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Amy Dumas was sitting alone in her hotel room, waiting for her boyfriend, Matt Hardy. She knew exactly why he told her to wait for him in the room. It was going to be another one of those nights.

Matt walked through door, coming back from the Smackdown taping, screaming about losing his match earlier that night and sounded angry as could be. He needed something to let his anger out on. Amy was that something. He stopped yelling once he saw Amy sitting on the bed looking frightened. An evil grin formed on his face. Amy knew what was coming. It had been happening a lot lately. She would end up with huge bruises on her arms, legs, and back all from Matt. She would even have the occasional black eye. Matt always tried his hardest to hit her where her clothes would cover, but sometimes his beatings would get out of control and he would do anything to let his anger out and to hurt Amy. She never stopped him, she knew things would just get worse if she did.

Matt snatched her arm tightly and threw her against the wall with all of his strength. He took off his belt. He told her to take off her shirt and to get on her hands and knees. She did as he said. He started whipping her over and over with the leather belt. Amy tried not to cry, afraid of what would happen if she did. Matt's whippings were getting harder and harder and Amy felt like she was about to pass out from the pain until he finally stopped. She took a deep breath, she knew there was still more.

He grabbed her wrist and tossed her onto the bed. He took off her pants and torn her bra and thong off. As he started kissing her he took off his own clothing. His kissing became more forceful as he went down to her neck. Amy couldn't take this anymore. She pushed Matt off of her. Matt gave her a furious look and Amy knew she shouldn't have done that. He slapped her as hard as he could across the face. Then he pinned her hands above her head with his nails digging into her wrists so hard, that Amy could feel blood dripping down her arm. Then he drove his cock inside of her. She just wished he would stop, but he just kept going harder and faster. It felt everything but good. Amy soon felt tears sliding down her face and hoped Matt wouldn't notice.

After a while Matt finally stopped thrusting inside of Amy and took himself out. He let go of her wrists and fell asleep next to her. After Amy was absolutely positive Matt was sleeping, she put her clothes on, grabbed her bags, and left. She knew he would be even more angry when he found out she left, but she had to leave. But she didn't have anywhere to go considering she was thousands of miles away from her home and family because she had been traveling with the WWE even though she was still out with her neck injury. Then she remember that her best friend, Jeff Hardy, was staying at a hotel down the street. He had even told her what room he was staying in. Amy decided to go there, hoping he wouldn't be too mad for just showing up at his hotel room at such a late hour.