Cathal Rosier née Hermione Granger liked to think herself a patient witch. Unfortunately, she also knew she was self-righteous and vengeful and right now so very tempted to cut loose with some curses. She took a slow, deep breath to begin counting to ten. At five, her restraint cracked, letting out a torrent of words but not, fortunately yet, the profanities she wanted to spit.

"What do you mean Umbridge will not be charged?" Hermione didn't slam a fist on the table either or draw any of the wands she had concealed upon her person. She even managed to not raise her voice much, which was probably a mistake as it allowed the Ministry twonk to assume she wasn't murderously angry.

"Miss Rosier, the judicial process is complicated..." Algernon Vickers began with a practised reassuring smile.

"Lady Rosier." She corrected sharply. "I am the Head of the House of Rosier." She was also the presumptive Head of the House of Selwyn, and could make a good case for being the custodial Head of the British branches of the Houses of Shafiq and incongruously Malfoy. "This is an official inquiry under the aegis of my Wizengamot Seat." Hermione reminded him. "So, officially, why isn't she in Azkaban?"

"The Department of Magical Law Enforcement thought it awkward to charge individual public servants with misconduct considering the entire Ministry was forced to comply." The answer was polished. Rosier wasn't the name it had been before two wars. She was well down the list of enquiries. The answer was also almost word for word what Susan had got when she'd asked.

Neville had asked too but had been too outraged to properly note what he was being told. He'd gone to Bones, who had used her late aunt's connections to verify the as yet unpublished verdict. As the House of Bones was a vassal of the House of Rosier, Susan had brought a bottle of the good whiskey to Cathal's to numb her shock and share her wrath.

"Awkward." That careful word stuck out. She bared her teeth in what couldn't pass for a smile even in the dark. "Yes, I can see how the DMLE might be discomfitted by what they found under their own rocks." Hermione rose from her chair and with effort thanked Vickers for his time. And put his name on the list.

She walked out of the Ministry into Muggle London. She found a nice café, ordered an espresso then pulled out a mobile phone. It was an ordinary Nokia but with a composite lead case to shield it from magical interference. Hermione had tested and refined the modifactions before distributing the handy little gadgets to her comrades. Once Gringotts found out about the DA galleons, the goblins had leaned on the Ministry to toughen the legislation against the adulteration of currency to specifically include the charms Hermione had used.

Gringotts was viciously keen to prosecute anyone despoiling the artistry of their coins. It was fortunate for Miss Granger that she was dead.