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Jeff was lying wake in is hotel room. He was thinking about Amy. He new something was wrong. She had been acting different lately. She was more quite and acted afraid of something. Jeff was worried. He cared about Amy so much. He loved her. Everyone knew that except for her. He heard a knock at his door so he got up and answered it. It was Amy. She looked pale and weak.

"Amy, what are you doing here?" Jeff asked surprised

"Well, um, Matt wasn't feeling well, and um he begged me to leave so I wouldn't get sick, so can I stay here?" Amy said nervously. It was the first thing she could think of. She didn't want anyone to know the truth, she hated the truth.

Jeff knew that she was lying. He had just spoken to Matt on the phone, when he was leaving the Smackdown taping and going to his hotel. Matt was fine. But Jeff didn't say anything to Amy about it.

"Oh ok, and of course you can stay here." Jeff opened the for Amy and shut it behind her. "You take the bed and I'll take the floor."

"No Jeff, I'm not going come in here at almost 2 in the morning and make you sleep on the hard floor. You take the bed" Amy argued.

"Amy you're sleeping in the bed and that's final." Jeff told her in a stern but not at all harsh voice. Amy didn't want to argue any more so she sat down on the bed and started looking though her bags to find something to sleep in. She pulled out a plain light blue T-shirt and some track pants.

"I'm really sorry I bothered you tonight." Amy told Jeff

"Amy, you didn't bother me at all. If you ever need a place to stay or you just need me for anything, don't hesitate to call me or come find me. That's why I always tell you which hotel I'm staying at and what the room number is. I'm here for you."

"Thanks Jeff" Amy walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him. He hugged her back and didn't let go.

*God I love this feeling, I never want to let her go. I want to hold this angel forever, and treat her like a queen, MY queen* Jeff quickly snapped out of that thought. *I can't think like that, she is Matt's girlfriend, not mine* Amy released the hug, looked up at Jeff and smiled. Jeff smiled back.

"Ok well go change and get to bed. You look exhausted." Jeff said. Amy walked into the bathroom and got changed. And when she got out Jeff noticed something. He saw the bruises all over her arms that he hadn't noticed before since she was wearing a long sleeved shirt. He knew those bruises couldn't have been from wrestling considering she was still out with her injury. Then he noticed the cuts where Matt had dug his nails into her wrists.

"Amy, what happened?!" Jeff asked in a very concerned tone. Amy realized what he was talking about, and collapsed on the floor, crying. Jeff ran to her, a bit confused, and held her. He rubbed her back trying to calm her down, but he stopped when she screamed out in pain. He had touched one of the spots on her back where Matt had whipped her.

"Amy what's wrong, what's going on?" Jeff asked quietly But Amy just kept crying until she fell asleep. Jeff didn't move her he just let her stay sleeping in his lap while he drifted to sleep as well, leaning against the wall.

The next morning Jeff awoke and found the resting Amy peacefully lying on his lap, then he remembered what had happened the night before. He was so worried and puzzled. Amy awoke and looked up at Jeff.

"Hey Jeff," The sound of her voice startled him "I'm really sorry about last night" Amy continued. She sat up from his lap.

"Its ok but I'm just a little confused," Jeff replied. "Can you please tell me what's going on?"

"Jeff, I-" Amy started but was cut off by the sound of her cell phone ringing. She reached into her bag, a little happy that she was interrupted. She defiantly wasn't looking forward to telling Jeff what kind of man his brother really was.

"Hello?" Amy answered her phone with out bothering to check who it was first. It was Matt.