Based on Flower Princess 11's "The Many Dates of Danny Fenton". This story follows if Danny choose Kim.

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After Many Dates: Danny and Kim

Their First Date

It was a typical Summer's day in Middleton. This town was the home of a world-renowned heroine for hire, Kim Possible. She and her best friend since preschool, Ron Stoppable, were ready to just enjoy their first Summer as high schoolers when a few days after school ended, something happened.

Namely, Ron came to Kim with a form.

"Ron, just because I can do anything, doesn't mean I will." Kim said with her arms crossed.

"Aw, come on KP! What's the problem? I checked the website, it's totally legit!"

The form he wanted to give her was for a teen dating website called "You + Me = LOVE!". A name Kim found laughably stupid.

"First off, you used your dad's old computer to research it. Second, most of those websites are scam. They'll probably set us up with complete losers who are as perfect as sandwich full of peanut butter with ketchup." Kim said, still annoyed with her friend.

"Please?!" Ron said, putting his hands together in a begging manner. "My folks said I can't do it unless someone did it with me. Since you're literally my only real friend, I need you!"

"Ron, you know how my dad feels about dating." Kim pointed out.

"Look, it's only $20. It's a month long, if you don't like any of the boys you meet, you can get a refund. Just tell your dad you're out making some new friends!"

"So, lie?" Kim said, now putting her hands on her hips.

Ron shrugged.

"Just so you know, I did my research and found you go out in public places, so nothing shady. Plus, the first date is free. After that, you can quit anything before the month and get a refund." Ron said. He now gets on his knees. "Please KP! I'll let you borrow $20!" He pulls out a $20 from his pocket. "Please?"

Kim is actually surprised.

"You letting me borrow money? You must be desperate." Kim sighed. "Alright, fine. Give me the form."

"YES! BOO-YAH!" Ron says with a fist pump.

"Just so you know…" Kim says as she takes the form. "I'm only doing the one date. If I don't like it, I'm quitting and keeping this $20."

"Fine." Ron says. He then heads to the stairway out of her room. "I'll go fill out my form, see you tomorrow!"

Kim sighed and took out a pen as she started filling the form out on her desk.

"Let's see… Name… Kim Possible… Age… 14… Gender… Female… Height… 110… Star Sign… Libra… Hometown… Middleton…" She says as she writes for the easy parts.

She moves on to Physical Descriptions.

"Young, slender, fair skinned red haired girl with green eyes of average height."


"Okay… let me think." She says, putting the end of the pen to her lips as she thinks. She has something. "Independent and outgoing social butterfly who is athletic, intelligent and merely wants to meet someone who she can have a nice time with and who can make her laugh." She couldn't help but add one last bit. "Type of person: She Can Do Anything!"

She smiles and nods at this. She then moves to Likes and Interests.

"Cheerleading, traveling the world, listening to rock music, animals, helping people…" She stops writing. "I guess I could add more, but that might be too much."

Now for the part she scoffed at.

"Type of person I wish to date?" She shrugged. "I don't know." She thinks for a moment and starts to write. "I'm looking for a…" She thinks a bit. "… nice, easy going and charming boy…" She sighs as she thinks of the basics. "… who can make me laugh, knows how to have fun and would be understanding if I end up being late on some of our dates due to the demands of my job…"

She was finished.

"That doesn't sound braggy at all." She said, sounding braggy.

She decided she should get ready for bed. She wondered if this website would guarantee meeting her match. For all she knew, it might be legit. She figured it was at least worth a look.

The Next Day

"Can't you just drop it off for me?" Kim said as she and Ron were at the Middleton mall, with a line of teens waiting to submit their forms.

"Sorry KP, you need to be here to give it to them." Ron says.

Kim rolled her eyes away when she saw someone enter the line behind them.

"Bonnie?" Her school rival looks to her. "Bonnie Rockwaller? You're here too?" Kim scoffed.

"I happen to be more open minded than you think, Kim!" Bonnie said. "Not all of us go off "world saving" all the time." Bonnie used her air quotes as usual.

"Why do you keep using air quotes? It's not like I'm just sitting at home or anything." Kim had to call her out on it.

"Whatever!" Bonnie said, her hand up to show how she doesn't want to speak to Kim anymore.

Kim shook her head, embarrassed that even Bonnie is falling for this ridiculous thing. Especially since they're in a line in front of a booth with the ridiculous slogan.

You + Me = LOVE!

We will find your perfect match or your money back guaranteed!

"What I wouldn't give for Doctor Drakken to sick killer robots on me right now…" Kim groaned.

"What's the problem? You did the Animology Test?" Ron said.

"Don't remind me!" Kim said.

Soon, it was Ron's turn. Kim saw him hand his form and answer a few more questions before moving on.

"Next!" A man's voice called out.

Kim walked up and saw a slightly husky man at a computer that had cartoonish red hearts around it.

The man in question had black hair and looked about a decade older than her at least, though he did have a friendly smile.

"Welcome to the leading teen dating website, You + Me = LOVE! We will find your perfect match or your money back guaranteed."

"Uh… hi?" Kim said. She saw a name tag and squinted her eyes a bit to read his name. "N-Neo? Anyway…" She hands her form. "Here's the thing."

"Alright, I just need a penname."


"A screen name so that people don't know your real name, for all you know a stalker of yours will find out he's paired with you."

"Ah… please put KPSuperTeen."

If anyone but those closest to her heard that name, they'd think her an egotist.

Kim would argue she had the skills to prove she was pretty super.

After typing more information, Neo finished.

"Alright, you're all set. Your first date's information will be e-mailed to you tonight. You meet tomorrow. Any questions?"

"Yeah…" Kim had to get an answer for this. "Is Neo your real name or penname?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure most people don't name their kid that." He said with a playful smile.

"So, is it for the movie guy?"

"Nah, named myself after my favorite monster from a card game I loved as a kid."

Kim rose one eyebrow, slightly unsure how to respond to that.

That night, Kim checked her e-mail and saw her first date. She noticed no photos were ever asked, so she was rather nervous. For all she knew, she might accidentally get put on a date with her cousin Larry. Still, she decided to at least give the first date a try. She read his description.

Name: D-Fenton

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 5''4'

Weight: 120 lbs

Star Sign: Aries

Hometown: Amity Park, USA

Physical Description: Average 14 year old Caucasian boy with black hair and blue eyes and a slim built.

Personality: Simple, easygoing teenage boy just interested in getting to know someone who shares my interests.

Likes and Interests: Bowling, listening to rock music, particularly Dumpty Humpty ...Astrology and NASA ...Video games, telling jokes, animals, especially dogs...nice, peaceful days...

Type of person I wish to date: I am looking for a smart, friendly, independent girl who likes animals, has a nice sense of humor and likes listening to music

Kim felt somewhat relieved. Whoever this D-Fenton is, he sounds like a decent guy. Not too much of an athlete or nerd or whatever. She read that they'll be meeting in his town, at a place called Café Des Fleur. She knew she could make it thanks to her connections, her parents don't know about the dating yet. She knew her father would try to launch the boys for trying anything. She had to make sure things went smoothly tomorrow. She was only willing to do the one date, so the least she could do is make a good example and be on time.


Kim couldn't believe it. Just as she was about to leave for the train to Amity Park, she gets contacted by Wade. Dr. Bortel's lab was ransacked by Drakken and Shego, again. They stole his microchip for controlling minds, again. She managed to fight off Shego and take it. She wanted to just return it, but then she remembered she had to meet up with this D-Fenton at noon. It was 11:50 and her plane finally landed. During the flight, she changed from her mission gear to go in her usual green top with capri jeans and white shoes. Just because it was a blind date, doesn't mean she can't make a good impression. She didn't want this boy to wait too long for her.

She took out her Kimmunicator once she got out.

"Wade? How far am I from the café?!"

"You're like 25 minutes away. You'll never make it in time." Wade said as he shows a map.

"Try me!"

She took her purse, holding her mission gear and the microchip.

Using her cheerleading and parkour skills, Kim managed to make it past the streets, cars and people. Unfortunately, she saw a nearby town clock read it was noon.

"Great… I'm late."

Even though she didn't want to deal with the blind date, she wanted to make it in time at least. Thankfully, the map showed she was now 10 minutes away. She realizes she can make it soon.

Once she was within reach of the café, she took out a pink heart she was given with the form. She had to put it on her shirt to indicate she was part of the program.

She saw a boy with dark hair and a white shirt holding flowers.

She figured this must be her date.

She took a deep breath and walked up to him.

"I wonder where she is?" She could hear him ask out loud.

She tapped his shoulder.

"Excuse me, are you D-Fenton?" Kim asks.

She hears him sigh and turn around. Once he does, he gasps at the sight of her.

Kim took the time to examine this boy.

He had blue eyes and a white shirt with a red oval on its side on it with a red collar and edges on the sleeves. He had a jeans and red shoes. She noticed the heart sticker on his chest, confirming he's the one. He didn't look to be athletic, as he had a similar physique as Ron. She also notices his hair was in an odd shape, but it looked like it somehow worked for him.

However, Kim admitted to herself that this boy is actually kind of cute.

"You… you mean that you're KPSuperTeen?" He asked, sounding surprised.

Kim smiled at this. Most boys are a bit afraid of her because they know of her fighting skills beforehand. So, it was a refreshing change of pace someone who doesn't know, so they can find her pretty.

"You can call me Kim… Kim Possible."

The boy blushed when Kim gave him a smile. Kim couldn't help but think this somehow made him cuter.

"You… you can call me Danny Fenton…" He then remembered the flowers in his hand. "Um, these are for you…" He said as he shyly handed her the bouquet.

Kim smiled as she took the flowers.

"Wow, thanks Danny these are lovely." She said, already impressed before becoming apologetic. "I am sorry that I was late… I had to take care of a "sitch" on my way over here… I hope you're not upset."

Danny blinked before responding, wanting to assure her he wasn't upset.

"That's okay… I wasn't waiting that long."

"Cool". She said with a smile before walking to the entrance. "So, are you ready for our date?" She said with another smile.

After a brief moment, Danny grinned and nodded.

He is kinda cute and has been patient with me… so far so good. Kim thought, suddenly feeling excited about the date she reluctantly agreed to.

The two were soon admiring the café and its atmosphere. It wasn't too romantic, so it was perfect for a first date. She felt she could get to know Danny without any pressure.

So, Kim orders a salad. Danny orders chicken. Now, they had to get to know each other.

"So…" Danny said, before he paused.

Kim could tell Danny was the kind of boy who got weak-kneed around cute girls. He was being very shy, so Kim decided to take the initiative and start their small talk.

"So Danny, tell me about yourself…" She asked.

This seemed to make him a bit more relaxed.

"Oh… well… I am 14… I live in Amity Park… I go to a school called Casper High and I really like astronomy…" He said in a shy voice.

"Really?" Kim was interested in learning more.

"Yeah, my dream is to some day work for NASA as an astronaut." He said.

Kim smiled at what she's hearing. This boy sounds like the kind of person he dad would actually like.

"That's cool. You know, my dad happens to be a rocket scientist."

"For real? That's so cool." Danny said, smiling. He's impressed with what he heard.

"Yeah, he works at the Middleton Space Center. He is one of the researchers there." She clarified.

"Still cool… and your mom?" Danny asked.

"Brain surgeon. What about your parents?" Kim asked.

Danny flinched. Kim wasn't sure why.

"They are… scientists. They make some inventions, though they tend to backfire sometimes."

Kim noticed he was a bit embarrassed, so she decided not to press on about what kind of scientists they are.

"Scientists… that's cool too." She says as before taking a sip of water.

"So, Kim. You asked me about my life, tell me about yours?" He asked, wanting to get to know her better and change the subject.

She decided to go along with it.

"Well, I am fourteen… I live in Middleton and I go to Middleton High School, I am a cheerleader at my school, head of the squad and I sometimes do odd jobs like babysitting and… other stuff, along with some volunteer work." Kim wasn't sure if she should tell him what her odd jobs. Thankfully, he was more interested in something else she said.

"You're really head cheerleader?" He asked, sounding surprised and confused.


Danny looked a bit dry as he reached for his water, only to accidentally spill some of it on the table. He looked embarrassed by that.

"Oh man! Sorry about that!" He said, embarrassed as he tries to wipe it with napkins. Kim knew he was trying to avoid looking lame to her.

She decided to make him feel better.

"No big."

Danny smiled, looking relieved that she's not judging him.

Their food arrived and they ate while talking more about their lives and interests.

"So, what do you like to do for fun?" He asked.

"When I'm not busy…" Kim began answering. "I like going to Bueno Nacho with my friends, listening to music, shopping at my favorite store, Club Banana, dancing and I sometimes just like relaxing at home. You?"

"Well, when I'm not busy, I like eating with my friends at Nasty Burger, listening to music, playing video games, and I also like chilling at home when I got nothing else going on."

Kim smiled. She thought she'd get some kind of jerk, or someone who was boring, but Danny isn't either of those. He seems like a nice guy who isn't the least bit what she feared he'd be. He was cute and so far, he seemed like the kind of laidback person she could see herself around. Like Ron, only somehow more mature.

Still, Kim noticed that made him look like something was off about her.

"Kim? Can I ask you a… question?"

"Sure Danny, what is it?"

"I… I… I was wondering why are you even here?" He asked.

"Pardon?" She asked, genuinely confused.

"Kim, you seem like a really cool girl. You're funny and, if you don't mind my boldness, you're really pretty too." He said.

Kim was quickly taken aback that he was complimenting her all of a sudden. She blushed a bit at him calling her pretty.

"Thanks Danny…"

"I'm just confused…" He continued. "You seem really cool but why are you using a dating service? I figure a girl like you would have lots of guys asking you out?"

Kim quickly blushed again and looked bashful that he thought someone like her would be that popular with guys.

"I wouldn't say a lot of guys…" She noticed he looked genuinely confused. She didn't know why, but figured he deserved an honest answer. "Well, can I tell you a secret?"

Danny blinked, but nodded afterwards.

"Well, please don't feel offended but it wasn't my idea to sign up for this. My best friend, Ron, found out about this service and asked me to sign up for it too, and I decided to just and because… well, I was kind of curious how this works."

There, she admitted it. Danny blinked in surprise.

"I hope you aren't upset…" Kim said, sounding a bit concerned.

However, Danny said something she didn't expect.

"I'm not… since my best friend Tucker basically asked me to do the same thing and that's why I'm here."

Kim noticed Danny was smiling when he said that. It surprised her.

"For real?" Danny nodded. Kim immediately laughed. "How about that?" She said between giggles. "Maybe we do some some things in common…" She said once she stopped laughing.

"Yeah, we both have friends who talked us up into this… and we both are surprised that this thing hasn't gone south yet."

Kim laughed again.

Danny turns out is actually a funny guy. I'm so glad I agreed to this.

Suddenly, something else happened.


A crash of a vehicle came through the wall of the café, startling everyone.

Kim knew who this was, she did not want to have deal with him right now.

Once the dust cleared, she saw Dr. Drakken and Shego, both looking for her.

"Kim Possible! Return to me the microchip now or else!"

Kim takes her purse and brings it closer to her.

"Not a chance, Drakken!"

"Wait? You know this guy?" Kim remembers Danny, who is clearly clueless as to what's going on, and looks to him. "What's going on, Kim?"

She was reluctant, but Kim answered anyway.

"Umm… do you remember the odd jobs I mentioned?" Danny nodded. "This is kind of it… taking down baddies."

Before Danny could speak, Shego interrupts.

"Enough gab, time to fight, Kimmy!"

Shego's hands glowed as she jumped to Kim.

"If you say so, Shego!" Kim jumped out of the way and did some back flips before remembering her date was still present. "Get to safety Danny! I'll handle these two!"

She entered a fist fight with Shego.

After a few seconds, she looked and saw Danny gone. She sighed with relief before Shego kicked her in the stomach.

"Aww, did we interrupt you and your boyfriend?" Shego mockingly asked.

"Actually, it's a blind date." She avoids another blow before countering with a punch. "I was actually having a good time. So, calling Danny my boyfriend is super premature!"

As she does this, she saw a blast nearly hit her. Looking to Drakken, she saw him holding a blaster.

He fires at her and Kim manages to avoid, though Shego's constant attacks made it difficult to keep going. However, she didn't need to worry for long when someone spoke up.

"Excuse me, Dr. Moron? But I think two against one is a little unfair."

Kim and Shego both look to see a boy in a black jumpsuit and white hair floating near Drakken. Both are confused, though Drakken is a bit shaken at his sudden appearance.

"Who's this?! Another sidekick?" Shego demanded to know.

"No, I don't know who he is." Kim said.

"The name is Danny, Danny Phantom." He answered. "I was just flying by and saw a bunch of moron bad guys cause trouble and, well, even though I mostly fight ghost bad guys, I think I can be of assistance to you, Ms. Possible.

As he said that, he fires a green blast that sends Shego flying away from Kim.

Kim smiled, impressed with what he did.

"Well, since my friend Ron isn't here, I could use a little help." She said with a nod.

She's confused, but he seems nice and the fact that he just blasted Shego suggests he can't be all that bad.

"AUGHH!" Shego shouted and came charging at them with her hands glowing.

"Watch out for her hands, the glow isn't exactly for show!" Kim warned as she cartwheeled to dodge.

"Noted!" Danny Phantom said as he attacks from the air.

Though Drakken and Shego do their best, Kim managed to win thanks to this supposed superhero giving her a hand. His powers give them a favor.

"JUST WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU ANYWAY?!" Drakken shouted, sounding like an angry kid instead of a grown man.

"Just the guy who's kicking your butt today." Phantom answered before sending a blast to Drakken weapon.


The explosion sent Danny and Kim flying a bit, though neither were harmed. They coughed a bit and waited for the smoke to clear. However, Drakken and Shego were missing.

"Where did they go?" Danny asked.

Kim saw them. "Look." She pointed up.

Drakken and Shego went back on their hovercraft, flying away with injuries and soot all over them.

Drakken started yelling as Shego drove the vehicle.


Kim glared as they made their escapes, but she's glad they didn't steal the microchip. She smiles and looks to Danny Phantom, hoping to thank him. To her surprise, he's gone.

"Where did that white-haired boy go?" As she looked around, she realized someone else is missing. "Danny!"

She looked around, hoping he's not harmed. She saw him exit the bathroom, looking unharmed. Kim sent him a sheepish look, worried how he's react to this.

"Kim, are you okay?"

He handed him her purse and she was relieved to see the microchip still there.

"I'm fine, you?" She asked.

"I'm fine. Un, what exactly was that?" He asked.

Kim looked awkward to say the least and figured she should answer him.

She regretted leaving this out of her profile page and tried to find the right words to describe what happened. "I am really sorry, Danny. I… I guess I should have mentioned on my profile page that I'm… I'm sorta-"

"A teen hero?" Danny asks. Kim nodded.

"Yeah… and I'm really sorry that the baddies ruined our date." When he doesn't say anything, she fears he's upset and looks away. She doesn't see him smile. "I… I… understand if you want to end it right here."

Stupid! I'm so stupid! Of course, he'll want to end it. Why did I think this would be a good idea?!

"Why would I want to stop the date?"

This surprised Kim, seeing a smiling face.

"You… you aren't mad over the villains attacking us?"

Danny shook his head. "Hey, it's not your fault. You didn't invite them. Besides, we both signed up to meet someone and go on a date. I'm still up for it if you are. What do you say?"

After blinking, Kim suddenly smiled.

Wow… he's not afraid of me at all? He's not turned off by what just happened?

Suddenly, she felt something. Something that drew her to Danny.

"I say… are you up for ordering from the dessert menu?"

Danny chuckled.

Thankfully, the rest of their date went smoothly, with no villain attacks or anything interrupting them. As they got to know each other more, Kim asked Danny about this Danny Phantom. He mentioned he's a ghost who acts as the local superhero who deals with problems. He says he doesn't know why he showed up and helped her. Maybe he's just a good Samaritan. After, they talked more about other things, namely about their friends and school work.

After their dessert, they went into the local part and talk more about their lives. As this happened, she thought of how surprising it is to talk with a cute boy like this. Not only was she not nervous, she was happy to meet someone who isn't put off by her fighting prowess.

"So, you really have your own website where people can hire you to save the day and stuff like that?" Danny asks, fascinated.

"Yes, Kim Possible dot com, where my slogan is 'She can do anything'." She said proudly.

"So, what explains your profile page." He quipped, making her giggle.

"I gotta say Danny… not many boys would take a supervillain attack and learning his date can kick serious butt with such grace." She said.

"Are you kidding me? I think it's cool! So, are you really a black belt?" He asks, genuinely curious.

Kim smiled.

"Yep, and I know three different kinds of martial arts."

"Wow…" He said, very impressed.

Kim hid it as she scratched back her head. Her arm blocked Danny's view as she blushed.

Suddenly, her Kimmunicator went off and Kim pulled it out.

"Yeah Wade?"

Her friend, Wade, answered. "Hey Kim, emergency. Somebody just broke into Upperton University labs and stole an unstable isotope, you need to hurry!" He said before turning it off.

Kim quickly looked at Danny, sorry she has to leave.

"I'm sorry, I have to end our date here Danny, but… I-"

Danny quickly gave her an understanding smile, surprising her.

"Don't worry, chill. I get it, you have a job to do."

Kim smiled. "You don't mind?"

"No, I get it. Go save the world."

Suddenly, Kim felt butterflies crawl in her tummy.

She smiled and, without any hesitation, kissed him on the cheek. He blushed in surprise.

"You're a cool guy, you know that?" She said.

Before Danny could say anything, still keeping that shocked look Kim found adorable, a helicopter arrived out of nowhere and a rope came out.

I guess this is my ride.

She looks back to Danny.

"Here's my ride, see ya later Danny. Maybe we can go on another date after this program is over." She said sweetly before climbing the rope, entering the helicopter.

As she takes her seat, she waved to Danny, though she's not sure if she can see him.

She closes her eyes and thinks back to his smile.

"Danny Fenton… what a guy." She says.

She didn't think she'd have a great first date, but she did.

This boy was cute, funny and understanding.

She decided she should give the program and future dates a fair shot.

"Seriously Kim?!" Ron said over the Kimmunicator.

"Yeah! Danny's a great guy. He's funny and real nice. He wasn't upset with Drakken and Shego attacking at all." Kim said, sounding very happy.

"That's great…" Ron said, trying to sound happy for her. "You know, my date could have been a bit more… open-minded." He said as he sounded upset.

"What happened?" Kim asks, concerned for him.

"Well, my date was some Latina named Paulina and she was… super mean."

"Yeah! Mean!" Rufus squeaks while making a disgusted look.

"She was like another Bonnie!" Ron said.

Kim winced. "Ooh! Sorry about that."

"Well… maybe tomorrow might be great…" Ron said. "Maybe… so, you're still going through with this?"

"Yeah, if my first date went great despite that one 'sitch, I'm sure the rest will be fine."

Later that night, Kim decided to give Danny a rating, as is per the website's rules. She gave him a 10/10, as he was nice, fun and a great person to just be around. Him not being put off by her skills was also a plus.

Even though she was reading about who her next date would be, she already felt Danny was a tough act to follow.

Like I said, check out Flower Princess 11 and her story. But if you do, know that this story has a foregone conclusion.

Based on what she provided in the possible... heh... ending of Danny choosing Kim, you know how this goes.