The Fall of the Titans

In Villain Route

Kamin waited for his best men to come in which Sozo, Hisashi, Kokoro, Han, Greed, and another man named Accelerator (Quirk: Vector Manipulation) to arrive to his office. When they arrived Kamin smiled, "Hello everyone… the time has come."

They smirked as Kamin continued, "Today is the fall of the two titans that have ruled over this country for a long time. Stain has been captured by the police so he will not bother with our trades and with the defeat of All Might and All for One will let the people know who they should fear, respect, and obey."

They were ready for this which Kamin said, "You six will make sure you defeated the league and heroes that try to interfere with my combat with All Might and All for One. I'm planning on going all out so be prepared for the amount of damage I might accidentally cause."

They nodded which then Kamin looked at his watch, "In 5 minutes… it will all begin."

Kokoro opened a portal for everyone to get into the other side for their battle.

Kamino Square

All for One just warped everyone from the bar to him so he can give Tomura some words. When Tomura, his league, and Bakugo arrived, Tomura said, "Sensei… please forgive me."

AFO chuckled, "It's alright Tomura, I'm here for you. It's okay to make mistakes, they are necessary for your success. Now step back a little bit."

Tomura stepped back which All Might appeared to punch AFO, All Might said, "I'll have you return everything, ALL FOR ONE!"

All for One (AFO) said, "Will you kill me again, All Might?"

AFO threw him back which caused a very powerful shock wave that sended people flying back. AFO then continued, "You've gotten weaker All Might."

Deku was impressed that AFO was still this strong, he remembers he was getting weaker like All Might but like All Might he was still a force to reckon with. All Might asked, "What about you? What is with that industrial mask you've got there?"

They heard clapping which they turned to see Kamin, "You two are just old antiques of the past… All for One and One for All… Evil and Good… it's about time I do something about that."

AFO chuckled, "I'm glad you can join me…"

Kamin snapped his fingers which his men appeared and knocked out Tomura and his league then tied them up, AFO asked, "What is this?!"

Kamin smiled, "I will not join this fight on your side or All Might's in that fact… but as the man who will end this war between the two quirks."

All Might was ready to fight the two, AFO said, "Very well!"

AFO used 'Air Cannon' on Kamin but Kamin snapped his fingers to negate the powerful shockwave. Kamin appeared in front of AFO to grab him and throw him at All Might, All Might didn't catch AFO but punched him instead. Kamin appeared behind All Might to punch him with a lot of power to where he coughed out a lot of blood. Kamin grabbed All Might to use him as a weapon to beat up AFO with.

Gran Torino decided to come join the fight, but he was redirected to tackle Endeavor who was also there. Endeavor shouted, "Watch out old man!"

Accelerator smirked, "Gran Torino… it's been a while. How was retirement?"

Gran Torino looked at him, "Accelerator… you are supposed to be dead, how are you alive?"

Accelerator pointed at Kamin, "He found my soul and my skeleton, which he remade my body to where I can live again. He also made my body the same it was back in my prime before you killed me."

Gran Torino was old and couldn't fight Accelerator like he used to, but he knows how to defeat him. Gran Torino quickly attacked him, but Accelerator kept using his quirk to redirect him and hurt him. Sozo saw Edgeshot which he created many monsters to fight him which Kokoro had his back on warping Edgeshot away from them. Hisashi, Greed, and Han went to fight Endeavor which Hisashi would breathe hot fire while Greed made himself out of fireproof materials to beat the shit out of him. Han was about to join them, but he needs Bakugo to get the hell out and make sure the league doesn't escape. Han grabbed Bakugo to throw him to a wall which had some kids hiding there. The kids took Bakugo with them as the escaped and he continued his watch for more heroes and the league who are captured.

All Might then sent a punch to Kamin while AFO made a quirk combination to punch Kamin as well. Kamin then put both his hands to grab the fists to redirected them to each other's faces. Kamin chuckled, "This is too easy… but I'm want to end this."

All Might grunted, "Same here."

AFO chuckled, "I couldn't agree more."

Kamin then was surrounded in orange energy then it covered the area making a giant dome. All Might covered his eyes until it calmed down which they saw Kamin sitting on a throne. Kamin smiled, "Welcome to the Soul World! This is the final resting peace for all lost spirits to come to…"

Kamin pointed at the sky which All Might and AFO looked up to see a lot of spirits of people. A few spirits came down which All Might and AFO were in shock, Kamin smirked at the black hair woman, "What is your name?"

The woman replied, "Nana… Nana Shimura."

All Might was in shock that Kamin has his mentor's soul and Kamin looked at the white-haired man to ask, "Do you know the eyeless man over there?"

The man looked at AFO, "Brother?"

If AFO had eyes and tear ducts, he would be crying from hearing his brother's voice. Kamin smiled, "You see… in the end, you come to me, and you belong to me."

AFO in rage, "You are not the devil, villain, or evil… you are the Grim Reaper!"

All Might has never seen AFO in this state in his life and seeing it now terrified him, Kamin made a scythe in his right hand, "That's right… I am the collector of souls… I am the person where people go to when they die… I am the Reaper. All for One… I have been meaning to collect your soul… for a while now. Like when All Might almost killed you."

AFO then chanted a bunch of quirks to attack Kamin but Kamin smirked, "Come and fight me… you will lose in the end."

AFO then made his ultimate quirk combination to punch Kamin but Kamin summoned a bunch of souls to make a bigger and stronger fist to punch him back. When the two fists collided AFO flew back at great speed, but another fist came to punch him to the ground. All Might went to punch Kamin but Kamin summoned all the previous users of One for All came to stop All Might's punch and started fighting him. All Might was in shock by this which Kamin said, "These souls are mine which I have collected… they follow me to the end."

All Might and AFO got next to each other which AFO said, "We have no choice but to work together to defeat him."

All Might in anger, "I really hate to say this… but you are right."

Kamin laughed, "What's funny about this is that you haven't passed One for All to anyone… If you die here… then One for All and All for One belong to me as well!"

All Might said, "I may have failed to find a successor for One for All, but One for All will never belong to you…"

Kamin said, "Because it can't be taken… well you see I have the soul of its creator which I can see the quirk wanting to be taken back to him… which is exactly what I'm going to do."

Kamin disappeared then reappeared to punch AFO into All Might then made spikes to stab All Might's weak spot then as Kamin was about to cut off All Might's head… AFO appeared to take the hit. AFO's legs got cut off instead of All Might's head. AFO flew to the ground which Kamin said, "Someone is trying to rush progress…"

AFO touched All Might which Kamin cut off their arms, "I'm not allowing that."

Then with one touch on AFO and All Might… they closed their eyes and their souls left their bodies. Kamin chuckled, "Your burdens have now been lifted… you are now free."

The souls and quirks flew into the air which Kamin made the dome disappear revealing him undamaged with AFO and All Might dead on the ground. The news helicopter got it on camera live for the country to see, which Kamin looked to his men to say, "Let's go home now… we won."

They came to him with Kokoro warped them out leaving the league knock out and tied up, two dead bodies, and three defeated heroes. The country cried from the death of All Might which it was Kamin Hitoshi who killed them, and everyone now feared him and his yakuza. The mayor then called upon the Japanese military to do something about it, but he got no response from the government.

The Base

Kamin made phone calls to make sure his father can't call upon the military to hunt him down. Sozo brought a beer bottle to Kamin, "You did it, brother. You became the strongest man in the country and made this yakuza the most feared one as well."

Kamin opened the beer bottle, "I couldn't have gotten here without you and everyone in the yakuza."

Sozo chuckled, "So, what is next?"

Kamin smiled, "Isn't it obvious… we keep growing and protect everything we worked so hard for."

Sozo smiled, "I guess so… Endeavor's popularity is going to drop because he was there at the fight and he got his ass kicked."

Kamin chuckled, "A lot of people will lose faith in heroes, police, and government… just like the early days of the first yakuza in this country's history. All Might was this 'Symbol of Peace' and All for One was 'Symbol of Evil'… which I took both of them away."

Eri came in which Kamin picked her up, "Hey! How are you doing?"

Eri smiled, "I drew you a picture!"

Kamin put her down which she showed him a picture of her, Kamin, Sozo, Izuku, and the main members of the yakuza. He looked closely at the words 'Papa' with an arrow pointing at the little picture of him. He chuckled, "It's beautiful, Eri."

Kamin patted Eri's head then put the picture on his wall to wear anyone can see, because he was terrifying for killing All Might and AFO he might as well have a cute drawing to calm people down when they are in his office. Which he got on his computer to read the news while Eri played at Sozo's base. Then 'Chapter 6 Completed' appeared.