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00 Years Old - 1989 to 1990

On November 29, 1989, a boy was born in the small town of Hasetsu, Japan. Youngest son of Katsuki Hiroko and Toshiya and younger brother of Katsuki Mari. The boy was named Yuuri. Katsuki Yuuri. The boy who was born to be a winner.

Yuuri is a quiet baby, who prefers to sleep the entire morning and upset her parents and younger sister by night. He often calms down when they put music, ballet or figure skating on television, watching intently with his large brown eyes and flushed cheeks. This surprises her parents and Okukawa Minako, the boy's godmother and famous ballerina, who decides to teach her to dance as soon as possible.

01 Years Old - 1990 to 1991

Yuuri surprises his family by starting to crawl every day down the hallways, going to the door of the old banquet room, sitting down and starting to cry. He calms down when someone picks him up and puts him to watch television. When Hiroko prepares his famous Katsudon, Yuuri crawls up to her, pulls her by the sleeve of the yukata and opens his mouth, asking to eat. She knows he can't eat it yet, but she, Toshiya and Mari widen their eyes with surprise when the realize what he has just done.

02 Years old - 1991 to 1992

Baby Yuuri surprises his family 3 more times. First, in March, he gets up and stands alone several times, and soon begins to walk by being clutched in his older sister's clothes. Mari and also who sees him watching a ballet film and sees him imitate the same movements. She immediately runs to pick up the old family camera and takes a picture of him dancing. The last surprise happens weeks before his 3 year birthday when he walks into the banquet room, something he does every day and opens his mouth.

" ... Tenka ... " he says, crying again and only calming down when he falls asleep in his mother's arms.

Tenka? what did he mean with this?

03 Years Old - 1992 to 1993

Yuuri already walks alone by the Onsen, knows how to speak things like Kaa-cha, Tou-cha, Nee-cha. Days before Christmas, the Katsuki family decides to take Yuuri to a toy store in order to buy a gift for him. The couple, the daughter and the salesmen are frightened when the three-year-old ignores shelves with various toys and goes to one containing ... stuffed animals.

" Vi-cha. Yu-cha. " He says, raising his little hands and grabbing the shelf. Terrified, the adults approach him and pull him away so that he does not hurt himself, making him cry loudly.

"Wait!" Mari says, taking him in his arms and lifting him up.

Immediately Yuuri stops crying and opens a wide smile. He raises his hands and touches two plush puppies, a white one and black one, and hugs them. Back to the floor, he looks at his parents and tilts his face, pouting and peculiar gleam in his eyes.

"Oh, God." They hear Mari say, and realize they're agreeing with her.

"Negai?" Yuuri asks, blinking at them slowly, twice.

And of course the boy returned to the house very happy, carrying in his arms the two plush puppies.

04 Years Old - 1993 to 1994

Minako begins to take Yuuri to his studio, watching him sit on the floor and watch her teaching some girls. It does not take long and she is frightened to see the boy standing and imitating her, to the surprise and laughter of the students. And then…

" Suzu-nee , left foot. Higher."

" Hikaru-nee , right hand. Lower."

" Ran-nee , watch out!"

But before anything could happen, the girl named Ran looks at him angrily.

"What is it, brat ?!" she asks gruffly. "Can not you see you're getting in the way?"

" Gomen. " Yuuri says, sobbing.

"Hey, why are you acting like this?" Another girl, named Yuuko, asks the other.

"What is the problem? Yuu-kun? "Minako-sensei asks, returning after walking away to receive a call.

"Ren yelled at Yuu-kun, Minako-sensei." The girl named Suzu says, getting a look of rage from her.

"Why?" Minako asks, frowning.

"This kid only knows how to get in the way!" Ran exclaims, scaring him.

"But he realized my hand and Suzu's foot were in wrong positions." The girl named Hikaru exclaims, getting a statement from the other girls.

"Ran-chan. Show me the position you were in. "Minako orders, and when the girl obeys, she widens her eyes.

"Sensei , she's going to fall." Yuuri says, grabbing at the leg of his pants.

"Why do you think so, Yuuri?" She asks, watching the boy bite his lip and shake his head.

And then, everyone there witnesses the moment that Ren starts to make the face of pain, until leaving the position that was and crouching, taking the right foot with both hands.

" Itai! " She cries, scaring everyone.

"Yuuri, did you realize she was hurt?" Yuuko asks, looking at the boy. "That's why you…."

Yuuri nods, still sobbing. From that day on, the girls began to accept the tips of that 4 years old little boy. Days later, Ren returns recovered from the wound and apologizes, being pardoned by the boy with a shy smile on his face.

05 Years Old - 1994 to 1995

"Sensei." Minako listens to Yuuri to call and sees him approaching with his yellow and blue sweater, which has the letter 'Y' in the middle.

"What is it, Yuuri?" She asks, finding him super cute.

"Ice rink." He just says, getting nervous. "Can we go?"

"Sure! What do you think about asking Yuuko-chan to join us? "She asks, smiling at him.

Yuuri nods excitedly, beaming. Minako looks at him with great pride, for not only is he able to follow her ballet lessons but he has also learned to read, write and speak Japanese, according to the nursery teachers. She takes him the next day, on a Saturday, and notices that the boy looks the interior so excited that it even jumps as they walk towards the ice.

The boy watches her slip on her skates and tie her laces. She puts a pair of gloves in his hands and helps him to his feet, watching him quickly balance himself under the blade guards. Holding both his hands, she helps him to go to the entrance and he raises his right foot to her, who looks at him in surprise.

"How did you ...?" She asks, surprised that she didn't have to ask him.

Opening a smile, she removes the guard from his erect foot and laughs as he leans on her and raises his other foot.

"All right, Yuu-kun, Yuuko-chan will help you skate while I'll stay here, watching you." she says, noting her student approaching them.

"Yuu-chan!" Yuuri exclaims, smiling at her.

"Don't worry, Yuu-kun. I'll hold you all the time, "she says, smiling at his giggles.

And then, Yuuri Katsuki steps on the ice for the first time. He takes two turns with Yuuko holding his hands and Minako realizes that he looks at him, before excitement, is now pure concentration and not only that. His posture is not from someone who is skating for the first time.

"Yuuko-chan." she says, making the girl look in surprise. "Release his hands."

"Minako-sensei?" She asks, frowning.

"Do it! Drop his hands and let him fall with his fat ass on the ice. "

"Takeshi-kun!" Yuuko exclaims, angry with the other boy.

Yuuri looks at the other boy coolly, and Minako finds himself thinking he's going to cry. But then ... what is that smile on his face? And the three are shocked when he releases himself from Yuuko and starts skating on ice normally.

06 Years Old - 1995 to 1996

Yuuri begins to go to school early, surprising the teachers with his intelligence. The boy begins to receive money coins to buy snack, but the boy decides to keep everything in a piggy bank with the appearance of Totoro who he got from Mari in his birthday. He spends afternoons in the Ice rink or in Minako-sensei's studio. With a sigh, he puts the coins back and closes the safe, placing it in his drawer and going to lie on the bed, picking up the black plush puppy. and hugging him.

"It's not enough. I need more. A lot more."

He then decides that he needs to make more money if he wants to do what he needs to do. He looks at the white-haired puppy and touches it on the head.

"Just a little longer, Vicchan."

07 Years of Age - 1996 to 1997

Panic attack.

Of course he would have to.

And the reason is the same as always. Bullying.

Unfortunately, with the unprepared teachers, the situation could be worse if it weren't Yuuko, who approaches him and helps him calm down.

"Kirihara, how do you ...?" Professor Hibino asks, surprised.

"Yuu-kun taught me last week. He said it was important for me to learn about panic attacks, because one day I could find someone I needed. "The girl responds, quite surprised. "I just didn't expect to have to help him."

"Yuuri-kun, are you okay?" Another teacher asks the boy, who looks at Yuuko with a smile on his face.

"I'm better." He replies.

And the glitter in his eyes makes everyone sure that he's all right

The same can be said about his anxiety. Although it happens that he has negative thoughts that is most often caused by bullying, Yuuri manages to silence the voice in his mind at the very moment that it echoes.

Yuuko is not the only one he taught. When he arrived for Mari and started explaining about panic and anxiety attacks, his sister recalls that one of her classmates also has these types of seizures and decides to pay close attention ..

~ x ~

"Katsuki Yuuri-kun." The teacher calls him and the boy gets up from his desk, taking a deep breath.

"My name and Katsuki Yuuri and I will be one of the best ice skaters in the world." he says, with a look of sheer determination that surprises not only the teacher but the parents and the other students there.

Wait a minute…

He said that 'will be' one of the best? No 'I want to be' one of the best? Where does such conviction come from?

"He's just a boy! He doesn't know what he's talking about. "One parent comments, making the Katsuki look at him in surprise.

"I agree. After all, where is he going to take money for equipment and so on? "Another mother asks, staring at the couple with a broad smile on their face.

"If it's money, I don't have to ask my parents," he says, lifting a bag and pulling out a pair of black and red small ice skates, scaring them. "My family and most of Hasetsu's people are experiencing difficulties, but soon the situation will change. I promise you that. "

"What are you talking about, Katsuki-kun?" The teacher asks, shocked.

"Hmm, what I am talking?" Yuuri asks, tilting his face with a smirk on his face.