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Yammy grabbed the now beaten and wounded Ichigo by the face and lifted him to his eye level, wondering how this human boy suddenly became so weak. The orange haired bastard had been able to cut off his hand without him even noticing as soon as his Bankai was released!

His energy had been fluctuating like crazy after they revealed themselves as Arrancars.

"Is this all?" the tall Arrancar asked smugly, squeezing Ichigo's head between the palms of his left hand with a wide grin. The other three humans had escaped before he could get his hands on them, even though they had been reluctant to leave the orange haired boy.

He would get them eventually.


Ulquiorra's eyes widened a considerable degree as a tall, formally suited redhead suddenly appeared above his partner and delivered a bone-shattering kick to his face, no doubt breaking his jaw if the sickening crack was anything to go by and sending him flying through several trees.

'He is here' the green eyed Arrancar mused blankly, noticing the characteristics pointed out by their leader regarding the redhead. 'Earlier than expected'

A disoriented Yammy strained to shove off some of the vestiges of a once tall and proud tree from his body as he struggled to ward off the incredible pain in his jaw. Just who would be strong enough to nearly crack HIS skull with a single kick?

'Wait …'

"Well hello there, Arrancars" the redhead announced cheekily, instantly putting the black haired Arrancar on high alert.

Of course it would be HIM!

"You must be the Uzumaki bastard Aizen told us about" the disoriented brute groaned out in pain as he kicked away the trunk of a tree and stood on shaky legs "You damn bug, how dare you kick me out of the blue!"

He had to give himself credit for not jumping out of his skin when a cheekily smiling Naruto blurred into existence right before his eyes and kicked him in the stomach, sending him deep into the forest as he calmly leaned against a tree.

Ulquiorra stood emotionless as he observed the redhead from afar.

To be honest, while he was quite confident in his abilities to emerge victorious out of any fight, he was hesitant to engage a person even Aizen was wary of. He was not the only one afraid; since every single Arrancar of Las Noches would rather cut off their hands than dare to face him, especially after Aizen's disturbingly straightforward warnings.

"Use everything you have the moment you face him … or you won't even have time to blink before you're dead" Nothing about this sentence sounded assuring. It was obvious the former Captain had some kind of history with him to assume such notions.

"Oh I'm sorry. Did you want a written application for a kick to the face?" Naruto retorted smugly, causing the brutish Arrancar to twitch in anger as he stood up and pushed off the tree branches from his body.

"Don't push me, little human" Yammy hissed out in anger "If the little orange haired bastard with a Bankai couldn't stop me, what chance do you have?"

Naruto blinked several times, eyes owlishly staring at the fuming Hollow. They were currently in the start of the battle and the strange man jumped straight down to the phase of comparing power levels? "Dude, I kicked you two times in a row and sent your fatass flying"

"Why you…"

"Why me what? Speak up!"

A comical light bulb flashed atop Naruto's head and his blue eyes lit up in understanding as he punched his open palm with a grin "Oh I see what you mean by 'why me'? You are asking why I'm kicking your ass, right?"

The Arrancar clenched his teeth in anger as he looked around the clearing. "No, I am not!"

"I wasn't going to answer either" Naruto explained with a self-satisfied smile.

That did it for the brutish Hollow as an enormous wave of energy blasted out from his body and sliced clean through the trees of the clearing.

"No need to get so excited" the redhead stated in an innocent tone as he blurred forth, appearing directly in front of shocked Hollow.

Yammy's eyes widened in shock and pain when the redhead merely flicked him in the forehead and sent him flying like an insect.

Amidst a graveyard of destroyed trees and bushes, a groaning Yammy ran a large hand over his forehead and gasped in shock as he stood from his 'comfy' position. There was blood! He was bleeding from a simple flick on his forehead?!

What the hell?! Granted his Hierro was not the strongest in his current level, still it should've been more than enough to withstand a Zanpakuto attack let alone a simple finger flick from a human no less!

The large Arrancar emerged from the plucked out bushes and destroyed trees, an enraged look on his face as he charged at the smugly grinning redhead.

The redheaded Uzumaki stopped his giant fist with a finger, much to the continuous shock of the Hollow, and delivered a devastating punch to his exposed torso. The ground around Yammy blasted away from the sheer force of the punch, sending the brutish Arrancar flying away with a geyser of blood erupting from his mouth, his eyes wide like saucers as he flew deeper and deeper into the surrounding forest until he came to a stop near a decimated clearing in a meaty thud.

Not even waiting for the Hollow to get his bearings, the redhead zipped forward.

"Do you know what I do to disrespectful brats like you?" Naruto asked cheekily as he appeared above the bleeding Arrancar, placing his feet on either side of his large body, and cracked his knuckles. "I teach them some manners… the old fashioned way"

And then came the fastest barrage of bone-smashing, flesh-pulverizing and soul-breaking punches Yammy had ever felt in his entire life.

Punch after brutal punch connected with every single part of his battered and blood-stained body with destructive force, blood unceasingly erupted from his shattered mouth like a damaged faucet as every strike drove him ever further into the ground than before.

By the time Naruto was done, the former smug Arrancar was nothing but a pulverized mass of flesh and grinded bones, barely clutching at the doors of life. While it would take only another punch to end his miserable existence once and for all, he had bigger plans for them.

It was never his philosophy to annihilate his opponent too early in a game.

"What should I do with you?" Naruto mused absently, brushing the underside of his chin in thought as he sat down on the bloody Arrancar while facing a shocked Ulquiorra. "Didn't Aizen warn you about me? I'd imagine him to do so unless this guy was too stupid to understand his warnings… well you guys are free to go"

With that said and done, Naruto stomped on the Arrancar's face one last time before floating out of the massive crater, whistling a jaunty tone as he did so.

Ulquiorra was quick to grab his unconscious partner and leave the premises. He had much to report to Lord Aizen.

Karakura High School

Dejectedly walking up the stairs to stand in front of the room with comical tears streaming down his face, Naruto couldn't help but wonder what the old hag had in mind for him. The sign board on the door saying "Principle Uzumaki" did little to lessen his worries.

The door of the room was made from an ominously and threateningly dark wood with numerous blood droplets-like designs and spikey protrusions jutting out on the surface. How the board had even consented to the idea of such a door was beyond his understanding.

She must have threatened them.

This wasn't an office, it looked more like a torture chamber! The dark colored wood, the designs of blood droplets and the spikey protrusions all over the door practically screamed evil! Even the name plate was fear-inducing… to him at least!

Maybe if he high tailed it out of here and masked his essence, she wouldn't notice!

Releasing comical sobs about 'bossy mothers' and saying goodbye to his precious ramen, Naruto composed himself like a man and cautiously pushed open the evil-looking door before lightly stepping inside and closing the door behind him.

The inside of the room was dark… so dark in fact that he couldn't even see anything but the light coming from the underside of the closed door and the small candles littered around the walls of the room. He couldn't even see his sinfully sensual Milf of a mom!

But he knew she was inside. He could feel her powerful life force, her sensual and alluring presence, her intoxicating scent and her soft and seductively throaty sounds of breathing.

His vision gradually adjusted to the darkness of the room, finally enabling him to scan his surroundings. To his right side was a considerable row of books carefully arranged and placed in beautiful wooden shelves, along with a low wooden stair.

To his right side was the window leading to the balcony and overlooking the waterfall, but was currently closed shut and a crimson curtain was draped over it. To the two sides of the window was a large sofa and an armchair right in front of it.

Right in front of him was a considerably large desk with numerous files and folders carefully arranged and placed on its wide glossy surface. Several other accessories and other writing material littered the wide desk.

Off to the side of the desk, a large wine bottle with two glasses was innocently placed in a tray, flanked by two small candles. However, he could care less what the room held or what was located where, he was focused on something much more pleasing.

Sitting behind the extravagant desk was his busty and sensual mother. While he couldn't see the rest of her attire, what he could see was driving him crazy.

She was dressed in a silky white blouse with two of the buttons undone, the shirt straining against her massive mountains of flesh. The rest of the buttons looked as though they would bust any second from the sheer strain of containing such wobbling, mouth-watering fleshy spheres of meat.

Her silky and luscious red hair was beautifully done in a high ponytail, two delicately thin bangs hanging on either side of her stunning visage. Her pouty and sinfully sensual lips were glossed a dark red, as if she had just removed them from a glass of blood.

Her violet eyes, filled with pure desire, temptation and carnal lust were hidden behind a pair of purple sharp glasses as they tersely skimmed over a report.

In all honesty, looking like that, she was clearly probing for a hard, lengthy and steamy educational session.

Hearing the door closed behind Naruto, Kushina carefully looked up from the report and pinned Naruto's aroused form with her sharp and seductively gleaming eyes "Mr. Uzumaki, how of nice of you to join me! Please take a seat, we have much to discuss"

Deciding to play along for now, Naruto, dressed in his usual crimson three piece suit, sat on the adjacent sofa, making sure to hide his excitement.

Setting her report aside, Kushina's pouty lips stretched into a broad seductive smile as she placed her hands on the wide desk, giving Naruto unrestricted view of her massive twins mercilessly squeezed and crushed inside the flimsy confinement of her silky blouse.

Fuck, those phat Milf tits!

"Would you care for some refreshment, Mr. Uzumaki?" she asked with an innocent smile. "I only have this bottle of wine, hope you don't mind?"

"A glass of wine does sound nice, Lady Uzumaki" Naruto replied with a smile. What the fuck was up with her? Was this some kind of kinky boss-employee fetish of hers or something?

Smiling widely, the busty Milf reached for the large bottle on the far side of her desk, making sure to give her wobbling phat udders a little more force and shake than necessary. Grabbing the bottle, she calmly poured the red liquid into two glasses and stood up with an innocent smile on her pouty lips.

Sliding her chair back and walking around the desk, the Uzumaki matriarch's smile widened when she heard Naruto gasp.

'What the hell!' Naruto yelled in his mind.

His drop-dead gorgeous mother was dressed in a revealing short leather skirt barely covering her the front of her thick thighs and plump shelf of a rear! Her long legs and thick thighs were on full display! It looked more like a mini skirt than a skirt fit for a woman who was supposed to be acting all professional!

Taking a hold of the two glasses, Kushina turned around, alluringly wide and thick hips swaying from side to side, temptingly longs legs on full display and heaving mounds of mouth-watering meat threatening to burst free as she sauntered over to the seated man.

Reaching the evidently arouse redhead and standing dangerously close to his seated form, the phat-butted Milf extended one of the glass with a broad smile. "Here you go"

Taking the offered glass of wine, Naruto tried and failed to tear away his piercing gaze from her sinfully ample cleavage. Tugging at his neck tie, Naruto wiped a few drops of sweat from his brow and coughed nervously. "Ah … thank you"

The seductive Milf merely smiled and turned around to sit in the chair in front of Naruto, purposely taking her time to provide her baby boy with a close up view of her plump derriere and child-bearing hips. "My pleasure"

Slowly taking a seat in the large chair with a contented sigh, her eyes twinkled in amusement when she heard Naruto take a double take and spit out his wine as her phat, meaty ass ballooned out under her form, causing the leather skirt to ride up her already revealing thighs and expose her uncovered womanhood.

Giving him a questioning look, the thick-hipped Milf raised a delicate eyebrow. "Is something the matter, Mr. Uzumaki?"

Coughing up a few times, Naruto composed himself and gave his acting mother a surprised and aroused look. Ok so he realized where this was heading. She wanted some dick, plain and simple. Frankly with what he just saw now, she wasn't leaving without getting some man meat either. He'd make sure to stretch out her guts.

"No … ahem… I am fine, thank you"

"If you say so" Crossing her smooth and long legs over one another, Kushina raised the glass of wine to her pouty lips and calmly took a sip, all the while feeling Naruto's piercing gaze upon her lips.

Naruto felt his junior jump violently as he watched his busty and sensual mother calmly drink the red wine, purposely leaving a trail of red across her pouty lips.

"Now then, Mr. Uzumaki, let's get to the topic at hand" the seductive woman announced firmly and absently twirled the contents of the glass. "Do you know why I called you to my office?"

"Well, I'd imagine it has something to do with the way I teach" Naruto explained cheekily and took a calming gulp from the wine.

Kushina's eyes twinkled mischievously as she leaned forward, earning a groan from the redhead as he got an eyeful of her squeezed tits. "Not exactly, I have no problems with how you teach…"

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Then what?"

"I've heard some rumors around the school" she started in a seductive whisper. "Something about you ravaging innocent, little girls in your office and getting them addicted to your …seed"

Naruto feigned an alarmed look. "How could anyone accuse me of such acts?"

Sighing in mock disappointment, the bunny-butted Milf rubbed the edges of her temple and leaned back with a displeased expression. "So they're wrong … I was actually hoping you'd shed some light on how you do it"

Naruto smirked smugly. "Well … I don't exactly ravage them, they come to me and as a gentleman, I can't refuse a young lady of her natural desires"


"You'll have to show some initiative, Lady Uzumaki"

"Oh?" the busty Milf giggled melodiously "In that case, allow me to show you …initiative"

Smirking hungrily, the voluptuous redhead calmly stood and walked up to Naruto's anxiously aroused form before straddling his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck. "I'm afraid this is not enough"

Grinding her seductively thick rump into his excitement, Kushina reached for her blouse and unbuttoned two more buttons, causing the mountains of fat tit flesh to halfway burst free from their confines, while Naruto's eyes bugged out of his sockets.

"Oh I can assure you I've more than enough …initiative to show you, Mr. Uzumaki" Wrapping her hands around her son's neck once again, the thick-hipped Milf neared the stupefied Naruto to her face by his shirt and sensually traced her tongue over his cheek, causing Naruto to shiver. "Do you have the courage to ravage me?"

Tracing her tongue all over his cheeks and the side of his mouth, Kushina made sure to teasingly stay clear of his lips. At the same time, she was grinding her massively meaty rear into his steel-like erection while Naruto groaned and moaned under her sensual form.

Her erotically thick ass grinding into his groin, her pouty lips leaving a trail of gloss all over his face, her hands tracing and measuring every inch of his muscular chest was seriously pushing his buttons made practically impossible for to stay in character.

The Uzumaki Milf stopped her grinding motion and reached between the valley of massive breasts with a seductive smirk, unbuckled his pants and reached inside for her prize with a contented moan.

Wrapping her delicate hand around her great and rigid prize, the seductive woman smirked sensually and fished out the jutting cock, teasingly moving her soft hands up and down its stiff form.

Naruto, being a hot-blooded Uzumaki, couldn't take it any longer and pushed Kushina off of him with one sudden shove and forced her back on to her desk with a loud throaty growl. "Ok, that's enough teasing, you cock-hungry slut!"

The sudden show of force and unexpected push caused the last of the blouse's button to come undone and caused her huge milk udders to pop out in wet claps.

"Oh my, how forceful!" Kushina commented with a smirk and licked her pouty lips as she eyed her son's large meat road. Now they were getting somewhere.

Forcefully tearing away his clothes, a bare Naruto ominously walked towards Kushina, his fat cock swinging from side to side, muscular arms flexing and relaxing, lips stretched into a hungry sneer, loud growls of lust emitting from his mouth and red slitted demonic eyes flaring in the dark room.

Reaching the busty Milf, who was leaning against the large desk with an anticipatory and lust-filled smirk, a clawed hand shredded her silky blouse to pieces and truly revealed the globes of hefty tit flesh, wobbling and swaying from their sudden release. "Come here, you fat assed bitch!"

Releasing a loud growl, Naruto wrapped his arms around her slender form and smashed his lips to hers in a forceful and dominating kiss, forcing his tongue into her mouth as Kushina moaned. Snaking one of his muscular arm around her back, Naruto tore her leather skirt and assaulted her sinfully thick and plump rear.

The Uzumaki seductress snaked one of her hands around his neck and neared him closer to the kiss while slithering the other down to his painfully jutting shlong, rubbing, tugging and squeezing it for its worth.

With one hand occupied, the growling redhead raised his other hand and fondled her heaving twins turn by turn, squeezing, molesting and mercilessly assaulting them like there was no tomorrow.

Separating away from the knee-buckling kiss, Naruto assaulted her uncovered neck, leaving several bite marks on her unblemished skin while the busty Milf continued her ministrations with her son's cock. "Mr. Uzumaki, I hope you realize that this is highly inappropriate"

"I am very, very horny right now, so I certainly hope you don't have principle duties for the rest of the day!" Naruto growled savagely and sunk his canines into the fragile flesh of her delicate collarbone. "Because you won't be leaving this room for the foreseeable future!"

Needless to say, the Uzumaki Milf wasn't seen the entire day or night since the door to her office was closed shut.

Tayuya, curious about the whereabouts of her mother and brother, stumbled upon the office.

The sight of her brother naked keeping their mother in a perfect Mating Press position and balls deep inside the Milf's fat, chunky booty greeted her eyes as she walked in. Her jaws dropped in shock and cheeks lit up in flames, pussy drooling like crazy as she witnessed the sheer length of the monstrous fuckmeat drilling in and out of their mother's massive buttocks.

Never even faltering in his thrusts, Naruto turned towards the gaping teen and winked. "Wanna join?"

Needless to say, Tayuya soon found herself laid atop the red haired Milf's luscious body, lips locked with her mother and mauling her massive tits while on the receiving end of Naruto's beastly cock soon after. The office was filled with screams of a mother and daughter getting their holes stretched to their limits and having their previously empty womb flooded by streams of thick, gooey cockcream.


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