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Mandie's New Target

Chapter 1: The Escape

It was a normal, typical day in the town known as Amity Park, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and life is going on...But that is not where our story is taking place right now.

Precisely 1,000,000 light years away from Amity Park, an epic space battle is going underway. The space battle involves a dozen Yugopotamian star ships, all after an escape prisoner, who managed to maneuvers each attack and eventually managed to lose them by taking a risky passage through an asteroid belt. Once she was out of the asteroid belt and sure that the insignificant Yugopotamians did not follow her, the escaped prisoner smiled and then tried to log onto the ship (which she stole during her escape) computer to contact someone.

After several moments of waiting, she managed to get a signal and smirked darkly.

"Contact the King and Queen of Planet Boudacia…"The prisoner said, and soon enough, the people she was trying to call appeared on the screen.

"Mother…Father…'The prisoner said to the monitor, with her parents on the other screen.

"Mandie, I see that your escape was successful…"The King of Boudacia said in a serious tone.

Yes, the escaped prisoner is none other than Princess Mandie of Boudacia, formerly and briefly, Queen Mandie Chang of Yugopotamia, who was overthrown by her now ex-husband Mark Chang and the help of his pesky friends.

"Thank you again for aiding my escape…'Mandie said politely to her parents.

You see, once word got out about her failed attempt at conquest and her subsequent arrest, her parents had sent a special "care package" that inside, had a specially designed bomb that helped her bust out of jail and now here she is.

Alive, free and desiring revenge against the ones who placed her in that accursed cell in the first place.

"You are welcome, daughter…Now return to Boudacia immediately, so we may officially declare war with those repulsive Yugopotamians and later conquer their world and Earth…"The Queen of Boudacia ordered.

Usually, Mandie would obey her parents orders without question, but she is not ready to head back home…not yet, anyway.

"I am sorry mother, but I cannot return right now…I have a score to settle on earth with a weak little squid and his insignificant little friends….I will call you and return home once I have Mark's head on a platter…"Mandie said and her parents nodded, before signing out.

Mandie managed to lock on the coordinates of the planet Earth and tried to remember the name of the town where she last dealt with Mark and his miserable little friends. However, while the evil, alien princess did manage to give the planets name, before she could give a town's name as well, something happened…

A series of asteroids that had strayed from the belt had just hit her from the engines, causing her entire ship to jerk and her to fall to the ground.

"WHAT? NO!...'Mandie screamed as the emergencies lights went off and she tried to regain control of her stolen ship but no dice…

Another, bigger asteroid hit her, making her engine destroyed and soon succumb to the gravity of the nearest planet…


Mandie screamed as her out of control ship would no doubt crash land on the planet she was wanting to invade…

Just not in the exact location, she has in mind…

-To be continued-

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The Crash Landing

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