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-- Searching Friends --

Part I : Gojyo's Invitation

Lighting a cigar and sitting back and reading the paper, this is the life of a family man… tsk- who would have thought? 10 years… that long… who knows what happened to the others? Who would have thought, that I, Sha Gojyo, would actually make my own family? Years before, I wouldn't even dream of this- no sir…

Oh well… heck, I'm still young- I married young, and look where it got me: divorced and left with twin boys. Hey, don't get me wrong; I don't mind it… I know how to bring up boys- I kinda brought up a saru once… who knows what happened to him.

Here I am, early 30s, working- but I'm on holiday right now. I'm damn proud to be a father- I just hope they don't end up like me. Heh- what a scary thought… to be honest- I thought the world was going to end when I found out my wife was going to have twins.

Anyway, our daily routine's boring. I get up in the morning, cook something edible- yeah, I learned how to cook something, I'm not relying on Hakkai to whip up something or Sanzo's credit card- I wonder if he even returned that- and thank heavens my boys don't eat so much like saru does! I'll be broke all the time, if they did. Wake them up, if they don't want to, that's their problem- some people might think that that's damn irresponsible, as a parent. You're wrong, pal. It's the most effective way, actually, than beating up a kid to obey you.

"Hey dad."

"Huh?" My son brought me back to reality, Meiyo- the elder one- was staring at me as he sat on the table. I stared back, "What?"

"Two things: you're too old for day dreaming-" he answered, grinning at me while the other one, Myotei eyed something behind me.

"The other one's probably 'dad, your food's burning.'… right?" Myotei finished for him.


"Oh shit...." I cursed as I fumbled to subdue the fire and smoke as my two boys laughed their heads off. I don't raise them as my 'kids'… more like… my 'younger brothers'. I think that's why my wife left me… tsk- who cares?! My boys aren't a mistake- she is!

"Dad, you'll end up poisoning us sooner of later…" Myotei sniggered.

"Hmph, hey, you're no better than me, kiddo." I shrugged and reached for my wallet. I took out some money and handed it to them. "Here, go eat breakfast with that somewhere. Keep in mind that that's also for your lunch!" I told them.

"Yeah, maybe even dinner." Meiyo laughed as he and his brother took it and picked up their bags, "See you dad, try not to burn the house." They called back as they walked out of the house.

"Shut up." I smiled as they disappeared. "Tsk- they remind me of Hakkai and Sanzo. How disturbing…" I muttered to myself, as I picked up the mail.

Bills… bills… ads… into the garbage they go. I thought. Invitation? For me? From who? I wondered as I flipped the last envelope. It was addressed to me, unless there's another good-looking guy like me with the same name… Sha Gojyo.

Curiously, I tore it open. My jaw dropped open as I scanned the letter.


How're you doing? Hope you're great. Do you know how hard it was to track you down for the past 10 years?! Glad to see you're still alive. Anyway, I also tracked down the others and sent them the same letter- invitation, to be exact. Hope you'll come to this reunion- it's at my place in…

Yours truly,
Cho Hakkai

Hakkai? Unbelievable, yet unmistakable- that tidy writing… A reunion, huh? Sure… I'd been wondering for the past months now about what happened to who… it'll be interesting…

-- later that evening… --

"Hey dad, what's up?" Myotei asked, looking up as I entered their room.

"Oh… er… you two don't have school next week, do you?"

"Nope- term break…"

"Why?" Meiyo asked curiously.

"We're going to visit somebody."




"A beauty with a real personality problem, a kid with weird taste, and a pretty who used to have a real disturbed brain…" I muttered, unaware I spoke aloud. My kids were gaping at me.


"Never mind. They're friends that I haven't seen for ages."

"Oh… okay… but… it's a grown up's thing, isn't it?"

"Err… I'm sure Hakkai'll find something interesting for you…" I scratched my head cluelessly. Sometimes, I really wonder who's the actual grown- up here…

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