As a special birthday pres from me to you, I am posting a few stories from the drabbles as full ones. Enjoy!

She had always known her cousin was trouble, ever since she recovered from the head injury that took most of her memories away. The attack that stole her mother from her also caused a slight change in her personality when she was back to 'normal'.

The old her would have fallen in love with him, after the way he managed to coax her back into smiling despite losing her beloved mother.

Yona knew better than to open the door. The moment she realized that there were no guards outside her father's door, and the fact it was opened slightly was clue enough that she would not like what she found if she went inside.

"Is someone out there?" asked a voice softly. It was one she knew all too well.

Softly, she walked away from the door with a heavy heart knowing that she could never return to the castle. Her primary focus was only on escaping before the traitors found her.

Fortunately, Yona was a rather adventurous girl and had long since memorized all the secret paths out of the castle without the guards being any the wiser. So long as she returned back before the servants roused her for breakfast, no one would be aware of her late-night escapades.

Yona avoided her room. It would be one of the first places they would look for her. Instead she veered off to a store house that held mostly outdated records of the kingdom that had become stuck in recent years. Since no one really used said records, no one had bothered to fix the issue. It wasn't like anyone came to this particular building.

Yona slipped in through the hidden door, and found her small training area untouched as always. No one was aware that the storehouse sat above a tunnel that lead deep into the forest that would take them in the direction straight to the Wind Tribe. It was an escape route for the royals and other important people that had been long forgotten until she found it and quietly cleaned it out.

It was also her primary method of leaving the castle. Since no one came to this building and it wasn't near anywhere important or the walls, there wasn't even a guard stationed around it. And any route that would have taken them past it were easy to avoid.

Yona bit back a sob, knowing she would never see her father again. She had to escape, and quickly before Soo-Won used her as either a hostage to 'legitimize' his ascension to the throne or had her killed outright to avoid competition later.

Hearing voices outside, Yona stayed quiet until they were gone. Once she was sure no one would hear her, she went and grabbed all the little stashes she had kept for her trips outside the castle walls. Since since would not be coming back, she grabbed everything...including weapons that would have upset her father greatly if she knew she had them, much less how to use them properly.

It had been so easy to convince her father to let her take those special dance and music lessons, unaware of the secondary purpose for them. It had been hard enough to get him to make her primary weapon in the first place, since she thought the metal fans were "prettier" than the fabric ones.

It had been ridiculously easy to find someone who could sharpen the 'decorative' fan which had been made by someone she knew perfectly well was a weapons smith into something functional rather than just pretty. And the dance routines for fans were scarily similar to the stances required to fight with them, if one were creative enough about it. All she needed was a bit of fluff over the edges that could be removed within seconds, and she had a weapon to defend herself with.

The noise level outside was getting worse. Carefully, she opened the escape tunnel and replaced it like she always did, making sure to seal it properly so no one would find it.

With tear filled eyes, Yona fled down the dark tunnel without bothering to light her way. She knew this path so well she could move without it regardless.

Outside the tunnels, another figure was fleeing the castle for roughly the same reason, just with a very different motivation behind it.

Hak knew Soo-Won was hiding something, but he never thought in a thousand years that the bastard would outright murder his uncle the king! The only saving grace was that Yona had somehow managed to get away, though it did beg the question of where she was now. All he knew was that Soo-Won's traitors were searching everywhere on the grounds for her, but surprisingly she had disappeared completely. Hak had personally checked all the little hidey-holes Yona used to read in peace or to avoid certain people, and she hadn't been in any of them to his relief.

He knew to some extent she had a habit of slipping off the grounds, and had already grabbed the few little stashes he had discovered.

He knew of two escape routes that the Princess used, but he had never brought it to the attention of her father. She was always back by morning and she kept stashes with supplies he could approve of whenever she did. While there were no weapons, he was able to at least predict when she would have the urge and discreetly follow her, though she had a few routes he hadn't managed to find yet.

The fact those stashes were untouched meant he was likely the only one who had noticed this particular quirk of hers or had been able to catch her at it. He was certain King Il would have definitely raised a protest about it if he had known.

The irony being that at that very moment Yona was actually traveling underground in the same direction he was. Hak was quite literally traveling above her unaware of the fact his princess was right beneath him the entire time.

He would be quite annoyed when he found out later though.

Yona, traveling under the name of Lyra, was making steady progress to the Wind tribes lands.

Soo-won would never believe she was capable of surviving in the wilds on her own, much less capable of avoiding capture. By this point they had figured out she wasn't in the castle at all, though no one had seen her leave so they had no idea where she was.

Either way, word had already spread that the king was dead. At least no one would believe for a minute that Yona was the culprit. She had nothing to gain from the king's death, and everyone knew how much she loved her father.

So far the official story was that an assassin had killed the king and had kidnapped her so that they could appoint a new one of their choice by marrying her. Any man she married would become a potential successor to the throne, making her very valuable politically.

She just knew Soo-won would appoint himself king, once he convinced the head of the four tribes to nominate him. So long as she never reappeared, his claim on the throne would go completely uncontested as he was her blood cousin.

Not for the first time, Yona was relieved she had memories of a past life to fall back on. It made surviving and possibly escaping to get potential reinforcements later that much easier.

Sure, it sucked that her past self had died at the age of fifteen by falling through a magical portal, but honestly? She would much rather be Yona than Lyra.

Yona had family and people who loved her. She was allowed to be exactly who she wanted to be, within the bounds of reason. And while it was slightly difficult having to hide her weapon training from her father, it wasn't impossible. At least Hak was tolerable as a bodyguard though she had sensed something was off with her cousin from the start. The girl she had been before had been deeply in love with him for helping her through the difficult time of losing her mother, but the young woman she was now had the common sense to plan ahead for this sort of scenario.

And she was very, very glad she did. Yona shivered at the thought of what could have happened if she hadn't had the memories of Lyra Potter to fall back on.

Hearing voices, some of which sounded vaguely familiar, Yona swiftly ascended the first tree she could find with sufficient foilage.

While her disguise was good, avoiding humans entirely was a much better idea.

A good thing too, because she somewhat recognized one of Soo-won's co-conspirators below. He might have recognized her!

Staying absolutely silent, Yona remained in the tree and just listened. A sadly underated skill that had so many benefits.

Case in point, the men had for reasons that would continue to baffle her, decided to use the tree she was hiding in as a place to stop and share news. She made sure to keep a firm grip on the branches in case any of them sensed her presence and tried to shake her loose.

Good thing the tree she was in didn't have any fruits. One of them might have tried to climb up for a free snack.

"Any sign of the princess yet?"

"None. It's like she disappeared into thin air."

The leader of this particular group looked furious.

"Odds are General Hak has already located her. She might be hiding within the Wind tribe. Keep searching until it's confirmed."

"Yes sir!"

Yona stayed silent. She had no idea if Hak was even loyal to her, but she prayed to god that he was. She desperately needed someone like him on her side in this mess.

She had already lost the bond of trust with Soo-won...she couldn't bear to lose Hak as well.

"Damn that stupid girl! How did she managed to avoid the patrols? She should have been sleeping!" snarled the leader.

Everything had gone according to plan...except for the princess managing to slip away after the party. Hak was one factor they had already taken into account. Yona's mysterious disappearance was not.

It had been the foolish girl's birthday, for crying out loud! What possible reason would she have had for leaving the castle?!

Yona did not cry. She could not afford tears, and she was still coming to terms with the fact that her father was dead. Her father might be a bit of a coward, but he had truly loved his daughter and his country.

He didn't deserve to be killed by that traitorous bastard!

It was only when night fell and the man was long since gone that she came down, her muscles stiff.

However much she wanted to cry, the simple fact was that she couldn't.

She could cry to her heart's content later...she had to survive until she found some allies and she could afford to let her defenses down long enough to grieve.

Her eyes were dead and full of sorrow, but she clutches her hood and kept on walking.

She still had some distance to go before she reached the Wind tribe lands.

They, at least, were loyal to her father.

Hak cursed. He had made it to the Wind tribe, but Yona was still nowhere to be found. At the very least he knew Soo-won didn't have her.

She was a lot more resourceful than he could have originally guessed...not that he was complaining under the current circumstances mind you.

Since there was no way he was going back to the castle with that man about to take the throne, Hak joined the patrol around the tribe lands.

If Yona were to head anywhere, his money would be here. She knew that they were loyal to her father and she would need all the allies she could get.

Hak was not amused in the least when he found several members of the Fire tribe attempting to damn up the river. Clearly Soo-won knew Hak would never approve of his appointment as the new king... so he intended to force them into submission. It made his blood boil.

Hak was about to head down there and give those bastards a piece of his mind...and vent his anger at the situation...when he sensed someone nearby.

It took him some time to narrow down where the presence was. Though by the time he started to have doubts it was a scout.

He looked carefully, but found nothing. However he knew that the presence was still there. Watching. Waiting.

When all else failed, Hak pretended to leave the area.

In reality he was quietly climbing a tree, hoping to trick the person out of hiding.

He found someone hiding above the trees wearing a worn cloak that covered their head. They were staying still and were very quiet. Just from the figure alone he could tell it was a woman. He wouldn't be surprised if she had seen the soldiers and wisely decided to make herself scarce. And considering he was carrying around his own weapon with a pissed off expression on his face, he couldn't really blame her for hiding from him either.

Hak stayed least until another one of the Wind Tribe's scouts spotted what the soldiers were doing and tried to stop them.

The woman tensed, and slowly drew a short bow and a few arrows that she discreetly stabbed into the trunk for easy access. Hak approved of the trick, as it meant she wouldn't lose her arrows before she had a chance to shoot them.

Her form was terrible and clearly self-taught, but he already favored her for the simple fact she shot at the enemies soldiers and was clearly doing her best to keep them from the scout. He still got a nasty beating out of it, but it was far less severe than it could have been.

Hak waited patiently for the enemy soldiers to pass by, and for the woman to come down.

She very smart, hiding like that and being able to keep silent while they searched for her.

Nothing could have prepared him for when he quietly came down and managed to grab her before she slipped off.

The second he saw her face, his heart nearly stopped from shock alone.


The princess passed out in his arms, her stomach rumbling from hunger. The sheer exhaustion on her face made it clear she had a rough few days...but the simple fact she had managed to make it this far without anyone finding her was nothing short of a miracle in his opinion.

Hak picked her up and made very, very sure the enemy soldiers never saw him. Though he was thanking every god he could think of that the princess was safe and had managed to escape the tragedy in the castle.