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1 year later

"Thank you for shopping here at Kame Game Shop! Please come again!" Yugi bowed to the customer who left. Checking the clock, he saw that it was now close to closing time. Since there are usually last minute customers who come here to buy their games, he decided to wait.

Seeing the glint on his ring finger, he sadly gazed at his ring. After he and Jaden were returned back to their time, they woke up in the hospital. Pegasus and Shadi found them at the museum and had to make up a story that they fainted from stress. Luckily, the doctors believed them so there wouldn't be any suspicions.

When Pegasus asked them what happened and how they came back, Yugi remembered what happened and began to cry. Soon, Jaden also cried and Shadi had a feeling something must've happened to disrupt their destiny to help the pharaohs. Their tears worried Pegasus, who tried to calm them down and figure out what happened.

After 30 minutes had passed and they calmed down, they explained everything to Shadi & Pegasus on what happened. They listened attentively and were surprised to learn that they were gonna marry the pharaohs. When they finished explaining, the boys continued to cry again.

They realized how deeply Yugi & Jaden fell in love with the pharaohs, and realized it was now impossible to get them back to Ancient Egypt since Pegasus & Shadi used all the magic and power from their Millennium items to previously send them there. Because of that, Shadi believed he failed everyone and also cried.

They both quickly left since their families were coming and had to make sure to avoid being seen by Yubel due to her protective nature towards the boys. They didn't tell their families the real reason they were crying, and kept that secret to themselves.

After being released from the hospital and going back home, their minds could never stop thinking about Atem & Abidos. Days soon turned into weeks, which then turned into months. They were able to finish high school and graduate, completing their education. Now their summer break came and they were both deciding on what they really want to do after being done with high school.

They even both changed a lot. Yugi had more of a handsome face, but still maintained his adorable and well-mannered personality that has people see him as a handsome gentleman. Jaden's face matured, causing him to act more like a grown-up instead of his former childish self. However, they both still loved to duel and would never forget about their time with Atem and Abidos.

Tracing the Eye of Horus symbol on his ring, he heard the bell chime and looked up. "Welcome to Kame Game Shop!"

"What's up, Yugi!"

Smiling, Yugi waved at him. "Hey there, Jaden. How was the trip?"

Jaden shrugged. "It was okay. Same old, same old."

"Is Yubel still bugging you on what you wanna do for your future?"

"She still thinks I should apply for college first before I decide to travel around the world. I told her I'm still thinking about it, but wants me to hurry before the deadline."

"I know you still want to be the next Dueling King."

"Still gotta defeat you first," Jaden winked. "What about you? Are you still gonna run the game shop?"

"I am. I was thinking of taking classes from Domino City Community College since its closer to home and not far. Grandpa says I should get a head start on classes so I can finish school early."

"Go for it. Your grades are better than mine."

"You improved on yours though."

"I'm not much of a school person," Jaden replied. "So any plans tomorrow?"

"The museum," Yugi answered. "You know…."

"I get it, man. I was thinking about it also," Jaden looked at the ring on his finger. "Its difficult trying to move on, but I can't. My heart still beats for Abidos."

"Mine also yearns for Atem," Yugi sighs. "I never thought we would get close to marrying them."

"I never thought it would be ruined by Mr. Crowler's ancestor."

"I'm not even gonna wonder what's going to happen to him now."

"Probably get eaten by a lion or alligator. But yeah, I don't mind going to the museum tomorrow."

"Cool. We'll meet up there tomorrow in the afternoon. Does that work for you?"

"Sure. This time, I won't be late."

"You better be right."

"I know I am."

The next day

"Nice outfit, Jaden!" Yugi replied.

"Thanks! Your is also cool!" Jaden said.

Yugi wore a full-sleeved, dark purple button up sweater with white pants and black boots. Jaden wore a white coat with a red polo shirt under it, along with black pants and red shoes. They both stood in front of the entrance of the Domino City museum, remembering how they would always come back here to look at the tablet and how they first went to Ancient Egypt.

The museum still looked the same, but got repainted so it would look brand new. The building became bigger to add more items for the museum, and a lot of people are now visiting the museum, which is great for business. But for Yugi and Jaden, the museum is also the place where they encountered Pegasus & Shadi, who introduced them to something they never thought could exist.

Clenching his fists, Yugi took a deep breath and released it as he started walking up the steps to the museum. Jaden did the same as they both walked side-by-side until they reached the entrance. As they went inside, their feet led them to the Egyptian exhibit and over to a familiar tablet.

Yugi looked at the ring on his finger, and then back at the tablet. "I still miss him…"

"I know…" Jaden placed a hand on his shoulder. "I never stopped thinking about Abidos…"

"I wish we could tell our families about what really happened, but I doubt they would believe us."

"Agreed. Yubel became a little suspicious, but I'm glad she didn't pressure us to tell her. She probably thinks we'll tell her when we're ready."

"If we're ready. I'm not even sure if she'll believe us."

"Its her choice or not. Though it is hard to stay strong."

"I know how you feel," Yugi continued to gaze at the tablet, his eyes dimmed with sadness. "I wanted to be with my family again, but I also want to be with Atem. It's hard picking a choice since they both mean so much to me. I can't have both or else I'll have to pick an era and stay there forever."

"Plus, our folks won't understand at all," Jaden placed his hands in his coat pockets. "Don't get me wrong. I do like my life here in the future, but it feels like I have a connection in the past. We met new people, made friends, and learned what its like to fall in love."

"Even the crazy stuff we did lightened up the mood," Yugi chuckled and smiled softly. "Too bad we were unable to give them a proper goodbye. I wish there was a way for us to see them again."

They both continued to stare at the Memory Tablet, ignoring their surroundings along with people giving them odd looks. However, it didn't last that long until they heard an announcement coming from the speakers.

"Attention, everyone! There is a new exhibit opened called The City of Atlantis! If any of you wish to view it, please come to the front desk where a tour guide will be there to show you the exhibit! I repeat! Come to the front desk if you wish to see the new exhibit called The City of Atlantis! Thank you!"

A few people who were in the Egyptian exhibit whispered in excitement after hearing the announcement and quickly left to go see it. However, Yugi and Jaden chose to stay and continue to look at the tablet. They did thought the new exhibit sounded interesting, but they did not want to go see it since their minds are preoccupied with their favorite pharaohs.

"I am pleased to hear that you two still remember our kings."

They turned around and their eyes widened in disbelief to see a familiar man wearing his cloak along with his turban. Jaden was the first to speak up. "M-Mister Shadi Shin?"

Shadi smiled a little and nodded his head. "Greetings, young Jaden. You too, young Yugi."

"I-Its been a long time," Yugi stuttered. "W-We haven't seen you in a while. What made you want to come today to this museum?"

"Pegasus called me to come and help you," Shadi answered.

"P-Pegasus is here!? Where!?" Jaden looked around for his idol.

Shadi shook his head. "He is not here, just I. He informed me of how you two are heartbroken to be separated from the pharaohs."

Yugi rubbed the back of his neck. "You both already knew that when you saw us cry for them a year ago."

"I remembered. But now, I came here to give you good news."

"Good news?" Jaden asked.

"There is a way for the two of you to go back to your kings."

"… WHAT?!" Yugi & Jaden exclaimed in shock.

"I found something interesting from an old scroll that was written down centuries ago. It is a spell known as Amunet's spell."

"Amunet's spell?" Yugi asked.

Shadi nodded his head. "Invented by the apprentice of a mage who is a priest to the Pharaoh of Khemet."

"Apprentice?" Yugi let his mind wander and then gasped. "Y-You mean Mana created it!?"

"You are correct."

"Mana? You mean that girl who resembled Dark Magician Girl?" Jaden asked.

"The same one who was called mama by Card Ejector," Yugi pointed out.

"Now I remember. But how did Mana created a spell that can send us back to Ancient Egypt? And has it worked before?"

"An excellent question," Shadi commented. He looked at his Millennium Key and touched it. "I believe she wanted to create a spell that can reverse the effects of Ayan's spell. While Ayan's spell can send someone back to their original era, Amunet's spell can send someone to the era they desire to go to."

"So these spells are opposites?" Yugi asked.

"Precisely. Just like Ayan's spell, you'll need the proper supplies and use the power of both your Ka and Ba to unlock the spell."

"Did it work before?" Jaden questioned.

"I do not know. There had been no notes about it from the scroll," Shadi answered. "However, I read over the contents and I can concur that there is no difficulty for the spell to work."

Yugi looked at Jaden, who looked back at him. If what Shadi said was true, then there is a chance for them to go back to Ancient Egypt and see Atem & Abidos again. They would be reunited and be able to be with them forever. But on the bad side, their families live here in the 21st century and they can't leave them.

Yugi frowned and looked at Shadi. "Thank you for telling us, but I'm afraid Jaden and I must stay here in this era."

Jaden also looked at him. "He's right. His mom and grandpa are here along with my parents and older sister. We can't leave them again or they'll think the worst."

"Don't get us wrong. We really want to see the pharaohs again," Yugi clenched his fists as he looked at the floor in anguish. "I want to see Atem again, hug him, touch him, be able to feel his presence and warmth. He means everything to me, and I desperately wish to reunite with him." He then lifted his head to gaze at Shadi. "I'm afraid I can't leave my family. They won't understand, and I don't want to break their hearts."

"The same goes with me and my family," Jaden folded his arms and looked at them in interest. "My parents still go on their business trips, but Yubel is still there for me. She's like a second mom to me, and she would be devastated if I left her forever. I do want to see Abidos and be able to hug and touch him so I wouldn't forget his presence, but I can't break Yubel's heart. She's done a lot for me, and I can't let her down." He lifted his head and gazed at Shadi. "I'm sorry, but it isn't possible for the both of us to be able to leave this era."

"There is a possibility, Jaden."

Jaden gasped and looked over to see a familiar figure appearing from behind Shadi. Her long hair tied into a braid and her greenish-blue eyes twinkled in the light. Dressed in a purple blouse with black trousers and high-heeled boots, she gave him a soft smile. "Now I know why you like to go to the museum so much, Jaden."

"Y-Yubel-nee?" Jaden stuttered. "W-Wait! So you knew!?"

"Along with me," another person appeared from behind.

"G-Grandpa?" Yugi gasped. "H-Hold on! So you two…"

Solomon nodded. "Shadi and Pegasus told us everything after Yubel forced them to tell us the truth. At first, we didn't believe it until I saw the ring on your finger and how the two of you wouldn't stop researching over Ancient Egypt."

"I got worried when you suddenly became more productive in your studies, making me think something happened," Yubel replied. "After seeing how much you changed and suddenly matured, that's when I realized you were actually serious in being in love with someone."

"So you two aren't mad?" Jaden asked.

Yubel shook her head. "We're not… Just sad that the two of you had to hide it behind a mask and that you never told us of your pain."

"We didn't mean it," Yugi bit his lip. "We didn't think you would believe us and it was hard to talk about it."

"Its okay, Yugi. We understand completely," Solomon walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "But now you don't have to hide it anymore. Yubel and I know the whole story, and we both fully support you two."

"Y-You two actually don't mind us loving the same gender?"

"Not at all. As long as they treat you well and keep you happy, then we're happy for you. Though it's sad that we can't actually meet them face-to-face. I do want to see what type of people are dating my little brother and his friend," Yubel commented.

"You'll definitely like them. They're super cool and they're really nice!" Jaden replied.

Shadi cleared his throat, gaining their attention. "We are getting off topic." He gazed at them. "Yugi. Jaden. Do you two wish to stay in this era, or go back to the past and reunite with the pharaohs?"

Yugi looked at his grandfather, who gave him a gentle smile and patted his shoulder. "Your mother and I will be fine, Yugi. I'll tell her everything so she would understand. I'll make sure that the game shop is running well. Go ahead and be with your soulmate."


Yubel gave Jaden her gentle smile. "I'll be okay as well, Jaden. To tell you the truth, I'm already seeing one and I'm fixing to move in with my lover. I know your boyfriend will take great care of you and keep you safe from danger. If our parents ask about you, I'll just tell them that you moved to another country with your lover. I'll be okay so you don't have to worry about me."


"Just remember, Yugi…"

"We both love you with all our hearts and will always be proud of you…"

"Forever," they replied in unison.

Yugi hugged his grandfather tightly, while Jaden ran over to Yubel and hugged her tightly. Tears streamed down their cheeks as they sobbed on them, hugging them more and thanking them for always being there for them and raising them well. They continued to hug Solomon and Yubel while Shadi watched with a fond smile on his face.

As they finished crying and broke the hug, they turned their heads and looked at Shadi. He saw in their eyes what their decision was and nodded his head. "Is that your final decision?"

Yugi nodded. "That's our final decision."

"We wish to go back to the past and be reunited with our pharaohs," Jaden finished.

"Very well. It is time I activate Amunet's spell."

Shadi closed his eyes and chanted words in a foreign language, causing his two spirits known as Zelua and Two-Headed Jackal Warrior to appear above him. The room became dark, and the only light came from the glowing Millennium Key held in his hand. As he closed his eyes, the glow became brighter along with the tablet, engulfing the entire room with its light. Soon, it faded away and the only ones standing were Solomon, Yubel, and Shadi.

The breeze blew against his bangs, fluttering with the wind as he stared at the horizon. His cape fluttered but he did not feel cold. The sun is still shining down upon him, keeping him warm as his scarlet eyes continued to gaze at his kingdom. He could see his guards following orders from Seth, his guardians doing their duties, and the servants were busy finishing their chores and tasks.

Atem noticed his ring twinkling from the sun's light, gazing at the ankh symbol engraved as it shines brightly. The memory of Yugi placing that ring on his finger caused him to smile, but he then frowned as another memory came, causing him to clench his fists tightly in anger.

After Yugi and & Jaden disappeared from the effects of Ayan's spell, he ordered his guards to arrest Crowler and place him in the dungeon. Abidos wanted him eaten by the lions or crocodiles, while the others wanted him tortured. Atem decided that Crowler would be exiled from the kingdom and to never come back or risk getting executed by his guards.

However, he made sure Crowler wasn't given good treatment since his actions caused him to ruin an important marriage ceremony involving him, his cousin, and their lovers. Hopefully, they will no longer be able to see him again. And if Alexander the Great asked about Crowler, he'll make up a lie and say he accidentally fell inside a well and drowned. It would be a good cover story so there would be no questions asked.

Atem sadly sighed and looked at the clear blue sky. "Yugi… I miss you so much, my habibi…"

Then, he heard loud knocking coming from his door. Still looking at the sky, he called out to the guest. "You may enter!"

The door opened and the person came in while panting. "M-My king! I bear you some good news!"

Atem turned his head. "What good news, Mahado?"

Regaining his posture, he looked at him with excitement. "They came back, my lord! They have returned!"

"Who returned?"

"Please come with me immediately! Its best if you see it yourself!" Mahado bowed. "I promise you that this is wonderful news!"

Atem quirked his eyebrow, but then nodded. "Lead me there then, Mahado."

"Yes, my pharaoh!"

Bowing again, Mahado lead him out of the room and down the hallway. Atem noticed the guards and servants whispering excitedly while a few were happily crying. Did something happen? What type of surprise is he going to see? Does it involve his habibi and his friend?

He quickly stopped and noticed they were in front of the entrance of the healing chambers. Mahado parted the curtains and brought his hand out. "After you, my king."

Giving him a firm nod, Atem stepped inside the chambers and looked around. Suddenly, his eyes saw something on the bed and he let out a quiet gasp. A person was laying down on the bed unconscious, but his appearance is what he remembered: the star-shaped hair, his beautiful pale skin, gorgeous amethyst-colored eyes, and delicate frame. There is only one person he remembered who had this appearance, and he is now here.

He quickly hurried over to the figure and looked at him closely. Trembling in near shock, he slowly picked up his hand and held it close to his cheek. His cheeks suddenly felt wet, but he didn't care. The gods have heard his pleas. They answered his prayers. They brought his akhu back to him.

"Yugi…" He softly whispered, rubbing his eyes and kissed the palm of his hand. He noticed another figure lying down on another bed next to his, and he recognized the figure's brown hair and red clothing.

Stroking his lover's tricolored star-shaped hair, Atem turned his head to look at Mahado. "H-How did they came back? I-I thought it was impossible?"

"I'm not sure at all, my pharaoh. Maybe they might know the answer once they wake up," Mahado answered.

"I see. Has Abidos been informed of Jaden returning?"

"We already sent a messenger to go to his kingdom to inform him."

"Good. He must know that his lover is also here."

"There is one other thing, my lord."

"What is it?"

"The guards found these near the boys. I believe they are addressed to you and to Lord Abidos," Mahado handed him two folded letters: one with Atem's name written on it and the other one had Abidos's name written on it also.

Atem looked at the letters, and then looked at Mahado. "Once my cousin comes here, we'll both read it together."

"As you wish, my lord," Mahado bowed.

He could feel his body floating, but he could barely move. He remembered feeling like this before, and it looks like he's unconscious. He needed to wake up. He must open his eyes so he could see Abidos again. The question is, how will he do that?


Wait a minute… That voice….

"Krii! Krii!"

He remembered now. He was able to wake up thanks to Winged Kuriboh. He was able to help him wake up by making the room bright. If he can get Winged Kuriboh to do that again, he'll be able to wake up.

"W-Winged Kuriboh!..."


Appearing in front of him with its white angel wings flapping, Winged Kuriboh let out a huge screech as the room engulfed in white light. He closed his eyes shut, and waited for a few minutes. Soon, he felt the brightness fading away and he slowly opened them.

His vision was blurry, but he could make out a face in front of him. Blinking a few times, his eyes soon adjusted to the colors and everything soon became clear. He heard the person gasp, and he turned his head to see the person better. He remembered his violet-colored eyes, and he would never forget them. "A-Abidos?"

Tears streaming down his cheeks, Abidos held him close to his body and buried his face on his chest, sobbing loudly while tightening his grip on him. Slowly placing his hand on his head, he gently hugged his head and softly caressed him as tears leaked from the corner of his eyes. "I-I missed you so much…"

Lifting his head up, Abidos wiped away his tears and caressed his cheek. "I-I never stopped thinking about you, my flower…. I-I kept praying to the gods and goddesses for you to come back, a-and they listened to my prayers…" He leaned forward and placed his forehead against his. "P-Please don't ever leave my side, Jaden. I-I love you with a great passion!"

"And I love you as well, my beloved Abidos," Jaden caressed his cheek and pressed his lips softly against his. He could feel Abidos kissing back deeply while hugging him, as they both moved their lips against each other in synchronization. He missed his warm lips and hugs, his touch, and everything that made his heart beat in a fast rhythm.

Jaden never thought he would be able to come back again to Ancient Egypt, and he's glad he was able to. He's glad that Yubel understood and wanted him to be happy, but he's also sad that he won't be able to see her, their parents, Solomon, or Domino City ever again. Though he is surprised that Yubel has a special someone, so he's happy for her that she won't be alone.


Breaking the kiss as they panted, Jaden looked down to see Winged Kuriboh looking at them. Blushing as he realized that they kissed in front of him, Jaden sheepishly rubbed the back of his head as he looked away. "H-How long have you been sitting there, Winged Kuriboh?"


"W-When I first woke up? Y-You could've said something instead of having to see that!"

"Krii! Krii!"

"T-That's not funny!"

Abidos chuckled, holding Jaden close to him and kissed his forehead. "I find it adorable. He reminds me of a curious little child."

"T-That's because he sometimes acts like one," Jaden mentioned.

"Krii!" Winged Kuriboh puffed his cheeks and pounced on his face, causing Jaden to try to pull him off while muffling from having his mouth covered.

Abidos laughed and tried to help him, while Atem and Yugi chuckled at the scene with Kuriboh giggling at them. Soon, Atem & Yugi looked at each other again and kissed while hugging one another. The kiss lasted for a minute until they parted and held each other while Kuriboh happily bounced as he squealed.

1 year later

Giggling at the funny faces Joey is giving him, a baby with tri-colored star-shaped hair with red streaks, a blond curl on the middle of his forehead, scarlet eyes, and caramel skin clapped his hands while sitting on the grass. Another baby with short straight black hair with bangs framing both side of his cheeks, violet eyes, and caramel skin slowly crawled on the grass while trying to catch Pharaoh's tail, who would meow and move away from him as Syrus kept an eye on them both.

Sitting under the tree while watching them play, Yugi and Jaden smiled at the sight. After reuniting with their pharaohs, they told them about how Shadi was able to send them back by Amunet's spell, which is something Mana was able to create. Hearing that, Mana cheered with joy that she found something to counteract with Ayan's spell, which also made Mahado very proud of her for accomplishing something so big.

The letters given to Atem & Abidos were actually written by Solomon and Yubel, who wrote them in Egyptian which surprised Yugi & Jaden, but mostly Jaden since he had no idea Yubel could read and write in Egyptian. The letters talked about Solomon and Yubel introducing themselves to the pharaohs, and how they were giving them their permission and blessing to be with Yugi and Jaden. It warmed their hearts, but they got frightened when Yubel added a threat to skin them alive if they dare make Yugi and Jaden cry or break their hearts.

Atem & Abidos kept their promise and treated Yugi & Jaden like their own queens. Everyone in the palace were happy of their return, and they exchanged stories on what happened at Khemet while they were gone and what happened at Domino City after they returned there. Yugi asked about what happened to Mr. Crowler, but Atem told him not to worry about it.

After they let them resettle, they restarted the marriage ceremony and both Yugi & Jaden were able to marry Atem & Abidos. After a weeklong honeymoon, they were both given a tour of Khemet and were able to visit the kingdom of Abydos. Abidos's father was surprised to learn of his son getting married to a male, but was okay with it as long as they find a way to provide an heir for the kingdom.

Surprisingly, they were able to provide an heir. A month after the wedding, Yugi & Jaden became sick and when Isis examined them, she was shocked to learn that they were both pregnant. The pharaohs were astonished at the news, but believed that the gods granted them a wish they would have a family with their queens.

They both decided that the pregnancy will be kept a secret until after the birth of their heirs, and Jaden stayed in Khemet with Yugi so the birth would be safe. Abidos had to leave to go rule his kingdom, but would make sure to visit to see how his queen and future heir are doing.

After the birth that went surprisingly well with no complications, Yugi and Jaden were mothers to two healthy baby boys and Atem & Abidos cried tears of happiness at becoming fathers. The palace was in cheers to hear of a new heir being born to the royal family, and it soon spread to the kingdom. After they recovered, Yugi stayed in Khemet with Atem while Jaden stayed at the kingdom of Abydos with his pharaoh Abidos. The two of them would still write letters to each other and find ways to visit whenever they have the chance.

Now, Yugi & Jaden smiled as they watched their little boys playing with their favorite uncles Joey and Syrus. Soon, Hassleberry and Tristan also joined since they wanted to spend time with their little nephews. Tea & Alexis would always coo and comment on how cute their babies are and Mana couldn't stop gushing on how she was an aunt to them.

"Hey Yugi?" Jaden broke the silence.


"Do you think our families would be excited to meet our new family?"

Yugi looked at the sky in interest. "I'm not sure. Grandpa would be thrilled to learn that he has a great-grandson, and mom would be surprised but would try to spoil her grandson." Yugi chuckled. "I'm sure they would be very excited. Once Amun is older, I will tell him about the rest of his family and of his Japanese blood running through his veins."

"Me too with Aptera. I want him to know of his auntie Yubel, his grandparents, and my history of seeing duel spirits," Jaden replied.

"If there's a chance he'll be able to see them, you'll be there to guide him."

"I sure am. I don't want him to be scared of them. I'm gonna make sure he gets through it, just like how Yubel helped me out when I first started seeing them."

"I know he'll be fine. He's strong like you and Abidos."

"You got that right."

"He also has his mother's heart."

Jaden happily gasped and got up to hug him. "You're back early!"

Abidos laughed and hugged him back. "The meeting ended early after we decided something that was actually easy to figure out."

"No fights at all?" Yugi asked as Atem hugged him from behind.

"Nope. This time, we were all civil," Atem said and kissed his cheek.

"Good. Because last time you two got into a fight and ended up with scratches that caused you two to bleed, Amun and Aptera were so worried about you. Its best not to worry your sons at all," Yugi patted his arms.

"I'm still surprised they became huge daddy's boys," Jaden replied.

"That's because we make sure no one goes near our sons without our permission," Abidos laughed.

Feeling something touching their feet, they looked down and smiled to see their babies reaching out to them. Yugi picked up Amun while Jaden picked up Aptera, holding them close to their chests as Atem and Abidos hugged their families close to them.

Who knew after going to Ancient Egypt that they would meet two pharaohs whom they fell for and meet so many people who became their friends? It looks like they did have a destiny, and their destiny was to give them love.

The End! Did you guys liked it!? I hope you did! For those who read this story, thank you so much for viewing and liking it! I'm glad all of you still like Blindshipping and Proposalshipping! :D