Opening File: Billiam Milliam

The criminal known as Billiam Milliam is famous for his attempt to steal all the gold in the world. Born originally in Rodigan, where he suffered horribly for years as a slave because of being a Faunus and yet struggled to provide for himself enough money to escape. One night he stole from the wrong person who cursed him by covering his face and body with liquid gold, ensuring that he would always have what he wanted but it would remain forever out of his reach. It seemed that all his attempts to escape would be in vain, however one night thanks to an attempted uprising Billiam was able to make his escape from the country by sea where even than fate seemed to challenge his desire for freedom with storms.

But just when all hope seemed lost the storms finally cleared, and something amazing happens when a creature emerged from the sea, a giant sea turtle of all things that housed on its back a great marble fortress that Billiam soon made his way into. Where he would than discover two things the first a gold statue of a man, that unknown to him at the time was the bandit known as Saluk turned to pure gold by the Hand of Midas. He learned about the city's origins as the original home to the legendary artifact that could turn anything it touched to gold and vowed to one day find it. The turtle dove back into the sea but Billiam survived and made his way into America where for an unknown number of years he built an army of machines and searched for the Hand of Midas.

He eventually discovered a way to find it through the use of a magical well that could grant any wish asked of it. Once he made his wish he knew where to find the Hand and when he touched it where he then immediately after started suffering the same fate as Saluk, and started turning into solid gold as well. However because his Semblance which allowed him the ability to manipulate gold he process of him turning into gold took a different than what happen to Saluk where his Semblance and the Hand of Midas ended up interacting in a unexpected way resulting in the man who would become Billiam Milliam becoming a living man of pure gold. Billiam Milliam who then found Isle taking with him the Hand of Midas and used it bring the golden statue of Saluk back to life as a living man of gold and he is completely under Billiam's power and control.

He now acts and serves as his personal enforcer and bodyguard in this new era he found himself in. Billiam Milliam is obsessed with not only wealth, but also erasing any trace of the suffering of his past and his Faunus nature as well. As such he's prone to doing anything he can to show off his wealth, and doing anything to accomplish this as well. He still holds a deep grudge against Rodigan despite him wanting to forget his past, and longs to make the country and its rulers/people go through the suffering they put him through. Billiam Milliam has built up a vast wealth with his powers, and also forged powerful dangerous connections.

Billiam's plan to steal all the wealth in the world was through a massive machine that used his Semblance as the focal point. The machine is designed to affect Earth's magnetic field, used in combination with Billiam's Semblance to draw in all the gold in the world like a giant magnet.

The stolen idol from Mitimotu was so the machine would have a source of power so using it would not be fatal to Billiam who then used the power of a crown that can grant wishes to enhance his own power to gain control of all the gold captured by his machine, essentially giving him complete control. It was due to this that Billiam immediately rose to become an Omega level threat.

It was only through sheer luck and the bravery of the heroes that followed the gold to his city that he was stopped.

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Everywhere he looked he could see nothing but gold as the insane laugh of his 'master' echoed through the chamber.

A sea of gold surrounded the throne and continued to grow

Beyond measure.

Beyond any hope of being counted.

Beyond reason.

"Yes, yes, I like this a lot." Billiam stepped off his throne, taking a chance to admire the new additions to his collection. "All of this, all across the world, here to stay with me for all time."

He spotted a giant pair of golden clawed gauntlets along with a gold Greek style helmet that appeared and looked them over. "Perhaps these will look better if there is a statue to go with them."

Next were twelve golden monolithic colossal tablets with the twelve zodiacs etched on them and what appeared to be a massive statue of a monstrous worm.

"Well, this keeps getting interesting." Billiam chuckled as he beheld even more ancient golden artifacts. "I might have to make a museum out of all of this."

A beeping sound earned his attention and he turned around, watching as Saluk pointed to the giant screen attached to the machine.

Billiam sighed when he saw multiple signatures approaching the castle. "I hate unexpected company."

Still, it's not like he had much to worry about.

"Still, I should test how much power I now have." Billiam flexed his Midas hand. "I can control all the gold in the world no matter how far away. Dealing with a few unwelcome pests should be easy."


Golden dust glittered across the night sky, surrounding the Golden Castle as more gold was summoned across the world.

It was almost a beautiful sight to those who had followed the dust across the world.

"There it is!" Bullet pointed ahead, releasing Major Glory and Alexander as the castle came into view.

"By Washington's wig, a real golden castle." Major Glory whispered, slightly awestruck by what he was seeing. "And all that dust. It must be from the gold being stolen across the world."

"Billiam's put his plan into action then." Alexander noted. "We better move fast. Once he has all the gold the hostages won't be of any use to him anymore."

"Agreed." Glory nodded. "We'll secure the hostages first and then deal with Billiam. Hopefully-"

"Attention, thieves!" A familiar voice through a loud speaker spoke.

The three looked up, watching as Foxtail's airship shot past with them, with Chip Damage right behind it, straight at the castle.

"Foxtail, stop!" Glory called out but was ignored.

"By the authority granted to me as the leader of P.O.I.N.T. you are under arrest for mass theft. Surrender now and you'll-" Foxtail was cut off as the gold dust still in the air suddenly solidified into a giant hand that tried to smack her ship away but luckily the ship's pilot barely managed to evade the swat, accelerating as it rolled away. "If that's how you want to play then we'll switch to Plan C. Chip!"

"Understood!" Chip Damage replied and shot straight at the castle.

"That fool." Glory shook his head. "Don't they understand what they are up against?"

Chip smashed through the golden hand, heading straight for the castle. "Be prepared, evildoer! For nothing can stand in the way of justice!"


"Heroes." Billiam rolled his eyes. "So…brash."


A golden pillar shot up, slamming into Chip with enough force that it launched him far into the sky. Foxtail's airship flew around the island, preforming strafing runs and firing its forward cannons.

"Foxtail, stop!" Major Glory shouted, flying after the airship. "There are hostages inside the castle!"

Sadly Foxtail ignored him as her ship fired again, blasting a hole in the castle. However golden dust enveloped the hole and a second later the wall was completely repaired.

"What the blood-" Foxtail was cut off as dust engulfed the airship next, infiltrating the air vents and making their way into the systems, causing alarms to go off. "What is happening?!"

"Our systems are going haywire! Weapon systems off-line! Navigation offline!" The pilot reported, struggling to keep the ship in the air.

"Does anything actually work on this scrap heap?!" Foxtail exclaimed in frustration.

'Air-conditioning is functioning.' The ship's onboard computer reported.


Major Glory inhaled and blew, unleashing a powerful gust that blasted the golden dust surrounding the airship away and then flew under it, holding it up with his bare hands. "I will be back to lend my assistance. You stop Billiam."

"Already on it." A visor slid over Alexander's face as he scanned the castle.

He could see multiple life signs in the castle dungeons and inside the central were two Aura signatures with one in the center, radiating waves of energy being channeled into the machine and traveled up to the antenna.

No doubt this one was Billiam.

However there were several signatures that stood out in the main courtyard of the castle. "Dad always said Goliath liked being the center of attention."

And he wasn't the only one who noticed.


Angela and Elisa stood back to back as Jackal and Hyena advanced on them, both siblings sporting psychotic grins on their faces as they charged. Elisa fired her pistol at Hyena but the cyborg Faunus swiped the gun away and kicked the annoying Human away.

"So you have a Semblance now. Let's see if you can use it without relying on a gun." Hyena taunted as she swiped at Elisa who managed to dodge.

Angela spared Elisa a concerned glance, leaving herself vulnerable as Jackal grabbed her by the throat. "And let's find out what a Gargoyle's blood looks like."

He tossed Angela away but the daughter of Goliath somersaulted and landed on her feet. Jackal charged at her and the two immediately grappled before Angela surprised her opponent by spinning him around and tossing him into the wall.

"Funny, coming from a guy who has no blood left." Angela retorted.

Jackal glared and charged at Angela again, upper cutting her before kicking her back. Angela let out a roar as the two engaged in fierce combat. Jackal was strong and tried to tear her apart with his claws but Angela was fast and agile, dodging most of his strikes and retaliated with her own and with her natural Gargoyle strength she managed to hurt the cyborg as she struck him in the face and chest several times. Finally Angela followed with a vicious right hook that sent Jackal flying back.

"You act so tough but you are losing like all the other times." Angela remarked, staring at Jackal as he stood up in disgust. "You, your sister and Wolf turned yourselves in monsters and for what? Power and revenge."

Jackal spat on the ground. "Shut up, harlot!"

"That's no way to talk to a lady." Jackal looked up just in time to see a foot slam into his face, knocking him down. Alexander Xanatos landed next to Angela, ready to help her fight. "Then again, Mom always said you and your sister were sore losers."

"Well I never liked working for her anyway!" Jackal shouted as he lunged at them.

"I suppose now is a good time to use this." Alexander muttered as he waved his hands. "Across the world I make my call and summon the help of my family all!"

There was a flash of light and suddenly Jackal watched in stunned silence as his left fell to the ground, having been sliced off by a katana, wielded by the mate of Brooklyn who shared her weapon's name.

"Say hi to my mate, Katana." Brooklyn said.


He attempted to fire his blaster from his right arm at them but like his left one, it was sliced off by a similar weapon.

"Remember me?" Yama said, before punching Jackal in the face, knocking him out instantly.

Hyena spun around, eyes widening as she saw all the Gargoyles she hated most in the world assembled here. Her shock gave Elisa the opening she needed so she dashed forward and jumped over Hyena, kicking her in the face as she did so.

Hyena stumbled but straightened up as she spun around with an enraged look on her face. "DAMN YOU!"

She slashed at her claws at Elisa but Hudson flew in and blocked her claws with his sword. Elisa quickly dashed out from behind the elderly Gargoyle and engaged Hyena in another round of hand to hand that ended as Hyena aimed her blasters again, firing at close range. Only when she did so, Elisa's mirror appeared again and reflected the blast while Elisa herself jumped out of the way. The reflected blast destroyed Hyena's wrist cannons.

"GAH!" Hyena screamed out, staggering back while her smoking arms fell to the side.

"You really never learn do you?" Elisa asked as she stood up. "My Semblance works by reflecting the damage of any attack and doubles it if you manage to shatter the mirror."

Before Hyena could say or do anything Broadway and Lexington body slammed her, sending her flying into the wall.

"That never gets old." Broadway chuckled and shared a high five with Lex.

Meanwhile Wolf viciously attacked Goliath, getting in several good hits before Goliath threw his arms up, blocking the rest of Wolf's attacks and then started pummeling the mutant Faunus with his fists, hammering Wolf's Aura that struggled to block the attacks but did little to stop Goliath's strength. Wolf finally swiped his axe at Goliath who ducked under it and grabbed Wolf's outstretched arm and threw him into a wall, causing cracks to form from the impact.

Wolf managed to stand back up but Goliath was immediately on him, punching Wolf across the face and then slamming him into the wall again. "Where are Xanatos and Fox?"

Wolf spat out some blood. "What makes you think I care?"

He let out a roar as his Semblance kicked in, making him look more feral. He then broke free of Goliath's hold and smacked him across the face before grabbing him by the collar and this time Goliath was slammed into the golden wall.

"I've been waiting for this for years, Goliath. Billiam can send the whole world back to the Age of Darkness for all I care. As long as I put you out my misery." Wolf slammed Goliath into the wall again. "I am just peachy."

"You sure about that?" Brooklyn flew in and kicked Wolf in the face, forcing him back and slashed at him with his sword.

Wolf hastily blocked with his axe but Brooklyn pushed him back, the two engaging in a battle of blades. Wolf's Semblance allowed him to ignore pain and heal any minor wounds, but his berserker madness made him easy to exploit as Brooklyn who became skilled with a sword through training with Katana easily dodged his axe. Suddenly Dingo landed in the middle of the fight wearing his Matrix armor, grabbing Wolf and lifting him into the air before slamming him back onto the ground, knocking him out.

"Glad that you all made it." Goliath said, taking a deep breath and let out a relieved sigh.

"Alexander filled us in a few minutes ago and used his magic to bring us here." Brooklyn explained, sheathing his sword. "Empire City's gone crazy because of the gold turning to dust. The guy Wolf and the others worked for is called Billiam and apparently he's aiming to become the one and only rich guy in the whole world."

"That explains the kidnappings." Goliath stared up at the tower with the giant antenna. "If we shut down his machine we stop his plans."

"The hostages are held in cells beneath the castle." Alexander said as the clan gathered. "The cells are modified to block Aura and Semblances and the gold simply reinforces everything inside so no one can break out."

"We should split up then. Half of us will rescue the hostages while the other stops Billiam." Goliath surmised.

"We'll take the Pack members and lock them up on our ship." Hunter said as she, Yama and Dingo picked up the three unconscious criminals.

"Just to let you know, someone already scheduled an appointment with Billiam." Alexander replied.



Billiam turned around, spotting a familiar armored figure as it entered the throne room. "Living Bullet. So you managed to avoid getting caught. I figured Foxtail would have had you locked up by now and I see you made some changes to your armor."

The gold had been stripped clean from Bullet's armor, exposing its interior but still hid his face and body. However Billiam didn't need to see the hero's face to know how angry he was.

"You used me…You stole my suit, used it to steal and kidnap and then tried to make me take the fall." Bullet slowly walked into the throne room, approaching the mad man sitting on his golden throne. "Just so you could try and steal every piece of gold in the world."

"I guess it's too much to expect a hero to understand that I am doing the world favor." Billiam remarked. "No more wealth means no more elite figures hoarding their resources and using it to stand on the shoulders they deem to be lesser. Fairness and equality will reign and me…Well, I get everything I've ever wanted."

"Spare me the righteous act. You don't care about anyone else or their suffering. All you want is be bigger than any of those rich elites you despise." Bullet stopped just a few feet away from Billiam. "You know everyone in the world will come after you."

"They will try but with my Semblance enhanced to the point I control all the gold in the world I can strike anywhere I want and cripple every major power before they could even blink. And once I have all the gold I will sink this city back down into the ocean, ensuring no one will come after me or my gold." Billiam said confidently. "Face it, Living Bullet. Here in my Golden Castle, I reign supreme. The shine, the beauty, the smell, the power, all of it mine to command and do with as I see fit. So why not run along and make things easier on yourself?"

"Who said I like things easy?" Bullet asked before shooting straight at Billiam…


Only to run straight into a golden statue as it rose up from the ground, slugging Bullet in the face.

"I am sure you remember Saluk?" Billiam asked as the gold hulking form of Saluk rose up from the floor. "Because I know Saluk remembers you."

Bullet grunted as he stood back, facing Saluk as the golden warrior's claws extended in length. Saluk then lunged at Bullet, ready to slice the hero to bits.

"I better deal with the hostages now." Billiam remarked as the two began fighting and made a simple gesture.


Suddenly every hostage in the castle was grabbed by the golden floor, pulled down and through the walls. Many screamed as they were pulled under, convinced they were going to die.

Luckily someone was looking out for them.


"You idiot!"

Major Glory had landed Foxtail's airship safely on the back of the giant turtle that carried the castle, before going to check on the crew. "I see you are alright."

"Alright?! You could have taken down that castle and you wasted time by saving us!" Foxtail berated as she climbed out of the downed airship. "What kind of hero forgets his priorities?"

"My priorities are the same as they have always been." Glory said, turning around. "If you are still able to fight now would be the time, Foxtail."

Major Glory then took off to help the others against Billiam.

"Get Greyman on the horn." Foxtail said to the pilots. "Tell him I want a full squadron here on the double."


In the midst of leading Hudson, Broadway, Bronx, Lex and Katana to the prisoners Alexander suddenly stopped. "Wait. Something's not right."

"What is it?" Hudson asked.

"The prisoners…They're being moved!"



Bullet staggered back, slightly dazed from the punch but remained standing. As a being made entirely of gold Saluk was impervious to harm, no matter how hard he hit. Just he was about to attack again the walls suddenly became liquid like and from them came cages…with men, woman and children inside them.

"What?!" Bullet froze.

"You came to save these people, right?" BIlliam asked, leaning forward.

"Look! Living Bullet!"

"Is he going to rescue us?"

"He's here to save us!"

"Didn't he kidnap us?!"

"Someone help!"

"Do something!"

The few hostages that remained calm were Scrooge, Xanatos and Fox, Fergle O'Reilly, the Sanbans and Shere Kahn.

"There is a reason I kept them around." Billiam stated. "I wanted make sure to access any hidden accounts they might have had. After all, the entire point was to have all the riches in the world to myself."

"You…" Living Bullet growled.

"Don't worry. It's not just because of you." Billiam looked back at the entrance. "It's an honor to meet you…Goliath."

Standing at the doorway was Goliath, Brooklyn, Angela, Katana and Elisa, all of them ready to fight.

"You are Billiam Milliam?" Goliath asked, seeing the hostages, Living Bullet and Saluk. "We are here to rescue the hostages."

"Oh, they are free to leave anytime. Only after they've handed over everything they possibly own such as secret accounts, petty cash, anything they have kept to themselves." Billiam chuckled. "I'll even settle for any rare pennies they might have collected."

"In your dreams!" Scrooge shouted from his cage.

Goliath narrowed his eyes. "All of this madness, this effort, the chaos you've incited…for wealth and money?"

"What else would it be?" Billiam made a single gesture and the cages got smaller. "Now stand down, Gargoyle."

The children all started crying as the cages started to shrink. Kuki and Mushi hugged each other while Dee-Dee hugged any kids near her.

Goliath's eyes flashed. "Stop! There is no reason for this!"

"Then you better hurry." Billiam narrowed his eyes as one of the cages suddenly stopped shrinking. "What?"

Dee-Dee's Aura flashed as her cage suddenly expanded. "Koosey!"

However that was not the end of it.

Suddenly the cages all flashed green and became transparent, allowing them to fall out of the cages and onto the floor.

Kuki, Mushi, Genki and Kani's eyes widened as they realized what this meant. 'Danielle!'

"WHAT?!" Billiam exclaimed.

A familiar ghost girl emerged from the floor, her hands glowing bright with power as she glared at Billiam. "Remember me?"

"DANI!" Kuki and Mushi cried happily.

"Impossible! I turned you to solid gold!" Billiam shouted.

"Next time you should think of something better when dealing with someone who can literally walk through walls." Dani retorted. "I'm a ghost, remember?"

Billiam gritted his teeth. "Then I'll just use a more permanent solution-"


The ceiling above was smash open and Major Glory himself landed in the center of the room, standing in front of the Gargoyles and Dani, straightening himself and gave a hard look at Billiam. "You are in a lot of trouble, mister."

For the first time, a crack formed in Billiam's seemingly unbreakable mask of confidence and superiority. He quickly suppressed this and composed himself. "The line starts outside and goes around this castle, Major. But I think that I can make an exception for such a celebrity who took the time to visit me in my own home."

"I will offer you this one chance: stand down and return what you have stolen, submit to your well-deserved punishment…or I guarantee that you will not like what happens next." Major Glory warned.

"Ooh, intimidating." Billiam drawled. "Or it would be if you weren't such a boy scout-"


Billiam blinked several times as he tried to process what had just happened while climbing to his feet, laying amidst the rubble of a wall with a nice sized hole punched through it. Major Glory floated on the other side of the breach, arms crossed and glaring furiously at Billiam.

"Your Semblance has allowed you to become quite the opponent, Billiam Milliam." The star spangled hero said. "However, I'm willing to wager that as you have become one with all of the gold in this castle…it won't matter how hard I hit this little avatar you made out of your body. As long as you possess more gold, your soul will remain intact…which allows me to work without any fear of going over the line."

Billiam formed a series of spikes which he directed towards the Major, who shattered or melted them with ease as he worked his way forward. "Fine, let's try a different approach."

He morphed his Midas hand into a hammer and swung it at the Major when he was close enough. Major Glory easily dodged and uppercut Billiam, sending him crashing into another wall. "Give up, Billiam. Enhanced Semblance or not you can't beat me."

Billiam stood up, glaring at the Major as his Midas hand returned to normal and started to glow. "You sure about that?"

He raised his hand and fired a bolt of golden yellow light that Major Glory quickly dodged. The blast hit the golden wall but had no effect. However Glory knew that it would have turned him to gold if it had touched him so he knew he had to end this fight and fast.

Billiam prepared to fire again but suddenly an arrow shot out embedded itself in his hand. "GAH!"

"Remember us?" He looked up and spotted Bow and Leslie, aiming their arrows at him.

"You…" Billiam gritted his teeth.

"You are going to pay for killing our master." Leslie declared, aiming another arrow at Billiam.

Billiam waved his hand and a golden statue appeared behind Leslie, raising a sword to slice her in half. Leslie however spun around, punching her fist right through it, blowing it apart with her Semblance. She then aimed and fired her arrow, enhancing it with her Semblance and causing a dragon to appear as it slammed into Billiam, knocking him down. Another gold statue appeared behind Bow but he spun around and stabbed an arrow in its head and jumped back just before it exploded.

Major Glory then shot at Billiam, aiming to punch him in the face but the instant his fist came in contact with the golden face it suddenly disintegrated along with the rest of Billiam's body.

Dani's eyes widened. "Careful! If any piece of that Midas Hand touches, even as dust it will turn you to gold!"

Major Glory immediately inhaled and blew, blasting the gold dust away with a powerful gust. The dust slammed into the wall and seemingly fused with it. As this happened Saluk was pulled down, vanishing into the floor, along with every piece of gold in the room.

"Now what?" Brooklyn wondered.

"You think you can stop me?!" Billiam's voice echoed as the room started to shake. "It is as you say, Major Glory. I…Am…The Golden Castle!"

The shaking intensified; making it feel like it was a massive earthquake.

"Everyone, get out!" Goliath shouted.

Major Glory and Living Bullet used their powers to quickly get the hostages out of the room, taking them down onto the back turtle's shell. As this happened the Golden Castle began to shift and morph, all of the gold converging on the center where the antenna connected to Billiam's machine was. The center tower was covered in gold that stretched out, forming into a giant torso near Foxtail's airship followed by arms and then a face resembling Billiam's.

"By Washington's Wig." Major Glory whispered, shocked as everyone at what has become of the castle. "He's fused himself with the castle."

"Major!" A voice called out from before.

Glory looked down as a dark haired man pushed his way through the crowd to speak with him. "It's the Crown!"

"The Crown?" Glory asked.

"The Crown…It's the Crown of the Ice Elemental. It's causing all of this." The man explained. "He must have used it to help power his machine. If you remove the crown from him and disable the machine it might stop this."

"…Very well." Major Glory nodded. "To anyone who is able to fight, we must stop this here and now. Billiam Milliam may say he will stop when he has everything he wants but it will never be enough. With the power to manipulate all the gold in the world and with the Hand of Midas he could easily turn anything and anyone into gold to add to his collection. So it is clear what must be done: Billiam must be stopped here and now!"

"Agreed." Goliath stepped forward. "The machine is most likely at the center of his new form. If someone can reach it and disable then he will lose his power."

"So we'll have to get in close." Alexander said as his parents stepped forward.

"Sounds like a plan." Fox grinned.

"I can get in close." Bullet said, stepping forward. "Billiam may have gotten big but he's still too slow."

"And you won't be alone." Foxtail pointed to the sky.

(Savior by Rise Against starts to play)

Looking above, the crowd watched as an entire fleet of P.O.I.N.T. airships, led by Chip Damage flew straight at the giant Billiam. Each ship had large cannons attached to the tops and sides and were powered by Lightning and Gravity Dust. The hatch of the lead ship opened up and from it came Tiki Torch, who jumped out and channeled his Semblance into his feet, creating his make shift rockets that propelled him towards the island, landing next to Major Glory.

"Major." Tiki Torch nodded. "I got here as soon as I could."

"Good job, old friend. Then it's time…" Major Glory nodded and turned to the castle. "Fellow heroes, huntsmen and defenders of justice…Assemble!"

"Let him have it, boys!" Foxtail shouted into her wrist communicator.

The air fleet immediately began firing powerful bolts of energy and lightning straight at Billiam who roared the blasts scorched his beautiful golden skin. Major Glory shot forward, firing his Star Spangled Eye Beams, aiding in the attack.

"Pathetic!" Billiam held up his right hand fired a golden blast that hit over twenty airships, turning them all into solid gold.

"No!" Foxtail shouted in horror as the golden ships fell into the water. "Curse him!"

"We must get in close and find that machine." Goliath said to his clan.

"But first we need to get into the air." Lex pointed behind.

As the fight began a large airship landed on the shell and started collecting the hostages, loading them onboard with the pilots ordered to take them far away as possible.

"Agreed." Goliath nodded.

The Gargoyles immediately climbed atop the airship and then once they were at the top they took off into the air. Danielle watched on the ground as P.O.I.N.T.'s troops began ushering the civilians onto the airship and was immediately directed onto the nearest one with the Sanbans.

Billiam continued fighting off the air fleet, growling in annoyance as Major Glory, Bullet and the Gargoyles started to circle around him. "You can't hope to stop me now! I am invincible!" He spotted the large airship on the shell, taking off with his hostages. "Oh? When did I say you could leave?"

He held out his hand again, gathering energy from the Hand of Midas. The airship took off but Danielle looked out the window and spotted Billiam as he gathered energy and fired…

"NO!" Glory shouted.

"NO!" Foxtail shouted.


Acting on instinct Danielle shifted back into her ghost form and placed her hand on the floor, channeling her power through it and caused the entire ship and its passengers to turn transparent. The golden blast shot right through, causing more than one person to scream out in sheer fright before Dani canceled her power out. Everyone stared at the ghost girl as she stood up, speechless by what she has done.

"She saved us!"

"That was so cool!" Huey, Lowie and Dewey Duck exclaimed as one.

"Awesome!" Marceline said in awe.

"Impressive." Shere Kahn admitted, thankful to be alive and interested in the power this one girl seemed to have.

Billiam growled, seeing his attack had failed. "That annoying ghost girl!"

Dani looked over at the Sanbans, sending an apologetic look in their direction. "I have to go now."

Genki and Kani seemed to understand but Kuki and Mushi still cried out when Dani phased through the floor and flew back to the island. "Dani!"

Dani Phantom channeled her power directly into her feet, giving the appearance that her feet were like rockets as she shot back right into the battle. Billiam cackled as spikes made of gold shot out of his body like projectiles, his Semblance allowing him to control them as they shot after the heroes and airships attacking him. Dani turned intangible, allowing her to fly straight into the golden giant's chest.

Billiam flinched suddenly, his hand going to his chest. "SOMETHING JUST FLEW IN ME!"

Inside the golden giant, Dani came upon the giant machine that had given Billiam his powers, still functioning and apparently still gathering gold.

And on the throne was Billiam, the real Billiam still wearing the crown and gazing at her with contempt. "You…"

"It's over. I'm turning this machine off once and for all." Dani said, gathering power into her hands.

"You…will do nothing, ghost girl. You maybe be able to pass through my gold but I can still just tear you apart from the inside!" Billiam declared. "Saluk!"

From the floor emerged Saluk who then turned into a cloud of golden dust that shot straight at Dani.

(Savior by Rise Against Ends)

(Alive by Stria starts to play)

"Not this time!" Dani shouted, gathering herself into a ball glowing bright green as the golden cloud engulfed her. She let out a loud scream and shot her arms and legs out, releasing a green shockwave that blasted the gold dust away.

She then fired at Billiam who held up his Midas Hand, turning the ecto-bolts into pure gold, laughing as they fell to the floor. "You still can't defeat me!"

Dani spied something glowing in the ceiling, a giant cylinder attached to the machine. "Then maybe I don't have to!"

She fired a ghost beam at the cylinder, eliciting a scream from Billiam. "NO!"

The cylinder was blasted open, revealing the idol of Mitimotu that was powering the machine.

"I am guessing that's what powering this thing." Dani powered up another ecto beam.

"STAY AWAY FROM THAT!" Billiam shouted as tendrils made of gold shot at the young phantom.

Dani hastily dodged and flew straight at the idol while a pillar rose up underneath Billiam and propelled up in front of the idol. "I WON'T LET YOU!"

"TRY AND STOP ME!" Dani shouted as she turned intangible, phasing through Billiam and fired a concentrated ghost beam that shattered the idol…


Just as soon as the idol shattered, the machine immediately began to short circuit, electricity crackling around the many wires and consoles before they started to explode, channeling it all back into the crown and into Billiam as he screamed. Outside, everyone watched as foamy golden energy melted in the giant Billiam's mouth and blasted through the head, sending pieces of gold and machine pieces from the giant antenna flying in all direction.

"By Washington's wig!" Major Glory whispered, rendered speechless by what was happening.

"THE POWER'S GONE!" Billiam screamed, falling to the ground and started to spasm out of control. "TOO MUCH! THE CROWN!"

Dani watched as Billiam started to morph, his golden body enlarging then shrinking, hands and legs expanding out and then shrinking back in. As this all happened Billiam's screams turned into mad laughter as the machine started exploding.

"GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! COME ALONG WITH ME!" Billiam laughed as he stood up, spikes shooting out of his back and tearing off his clothing. "AND THE BUTTERFLIES AND BEES! TO A PLACE UNDER THE TREES! WE CAN WANDER THROUGH THE FOREST AND DO SO AS WE PLEASE!"

The entire island started to shake, the loss of the idol causing Billiam's power to go out of control. Gold breaking apart into dust and then reforming into various shapes and then breaking back apart into dust. The giant golden form of Billiam itself started breaking apart until it finally revealed the throne room and the overloaded machine.

Billiam let out another laugh as the surrounding pieces of gold flew into him, burying themselves into his body.

"COME ALONG WITH ME TO A CLIFF UNDER THE TREE!" Billiam laughed as his feet melted into the ground, leaving only upper body as his body grew to immense size.

"I got to stop this!" Dani said, looking at the crown. "I got to remove the Crown."

She shot forward, grabbing onto the crown but Billiam grabbed onto her. "WE CAN GAZE UPON THE WATER AS AN EVERLASTING DREAM!"

Dani screamed out in fright as she grabbed onto the crown. "You are crazy! All this gold as has made you crazy! It needs to go back where it belongs! It has to stop here and now!"

She phased into Billiam and tried to force him to take the crown off but something happened…The crown seemingly reacted to Dani's presence, releasing a blast of energy that sent Dani flying back and slammed Billiam into what was left of the wall.

And the crown fell onto the ground.

(Alive by Stria Ends)

Just as soon as the crown touched the ground, the golden floor vanished, becoming pavement. This happened to the entire castle.

Saluk himself reappeared, watching as his golden body turned to flesh, revealing his human self again…before he began to age rapidly.

He looked at the downed ghost girl who sifted back into her human form. "…Thank you."

His skin withered away, leaving only a skeleton that collapsed onto the ground and turned to dust. The rest of the gold that Billiam had stolen seemed to disappear but unknown to anyone who was watching it was all returning to where it belonged. Major Glory brought a hand to his face as he felt his golden iconic mask appear around his face. It was the same with Living Bullet, seeing his golden armor restored to his suit.


All across the world the gold that was stolen returned to where it had been before it was stolen.


Meanwhile all of the heroes and hunters gathered in the ruined throne room, seeing what had happened. The only remaining item made of gold was the crown while nearby Billiam laid face first on the ground, his golden body having returned to being flesh while the Hand of Midas…

Faded away into dust.

"What has happened?" Angela asked.

Goliath looked at the remains of the Hand of Midas. "Whatever has happened, the curse of Hand of Midas is broken."

"I believe we have this one to thank." Hudson said as he picked up the unconscious Danielle.

"And possibly this." Major Glory said as he picked up the crown.

Bow and Leslie stood over the downed Billiam, seeing his real face for the first time…And both turned away, leaving him to be arrested by P.O.I.N.T. led by Foxtail.


'Wh-Where am I?'

Slowly her eyes opened, adjusting a small light but nothing too bad and she slowly sat up. "What…What happened?"


Her eyes widened as she looked to her bed side, seeing two girls smiling very happily at her. "Kuki, Mushi. What happened?"

"You had us so scared!" Kuki exclaimed. "When you went to fight that gold guy and when the entire castle exploded we thought you were a goner!"

"Castle…Billiam!" Danielle's eyes widened as she looked around. "We're back in my room? How long was I out?"

"Three days." The answer came from the door, where Genki was standing with a relieved look on her face. "We're all glad you are awake, Danielle."

"Genki." Danielle flinched, feeling a little sore. "What happened?"

"As far as anyone can tell, you saved everyone and stopped Billiam." Genki said softly as she walked over and sat next to Danielle's bed. "Everything he stole was returned, along with the people he kidnapped."

"That…That's great." Danielle smiled a bit. "I remember now. I destroyed his machine and grabbed onto his crown…That's all I remember."

"I see…Well, in any case Danielle we are all glad you are awake but…" Genki frowned. "You took an enormous risk going back like that. We, especially Kuki and Mushi were worried about you."

"I…I know." Danielle looked away. "I just…I just knew I had to help stop Billiam. I didn't mean to upset you."

Kuki reached out and gave Danielle a light hug. "It's okay. We're just glad you're back."

"And you look cooler with the new hair style." Mushi added.

Danielle looked back at the girls with a confused look. "What do you mean?"

"Here." Genki held out a mirror. "Try and remain calm, Danielle. It's not entirely something to be alarmed about."

Danielle took the mirror and looked at her reflection. "…What in the world?"

She looked perfectly fine with the only difference being half of her normally black hair now looking white like when in her ghost form starting from the right and ended at the front while her left eye was now green, exactly like her ghost form.

"Our doctor said there is nothing wrong with you physically, Danielle." Genki said, placing a hand on Danielle's shoulder to keep her calm. "In fact, physically you are perfectly healthy."

"Okay, so any idea why I am like this now?" Danielle asked, putting the mirror down.

"We are not sure yet but we will find out. In the meantime get some rest," Genki smiled a bit. "And maybe even look at all the gifts you were sent by your admirers."

"Huh?" Danielle looked around her room and to her surprise there were a number of bouquets with different colored flowers along with presents lying around her bed. "Where did all of this come from?"

"Everyone you helped rescue." Genki answered happily. "Xanatos and his wife, Scrooge Mcduck and his nephews, Kimiko and her father, Prince Ali and much more."

Danielle looked at the notes attached to the presents and read them over.

'Dear, Danielle 'Phantom' Fenton. My wife and I thank you for helping to save us from Billiam and hope you get well soon.

Signed: Mr. and Mrs. Xanatos.'

'Hi, Danielle. Me, Huey and Dewy hope you get better. Sorry for thinking you were working for that gold freak. You're really cool and hope we can hang out.

P.S.: Those ghost powers you have are awesome!'

'Dear, Miss Fenton. I thank you for rescuing me from Billiam and for saving my fortune from being stolen. Though I am not liked by the Sanbans if you are in need of anything from me then I will be happy to repay my debt.

Shere Kahn of Kahn Industries.'

'Hi, Dani! My name is Dee-Dee and I'm one of the kids you helped rescue. Thank you for saving us all. You were so brave and heroic, much like my brother and my favorite hero: Major Glory. I hope you get well soon.'

"Looks like I got a lot of people who like me now." Danielle said with a small smile.

"Indeed but we can open your presents later. In the meantime, get some rest." Genki suggested. "I think you all have had enough adventures for a while. Perhaps we can all visit the park and enjoy a bit of fun."

"Yay!" Kuki and Mushi cheered as their mother started to guide them out of the room.

"Okay." Danielle nodded, yawning a bit. "I'm all for it."

"And Danielle…" Genki said, looking back at the ghost girl. "Thank you."

Danielle smiled back and nodded. "Your welcome."

Genki suddenly scowled. "And if you ever scare us like that again, you'll be spending the next week cleaning the entire house without your powers. Understand?"

Danielle paled but nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

"Good." Genki's smile returned. "Now rest and we can talk more about your new appearance tomorrow."

Danielle lied back down on her pillow as Genki closed the door and looked at her reflection again. She then remembered Kimiko's suggestion about attending Yamanouchi Academy…

"I guess, there's no beating around the bush anymore."


"There's no question about it. Whatever happened between Danielle and Billiam led to Danielle awakening her own Aura and I believe it played a role in her new appearance." Genki was sitting in her office, speaking with Sebben on the monitor of her desk. "It has two colors, matching the colors of her eyes now."

"A double colored Aura. It's rare but not unheard of, especially in the case of those with heterochromia eyes, though which direction causation goes on that is up in the air. If eyes are considered the window to the soul then eyes with two different colors means that they have an extraordinary gift." Sebben mused. "Has she been affected negatively in any way?"

"No. In fact, her powers might somehow have been enhanced by what the tests have shown." Genki answered.

"Then she will need help soon."

Genki nodded solemnly. "I know."

"She is in good hands, Genki-san. I know you will be able to help her."

Genki looked at a picture on her desk. It was a new one, showing her daughters and Danielle in the park. "I hope so."


"I am grateful for letting us take this crown off your hands, Mr. Petrikov." Major Glory said, sitting down in the living room of the Petrikov home.

"It is no trouble at all. I think it's better in your hands." Simon said, sharing tea with the hero. "After seeing what it could do in the hands of someone like Billiam I believe it is best kept hidden away."

"In any case, Miss Spell will have a look over it." Major Glory said, holding up the bag the crown was placed in. "She can determine its mystical properties."

"Hopefully it can't be used to hurt anyone ever again." Simon nodded in agreement.

"Excuse me?"

Both men stood up, watching as a woman entered. "My name is Patience St. Pim. I'm from the Institute of studying mystical artifacts. I came here about the crown."

"Ah, Miss Patience." Glory held out the bag. "Thank you for taking this off Mr. Petrkov's hand. Miss Spell sent for you?"

"Yes but I was on my way to speak with Simon about the crown anyways." Patience answered, smiling at Simon. "It's good to see you are back, Simon. I was hoping to go over any notes you have made about the crown."

"They are all in the bag." Simon said, sipping his tea. "I believe it's better for my family if that crown is out of our sight."

"Don't worry. We'll make sure nothing bad comes from it." Patience said, bidding Major Glory and Simon a good day before leaving.

Once she was back on the streets, she opened the back and stared down at the crown. "Finally…After all these years, Ice will be mine again."


Dee-Dee held up a picture of her along with her brother who was pouting while it was being taken. "Uncle Fergle?"

"Yes, Dee-Dee." Her uncle answered, seeing her niece sitting on the couch.

"About Major Glory's offer…I think I am going to take it." Dee-Dee put the picture down.

"Oh? What about your brother?" Fergle asked.

"He might be mad…But I think I need to do this for him, for my family…And for me." Dee-Dee explained. "So no one like Billiam can ever hurt my family again."

"I see…" Fergle mused. "Well, lass. Let's call up the major and tell him."


Bow stood before the grave of his master, placing an arrow down in front of it. "Master, the one who attacked our island has been defeated. I know you would be grateful…But I think it's time for me to go out and see more of the world, especially to make sure people like Billiam don't threaten it again. I hope to have your blessing and guidance in my journeys."

Leslie simply watched as Bow paid his respects and then left to prepare for his journey.


(The End)

(Credits: Hero by Nickelback Starts to Play)

Written by Lord Maximus

Contributor: ArchPsion, Nightmaster000

I am so high. I can hear heaven

I am so high. I can hear heaven

Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me.

And they say that a hero can save us

I'm not gonna stand here and wait

I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles

Watch as we all fly away

Someone told me love would all save us

But how can that be, look what love gave us

A world full of killing, and blood-spilling

that world never came

And they say that a hero can save us

I'm not gonna stand here and wait

I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles

Watch as we all fly away, Hi-ii-igh!

Now that the world isn't ending, it's love that I'm sending to you

It isn't the love of a hero, and that's why I fear it won't do

And they say that a hero can save us

I'm not gonna stand here and wait

I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles

Watch as we all fly away

And they're watching us

(Watching Us)

and they're watching us

(Watching Us)

as we all fly away!

And they're watching us

(Watching Us)

and they're watching us

(Watching Us)

as we all fly away!

And they're watching us

(Watching Us)

and they're watching us

(Watching Us)

as we all fly away!

(Hero by Nickelback Ends)


New Jersey

"This is it, New Jersey. Looks prettier than I thought. You sure this guy is here?"

"Yes, Griff. The Changeling in Arcadia said he was looking for a new Heartstone with the Trolls."

They stood over a cliff and looked over the beautiful landscape known as New Jersey. One was a man with long brown hair; a brown and grey beard wore regal looking attire. The other was a Gargoyle that beard striking resemblance to a griffin, hence his name. He has greenish skin, a hawk-like beak, feathered wings, and a lion-like tail.

"At last we have found my old friend: Merlin." Arthur Pendragon said.


"…and so, Billiam was arrested by P.O.I.N.T. and has been sentence to life in prison at an undisclosed location."

The TV was turned off when a talon pushed down on the 'off' switch. "Poor, Billiam. He had potential but it seems it was too much for him. No matter, the information he gave me in exchange was well worth it."

He leaned forward, revealing his face. "I am sure Nyx will be interested in meeting her grandparents…At the right time."

Something Professor Pericles was looking forward to.



Princess Lanaluakalani was so relieved to be back home and her business with Billiam over and done with. Right now she wanted nothing more to lie down in bed and relax.

Or at least that was the plan before she met her parents in the main study, both of them looking very unhappy. "Mother, Father, is something wrong?"

"As a matter of fact there is." Lana's father said, glaring darkly at her. "Just when exactly did you plan on telling us about our grandchildren?"

Lana paled, rendered completely speechless and knew she was in deep doo-doo.


Where the Golden Castle once resided there was now only a pile of rubble, sitting on the back of the giant turtle that was now free of Billiam's control. It just sat there in the middle of the ocean, enjoying its freedom from Billiam and its duty as the protector of the castle.

Ruined and abandoned.

All except for one.

"Hello? Anyone here?" Cheryl Vandertunt called, having been freed of the curse Billiam put on her and wandering around the remains of the castle. "I guess this is my castle now."

At least it was before the turtle decided to dive…

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Cheryl screamed as the turtle dove back into the sea.


In the sanctuary of the archers, Bow was not the only one to depart that day.

"So tell me again," Leslie spoke into a tablet propped between her ear and shoulder as she filled a pack with provisions, "how did those three manage to become international fugitives overnight?"

"In fairness, only Carlos achieved that overnight, whereas Kurt and Roberto have been at it for several weeks." Sebben pointed out.

"Wonderful!" Leslie sighed, sealing the pack. "So where am I meeting them?"

"Their last transmission was garbled, as it usually is when one is so deep in the Darklands." Sebben answered. "However, one word managed to make it through: Denver."

"Well, looks like that's where I'm going then." Leslei slung the pack over one shoulder, picked up her bow and a full quiver and stepped out into the open air. "Try and make sure they don't blow anything else up or start another end of the world scenario before I get there."

"I wish I could make that promise, but their team was named Ragnarok for good reason."

"I thought it was because you systematically chose people with first letters in their names that you could string together into awesome team names."

"Speaking of which…how does Team RLCK (Relic) sound to you?"


Somewhere in Ireland
One Day Ago

Deep within a cave resided a stone room with twelve monolithic colossal tablets with the twelve zodiac symbols on them, surrounding the statue of a monstrous worm. The place had remained untouched for thousands of years…

Until now.

Suddenly all of the tablets and statues vanished into golden dust, stolen by Billiam Milliam. A few more minutes passed before the stone tomb started to vibrate and shake until the ground exploded in a mixture of gold and black light. From the crater as it shimmered with black and gold energy emerged an old man wearing ancient Celtic armor, carrying a pitchfork as a cane with black fur around his neck and wore a black cape.

The man looked around the room, his eyes starting to glow. "Crom is free…Now to restore Crom's power and then Crom will rule."


Our heroes will return in GrimmFall: Hail Crom


Name: Elisa Maza

Aura: Midnight Blue

Semblance: Mirror, Mirror

Description: Elisa is able to create an invisible mirror that absorbs damage from any attack until it shatters. Once shattered the mirror reflects the energy used by the damage back at the attacker while doubling in power.