When John and Mary went into the Roadhouse, neither of them were expecting to see what they did. Bobby Singer sat at the bar, a strange man and woman with him. John smiled, glad to actually see his old friend before he realized what seeing Bobby there meant. Bobby Singer was dead! John shook his head, almost in disbelief. How the hell was Bobby dead when he just saw him attending Mary's wake on the telivsion? Was this related to that boy Jack?! Or did something else happen? John also recalled the last time they met. They had such a huge blow out that Bobby had grabbed a shot gun and threatened to shoot him, cocking the gun and everything. John had seen how terrified Dean had been at that moment, trying to put himself in the middle like he did with every one John fought with. John realized just how many bridges he had burned over the years in his desire for revenge. He looked over at Mary to see how pale she got. He realized she must be upset over her friend's passing as well.

Mary however was stunned. The moment she had seen bobby she had been excited, only to have the reality that she was looking at a stranger crash down over her. This wasn't her Bobby Singer. This wasn't the Bobby Singer she spent that time with in the other world. This wasn't the man who lost his wife and then his son to angels. This wasn't the man who led the last resistance of humans against Michael and his dictatorship. This wasn't the Bobby she had begun to fall for. This was John's Bobby. This was Sam and Dean's Bobby. This was the man who's only children were the two orphan boys he adopted. This was the man who helped raise her sons and continued to protect them after they were alone in the world. She realized how upset Sam and Dean must have felt meeting her Bobby. It was horrible, to see a person, to recognize them and know that they were a stranger. They didn't remember the experiences you had lived through with them, they didn't share those memories and they didn't live the life you were there for.

"John, Mary, why don't you pull up a seat!" Ellen called, turning around and seeing them. Bobby and his male companion didn't react but the woman turned to them. John took Mary's arm gently and moved toward them.

"About time you found yer way here idjit. Was wonderin' where ya been hiding out." Bobby said as they got close. The man finally turned to them. "This mus' be Mary." Bobby said looking at her. John frowned, thinking that didn't make any sense. Bobby made it sound like he'd been here before John had and that he never met Mary before. He looked at Mary and she seemed to realize what was confusing him.

"John, I never met your Bobby Singer. When I was in the other world, I met the survivors there. They were trying to stand up to the angels and me and Jack, we couldn't just leave them. The humans that were left were being led by the Bobby Singer of that world. When Sam, Dean, Gabriel, and Lucifer came to rescue me and Jack we brought all the survivors back with us." Mary explained. John felt a headache coming on. He needed a drink to fully wrap his mind around all these alternate universe's and multiple versions of the same people. As if reading his mind, Ellen placed two draft beers down in front of two empty seats. They were beside the strange woman next to Bobby, where the bar curled around to the side so they were all still close and not in a line. Mary sat next to the woman and John sat next to her, on the end.

"This is my wife Karen, and I don't believe you met Rufus Turner." Bobby said, introducing the two. John raised his eyebrows in surprise. He had no idea Bobby was married. Bobby kinda kept things close to the heart. He knew something had to get the man into hunting though.

"Nice to meet you." John said. Karen nodded.

"So your Sam and Dean's parents." she said. John was confused now. Did Bobby get married after he died? Also it was really odd to be called Sam and Dean's parents, since it was usually people knew him first. He figured it came of Sam and Dean saving the world. They were the important ones.

"You knew the boys?" Mary asked, also confused. She recalled how Sam mentioned Bobby's wife, how Bobby had killed her before he understood what the supernatural was after a demon possessed her and that was how he became a hunter. That would have been before Sam and Dean's time.

"I met Sam once, Dean twice. I was brought back by Death on Lucifer's orders for a few days after the Apocalypse was being set up. They wanted Bobby to stop helping the boys resist Lucifer and Michael's plans. Dean didn't trust me, and I thought that was sweet. He cared about Bobby so much that he risked his life to stay with him." Karen said. John thought for a moment before nodding. That sounded like Dean. Loyal to a fault.

"And you knew our boys too?" Mary asked Rufus. Rufus chuckled as he looked at his beer.

"Yeah, Dean showed up on my doorstep to ask about that bitch Bella. Dragged my ass out of retirement." Rufus said. To be honest, Rufus had actually liked Sam and Dean. Not to the extent of Bobby of course. He doubted anyone else in the world would, but he did like them. They were skilled hunters and pretty alright kids.

"And it got you dead." John said, sounding remorseful. Rufus laughed.

"I mean they were there but it was this one that got me dead. Him and that damn Khan Worm." Rufus said, gesturing the Bobby before picking up his beer and taking a drink of it. John and Mary glanced at each other, in confusion. They had a number of questions.

"What's a Khan Worm?" John asked. Bobby actually chuckled.

"Something Eve created. Dean named it." he said. John wanted to tell him that that description didn't really clear things up. "It was some weird worm that would take control of your body." Bobby elaborated after a drink.

"And Eve is…" Mary started.

"The mother bitch. Mother of all monsters." Rufus said. John and Mary frowned at that but then decided it was fine. After all, the boys have been dealing with Death, God, and God's sister. Why not add the mother of all monsters into the mix. John picked up his beer.

"So how did you die?" he asked before taking a drink.

"Dick." Bobby hissed. John choked on his beer, sending foam flying into his face. He quickly set the beer down, looking at Mary. She looked amused.

"Sorry?" he asked, waning Bobby to clarify. Bobby rolled his eyes at John, not amused by his stupid antics.

"Dick Roman, the leader of the Leviathan." he explained. John thought about that for a moment. That meant that Bobby was with the boys for that whole mess from his death to Dean going to Purgatory. Maybe he could fill in the blanks that the boys glossed over.

"So can you tell us what the boys left out?" Mary asked. Bobby raised an eyebrow. He had no idea what John and Mary knew, but he figured he could tell them what he did know. However he was fairly sure there was a lot the boys didn't want them to know about. Ruby, the demon blood, and Samuel came to mind as things the boys would probably never want their parents to learn about.

"Where do you want to start?" Bobby asked. He need to know what they knew before he could say anything.

"How about when I died in the hospital?" John suggested. Bobby thought for a moment and decided that was actually the perfect place to start. He had a few things he wanted to say to John about that after all. Bobby put his beer down and turned a furious look on John who recoiled a little in surprise.

"Sure John. Let's talk about that. What the hell were you thinking?" Bobby hissed. Mary looked at John, a little confused and John's face turned from surprise to defensive pretty quickly.

"You know what I was thinking Bobby. I couldn't let Dean die!" John hissed, getting angry. Bobby frowned. That wasn't what he was talking about, but you know what, since John did bring it up he could start there too!

"How stupid do you think that boy is John? Did you think he wouldn't figure it out? Your body wasn't even cold yet and Dean already had a pretty good idea what happened! You were gone, the Colt was gone…" he started.

"The Colt?" Mary asked.

"…and Dean was suddenly completely healed. He already figured out you gave the demon your soul to take to Hell and the colt for him. Do you have any idea what that did to him? He already thought he was living on stolen time!" Bobby just kept going, ignoring Mary's interruption entirely. Karen and Rufus both looked surprised and Rufus signaled to Ellen that they might need something stronger than beer. Ellen rolled her eyes but got a bottle of scotch and put it in front of Rufus.

"What do you mean stolen time?" Mary asked. No one had told her about this. She looked at Ellen, who shrugged to show she didn't understand either. Rufus shook his head in a gesture of saying not to ask him and Bobby and John were too busy staring at each other to answer.

Bobby suspected John knew more about the incident then the boys said he did. Bobby had been the very first person Sam had called when he learned Dean was going to die, after John of course. He had said he left a message on John's phone, then told Bobby he was calling other hunters too. After the incident Sam had called him to tell him exactly what happened and mentioned that John had never once called them back. Bobby knew John loved his boys more than his own life, despite having a pretty shitty way of showing it at times. He suspected John had gotten the message and began tearing up every lead he knew to try and find a way to save his oldest. However he couldn't call Sam and let him know he was looking. Dean had a strange reliance on John. The moment John would get involved in something Dean always believed it would work out perfectly. He couldn't give the boys that false hope without any good news. Yet that wasn't what Sam and Dean saw. What they saw was a father who was too busy with his revenge quest to answer the phone or check his messages. "Do you want to tell them?" Bobby asked. John looked at the counter and Bobby sighed.

"What?" Ellen asked, her voice turning hard. She knew whatever it was didn't kill Dean, after all he was alive to meet her later, but she didn't like what it implied. Bobby glared and took another sip of his beer.

"Sam and Dean were hunting a rawhead. They were able to kill it but there was an accident. Dean got electrocuted so bad that he had a heart attack and his heart was permanently damaged. Sam said he probably only had a few weeks before his heart would give out completely." he said. Rufus, Ellen, and Mary looked stunned.

"He get a pace maker?" Rufus asked. After all he had one after an accident that caused massive damage to his heart, and Dean looked relatively healthy when he met him. Bobby shook his head.

"That wasn't gonna help him. The doctors said there was nothing they could do. So Sam started making a bunch of phone calls. Someone told him about a faith healer in Nebraska and Sam took Dean up." Bobby said.

"That sounds shaddy." Rufus mused. Bobby rolled his eyes.

"Of course it was. The preachers wife had a reaper under her control. She would have the reaper heal people by killing others she saw as unclean or some crap." Bobby said. The group felt uneasy at that. "Dean figured it out when the reaper killed another man to heal his heart. He never got over it." Bobby said. John sighed.

"The boys freed the reaper and it killed the woman. Her husband never had any idea what she was doing. That girl Dean wanted to save…she died of a brain tumor not long after." John said, confirming Bobby's suspicions that he investigated the Faith Healer when he was looking for a way to save Dean. Bobby figured John knew how guilty Dean felt too, that he was alive while that woman was still dying and the man died in his place. That whole mess had been such a massive blow to Dean's self esteam and confidence, neither of which were ever that high to begin with. It made dealing with John's death even harder. Dean had to deal with losing her father and knowing his father died so he could live. All that was bad enough, but what Bobby was truly pissed about was even worse.

"Yeah, they did, but that isn't the end of it John, is it? I'm talking about what you told Dean before you died." Bobby hissed. John took a heavy sigh. Bobby didn't need to elaborate of that, he never forgot it. It his whole life, there was nothing he regreted more thanhe last words to Dean. However if he went back he'd do it all again. It needed to be done, but he wished it hadn't. He would never put a burden like that on his kids unless it was necessary.

"I had to Bobby!" he hissed, wanting his friend to understand. Bobby snorted in disbelief.

"What's going on? What did you tell Dean?" Ellen asked, feeling defensive. She cared about Sam and Dean a lot and didn't like the idea that John had put something on Dean that would make Bobby this upset. Mary was also giving him a hard look and Karen looked worried.

"I told Dean…I told him that he had to watch out for Sammy, that nothing else mattered and that he had to protect Sam." John said. Mary, Ellen, Karen, and Rufus were giving him confused looks. Despite the fact that none of them cared for the wording of that, how it made it sound like Sam was more important than Dean instead of the boys being worth the same, they couldn't see what was so wrong about it. "And I told him that he had to save Sam..and that if he couldn't…he would have to kill him." John said. He looked down and waited. For a moment nothing happened.

"WHAT?!" Ellen had spoken first, sounding outraged. John looked up. He could see Mary look Ellen was furious, Karen was upset, and Rufus looked floored. They had all known how close the boys were and the idea of telling one that he might have to kill the other was jarring.

"You don't understand." John hissed. He knew he had to explain the situation to them, something he had been hoping to avoid. "I knew that the demons had big plans for those kids. They were trying to turn them into killers to make the perfect leader. I knew they were planning to free Lucifer, but I had no idea that they were trying to free Lucifer. I had no idea the angels were trying to involve Dean though." John admitted. The looks he was getting were still angry.

"So you told Dean to kill his little brother?!" Ellen hissed. John hit the counter, needing them to listen.

"I couldn't let them turn Sam into a monster!" John yelled. They all gave him surprised looks. "I couldn't let Sam become a monster." he repeated, quitter this time. The hunters felt a small thread of understanding pass through them. It didn't happen too often, but there a number of hunters who had been turned into monsters and had family, people they trusted, kill them to prevent them from hurting others. They all knew Sam and Dean well enough. Either of them would want to be killed before they turned into something they couldn't recognize. Hell, they were all positive that after Sam and Dean found out about what was going on Sam probably asked Dean to kill him a few times. Dean would never be able to do that though. It would never come to that, because Dean would save Sam no matter what, or die trying. That didn't excuse it though.

"John…" Mary reached out and put a hand on his shoulder. There wasn't much she could say anyway. It wasn't like John had personally tried to kill the boys like she had. Brainwashed or not, it was all her that tried to bury the boys in the bunker. At least when John hurt Dean it was the demon inside his body and John stopped it from killing Dean.

"Yeah well, that messed up both yer boys quite a bit. Dean bottled that up for so long and when he finally told Sam…well how do you think Sam took it John? Knowing that his dad's last words were that he might have to die?" Bobby asked. John knew it wouldn't end well. Especially because the two of them were practically fighting in their last conversation. He couldn't even leave his boys in a positive way.

John didn't know where to go after that. None of them did. Ellen brought out more glasses and poured shots of the scotch for everyone. The entire bar took their shot except Karen. Bobby sighed, deciding there was no point in staying mad at John. "So what's this about another world?" Bobby asked, looping back around to Mary's discussion about another Bobby.

"You haven't been watching?" John asked, referring to the television. Rufus laughed.

"Hard to watch t.v. when your on the run from angels in Heaven, ain't that right Bobby? No see Bobby here has been hiding out in my Heaven for a while." Rufus said, grabbing the scotch bottle and drinking from it, ignoring the furious look Ellen sent him. Rufus figured most wouldn't understand his and Bobby's friendship. After all, Rufus and Bobby still were friends and still worked together despite Omaha, even though Rufus was never going to forgive Bobby for it. However now that they were dead, and he was reunited with the woman he lost in Omaha, it seemed pointless to hold that against Bobby. The same with holding his death against Bobby. It had been Eve's monster that killed him, not Bobby himself. That was why he had no problem with letting Bobby hide out in his personal Heaven with his lady.

"Why are you hiding from angels?" John asked, confused. That made no sense to him. Bobby snorted.

"Yeah well, apparently the punishment for freeing a prisoner of Heaven is death." Bobby said. John and Mary looked at each other, their minds working overtime to try and piece together what they were just told. A million questions flashed through John's mind, but he settled on the first one that he could form words for.

"Heaven has a prison?" he asked. Bobby and Rufus both laughed at that.

"Yeah, what do you think they did with angels that broke the rules?" Bobby asked. John had to admit he never actually thought about it. Hell, he wasn't sure angels had even existed until he arrived in Heaven.

"Why'd you break out a prisoner of Heaven?" Mary asked. Bobby finished his beer and Ellen took it to refill it.

"Sam and Cass asked." Bobby said. John and Mary both noticed the lack of Dean's name.

"Sam and the boys angel friend asked you to break out a prisoner of Heaven?" John asked, reiterating the information to ensure he heard right. Bobby sighed and Ellen placed the beer in front of him again.

"Yeah, Metatron." Bobby said. John felt like the name sounded familiar, but he couldn't place where. Mary looked furious.

"The scribe of God? The one who killed Dean?" she asked. John frowned at that as Bobby nodded. That made no sense to him! Why would Bobby free the angel that killed Dean and caused him to be turned into a demon if he recalled correctly? Hell, he would think Bobby would want that angel to rot under Heaven's prison for that. Sam too!

"Why the hell would they ask that? And what did Dean think?" John asked.

"Dean didn't know. They were doing it behind his back. They were hoping Metatron would tell them how the break the Mark of Cain from Dean. According to Cass Dean gave up so they were trying to do it alone." Bobby said. John felt sick. Mary had mentioned that the curse did something to Dean, that it turned him into a demon when he died. The curse unleashed the Darkness when it was removed. That kind of curse made Dean, his Dean, give up?! And of course Sam kept pushing. Sam must have really been backed into a corner if he went for Dean's own murderer to help them.

"So he helped them with the ritual?" John asked. Bobby frowned.

"Not really sure. It was after that I had to go on the run. The angels came to kill me but before they could Ash came crashing in my Heaven and dragged me out. Was hiding out in peoples Heaven's ever since. Since the previous leader Hannah died though and with the angels down to less than ten left they don't really have any time for one bad soul so it's safe for me to come out again." Bobby said. John nodded to show he understood.

'Well, I'll drink to that." he said. After all Dean was cured, Sam and Dean were alive, and they were together!

Thank you all for the support. This chapter was a little harder to write because I didn't know what all Bobby should say for their first reunion. I guess he would want to get some of the bitterness out and avoid the topics he didn't want to tell the Winchester couple yet. I had to put Rufus in there because I adore the grumpy old hunter and honestly I see him and Bobby sitting in Heaven together drinking scotch and bickering like the grumpy old men they are. Next chapter I plan to bring in a few of my other personal favorites from the first few seasons, like a few specific psychics and an FBI agent.