?"

"Yup! I only know a few recipes, but Yugi usually helps me with the cooking whenever I get confused with the ingredients," Jaden said after finishing his bento meal. "I know how to make sandwiches, pasta, stew, onigiri, and a few others that are easy for me."

"Krii!" Winged Kuriboh said while happily bouncing.

"Like Jaden, I can also make them but I was able to learn how to make a few Egyptian recipes from my grandpa. I know how to make koshari, moussaka, falafels that I believe you like to call Ta'amiya, and-

"Wait!" Atem placed his hand up. "You can make Ta'amiya?"

Yugi nodded. "My grandpa showed me how to make them after he came back from his exhibition in Cairo and-

He didn't finish as he felt Atem grab his hand and held it with both of his hands. Yugi felt his cheeks heating up as Atem gazed into his eyes. "You and your friend Jaden shall stay here in the palace as our special guests! The both of you can use the kitchen to cook if you'd like. We'll inform the chefs that you were given permission from us!"

"A-Alright," Yugi stuttered as a thin line of blush appeared on the bridge of his nose.

"Kuri!" Kuriboh said and patted his back.

"Not only that, you two shall stay in our bedrooms and keep us along with our beds warm," Abidos smirked after finishing his rice-ball.

"…. WHAT!?"



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