Alright Guys… I'll be blunt here, I came back to this story multiple times throughout the year and tried to rebuild it; but whenever I did, it was an unrecognizable story, sometimes for better sometimes for worse. Whenever I tried to 'balance' things better, it inevitably ended with either humanity seeming woefully weak (even compared to canon); or conversely humanity ended up being so powerful, that it just wouldn't be fair.

I admit guys, this story is a bit of a black mark for me; it honestly reminds me of the 'mixed bag' analogy by Ross Scott: "If this were a literal mixed bag, it would be filled with Gold Nuggets and Snapping Turtles."

There are genuine Gems in this story that I feel hold up rather well even now, and some story concepts that would be fascinating to visit. But these days, I feel like the Snapping Turtles far outweigh the Gold Nuggets. It says a lot that I still get PMs from time to time either praising this story; or claiming that I'm a horrible writer and that they want to gouge their eyes out.

So as it stands, I'm going to let this story die; but not before telling you guys my plans for it (and yes, contrary to popular belief this story did have a plan).

The Short of it is, the Quarian Human Alliance would have stalemated the Hierarchy for a short time; but then they have the luck of running into a Batarian Slaver raid and destroy it, finding the Batarians carrying some new species. One was the Raloi, and the other would have been a new species of my own creation; I never got around to figuring out how they looked beyond wanting them to be a kind of allegory for Native Americans and being very Wolf/Fox-like Bipeds.

With this, the war would have shifted to the Alliances favor, and after a number of back and forth moments; chiefly the Turians destroying another Carrier, the Alliance wins by Capturing the Primarchs and Sparatus and forcing a Surrender.

The Result ends with the Confederacy, Quarians, Raloi, and the Unfinished Species form their own block; and sign a non-aggression pact with the council races. The Asari in particular are bitter because they wanted Humanity Subjugated by the Turians so they could stay top dogs; and use the Batarians as a proxy and successfully Assassinate President Grant in his bed.

The Confederacy blames the Batarians, and a whole new war breaks out; and the end of the fic was supposed to be a sort of bittersweet message by Hannah Shepard, remarking how no matter what, others would always make decisions from up top and how it was the little people on the bottom that paid the price.

If that sounds incoherent, It's because I lost the Original script because it was on my old Computer that completely bricked; and you're getting my abridged faulty memory version.

Frankly, there are times I've considered deleting this story, but In the end I've decided to let it stay for those who like it to keep reading it. Not all hope is lost of course; you have 'Half Life: Entanglement', a much better alternate First Contact and a Crossover between Half Life and Mass Effect. And you guys have 'A Ghost and a Spectre' a semi-okay Self Insert story with an interesting and subversive take on the genre.

And adding to that, at the time this update goes out, I'll be uploading a new story called 'Pax Britannia'; a sort of Spiritual Successor to this story. Like AHDAI, it will be a low priority story that gets infrequent updates from me; but I hope you guys like it.

Don't leave a review, as it no longer means anything for this story.

A TV Tropes page would be greatly appreciated… for my other stories; this one sucks.

And I will see ya when I see ya… on my other stories.