A Very Unlucky Day

"Hey did you hear about those mysterious deaths that happen here?"


"Yeah, they say that sometimes students go to sleep perfectly fine one day but then don't wake up the next."

"You're crazy, the staff would tell us if something like that was going on...Right?"

"No way! Do you know how much bad publicity that would cause!"

"But people are dying!"

"But not enough for them to be concerned. I hear most of the deaths are from the Reserve Course anyway."

"Oh, that's why it's not a big deal then."


"Veronica! Get up we're gonna be late!"

"Yeah, yeah I'll be out in a minute," The mentioned girl responds as she pulled on her heavy brown boots. She quickly puts her hair up in a messy ponytail, running her fingers through her bangs to make them seem not as messy as they are. Then grabbed the only part of the uniform she was willing to wear, the brown blazer, and put it on over her dark purple flannel that was open to reveal the white tank top beneath it. She was almost out the door before she remembered the E-Handbook on the desk. Rolling her dull brown eyes she scooped it up and stuck it in the back pocket of her worn jeans. She opened the door to be met with the human alarm clock, Allison.

"Jeez, what took you so long! I don't wanna get chewed out because you wanted to brood longer!" The blonde shouted as the taller girl the merely frowned. She really did not want to hear yelling this early in the morning.

"Relax, it's not like they care," She shrugged. "And I don't brood," Then she made her way down the hall of the dorms. The energetic blonde quickly caught up to her and gave a frown of her own. Though Veronica saw it more of a cute pout, not that she said that. That would only make her whine more.

"Easy for you to say Miss Luckster," She poked her cheek as she said this, not that the taller girl did anything about it, and crossed her arms. "All they expect you to do is show up,"

"And that's what I do," And that's exactly what she has been doing for the year that she's been here. Showing up, doing the bare minimum to appease them. She's not here because she wants to be here anyway, so why put forth any true effort. They only care about the "talent" she has anyway. Everyone here just cares about talent, it's almost like this school is some kind of cult. You only matter if you have an Ultimate skill, and those that don't...end up like that kid.

Veronica frowned as she saw two main course students harassing a reserve course student in front of the fountain. It honestly sickened her how often this happens and the reserve course does nothing about it. That annoyed her the most but it doesn't mean she going to let it happen right in front of her.

"Veronica, are you listening to me?" Allison questions, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Huh?" She was far too focused on the two males harassing the poor kid they had trapped between them and the fountain. It looked like they were trying to force them to fall into it, at least that's what the one with long hair looked to be doing. Allison frowned then followed her line of sight.

"Oh no, can you please ignore it?" She groaned. "Please? We're late enough as it is,"

"Sure," Allison seemed to relax at that but then began to panic as the other girl approached the group. "Go to class if you're just gonna stand there," She says knowing that is exactly what the blond was going to do. She was a nice girl but she never intervened in these types of situations. Veronica heard the girl sigh before she scurried off to class, breaking into a run when the bell sounded. The two bullies heard the bell too, she heard them talk about it but instead continued to harass the student instead of hurrying to class. Maybe she should remind them.

"Don't you two ass hats have something better to do?" They both whipped around and glared at her. That's great and very typical bully behavior, what's next gonna sling an insult or maybe tell her to mind her own business?

"Why don't you mind your own business, bitch we're kinda busy here," Oh, wow he did both. Gold star. Best schoolyard bully ever. She should just go scurry off to class now since they hurt her feelings. Veronica noticed that the reserve course student had gathered their things scattered on the ground. Probably to make a break for it.

"Nah, I think I'll stick around, maybe go for a swim," She sarcastically states, shoving her hands in her pockets. "Nice day for it don't you think?" The two now turned to face her fully, seemingly uninterested in their victim. The pretty boy with the long hair seemed to look down at her with a sneer.

"Just who do you-"

"Wait I know who she is," The short kid says, taking a step back. "She's the one that broke Kei's hand! That Luckster!" Veronica rolled her eyes at that, she didn't even touch that guy. All she did was move slightly to the left and that's it. Hitting the wall that was behind her was on him.

"Yea, I guess that's me," The luckster states with a shrug. " And you're the assholes that pick on people. Now that we are all acquainted why don't we just go to class?" The shorter one seemed ready to bolt but was stopped when the pretty boy gave him a harsh glare. Guess she's missing homeroom then.

"And why should we? It's not like we were doing anything wrong," The smirk on his face made her want to punch him.

"Then what the hell do you call cornering someone between the fountain?"

"I call it talking to a friend, now leave so we can continue our conversation," He says waving her off with his hand.

"With who?" She asks leaning to the right slightly to look behind him. He narrowed his eyes at her then looked back. The reserve course student was long gone, which really seemed to piss him off. He intended to show the luckster her place, but things didn't really go his way as he turned back around.

"Look out!" The short one's warning came too late. Veronica had crouched down and sprung back up delivering a devastating uppercut to his chin. The blow made him stumble backward and trip over the edge of the fountain.

"Told ya it was a nice day for a swim," She says with a smirk, though he probably couldn't hear her. She looked to the short kid, who immediately put his hands up in surrender, so she decided to go find a quiet place to relax. The school garden should do it, not like she wanted to go to class anyways.


"I can't believe she skipped again," Allison grumbled, going to where she knew the luckster probably was. And just as she thought, the girl decided to skip and take a nap in the gardens. Frowning, she approached the sleeping girl and pushed at her boot with her shoe. "Come on Veronica wake up, you should at least eat something,"

No response.

Allison sighed before getting on her knees beside her and poking her face, that usually worked.

"Wake up already will you! This isn't funny anymore!" Now she was getting worried, Veronica was never a heavy sleeper. So she decided to try shaking her, growing more frantic when she still received no response.

"Veronica, please you have to wake up! WAKE UP!"


"That was the best nap I've had in awhile," Veronica proclaims as she stretches her arms still in the laying position. She opened her eyes and was instantly confused, surely she didn't sleep long enough for it to get that dark.

"Welcome new challengers!"


Alright folks there you have it my prologue! Now I'm gonna admit that this is my second take at a DR SYOC but the first one was very rushed and not very well planned haha, so I decided to try again. This time with actual planning! Okay so I'm kinda sleepy so I'll just get right to the rules:

- Please no perfect beings. Give the folks some flaws.

- I do not mind you using talents from canon just do not send me carbon copies of the canon talent holder.

- You can send me up to three characters, though I may only accept one. Two if I really love them but never all three.

- No Recycles, it rude, And don't think I won't find out, because I will.

- Try to fill out the entire form.

- For the title of the PM I would appreciate if you would put {Colosseum - OC Name - Talent}. Those that do that will make me smile :).

- Don't keep asking if they got accepted or the answer will be no.

- I see that I wasn't very clear so I'll say it here that I'm taking both Main course students and Reserve Course students

Alright that's just about it, if you have any questions you can PM me. I usually respond. Oh, and the form will be on my profile and a submission list will be here and updated every so often. Annnd that all, I look forward to seeing what it is you folks come up with!



Veronica Larson - Ultimate Luckster (Mine)

Yoshi Therlfall - Reserve Course Student (Shirasaur)

Tamiko Hayasaka - Ultimate Toy Maker (Abiat Eco)

Sabina Krinchstock - Reserve Course Student (Ziggymia123)

Aksiniya Dmitriyeva - Ultimate Weapons Expert (Crimson Spider Lily)

Yuu Shizukata - Ultimate Lumberjack (Sharkeye)

Nastasya Volkova - Ultimate Weight Lifter (Katastic Writer)

Yukariko Aso - Reserve Course Student (TheRoseshadow21)

Rinka Sueno - Ultimate Sociologist (Lupus Overkill)


Mitsuyo Shigezawa - Ultimate Photographer (Shirasaur)

Tennoji Tsuzura - Reserve Course Student (YellowtheWriter)

Senumi Yomio - Ultimate Musical Actor (RioA)

Dallas Dupuis - Ultimate Basketball Player (Crimson Spider Lily)

Vance DuVĂ©los - Ultimate Cyclist (YellowtheWriter)

Enju Dotanuki - Reserve Course Student (PainX65)

Kenzo Umbayashi - Ultimate Firefighter (Treeja)

Erikas Adomaitis - Reserve Course Student (runicwolf)

Masazou Sakurai - Ultimate Alternative History Writer (SanityRequiem)

Alright folks those are your gladiators! Not gonna lie some choices where easy while some were hella hard but in the end I am very happy with this cast list! Congrats to you folks that got in! Oh I also have a discord for this story so you can pm me if your interested in that. Alright so you folks in the intros!