Tsuna was trying very hard not to cackle when he heard about the school assembly being called. He still had one more trick to pull to make his point about making assumptions.

Hayato had already knocked out the former thug at the computer for the powerpoint presentation. He had a new one loaded up, and they were waiting for Kusakabe to signal for it.

The second they did, a list of screennames as well as their actual names were displayed, along with a long laundry list of "comments" made on the site.

Hayato had barricaded the door, so despite some rather impressive efforts they were unable to stop the display. Not that it would have helped...the program was set to continue automatically, and he had long since vacated the room.

There was dead silence as many of them recognized their names on the screen and realized that almost to a man they were all the same people who had their windows ruined by body parts flying through them and into their rooms. More than one person had the body part land on their very bed when they were awoken so rudely.

Hibari stalked onto the stage furious. More because someone had hijacked his assembly than because of what was on the screen.

Tsuna signaled Basil, and the two of them began dumping strips of paper like confetti all with the same website address to hammer in why this was happening to them.

Seeing several of them pale, Tsuna waited for people to use their phones to look up what the site was...and realization to start hitting home.

The panic in the room was at an all time high. Tsuna smirked.

Time for his grand entrance.

"You never should have written me off as dead, assholes!" he shouted in the silence.

He used the rope next to him to practically fly down to the stage, giving quite a few people the shock of their lives.

He glared at the entire student body.

"Did you bastards really think I would take that website lying down? That I wouldn't snap and decided to get a bit of revenge for you writing me off as a suicide and saying all those horrible things when I had enough and left this town?" he spat.

"Herbivore..." growled Hibari. He was not happy about this.

Tsuna looked at Hibari and on impulse said something he probably shouldn't have, but couldn't quite bring himself to give a damn.

"Fon says 'Hi', Hibari-sempai," said Tsuna quietly.

Reborn had apparently consulted with Fon about certain details, and when he found out where they were going asked that they passed on that message to Kyouya.

Hibari's eyes widened in shock, before he glared at the boy.

"What is the purpose of all this, Herbivore?"

"These false carnivores thought it was hilarious to claim I had committed suicide, and it was so bad that when I came back home after four years my own mother thought I actually HAD. Our neighbors apparently thought it was perfectly acceptable to bring it up often enough that she was relieved to see me alive," said Tsuna in disgust. "Never mind the fact that all I did was move to Italy and get a job."

Hibari was silent.

"And the dead bodies?"

"Well someone has to clean up after one of your rampages, Hibari-sempai. Though cutting them up did make it easier to dispose of them," said Tsuna loud enough for EVERYONE to hear the comment.

Realizing he was the one responsible for the horrors of the past few days came as a very nasty wake up call for his former bullies.

Tsuna was barely able to escape without being bitten to death, but Kyouya did in fact find out if his claim was valid first.

Finding out about the site after the fact (mostly because Kusakabe had also believed Tsuna had killed himself, and therefor hadn't brought it to his attention) and the number of rather damaging comments on it was enough to cool his ire towards the small animal's actions.

If someone had made a site like that about HIM and then his mother had actually believed it, he would have been very pissed off as well.

Though what was with the dead bodies?

Takeshi felt the fact he accidentally broke some of the dishes he was supposed to be taking to the kitchen to clean justified upon seeing that familiar head of hair and that face come into the restaurant.

"Takeshi!" scolded Tsuyoshi, at least until he realized that his son was staring at the newcomer with cold, flat shock.

"Tsuna? You're alive?" he said with no little amount of disbelief.

Tsuna scowled at that.

"Please don't remind me of that stupid website. At least I was able to convince Hibari-sempai not to bite me to death for getting back at those jerks for making it, much less the comments."

Tsuyoshi looked at his son and then at the boy before him.

"This have anything to do with the cyber-bullying back in Namimori?" he asked flatly.

"That and the recent bit of corpses being stolen and then found dismembered or in weird poses in people's yards," said Tsuna far too cheerfully about the matter.

"That was you?" said Takeshi, laughing. Once he figured out what the connection was to all the families that had that happen to them, he had been more amused than disgusted.

Tsuna smiled 'innocently' at him, which was pretty much a confirmation he was behind it.

"Anyway I got sent on an errand to pick up some sushi for the Prince. Apparently he heard where I was going and demanded I pick up some of your best sushi platters, and Mammon was willing to loan me their jet since it was going to be in the area anyway," said Tsuna cheerfully.

The 'ticket' he had given his mother was a fake. After calling Mammon and mentioning he would be unavailable for a week or two because he was heading to Namimori to bring his mother to Italy for her birthday, the Mist had offered to loan him the Varia's personal plane. However he had to pick up some sushi platters from TakeSushi, in order to pacify Belphegor and keep him from going there himself.

Sure it meant his mother would be in close proximity to a bunch of ruthless assassins, but they all liked Tsuna anyway and they knew Xanxus would go after their ass personally if he found out they had hurt Nana.

Mostly because the Wrath was big on honoring mothers, and the fact that this would also ruin Iemitsu's fake bachelor lifestyle meant he was more than happy to sign off on the idea to make the man's life hell.

"Coming right up!" said Tsuyoshi, having already figured out that the kid before him was either part of the mafia or at least it's outskirts.

Besides, he could feel the Sky flame coming off the boy and hoped that perhaps he could nudge Takeshi towards him. Tsuyoshi had already realized his son had natural hit man's instincts, and he didn't want his son to be arrested for them when he finally snapped.

As he waited for his order, Tsuna talked with a rather laid back Takeshi.

"Seriously? The entire team tried to make you do all the work when it came to winning the games? I thought baseball was a team sport?" said Tsuna in disgust.

"It is. The second we moved here, the coach took one look at my practice schedule and benched me. It didn't help that the nurse also made me wear a cast for a month and a half and I had to talk to someone about the fact I was a little too obsessed with baseball. They had a really tense talk with my dad after that, but he never said what it was about."

Tsuna had seen the look in Takeshi's eyes and recognized it for what it was. He had seen the same one in Reborn's eyes, and in several others in the Varia.

It was the gaze of someone who could kill without hesitation or remorse. The gaze of a natural killer.

Which meant Takeshi might actually be perfect for him, because Tsuna could tell the other boy was a Rain. Basil was good, don't get him wrong, but there was still some hold over from the brainwashing Iemitsu put him through. Besides, his instincts told him Takeshi would get along scarily well with Squalo, for some reason.

Tsuna wasn't the least bit surprised when Takeshi's dad took him aside.

"Do you have room for a Rain?" he asked bluntly.

"I have one already, but I don't see why I can't take on another. Does Takeshi have any issues with being around dead bodies?" asked Tsuna equally blunt.

"From what I can tell, not really," said Tsuyoshi. "Especially once his natural instincts kicks in and he starts to make them."

"Well that won't be an issue with me...because I'm one of the poor bastards who has to clean up after people like that."

Tsuyoshi blinked.

"You a cleaner?"

"One of the best, and the Varia pays me to clear their castle at least twice a year," said Tsuna. "At most I would just need Takeshi's help moving some big bruiser or posing a dead corpse for amusement or a reminder not to stiff me in payment. Enough to keep the Honored Law Keepers from getting snippy because he's Active and not in the mafia. It's how I've been coasting anyway."

While it wasn't exactly what he wanted from Takeshi, Tsuyoshi was openly worried about his son. If turning him into a cleaner would keep him from going down the wrong path, then he was fine with that.

Tsuna left Tsuyoshi his phone number, so if Takeshi went active he could send his son to Italy and know he would be in good hands. For now he should enjoy being a civilian for as long as possible.

To say that the Varia mooks in the plane were rather tense around Nana was an understatement. Mostly because they were worried about upsetting her, and therefor getting their asses handed to them by Xanxus.

They needed have worried. So long as they kept the whole "elite assassins" bit quiet, Nana was positively cheerful about the ride.

Tsuna just couldn't wait for the show when Nana busted her husband with the floozies he liked to occupy himself with, as opposed to his wife.

Nana rather enjoyed Italy, unaware that Tsuna was tracking Iemitsu's movements via Lal Mirch... she was all too happy to help bust her boss, because it pissed her off that he cheated on his wife like this.

Tsuna coordinated with Lal, and the two made plans to get Iemitsu into a great deal of hot water with not just his wife, but whoever he had picked up as his date for the night.

"Come on Mama, you'll love this restaurant. Grandma's taken me a few times when I've done well on my tests and they have really good pasta," said Tsuna.

Which was partially true, his grandmother had treated him every so often whenever he had a bad day, but it was Uncle Tino who had taken him to this particular place.

They were trying to make up for the lost years because of the fact Iemitsu hadn't told them about his wife and son.

Nana smiled indulgently. So far she was greatly enjoying Italy, and it was good to see her son finally smile for once. Though she did frown a bit when Tsuna ordered wine...apparently it was a cultural thing, so she kept silent on the matter. It did taste rather good with the food though.

Tsuna's intuition sang and he knew that it was almost showtime.

Nana was rather enjoying the evening...and then she heard his voice. He was laughing, talking jovially with another. While she didn't understand what he was saying, she recognized the tone.

It was the same tone he used when he was being lovey-dovey with her.

Tsuna looked around, before quietly pointing out Iemitsu a few tables over.

Lal must have picked the reservation, because there was a clear line of sight between them.

Tsuna smirked... Reborn was going to be rather pleased when he saw his student using all those math lessons he crammed into his head.

He took his spoon and armed it with the leftovers from his plate. While Nana might frown at the idea of wasting food, this time she would make an exception.

With the aim born of Reborn-trained precision, he aimed his 'weapon' at Iemitsu and launched with just enough force to land the food on Iemitsu's date.

The woman made an unholy shriek when she registered the pasta on her fancy (read: slutty) dress, which had Iemitsu looking around for the brat who caused it.

It wasn't until a second 'attack' hit him on the back of his head that he figured it out, though his look went from annoyed to surprised seeing the culprit.

"Tsuna? What are you doing here?" he asked in Japanese.

"I have a better question, darling," said a voice in a tone that spoke volumes of how screwed he was. "What are you doing on a date with that woman? I thought you were working in the Arctic?"

If Iemitsu was confused by Tsuna's presence, he went pale with shock when he realized his wife had seen him with another woman. Worse, she had almost certainly seen him flirting with the scantily dressed female with the clear intent on sleeping with her later.

Iemitsu's date was less than happy with him paying more attention to the rather 'plain' looking woman with her son. And she made it known in spades with her rather shrill voice.

Tsuna could feel the glee Reborn and the others had watching the scene. While the other patrons were watching it with the fascination of a train wreck, Tsuna was taking dark satisfaction at having busted his father.

Nana was less than pleased finding out her husband was cheating on her. And nothing Iemitsu could say or do would change things.

"I want a divorce," she said flatly.

After everything she went through, after how patient she was with his visits, this was the last straw.

Nana waited until they were out of the restaurant to ask her son seriously... "Did you know about your father?"

"I couldn't bear to see you cry anymore over a man who doesn't actually care about us."

Nana hugged her son. It hurt...but the pain was more like the setting of a broken bone. It was a hurt that would lead to a long overdue healing of wounds.