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Chapter 18: Party

Tonight was the night, the night of the big party. The dinner party. Ashley A was both excited and nervous. She was excited to show everyone the new and improved Ashley Spinelli, but still nervous that her newest sister could mess things up. If Ashley S behaved perfectly, then the brunette would be prepared for school, prepared to see all of her old friends. It was the moment that she had spent all summer vacation getting ready for. The other Ashleys would all see what a great job she had done.

The two of them were busy working through everything that was going to happen at the party, while Spinelli continued to walk in heels.

"So, like, are you ready for tonight Ashley S. You'll, like, be making your debut" The blonde said.

"Oh year, I'm, like, totes ready for the party." Spinelli replied. She was now talking like an Ashley.

Before they knew it, the doorbell rang, and Ashley A said. "Oh that must be the stylist that we hired."

She then opened the door, and let the stylist in. They then walked up to Ashley A's room, so that the girls would get their hair and makeup done. Ashley A's hair was curled, while Spinelli's hair was put in an updo. The blonde wore a pink dress, while Spinelli put on a knee length red dress, with some jewelry. She looked so different from the tomboy who had come to stay with Ashley A three months ago. In Ashley A's opinion, Spinelli looked perfect.

Soon enough guests were starting to arrive, and Ashley A started talking. "Okay time to shine. Let us get to the party." So the two of them went downstairs to greet guests.

The guests were friends and colleagues of her parents and their kids. The other Ashleys were amongst the guests. Ashley A could not wait to show off Spinelli to the other Ashleys, show them that her hard work was finally coming to fruition.

Ashley A and Spinelli found the other Ashleys. Who all wore dresses in their primary color. They all looked shocked at how different Spinelli looked. Ashley A had really outdone herself in terms of makeovers. It was now all a matter of how Spinelli behaved on front of others.

Ashley B was the first to speak up. "omg Ashley S, you, like, look totes cute."

"Oh my gosh, like, thank you. I am, like, super excited to be starting middle school as an Ashley." Spinelli replied. The other Ashleys were shocked by how different Spinelli was but also impressed by Ashley A, but they were still kind of skeptical. Could Spinelli truly be an Ashley now. The night was still young, and Spinelli could still mess things up. They would have to see how she behaved throughout the rest of the party. They then went on to talk about boys, fashion, gossip, and other stuff.

Eventually dinner was starting, and everyone was finding a seat. The five Ashleys were all seated together, so the four of them could see how Spinelli behaved during dinner.

When dinner was being served, Spinelli behaved exactly like the Ashleys had wanted her to, and how Ashley A had trained her to act. Her and the Ashley went on to talk about how they were going to join the cheerleading squad in the middle school.

After dinner, came a little break before dessert was being served. During that break, Spinelli went outside with Peter to talk. When Spinelli was outside, Ashley A, B, T and Q all went into the kitchen.

Ashley B was the first to say something. "Like oh my gosh Ashley, you are, like, some kind of fashion genius. She is, like, so different from that disgusting tomboy we knew in elementary school. You, like, really did it. You, like, totally managed to turn her into one of us. I am, like, super impressed."

"Me too." Ashley T chimed in.

"Oh my gosh, same. She is, like, no longer a wild animal that needs proper training. Now she is, like, a true Ashley. She is, like, no longer a disgrace to the Ashley name."

"I, like, know that I am fashion genius. I, like, knew that I would eventually get her to see our way. She, like, just needed a push in the right direction. I, like, always knew that deep down she wanted to be an Ashley, and I, like, just helped her along the way. Plus, once I put my mind into something, I always succeed. Besides, I always get what I want. I, like, can't wait to see the look on Detweiler and his gang's faces when they see who our newest sister is."

"Scandalous." They all said in union.

While they were talking in the kitchen, Spinelli was outside with Peter, who asked her to go out with him, to which she said yes. She then got her second kiss.

Eventually everybody went back to the dining room, to get dessert.

The rest of the party went by as planned. Not once did Spinelli embarrass herself or the other Ashleys. They were all impressed by Spinelli. No one would suspect that she had at one point been a tomboy.

Soon enough the party had ended, and Spinelli was exhausted, but she had passed the test. Monday came the real test, school.

"I would just like to say, that you, like, did such a fantastic job at the party. You are, officially truly an Ashley, through and through. You have, like, earned a good night's sleep."

"So I did well with the party."

"You, like, did super well. So, are you, like, excited about starting middle school Monday."

"I am super excited about it, and especially joining the cheerleading squad."

"And your parents are picking you up Sunday."

They continued to talk until it was getting late, and they were about to sleep.

Spinelli had actually proven herself worthy of being an Ashley, an all of Ashley A's hard work would finally be paid off. Maybe of the brunette's parents were not completely stupid, then her parents could given them financial advice, so that the Spinelli family could afford the Ashley lifestyle.

Next chapter: Spinelli's parents see her for the first time in months

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