Saving the Kitten
Lyndsey woke up first, and rolled over to look at Peep. Ever since they had met, they had been inseparable. He had even stayed with her while she served her one's years' service to the Good Magician Humphrey. After she had finished, they had started a Quest. Well really, Lyndsey had started a Quest, and Peep was helping her. She was finding people who didn't like their talents, and helping them get new ones.
Peep rolled over, and his eyes opened. Lyndsey still hadn't gotten over his eyes. They were green in the middle, and then they were ringed with blue. They had golden brown flecks in them. At the moment, at least. His eyes changed colours all the time. Sometimes they were solid green, or blue, or brown, or sometimes they were all three. Lyndsey could spend an eternity just looking at his eyes.
"Good morning!" Peep said, sitting up. He was definitely a morning person. "Did ya sleep well?" he asked.
Lyndsey blinked, realizing that she had been staring. "Uh…yeah, good," she said. She wasn't so much of a morning person, herself- and she was a bit embarrassed.
Peep looked concerned. "If you didn't get enough sleep…" he trailed off, closing his eyes.
"No no, that's ok," Lyndsey protested. She was wide enough awake to know that Peep was about to use his talent to make it night. "I got enough sleep, really." She smiled at him. He smiled back.
"Ok. But you know, I could make it night for a different reason…" he left his sentence unfinished, sending Lyndsey a suggestive glance and winking. Lyndsey rolled her eyes and shook her head.
"Let's just go get some breakfast," she said. Peep shrugged and stood up. He threw a hand down to help Lyndsey up.
"Breakfast it is," Peep said, his eyes twinkling mischievously.
"Wha-" Lyndsey started to ask, as Peep pulled her up into his arms. Her question was interrupted as Peep kissed her.
"Mmm…good breakfast," he teased, grinning. Lyndsey tried to muster a glare at him, but couldn't manage it. Instead she just blushed. Peep laughed. "Ok, ok. Let's go get some real food." Lyndsey nodded, and they headed off into the bush.
Soon enough, they came along a pie-tree. Lyndsey picked off a blueberry-pie and Peep picked off a lemon-pie. They picked some milkweed pods from a milkweed plant that was growing nearby, and settled down to eat.
They had just finished eating when they were approached by a crying girl. "Oh please, can you help me?" she wailed.
Lyndsey perked up. "What is it? Do you hate your talent?" Maybe this girl was the next person she would help.
The girl looked at her strangely. "No. I just lost my kitten. She wandered in here from Mundania and I adopted her."
"Oh," Lyndsey said. Recovering, she said, "of course we'll help you find her!" She glanced at Peep, and up at the sky. Peep nodded, and closed his eyes. He raised his arm, and a moment later, it was brighter out. "Thanks," Lyndsey said. Peep's talent had manifested, just like his sisters'. Now he could not only make it day and night, but also alter the time of day as far or near as he liked.
"No problem," Peep said, glancing at the distressed girl.
"I can help her," Lyndsey said reassuringly. It was bright out enough now that she could see everything. She invoked her talent of Flying For Short Periods of Time by simply thinking about invoking it. Then she was floating, up above the trees. She brought herself down a little, so that she could see everything. She flew back towards the way that the girl had come from, and sure enough, the kitten was up at the top of a tree. Unfortunately, it was a tangle tree.
"Oh boy," Lyndsey muttered. The girl hadn't mentioned that the kitten was possibly up a tangle tree. It must have been some climber in Mundania! Either that, or the tangle tree just didn't want to bother with something so small.
Lyndsey landed on the ground, her talent of flying having exhausted itself for now. How could she get up the tree? She mentally ticked off her talents…Small Illusions, Flying for Short Periods of Time, Unlocking Locked Doors, Changing Hair Colour, Becoming Invisible for Short Periods of Time, Mild Distractions, Becoming Lightweight, Becoming Heavyweight, Voice Projection…and a few others.
After a few moments, Lyndsey got a lightbulb. If she created a mild distractions, then followed that up with a small illusion- she could become invisible, and lightweight, and save the kitten!
Without a moment's pause, she set off the distraction. A small bang came from somewhere to the right. The tangle trees' tentacles quivered. Lyndsey then created the illusion of a small girl, looking lost. Lyndsey voice projected a whimper coming from the girl. The tangle tree took interest. Lyndsey used that moment to become invisible, and lightweight. As the little illusion girl cried, Lyndsey floated up to the kitten. Taking hold of its small body, she went back to normal weight and began flying simultaneously. She flew quickly back to Peep and the girl, as the illusion had disappeared, and the tangle tree was mad.
"I'm back!" Lyndsey called, setting down on the ground. The kitten wriggled in her hands.
"That's great!" Peep said. "But where are you?" Both he and the girl were looking around.
"Oops! Sorry," Lyndsey apologized. She had forgotten that she was still invisible. Remembering now, she became visible. "Right here! And I brought the kitty!"
"Oh, thank you, thank you!" the girl cried, running over to Lyndsey. She took hold of the kitten, and hugged it close. "How can I ever repay you?" She looked truly grateful.
"It's no problem," Lyndsey answered. "Really," she added, as the girl looked skeptical.
"Well, thank you!" the girl said, turning and walking away. The kitten had wriggled out of her arms, and the girl was chasing it.
"Maybe you could get a leash for her!" Lyndsey cried after her.
"Good idea!" came the answer. Lyndsey chuckled. She hoped the kitten didn't find its way up another tangle tree any time soon.
"Where to next?" Peep asked, coming to stand beside Lyndsey.
"I guess we just meander around. See if anyone else needs help."
"Anywhere…as long as I'm with you," Peep answered. Lyndsey smiled and leaned in close to them. It was the starting of another adventure!