Hey all, I've wanted to write Hermione/Grey fiction for quite a long time. This is my first time writing a story or foraying into the fanfiction territory!

Just a side note, Christian in this story is pretty dark even more so than books. I do not like christian grey or fsog in the least but wanted to see if I could give a different direction here.

Not sure if this will be HEA, but Christian will definitely go through healing process.

Also MACUSA in this story is very different to what JKR has mentioned

The day I have been waiting for five long years has finally come. I have been jumping around whole day firing rapid instructions to Harry, Ron and Ginny who are helping me with the packing. Well I had already packed everything about two months before they are just helping me sort them in respective boxes, they know how much I hate not being organised. Of course now I'm busy packing my treasure because honestly I don't trust any of my friends around my books. I know it sounds crazy that I trust them completely with myself but not my books, well what can I say I'm paranoid about my books. I gaze longingly at my second edition of "Hogwarts a History". Harry and Ron got it for my 20th birthday, I absolutely loved it and I was so ecstatic that I told them to ask me whatever they want and I would give them. And well Ron being,.. well Ron asked for a week during which I would not boss them around, nag them or call on some of their disgusting habits. Honestly it was very frustrating having to shut my mouth and bite my cheek every time I was in a lecture mood, I hope you can imagine because I'm always in bossy mode. But it was completely worth it to read the 2nd edition. I keep that book and the first edition of "The tale beedle and the bard" which was given by Dumbledore in my handbag so that I can read it soon without going through the hassle of unpacking.

After the death of Voldemort at the battle of Hogwarts the Wizarding Britain had incurred so much losses in life and property. Everyone everywhere were mourning for their loved ones and members of order of phoenix and aurors were capturing death eaters left and right. The Hogwarts was in ruins and the Ministry was in complete chaos. Kingsley shacklebolt had to step up as a temporary minister of magic till the Ministry was organised, all the Death Eaters captured and the Wizarding Britain was under the control of ministry. He had been elected as the minister by Wizengamot after that and he is been the Minister ever since. After weeks of mourning for Fred, Remus and Tonks along with Harry and the Weasleys and helping with the reconstruction of Hogwarts I met up with Kingsley regarding the situation with my parents. I thought about them everyday and it hurt so much that they couldn't even remember me when all I could think about was them. I needed my family with me too to mourn about every person I had lost. I needed to feel safe in my father's arms and comfort in my mother's words after having been in constant danger since almost Voldemort had risen again. But I couldn't trouble anyone so soon. So I waited for a few weeks. Kingsley sent a team to locate them in australia and I was totally devastated to hear that they couldn't even find a trace of them.

I threw myself at work day and night to escape the immense guilt that was clawing at my heart that I was the reason that they no longer exist, they would have been safe here but instead I chose to erase myself from their memories, gave them a new identity and sent them off to Australia. If only I could've found another way to keep them safe.

After six months I was like a walking living automated robot. I avoided almost everyone including my best friends and the Weasley family. One day when I was rushing out of ministry after work to avoid harry and Ron for the hundredth time, I fell on my back when someone threw a jelly jinx curse on my legs. I turned around and got in face to face with a furious red head. I was surprised she didn't combust then and there where I could literally see the smoke coming out of ginny's ears. After lot of apologizing, explaining from my side, tears and comfort from their side and a big hug I was forgiven. I went to Weasley dinner that weekend and Molly burst out crying after see saw me. I was feeling very guilty because I know that she took Fred's death the hardest after George, it must have been very difficult for her not to see me during the dinners and me not replying to their letters. Since then I have become even more close to the Weasley family than before if such a thing was even possible. Ginny and me have been inseparable since then. She was always my best girl friend but I never used to spend much time with her before. We all have become more like a quartet now from trio after Ginny and Harry got together.

They got married just last year. It was a simple and beautiful ceremony with just family and friends. I have never seen two people so in love with each other. I'm very happy to see that they have found each other. Both deserve to be happy after all they have been through especially Harry who has carried so much baggage on his shoulders since he was just a kid. I won't ever admit to anyone but sometimes I envious of the bond they share. I wish I had shared something similar to this with Ron. But our relationship was doomed even before it had begun. We had more arguments than before if such thing exists. He began resenting my need to boss him around all the time and not needing him like he wanted his girlfriend to. Me not being able to dim my intelligence in order for him to feel good about himself and in turn resenting him for it. We were constantly at each other's throat for the entire duration of our disastrous relationship.

Fortunately for us we realized soon enough that if we continued our relationship there would surely be an irreparable dent in our friendship so we called it off. I tried dating other people but it never went beyond two dates. Though I did date Oliver Wood for a month and we broke up when he moved to another country. I did like him quite a lot, too bad he moved.

I had completely given up hope that my parents were even alive. After five years of battle of Hogwarts Kingsley got to know from his contact at MACUSA that my parents were staying in Seattle. I had never been so escatic in my life, not even after we'd defeated Voldemort. I packed my things and Kingsley got me a job at MACUSA so I can live there for a while and get my parents used to me before administering the potion on them so as to eliminate any chances of permanently damaging their brain.

" Okay everyone shrink all the boxes and put them in the bag there, we have ten minutes before we need to use our portkey, I need to get Crookshanks from Mrs. Figg." I say coming into the living room.

" Bloody hell! Someone voluntarily agreed to take care of that thing?! That thing tries to scar me every time it gets a chance!" Ron shuddered.

" Well if you keep playing pranks on him at this rate I'm surprised he hasn't caused you a serious injury yet." I muse.

"You're joking right?!" Ron nearly yelled in fear dropping a box he was shrinking.

" I'll leave it to you to determine if I was joking or not, that'll teach you to think twice before pranking Crookshanks when I'm not there. Felines are beasts after all." I smirk as I see color draining from Ron's face. "You're lucky I haven't caught you or else you'd have been hexed real bad." I answer and head off to my neighbour's house.

By the time I come back I see Harry and Ginny sniggering and trying to bet on the time frame in which Ron would get hexed and Ron seemed to be having one of his little dramatic food tantrums.

" Hermione come back now, mione at least give me food since you have enslaved me to do all your hard work. And stop laughing you too and get back to work." He whines.

"Shut up Ron, you just stuffed your face at the burrow not an hour ago!" Ginny exclaims.

" Well all these manual labour has made me my stomach nearly empty, I can eat a Hippogriff at this rate." Ron says and just as in if on cue his stomach grumbles loudly.

" You're disgusting Ronald! I'll get you some food at my new place, now if everyone is ready grab the portkey." I say holding Crookshanks and portkey in the same hand and bag in another.

" You put that monster away from my face I'm telling you now else I'm not coming!" Ron exclaims.

"No offense Hermione but please we don't want to inhale any of its lion's mane fur. Merlin's knows what disease we'll catch." Harry says holding my owl and it's cage in his hand.

" Harry! Crookshanks has perfectly healthy fur and for the last time it's fur doesn't resemble lion's mane!" But I shift crooks to the other hand to placate him. " Now let's go."

We land on a meadow with a whoosh which seems to be far away from the city.

" No matter how many times I do it, I'll never get used to this nauseating feeling while portkeying." I say slightly disoriented.

" Miss Granger, Mr. and , Mr. Weasley, Welcome to Seattle. I'm Joseph Saunders, auror at the MACUSA. Minister sent me to receive you. I have arranged a muggle truck for you to unload your luggage into so you can reach your new place. I have already given your new address to the muggle driver he would be helping you to unload your things there also." A short, thin looking man in his late twenties says in his american accent.

" Pleased to meet you Mr. Saunders. Thank you for the transportation but I don't think it will be necessary for loading the truck though." I say politely.

" On the contrary I find it quite necessary Miss Granger. The apartment you will be living in has neighbours who have hired security and it will seem suspicious if they don't see any packed items loading to your house. Here at the ministry we try as much as possible to avoid oblivating muggles so we try to do things the muggle way around them to avoid suspicion as opposed to other ministries where workers in muggle wizard cooperation live off on oblivating them." He says with a tone of superiority.

" Alright let's get this over with. Thank you for receiving us Mr. Saunders and convey my regards to the minister." I sigh.

"Very well Miss Granger, Congratulations on being the new head of DMLE for the MACUSA. I'll expect you at work on Monday. I don't know what kind of rules you follow at your ministry but here rules are very strict and tardiness will be punished by deducting from your salary. " He says superciliously.

"Not that it's any of your business but I'll let you know that I absolutely detest tardiness. I appreciate your rather vain wishes Mr. Saunders and since I'M the HEAD of DMLE I think it's fair to say that YOU WORK UNDER ME and you will be following my orders not the other way around. And in case you have missed I'll be working as the head of Department of Magical Transportation for the my first month at the ministry since there seems to be lot of issues with transportation which hasn't been fixed for a long time by your ministry. On that note I bid you Goodbye and I suggest you keep your sniffy attitude in check as I have no qualms taking necessary action if its causing trouble at the workplace." I grit out through my teeth fuming and start walking to the truck which has been parked with the others following me.

After we silently unload my things Harry calls the driver who was at a block down drawing cigarette.

"The nerve of that man to talk to me like that! I really hope others are not like that. I would hate to be stuck with a bunch of stuck up prats as if I didn't have enough of them to deal with before." I rave.

" You are right but on the brighter side it was very much rewarding to see his face turning beet red with anger after your little speech." Ron says clearly amused.

"I don't know Hermione, but you really need to be careful since you will be dealing with the new territory. As much as I have tried to find out about the ministry here, all I got was just that this was an ideal ministry with absolutely no pureblood supremacy. I think they have put in a lot of effort to bury something they don't want others finding out. I've met the minister here, you are not going to like him Hermione and something about him seems very suspicious. I want you to be on constant alert, don't let your guard down." Harry says, ever the voice of caution.

" Harry, Hermione's come to a new place, let her have a breather first and do the main job she is here for. I know you won't be able to resist Hermione but if anything seems dangerous don't get too much involved, you are here to try to bring your parents memory back and for that you will have to ease them to you for atleast three to four months for the potion to work and then reveal your identity. Don't let your work side track you." Ginny advises me.

" Ginny's right hermione, we know you are very curious and want to change everything for good but anything dangerous and suspicious activity about the whole ministry should be handled by International confederation confederation of magical ministries and not you alone". Ron says thoughtfully.

" I know I know guys, I'll try to keep my inquisitiveness in check and continue practicing Constant Vigilance." I concede rather reluctantly though I plan to do otherwise.

We stop our discussion once we arrive at my new flat building.

"What the hell does ESCALA mean?" Ron asks.

"It's a Spanish word which means scale; ladder, since the building is so tall I think escala suits it perfectly." I answer in my best swotty voice that I know Ron hates.

"Whatever let's get this over with, I can't go on without food for any longer." Ron grumbles irritated with a hand on his stomach.

After we eat pizza for lunch Harry, Ginny and Ron leave via portkey giving me time to unpack my things and with a promise to visit the next weekend.

I first start unpacking my precious books. The flat has one guest bedroom. I have so many books that I had to place them in the guest room closet. By the time it was close to 7pm only less than half of my books are unpacked and I decide to go get some food from a nearby restaurant. I walk through the parking lot of escala and notice all the cars parked. I don't even remember the time I had seen so many new models. I suddenly realize that I'm totally outdated here, having been living like a total witch. It was definitely good to be back in the muggle world. I wander around aimlessly and get a parcel from nearby restaurant. While heading back I decide to explore the city a bit tomorrow since I have a weekend to look forward to.

By the time I reach escala it is one minute to 8pm. As I look around the parking spots I notice a woman hurriedly getting out of a shiny red audi. Don't act so surprised, Of course I knew quite a few standard cars, I'm not a dunderhead when it came to muggle stuff like Ron or any other purebloods, I was a muggleborn for godric's sake! It was just after spending nearly half of my life in wizarding world, I don't seem to keep track of all the little things in muggle world. But I have been very adamant about being up to date with the on goings of the muggle world. I would never give up my origins though I belong in the wizarding world.

The woman looks like she has put up lot of makeup not long ago and is participating in some kind of fashion show. She has brown hair, petite with a stunning figure. I notice that she has quite a few similar features to me. As I approach the elevator area, I notice the woman staring at me with a frown marring her beautiful face.

"What are you doing around here? Are you also here to visit Mr.G.. someone?" The woman asks in a hostile tone glaring at me after correcting her little slip up.

"I'm Hermione Granger. I moved to one of the flats here just today actually. Do you also live here?" I say ignoring the woman's hostility. I might has well play nice if the woman is indeed going be my neighbor. I don't feel like getting into petty fights.

"Oh well I didn't realize. No actually I'm visiting someone here. I'm Miranda Moss by the way. You sound British." She says in a haughty voice and as though being a British immediately puts me to a station below hers.

"Nice to meet you too. And by the way I'm British that's why I sound like one. Now if you don't mind i have things to do, stuff to unpack." I don't even bother to keep my tone straight this time. So much for playing nice. Well it's not like she is staying her and she is starting to grate my nerves already.

" Sure. Oh No I was supposed to be here five minutes before. Sir will be…." She is frantically mumbling to herself with a hint of fear in her voice.

I decide to ask her what she is mumbling about but then I don't really want to get involved in anyone's private business so I turn around and find a tall build man in his late thirties dressed in suit walking towards me. He is very well built, if I had to guess I would say this man was a part of military. He gives me a strange look and addresses Miss Moss turning her way.

"Shall I escort you Miss Moss? Sir is waiting upstairs for you and has asked me to bring you there."

She tries to mask her fear barely and replies with a rude and haughty tone "Of course Taylor, it's good to see you actually do some useful work around here. I was merely making a conversation here with Miss Granger, a brit and a newbie staying at escala."

He perfectly masks his anger and turns to face me, this time not giving me any more strange looks but instead looks a bit surprised. It's difficult to read emotions on his face and eyes since they are blank, I guess it's the military facade. But ever since I learned legilimency and occlumency I can detect even faint change, not that I would ever use legilimency on an unsuspecting muggle.

" Welcome to Escala Miss Granger. I'm Taylor" He says not disclosing any further information and moves his hand forward for a handshake.

I firmly shake his hand and reply "It's nice to meet you . I guess I'll see you around then" and I start to walk away. Thankfully they take another elevator.

Once in my flat I completely decide to ignore my new neighbour and stuck up women's existence and completely get lost in admiring my books while unpacking them and much later I go to bed hoping to atleast get a glimpse of my parents tomorrow.

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