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In between Harry's lessons with the Hogwarts students, he marked and gave out homework, gave and took points - mainly from the Gryffindor Slytherin classes - and continued his lessons where he learned from the two Founders. All in all, Harry was getting very run down, and he had taken to wearing concealing charms to hide the tiredness he saw in every line of his face. He thought he might need a time-turner soon. Regardless, he was very pleased with his progress.

In Godric and Salazar's classes, Harry had been diligently practicing his animagus forms under their watchful eye. They would spend an hour on each animal every day, since he might need both forms at some point in the future.

His fox form would be very fast and agile, ideal for outrunning people, and his moth form was very inconspicuous, so he could go into households and just be there, as long as he stayed out of sight.

So far, he could turn three of his limbs into paws, and he could turn his nose into a snout. With this, he gained a new sense of smell, which was more enhanced, and he had to spend a few days readjusting to the smells that almost overwhelmed him in the Great Hall.

He could also grow wings and shrink his arms a little. It was good for flying because he could just grow his wings and jump out the window, no broom needed. He had been practicing flying with his new wings and it gave him a lot more freedom.

In the light of Harry's office, he was practicing turning his other leg into a paw. Thin patches of fur had sprouted on his leg, and his toe pads were just starting to peek out. With a sudden bout of concentration, his leg had transformed. Harry whooped, and the Founders clapped.

"Well done, Harry!" Godric said. "At this rate, you should be able to complete one of your transformations by Christmas. Now, finish marking those papers, and off to bed with you."

Harry tiredly nodded, and trudged to his desk, skimming over the quiz that one of his students had submitted and correcting it as needed. Within five minutes, he had done the last two papers, and he dragged himself to bed.


The next day, Harry was too tired to even get out of bed. With great strength of will, he stumbled to the shower to have a cold shower, effectively waking him up. A pepper up potion was still needed, so he flopped on his bed and lazily stretched out a hand to open his trunk.

"Accio Pepper up potion," Harry said, when the lid was open. The requested potion zoomed into his hand and he drank it down. Steam came out of his ears, but Harry felt energised, yet he thought something did not feel right. There had to be something that he was forgetting... "The full moon!" He said out loud.

Resolving to just do book work today, Harry stepped out of his rooms.


Harry had looked at Remus several times at meals, and he looked more weary each time Harry saw him. Harry disillusioned a pepper up potion and sent it levitating over to Remus. Harry lifted the disillusionment charm when the potion was somewhere Remus could see it. He had also included a note which said,

Mr Lupin,

Please take the pepper up potion. It will make you feel more awake.

Professor Remington

Remus looked up at Harry in confusion, and Harry gestured towards the potion with his chin. He obediently drank it, and looked more awake. Harry gave him a thumbs up.

After dinner, Harry went back to his rooms, where they started with the fox transformation again. Harry transformed his limbs, and then his nose. He then started to work on his ears. It would give him a superior sense of hearing. A bout of concentration and sending a bit of magic to his ears, there was a pop, and then he could hear students laughing a few corridors away. He could also hear a howl of pain, as loud as it would have been if Moony was standing next to him. A bark and a grunt, which Harry assumed was James followed. A small squeak was also heard.

Harry stood at the window, watching the four animals frolick in the distance, a tear slowly making a glistening trail down his cheek.


A chapter! Sorry I was not online for so long, but here's a short(ish) chapter to tide you by. Obviously I will try not to take like two months again, but I'm sticking to my chapter plan, and will bring you chapter ten in... I don't know.

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