(After watching the movie, I thought of giving this a shot with a crossover. Now I don't own the stuff that is about to be put in here and I don't own Sword Art Online, all credits goes to the creators so I hope you enjoy this. Also, at the end of this, I will publish a list of all the characters who have made an appearance in this story.)

Inside the Kirigaya Residence, Kazuto Kirigaya sits in his room and looking at his computer, listening to the news of the new and improve virtual video game that would soon replace ALfheim Online. ALfheim Online stood at the top, but after the players like Kazuto and his friends manage to defeat the one hundred boss on the final floor, things began to change. A new virtual world known as the OASIS, a perfect gaming world for everyone to play. This game plans to merge Aincrad so that the players from that video game can still roam the world of Aincrad, as well as keeping their levels, weapons, wings and avatar if they wish of it.

Kazuto has everything he needs for this new gaming system as the developers are using the same nerve gear as before, but all they have to do is gain a few upgrades to their systems before they could log into the OASIS. Kazuto became one of the first players to be part of the first launch of the OASIS, and the first thing he did was to check if the logout button was still there, which it was and could finally begin his adventure across this game for a month.

Kazuto turns off the computer and soon hears Suguha outside his door, knocking onto the door and calling out to him. "Hey, Kazuto, I'll be heading out now, so try not to play dead in your room for the whole day."

Kazuto responds "Okay!"

Suguha turns to the side while smiling and looking to the door, she says one last thing before she leaves "And good luck on your date!"

Kazuto sighs when getting off the chair and looking at his neve gear that was on the table. He takes the gear then lies onto the bed and looking up at the ceiling, putting on the nerve gear and says these words "Link start!"

Kazuto returns to the OASIS as Kirito, logging back into the system and heading straight into one of the sectors of the OASIS. Once he is there, he appears in his regular look from Aincrad, except he got rid of the elven ears. He makes his way inside the building, filled with thousands of players, all normal players, while some have taken the look of a few avatars from a video game or movie or an anime. When he makes his way inside the interior, he almost bumps into two people who have taken the avatar look of Patroklos Alexandria and the other one was Pyrrha Alexandria.

Kirito waits in line so he could travel to one of the sectors of the OASIS, sending himself to Aincrad. Once he is there, he spreads his wings and flies over the valley, flying over the forest and joining a dozen players who are either flying or using pet dragons. Kirito soon came flying on the left side of a dragon rider, a player riding a Night Fury known as Toothless, but just when he got closer, the two went on to have a race to see who is the faster. Just as they start, however, Toothless punches straight through and was much faster that Kirito could not catch him. In the end, Kirito had to lose a race, but was not the first time he was put into a simple race and underestimate an opponent.

Afterwards, Kirito arrives on a small little island with a large tree in the middle of it, a location where his girlfriend wants to be, wishing to come to the place where she met and lost her best friend Konno Yuuki. When Kirito lands to the ground, he looks around while moving forward, soon to see the love of his life, Asuna, sitting by the tree, looking at the pixie of Yui flying around the area. Yui stops when looking past Asuna and could see Kirito approaching them.

"Daddy!" Yui calls out and flies over towards Kirito, flying around him then lands on his shoulder.

Asuna got off the ground when Yui calls out 'Daddy' to Kirito, looking over to him, she smiles and walks up to hive Kirito a hug. "Hey Kirito." She says before giving him a hug.

Kirito hugs her back "Hey, Asuna. Sorry I'm late."

"It's fine." Asuna takes a few steps away from him "I wasn't here for long, but I'm glad you showed up."

"Well I would have gotten here a little earlier, but I was racing against a dragon."

Asuna sighs "Racing again…" She leans her upper body forward and crossing her arms "You've doing a lot of racing games."

"I wanted to try something new…" Kirito pats her head when walking past her, making her stand straight and turns towards him

"Well, you're not doing well enough on the races. Have you progressed?" Asuna asks while still keeping her hands to her waist

Kirito stops and looks slightly up at the sky "Well….."

Kirito looks back to an event that happen a while ago with him and Klein on a racing match. The two joins a racing track that was through an apocalyptic wasteland, showing a few ruin cities in the distance with some large ships nearby due to the ground they stand on was once water. This game is just like any other racing track, filled with traps and enemy NPCs that will try to destroy as many vehicles as they can.

Kirito joins Klein in this race with over thirty players in all different sort of vehicles. When Kirito moves through the gaps between the cars, noticing some famous vehicles like the Mach Five and Mach Six, two different Batmobiles, one monster truck, three formula one racing cars and the rest are just V8 racing cars with different colours. Once Kirito found his spot, he opens up his inventory and looks through the stuff he has, finding a car that is perfect for this race. Kirito places down a 1973 black Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe, codenamed "V8 Interceptor". Klein got himself a black with two red stripes across the top of the car, a 2006 Ford Mustang GT, codenamed "The Monster". The car is equip with twin Miniguns on the front of the car and a few other type of weapons like smoke, oil, napalm tanks for defensive purpose and a six inch steel rear armour that is known as "The Tombstone" that could withstand a hundreds of bullet projectiles.

Klein had his car on the left side in the middle of the rest of the cars while Kirito was at the back, sitting standing next to his car and looking out at the other vehicles nearby. When he looks over to the side, he finds a Delorean coming into the race next to his car. The player inside the Delorean looks to the left to Kirito's car, he smiles for a moment then looks forward and holds onto the steering wheel.

Kirito steps inside the car and closes the door, contacting Klein through communications "Hey Klein, you read me?"

"Yeah I got you. Sucks that you're at the end."

"Hey, normally the front row doesn't make it at halfway."

"That's why I'm in the middle, sucker."

"Whatever. I'll see you at the finish line… But you probably won't make it to the finish line."

"We'll see about that."

"Hey Kazu… I mean, Kirito." Leafa contacts Kirito, standing with the rest of the crowd on the left side of the racing track "Good luck out there."

"Thanks." Kirito puts his hands on the steering wheel and looks up at the lights at the front.

The race is about to go underway the moment the red light is seen lighting up the front row of the race. Everyone becomes tense when the light in front of them reaches yellow, but the moment it hits the green, everyone hits the accelerator for a go.

The cars take off, they drive straight ahead in a large formation, but those who try to overtake the other ends up crashing badly and they have already lost one of the Formula One racing cars. The monster truck helps remove some of the cars that overtakes him, using sharp blades at the front of his truck and decimates two cars in the process, getting him back in the lead for a few seconds, but the Mach Six took the lead. The driver inside the Mach Six went past the driver in the monster truck on a right turn and got the lead in front of the others, having the monster truck on second while one of the Batmobiles are in third. Klein comes to the side and keeps his distance from the monster truck, but once he starts using his weapons, he takes out one of the cars that overtook him, took a few seconds for it to blow up. As for Kirito, he was staying somewhere in the middle, getting stuck with the other cars that are so close around him that ends up scratching his car.

"This is not good." Kirito said

"Come on Kirito." Leafa says to him "You got to punch through."

"Yeah right." Kirito looks at one of the mirrors and notice there is no car hitting him behind, so he ends up hitting the brakes for a moment to get out of the middle and quickly moves to the left side in front of the Delorean.

Leafa, Lisbeth, Silica, Yui, Asuna and Agil sits back and enjoys the race, watching the race through a virtual screen in front of them, seeing the list of where everyone is right now. They could see Klein has reach sixth place while Kirito is at eighth place for the moment, but he overtakes a car and went to seventh place. The one driving the Delorean, named Parzival was on third place and the player driving the monster struck is on fourth place.

During the race, the road in front of them slowly rises up in the air, forcing the drivers to jump high in the air and land on the other side. Two cars broke apart when they were unable to make it, the same goes to a formula racing car as the driver succeeds, but ends up crashing the car against another car due to going too far and lands on top of one. Klein, Kirito and the others made it over the jump in one piece, but the positions remain the same with the Mach Six still in the lead.

After the jump, Klein began to go on the offensive against the Batmobile in front of him, using the twin Miniguns and starts shooting behind the car. The female player who was Batgirl, driving the Batmobile tries to move, driving to the right and almost crashing into another car, but Klein moves to the side and continues shooting. The Batgirl fights back against Klein by taking something out of her inventory while driving, taking out a magnetic land mine and activates it. She threw it in the air and lands on the road, once Klein drove over it, the mine attaches itself underneath his car then explodes, sending the back of his car flown into the air and crashes upside down. Kirito saw it and starts to laugh while he keeps driving, leaving Klein stuck upside down, but finally took off his seat belt and collapses to the floor.

Kirito continues the race and getting stuck between fifth, sixth and seventh place as there are three cars on both side of his car. The two enemy cars began hitting against his, trying to knock him out of the race, but they do not realise that the serious obstacle courses came in front of the racers, making things very difficult for them.

Different crazy obstacles appears out of nowhere in front of the racers, seeing wrecking balls, spiked barricades appearing on the road ahead, a few meteor showers hitting the road and a large Terminator that is known as a Harvester comes out of the cliff, firing this plasma beam from its shoulder, taking down the drivers with one shot. These serious obstacles manage to wipe out most of the vehicles and leaving only four remaining, but the one driving the monster truck fell a part by the Harvester, making Kirito reach at third place while the Delorean was right in front of him. The racer driving the Mach Six was still in the lead, driving pretty fast and is further ahead than the other two.

The Harvester continues the peruse against the other players, coming towards Kirito from behind him and was close of taking him out with two plasma shots, but Kirito saw them and moves left to the right to evade them. Kirito was getting close of reaching second place, stuck in a fight between him and Parzival who are even match against each other. Kirito and Parzival who are close to one another, hitting each other to reach second place, but more meteor showers came down upon the road in front of them and the Harvester makes one last attack. It fires a plasma shot, which misses them the moment they both move away from one another, but just when it fires again, almost hitting Kirito and forcing him to move further left, he ends up falling over a few small craters from the meteors, forcing him to go slow. Parzival got the lead on second place and they finally made it to the finish line while the Harvester backs away from those attacks, allowing Kirito to reach third place.

The race was complete and only three drivers made it to the end in one peace. The driver of the Mach Six made it a few seconds faster than Parzival and Kirito, but was unfortunate to break a record here. Her reward was a double points, doubling the coins she owns right now and also an artefact that is a Bumblebee Transformer, allowing her to drive and to transform into a large robot for battle. Parzival and Kirito only got a small wealth of coins, but since Kirito was third place, he only got a small portion of coins, but was enough.

"Kirito?" Asuna calls out to him, bringing his flashback to an end when he returns to reality with Asuna and Yui.

"Daddy?" Yui taps on the side of his left face, making him look back to Yui and smiles a little to her.

"Sorry about that." Kirito said to Yui then turns to Asuna and says "I am getting close of reaching first place."

"You haven't even reached second place yet." Asuna said

"Well… I'm getting there."

"Sure you are." Asuna turns back and walks to the large tree "Maybe you should stop with the racing and focus on what you are capable of doing right now." Asuna said when looking back to Kirito

"I just like to try something new here." Kirito walks closer to Asuna "But I'm going to win someday."

Asuna smiles "I like your determination. However, how are you planning on winning a race without a car? You lost that car four days ago when trying to take someone else's car."

"Well… I uhh…"

Asuna comes back to Kirito and wraps her arms around his right arm "That's enough of racing, come on Kirito."

"Don't forget about me!" Yui calls out when flying over their heads and lands on top of the right shoulder of Asuna.

"Well, it's just the three of us." Kirito said "Let's go then."