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The Aftermath

                "Children, please, allow them to breathe, will you?" a voice called through the fog that was Yusuke's mind at the that point.

                He opened his eyes and he made out bleary shapes before him, Two were an astonishing mixture of red and this peach color and another was a dreadful black…with a start Yusuke reared up, and nearly smacked his face against Hiei's, who was perched on the bed's foot.                

                "About time you two woke up," Hiei said with little enthusiasm. "Been what? A week?"

                "Well, you can't blame them," Hermoine snorted. Hiei cast her a reproachful glare and she kept her mouth shut.

                "Well, anyway," said Kurama, rummaging in his pocket, "here." He turned first to see if Madame Promfrey was near and they shove two flower petals in Yusuke and Harry's hands. "Stick them in your mouths, quick. When sucked they relieve pain."

                Yusuke watched Harry quickly pop it into his mouth and then fall back into his pillow as if in bliss. Kurama smiled so obviously that was the right affect. Yusuke shoved his own into his mouth and that nagging pain in the back of his neck vanished.

                "So, what happened?" Ron asked, directing the question at both Harry and Yusuke at once. Yusuke flicked his gaze to Harry and nodded to him. Harry nodded his head and sat up, still sucking the flower petal.

                "Well, basically I saw Voldermort. He was attached the back of Quirrel's head and I got the Sorcerer's Stone," he said. He shrugged, "Pretty much that was all."

                Everyone turned to Yusuke and he sighed, "I fought this previous demon lord named Maiken. He was the demon lord before Yomi. And basically, I killed him."

                "Maiken was behind all this?" Kurama screeched. "He…but…he…"

                "You know him?" they all turned to Kurama, who looked like a cat who had the crap scared out of it.

                "Well, yes," Kurama gulped. "Uh, I used to work with Yomi before I was reborn and well, Maiken let us off the hook a lot. We thought he was a good guy…and well…I don't know, I just never expected him to go this far with his plans."

                "So you knew he might do this? You knew it was him behind all this?" Yusuke demanded, grabbing Kurama by the collar and pulling him down, a none to happy look on his face.

                "No!" Kurama cried, raising his hands as if he were surrendering. "I'm just saying he talked of them, but I never thought he would come here." Yusuke stared at him a moment longer and then released him. At that point Professor Dumbledoor had glided in, his dark eyes twinkling.

                "Excuse us for a moment, please," he said and they all obediently left, except for Yusuke, whom Madame Promfrey refused to let move from his bed at the time.

                Dumbledoor looked around and smiled softly, "Well, you two are quite the heroes, you know that, don't you?" He chuckled and took a chocolate frog from Harry's bedside table and began to nibble at it. "Thought, I must say, Yusuke, I am very impressed by your own display, since everyone in the castle could feel the vibration from that last explosion." Yusuke blushed, but the Professor moved on, "And you Harry, well, you are very, very impressive indeed. I mean, after all, you went up against Voldermort and well, you're alive. And you got the Sorcerer's Stone too."

                "Sir, um, I won't be kicked out will I?" Harry suddenly blurted.

                Dumbledoor blinked, "Merlin's beard, no! You and Yusuke have saved this whole school and perhaps the entire wizard world from disaster!"

                Harry blinked and smiled, his eyes starting to build up with tears, "Really? I won't…won't have to leave?"

                Dumbledoor chuckled and ruffled Harry's head, "No. In fact, I refuse to allow it." Harry's face split into the biggest smile Yusuke had ever seen and it turned out to be contagious, for Yusuke too broke out into a smile, though not nearly as wide as Harry's.

                Harry gulped and turned to Yusuke then back to Dumbledoor, "Professor, will I be…will I be allowed to go back to Japan with Yusuke for the summer?"

                Dumbledoor blinked and looked from Harry to Yusuke with a bemused expression, "Only if your Aunt and Uncle agree."

                "No need for that!" Harry cried. "They want me out!"

                "Just the same, ask them after you get off the train," Dumbledoor implored him. He turned to Yusuke, "As for you, I suggest you keep an eye out next you return to Europe. Lucious Malfoy is a little more then annoyed with you and I am sure the news of an orient wizard attending Hogwarts has spread through most of the wizard Europe by now."

                "I kind of got that feeling from him," Yusuke muttered.

                Dumbledoor smiled and stood up, "Anyway, take care and I expect you to be back in class in a few days then." He picked out a jellybean from the bag near Harry's bed and popped it in his mouth, grimacing. "Earwax." Yusuke and Harry laughed as Dumbledoor glided out.

                Harry looked to Yusuke, who was thoughtfully chewing one of Kurama's rice balls. "Hey, Yusuke, thanks."

                "For what?" Yusuke asked, looking over at Harry with a bored expression.

                "For…for letting me come to Japan with you," Harry said.

                Yusuke shrugged, "No problem kid, I just hope you can stand being constantly harassed by a moron."

                "Who?" Harry asked, confused.

                "You'll meet him when we to Japan," Yusuke said, waving the question aside as Madam Promfrey bustled in, a bottle of something in her hand with two spoons. Both boys grimaced and now desperately wished they were out of the hospital wing as they watched her poor the concoction into the spoons.


                And so, the last months of school flashed by. They attended their regular classes (Snape was just as unpleasant as before, and Binns just as boring), thought now they were constantly looked after by their friends. In the halls, Harry and Yusuke both were at least accompanied by one of their friends (except Hermoine, who treated them as usual). No news had spread around the school about the sudden vibration that had happened when Yusuke fired his last spirit blast and no one inquired about it.

                Kurama and Hermoine were constantly in battle with each other to out do the other, and in the end Kurama won. Hermoine kept saying under her breath it was luck, but when Yusuke pointed out that Kurama was several hundred years older then her she merely seethed all the more and slammed the door to her dormitory and did not appear the rest of the night. It was Kurama who pulled off the highest score on exams at the end of the year and Hermoine looked ready to throttle him, while Ravenclaw was ecstatic that one of their own had pulled up in the front of the pack.

                Hiei and Peeves were also locked in somewhat less then civilized battle. Twice more Peeves had tried to take Ookami from Hiei and hurt the poor bird, but each time Hiei had caught him and thrown him (again through a window and the other time against a wall so hard that it cracked). In the halls Peeves constantly tried to embarrass Hiei, but Hiei merely took it all in stride and found the time to set fire to Peeves's pants, hat, and toes, plus cut up a pair of his favorite shoes and hurl him into a cauldron and attempt to drown him. Sadly, it did not work. The Bloody Baron was very pleased to see that someone else besides himself could handle Peeves and Hiei soon feel into favor with the ghost.

                Touya and Jin were resigned to having to deal with the fact that they could not come back next year. It wasn't because it was their last year, but more like the Spirit World wouldn't let them. They had been given this time off because they had been needed, but they had to serve the rest of their time and this appealed to neither of the two. Touya spent a lot of his time now flipping through books searching for the name of the ice goddess he swore helped him beat Teritilith, while Jin just goofed off as usual and by the end of the year he, Fred, Lee, and George were a tight knit group of troublemakers.

                Yusuke and Harry spent a lot of time together after their fights as well. Harry learned the basics of Japanese speech and how things worked there. He learned their currency and secretly Yusuke began to teach him how to control his spirit energy. Yusuke really didn't take it very far, but just to give the kid a kick, why not? He also informed him about everything he did (so he wouldn't freak with Koenma spoke rather large words for a toddler or Botan popped out of nowhere) and also explained to him about Kuwabara, who Harry soon learned to treat the same in reference as Yusuke.

                Amazingly, everyone made it through the year with passing grades (yes, even Yusuke), and plans were arranged for them all to keep in touch. Kurama was delighted that Harry could stay with Yusuke for the holidays, but did warn Yusuke it was back to school for them as soon as they got back. They would have missed about three months already, seeing as they were in a different hemisphere and where it was summer in England, it would be winter in Japan. Yusuke was not pleased, but did not contradict Kurama as the fox prattled on and on about how this would mess up his applications for a certain college. Yusuke found it amusing one morning when Kurama came over and sat down with a rather hateful air around him. Yusuke had the idea the Yoko had had a little talk with the human Kurama last night about the whole school issue.

                And everyone was positively going crazy on the last Saturday of the school year when Gryfindor won the Quiditch Cup against Ravenclaw. Kurama had been privileged to be able to fly in that game, but admitted that Harry was by far the better seeker, even then so many people said that it had been very close. It Kurama had not be nearly blown off his broom by that Bludger then he would have had it. Kurama denied this thought and accepted defeat gracefully, as was his nature.

                All in all, no one could say they had a terrible year.


                It was the last night at Hogwarts and everyone was solemnly saying good byes at dinner that evening. Touya and Jin were not very jolly, but then again, they had to go back to prison for bit, but everyone promised to write and maybe visit, but Touya and Jin both did keep their hopes up. Everything was bedecked with silver and green, and all because Slytherin had won the House Cup. It had taken Hiei, Touya, and Jin to hold Yusuke back in the halls when Malfoy made a snide, rather vulgar comment, but luckily nothing more had happened and Yusuke had kept his temper – barely.

                "Everyone, please, settle down," Dumbledoor called when they was really no need for such a request. "I would like to say thank you all for making this a wonderful year, and we have some last minute points to award." The school instantly went abuzz, but quieted when Dumbledoor rapped his glass again, "Now, I award ten points to Hermoine Granger, for quick thinking in a tight spot. Ten points go to Ron Weasley for bravery in the face of danger. Ten points go to Harry Potter, for acts of heroism like this school has never seen." Gryfindor clapped, but not to enthusiastically. They were still five points behind Slytherin in the house running. Slytherin was clapping, but not for being nice, just to themselves, cause they knew they had still won. "And finally, ten points to Neville Longbottom, for standing up to his friends and doing what was right." Slytherin stopped applauding instantly at this announcement and Gryfindor went wild. "I believe this calls for a change of decoration," Dumbledoor said with a smile and with a wave of his wand that banners changed from silver, green, and a snake – to red, gold, and lion.

                McGonagall happily accepted the trophy with tears brimming on the edges of her eyes. There was a huge celebration afterwards in Gryfindor Tower, but Harry wasn't really pleased.

                "Why weren't you awarded points?" he asked Yusuke.

                "Does everybody need to know I'm a Spirit Mage?" Yusuke asked with a smile. Harry shook his head and grabbed a butterbeer, clinking his glass against Yusuke's as he joined the festivities.


                Harry tentatively approached his Uncle, who was impatiently waiting for him at the train station. When he approached, Uncle Vernon stopped and stared at him. "Well? Come on! In you go!"

                "Uncle Vernon," Harry said quietly.

                "What boy?" Vernon spat.

                "Um…well, my friends wanted me to come and stay the summer with them in Japan," Harry said. "I wanted to know if it was okay."

                Uncle Vernon looked at him for a second and then his face turned the ugliest shadow of purple Harry had ever seen, "Don't tell lies boy! Inside the car now! No dinner for you for telling such a story! No, no you may not go to Japan!"

                "Oh, but I think he will," a cool voice said and Harry felt a weight on his shoulders as Yusuke's arm slipped around him and hung their limply.

                "Who are you?" spat Uncle Vernon.

                "I'm the one who asked him to come to Japan this summer," Yusuke said coolly. "I repeat. He's coming with us."

                "Oh no he's not!" Uncle Vernon spat. "We already have a freak, we don't need some whacked out Japanese person too!" (no offense to any Japanese people of course!)

                "Pardon, but you might want to rethink that," said Hiei, appearing beside them and lifting his cloak ever so slightly so Vernon got a good look at Hiei's sword's hilt.

                Vernon gulped, "Yes, of course he's going with you!" He turned to Harry and frowned deeply, "Good riddance anyway! We don't need you around here!" With that he got in his car and drove away.

                "Thanks," Harry said.

                Yusuke pulled him in a friendly hug (you heard me) and ruffled his head, "Yeah, whatever. Come on, we need to go and catch our plane." Together, the sextuplet (six people) moved off into the crowded London walkways, trying to hail taxies.


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