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Author's Note: This story has an interesting origin. If you wanna hear it, keep reading. If not, you can skip this little bit.

I was looking through CDs for fluffy songs to do romance fics to, when I came across a horde of them by Faith Hill. Then, as I listened to them all to get a feel for them and try to find the story waiting to be told inside them, I had images of them all connected in a single story. Behold, this fic! ^_~

So, here it is, my romance/drama and first PG 13 fic. Yea! ^_^ Please enjoy!



No way over it

No way around it

If we want it we have to go through it

Fight for love

And the world tries to break us down

But the world will bend

And the fight will end

Love will always win

~ "Love Will Always Win"

Faith Hill