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Chapter Six: When the Wrong One Loves You Right


Inu and Kagome walked back to the well hand in hand as the sun set.

Kagome looked up at the rising moon and sighed. 'One more day when the sun rises again. Only one. . .'

Inu-Yasha looked mildly at the well. "Why are we here?"

Kagome smiled a small smile. "There's something at home that I want you to bring with you."

Taking his hand, she jumped into the well with him.

In a rush of blue light and time traveling magic, Inu-Yasha and Kagome were back in the future.


"Kagome!" Mrs. Higarashi beamed as Kagome and Inu-Yasha walked into the house hand in hand.

"Hi mom," Kagome said sadly, forcing a smile.

"Inu-Yasha-niichan!" Sota squealed happily, hugging Inu-Yasha tightly, and then dragging him away. "Come on! I gotta show you my new game!"

Inu-Yasha smiled apologetically at Kagome, who grinned back, and allowed Inu to be dragged away by her little brother.

Kagome was about to leave for her room when her grandfather grabbed her by the arm.

"Kagome, dear," he began, "I really don't see why you stay with that- that demon."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "What do you have against Inu-Yasha NOW, grandpa?"

"Er- nothing!" he lied through his teeth, "I just think that it's rather stupid of you to stay with such a monster."

Kagome just gaped at him.

*I don't care what they think

How they feel

Or what they say

You're everything I never knew

I always wanna be there*

"Inu-Yasha's not a monster!" Kagome cried, appalled. "Where is this all coming from? You know Inu-Yasha is very kind! He's always protected me!"

"Dear, we're just worried that, I don't know, Inu-Yasha might. . ." her mother began, but her voice trailed off.

"Might what? Might hurt me?" Kagome glared. "You know he never would!"

"Maybe not physically. . ."

"What are you getting at?" Kagome said quietly, but both her grandfather and mother looked away.

*I've been warned so many times

They tell me I've ignored the signs

But nobody knows you like I do

The only one for me is you*

"This is just stupid!" Kagome cried, throwing her hands in the air. "I don't know what kind of pent up hatred you hold-!"

"We don't hate him! We just. . ."

"Well, I love him, and I want you to leave him alone!" Kagome hissed before stomping out of the room.

*I can't stop

Can't fight

Can't resist it

When the wrong one loves you right

Whoa-oh, yeah

Can't run

Can't hide

Can't say no

When the wrong one loves you right


When the wrong one loves you right*

'I can't BELIVE them!' Kagome thought darkly as she stomped to her room and slammed the door shut. She could hear Inu and Sota playing "Street Fighters" in his room.

'How can they think his dangerous, when he protects me? Plays games with Sota?! They're idiots!" she glared at the door.

*I'm getting tired of hearing that you're dangerous

But they won't stop*

She sighed, trying to let her anger go. Listening to Sota giggle and Inu- Yasha get very excited as he began to win the game, Kagome smiled, and began searching for her present to Inu-Yasha.

Finally finding it, she packed a small bag, and decided it was time to leave. For good. 'Inu-Yasha is the best person I've ever met, I love him, and I want to always be there for him. I shoulda left this time a long time ago,' she thought, wrapping a sweater around her waist.

*Until I leave, they won't believe

That being with you won't break my heart

So worried 'bout the road ahead

They can't see that

You're my best friend

They're never gonna take me away from you

Nothing they can do*

She picked up the picture of him she kept on her bed stand. It was one she had taken of him in his god-tree, while he was looking at the moon. She smiled as she thought back on all their times together. 'I'm doing the right thing.' With that, she put the picture in her bag and headed into Sota's room.

*I can't stop

Can't fight

Can't resist it

When the wrong one loves you right

Whoa-oh, yeah

Can't run

Can't hide

Can't say no

When the wrong one loves you right


When the wrong one loves you right*

Inu-Yasha was now bouncing on the bed happily, as the TV screen blinked "Winner! Winner!"

Sota giggled and tugged at Inu's ears as he crawled up on the Haniyou's back. "Let's play again!"

"No," Kagome smiled, taking Inu-Yasha's hand and gently tugging Sota off his back, "we're going back."

"Aw. . ." Sota pouted.

Inu-Yasha smirked. "I won!"

"So I see," Kagome said dryly as the three of them looked at the screen, then headed downstairs.

"Kagome," her mother said gently as Kagome tugged Inu-Yasha towards the well, "we didn't mean to upset you-"

"Well, you did."

"We're sorry-"

"Mom, I'm going to stay in Fudal Japan."

"For how long?" her mother asked quietly.

"Forever. I'm sick of this. Good bye," she tugged Inu-Yasha, who was looking very confused, to the edge of the well.

"But- but you can't stay back THERE," her grandfather yelled.

"Yes, I can."

And with that, she jumped back into the well, the moon shining brightly above them, just like it did in Inu-Yasha's time.

*How can I walk away when the feeling's so strong

I know you're where I belong

They I let my heart make up my mind

That's why I'll never say goodbye

I'll never say goodbye*

"Kagome?" asked Inu-Yasha as they crawled out of the well and Inu-Yasha brought them both up into the god tree.

Kagome sat in his lap on the branch, cuddling into Inu's chest. "Yes?"

"What happened back there?"

Kagome frowned slightly. "They were just getting out some old feelings. Never mind."

Inu-Yasha nodded, hugged her close, and decided to drop the subject. It sounded as if it still was a tender spot to prod.

Kagome shook off her sadness, and then smiled at Inu. "Don't you want to know your present?"

"I get a present?" Inu-Yasha smiled.

Kagome nodded. "I got a ring to remind me of you, and you get this to remind you of me. . ." she smiled mysteriously at him, and pulled out a necklace. It was made of thick silver bands and had a black and white ying- yang at the center.

"You're my dark," Kagome giggled, pointing at the dark side of the symbol.

"And you're my light," Inu-Yasha smiled down at her, pulling the necklace on. Leaning forward, they kissed deeply in the moon light.

*I can't stop

Can't fight

Can't resist it

When the wrong one loves you right

Whoa-oh, yeah

Can't run

Can't hide

Can't say no

When the wrong one loves you right*


Sango and Miroku still sat on the steps, Miroku hugging Sango tightly.

Sango's tears had subsided, but she still felt a gaping hole inside her, a hole of sadness.

"Don't worry, Sango," Miroku smiled up at the moon, "things will be okay while we're away. You'll find some nice exterminator as well, and forget completely about me."

Sango looked at him in surprise. "I'll never forget about you."

Miroku grinned, but it looked rather forced. "You say that now, but as soon as I ship out of here. . ."

"That's not true! I can't believe you'd even THINK that!" Sango glared at him.

Miroku looked slightly surprised.

"You may be a pervert, and a lecher, and I may hate you sometimes, but I'd never forget you! And I don't want some exterminator!"

"You don't? Then who. . .?" he asked curiously.

"Just- I don't know," Sango looked away, slightly red. 'Someone like you. . . even though you're the worst person for me--- I want you. . . '

They sat in silence, both slightly red, and both very aware of the other's arms.

'I love you,' they thought, glancing at each other in the light of the moon, 'but how do I say it?'


When the wrong one loves you right!*


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