When Izuku Midoriya woke up he immediately noticed an unbearably sharp pain in his neck, but simply passed it off as an after effect from Kacchan's behavior.

The pain steadily progressed over time to the point where he could not focus on school.

"Midoriya if you're just going to sit there scratching your neck instead of doing the work then you can leave" the teacher said to him. "S-sorry sir" Izuku strained, he heard the teacher mutter 'damn quirkless' under his breath, Katsuki glared at him with those deathly red eyes of his but with the amount of pain he was in, it didn't even matter.

"I'm supposed to hand out these job assessment test but..." the teacher tossed the papers in the air "I know that you all want to go the hero route anyway" he yelled.

"Hey teach, dont lump me in with the rest of these losers. I'm going to become the best hero to ever live!" Katsuki yelled, he was met with agreement from half the class and the other half who called him a 'pompouse asshole' except for Izuku, who was still trying to sooth the pain in his neck.

"Midoriya, You want to go to U.A.!?" the teacher said sounding surprised. Katsuki stopped his laughing and his head slowly turned to look at Izuku, who was now using a pencil to scratch at his neck.

The pain in Izuku's neck had now spread to different places in his body specifically everywhere on the left half of his body. He hadn't even acknowledged what the teacher had said to him, he suddenly felt a red hot pain in his hand and looked down to see that his had strange blue tattoos. And Izuku, thoroughly freaked, fell out of his seat

"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM YOU FUCKING NE-" Katsuki started to yell at him but stopped when he noticed that Izuku's veins are glowing a neon green. "The hell is wrong with your neck Deku?" one of his female classmates questioned.

Just then, the entire left half of his body was engulfed in the same pain that his hand had been just a few seconds ago. The pain was so bad that Izuku genuinely believed that his body was on fire, so he took off the top half of his school uniform, and what he saw under it confused him to no end.

Izuku was a scrawny kid, he knew this, which is why it was confusing that he now had the body that most boys his age dreamed of. He the muscles of someone that had been body building for years would have, and he swears on his life that he had seen a lot of the girls in his class drooling, hell he even caught a breif glimpse of one of the guys drooling.

But strange new muscles aside he saw more tattoos; up his left arm, spanning across the left side of his chest, he saw a few through a hole in his left pant leg, and he had to assume that he had some on his neck. But there were none on his right side.

Suddenly he felt a hand wrap around his neck and he was lifted off of the ground and his back was slammed against a window "What the fuck is this Deku" Katsuki said through gritted teeth "K-kacchan, p-please" Izuku said as he was struggling to breath.

"Hey Bakugo, he looks like he's been through enough pain, put him down" one of his flunkies pleaded with him.

"Fuck off extra. I'm getting to the bottom of this" Katsuki told him.

In the very back of his mind Izuku heard a faint voice"fight back"it said, and with each profanity and explosion that Katsuki threw at him the voice got louder, and louder, and louder until it was screaming at Izuku"FIGHT BACK GODDAMNIT"and so Izuku gave into that voice. His tattoos started to glow neon green, he felt immense power flow through his body, Izuku ripped his hand off of his throat, reared his head back and slammed it into Katsuki's...and sent him through a solid concrete wall.

Izuku took one step towards him before two of Katsuki's "friends" stood in between the two of them.

"Calm down guys" the one with bat wings said.

"I dont think that we'll have to worry about that, Bakugo is out cold" said the kid with extendable fingers "I would recommend that you put some clothes on" he said.

Izuku turned to where he had left his uniform but only found ash in its place, he deduced that they must have gotten caught in the cross hairs "Here" said the one with bat wings, handing him a black denim vest.

"T-thanks, but I have one question" Izuku said, putting the jacket on "Why are you being nice to me all of the sudden?"

"You just fucking head-butted Bakugo through a solid concrete wall, I dont think that anyone is gonna want to fuck with you after that" the one with extendable fingers said.

Then the ground that they were standing on shook, and a loud bang and a flash of purple light came next.

And just like that Izuku disappeared from the classroom, not leaving a trace.

Izuku re-appeared in what looked to be some kind of storage room, sprawled out on the floor.

"Hey slab, you dead?" a gruff voice said from in front of him, he was speaking English'thats weird, I don't speak English, how am I understanding him'Izuku thought.

"Don't be dumb Brick, of course this dude is dead" another voice said, this one sounding psychotic and girly.

Izuku opened his eyes to the sight of two people; the first was a male, he was tall, easily over 7 feet tall, he was very muscular, and had black hair that was closely shaven to his head "HA, told you he wasnt dead, pay up Tina".

The second person was a female, she was very petite, most likely a very young girl, her hair was white and unruly and she wore a mask on the side of her face, she grumbled about the bet being rigged while she passed Brick a piece of paper

"So anyway slab, what's your name" Brick said.

"O-oh, my name is Izuku Midoriya" Izuku said.

"Sup bitch my name is Tina, dont forget it" she said, her voice turning sinister and serious

Then another bright flash of light interrupted their conversation, when the light had faded they saw a girl, around Izuku's age, she was also petite but not as petite as Tina was, she had shoulder length black hair that flowed freely down her left side, but not the right, and she had freckles like Izuku, but to Izuku the most interesting thing about her; was that she also had tattoos adorning the left side.

"ARGH" the girl said, Izuku didn't even registered what was happening, he had rushed to her side and took hold if her hand, trying to calm her, and stop her screaming.

Izuku's tattoos began to glow again and so did the girl's.

The girl's eyes widened "You're like me" she whispered.

"What, what are you talking about?" Izuku asked.

"You're...a Siren"

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