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I've been into My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic recently and it's actually quite entertaining, enjoyable, and heartwarming. I've only watched several episodes that are interesting to me personally and I'm not planning to binge-watch the entire series. I've also been faving a lot of fan art on DeviantArt and e621 and I think they're cute and lovely, and hot and sexy, respectively.

I hope it's not too late to become a brony in 2019. Anyway, I've been thinking of this concept of different ponies whom I have crushes on, so here it is.

MLP: FIM belongs to Hasbro and references of songs belong to their respective artists.

WARNING: This is a clopfic and it is only for readers 18 and above. Ponies depicted in this story are all adult anthro mares.


I was on my bed, getting ready to sleep. I usually slept naked since I live alone in a nice service apartment. It would be downright pointless to sleep with clothes on while there's no one around. Living by myself meant I can do whatever I want and I can set my own rules and boundaries. I was on my phone, scrolling through social media posts and all I saw was nothing but bad news such as terrorism and hatred around the world. I was getting pretty sick and tired of seeing the same shit there. I decided to stop scrolling for more shitposts and start dozing off with a blanket wrapped around me.

An hour had passed and I kept tossing and turning. I went to Spotify and created a playlist containing nine sensual songs. I played the first song, Natural by Raveena, and went back to sleep. A minute has passed and I felt the blanket moving away from my body. I didn't think too much about it so I focused on getting a night of good sleep. Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands trailing on my back and neck. Those hands then started kneading my back gently as if they were giving me a massage.

Another sensation I felt on my back and neck was several kisses and licks. They felt so good I couldn't help but moan quietly. I slowly reached for the desk on the right side to turn on the lamp. I carefully got up and turned around to see who it was. I looked up and my eyes widened a little as it was none other than Princess Luna. The taller mare greeted me with a smile as if she were meeting a new friend. I looked down and blushed as she was completely nude. I was about to ask how she had entered my room, but she placed a finger on my lips, reassuring that she's not going to hurt me and she would like to get to know me better in a different way.

I nodded my head, giving my trust to her, and she moved closer to me to give a romantic kiss on the lips and we were locked in an embrace. My tongue met with hers and we swirled them, enjoying the warmth we were giving to each other. I returned the favour by gently brushing Princess Luna's transparent blue mane and caressing the back of her ears, which felt good to her. She moaned softly as I began smooching her neck and cheeks.

As the first song reached its end, the second song, Adore You by Jessie Ware, started playing. Princess Luna's body illuminated in colourful light and transformed into Tempest Shadow. She gave a seductive smirk and started giving licks and delicate bites on each of my ears, similar to ear eating ASMR videos I usually watch on YouTube. The wetness of her tongue, lips, and teeth provided an unbelievably wonderful sensation that I've never felt before.

After Tempest Shadow was done, I took the turn in doing exactly the same. She enjoyed the feeling as well. She began tapping and tickling my back with her fingers. I closed my eyes as she whispered reassuring and romantic words. Brushing my cheek with her hands, she planted a few smooches on my forehead.

The third song, Holding Back by SG Lewis ft. Gallant, was next, making Tempest Shadow transform into Rainbow Dash. She moved her finger in a circular motion, commanding me to turn around. I complied and she spread her wings to rub my chest and stomach. I smiled and looked at her as I put my hands behind her to touch her rainbow mane gently.

We osculated once more as she reached for my crotch with her hands and started fondling my genital area. I moaned and panted as Rainbow Dash's wings pinched and twirled my nipples and her seductive handjob made me grow an erection. She smirked and licked her lips at the sight of my upright member. She motioned me to turn around so that I could see her and she laid me down on the bed.

As the fourth song, Lyubiti by Jamala, began, Rainbow Dash transformed into Rarity. I pulled the drawer to get a bottle of minty rose-infused body oil and gave it to her. She opened the cap and poured a generous amount on my chest. She massaged me, making sure that I'm well oiled up. Aside from the chest, she worked on my arms, thighs, legs, neck, and crotch. She pulled me up so that I could get closer to her and she also massaged my back and arse.

Once again, I brushed her elegant purple mane and the back of her ears while she looked at me with a reassuring smile. Rarity blinked a few times and her eyelashes fluttered like the wings of a bird. She gave the bottle to me so I could massage her in return, starting with her back and arse. Suddenly, she licked and kissed my nipples and neck whilst caressing my erection, prompting me to arch my back and pant due to the thrilling sensation she was giving me.

Rarity transformed into Fluttershy as the fifth song, Body by Sinéad Harnett, was next. She turned her back and put her hands behind me as I poured a good amount of oil on her front. I worked on her arms, breasts, stomach, and thighs. I fondled and squished her breasts and reached my hands down to finger her clit as she moaned and giggled adorably with her wings spread. After smooching her neck and lips, she turned around and laid me down once more.

Fluttershy examined my erection and noticed its subtle throbbing. She pumped it slowly whilst caressing my inner thighs and all of a sudden, she began licking the shaft and went all the way. I uttered a loud moan with my eyes closed as she moved her head up and down. Then she sucked on my plums and fondled them delicately. Going back to sucking off, I couldn't help but moan and pant even more.

After a minute, Fluttershy stopped and crawled towards me, transforming into Applejack as the sixth song, Green Eyes by D'Sound, succeeded. We switched places and she exhibited her musculature by flexing her biceps, allowing me to admire her wonderful physicality. I placed my hands on each of her biceps, examining them with widened eyes. Then I focused on the sight of her well-toned abs.

I orally played with her nipples as I rubbed her abs slowly. I went down further to lick and suck Applejack's pearl, leading her to moan foxily whilst gripping the pillow. I took the time tasting her flower and eventually, I inserted two of my fingers to feel the warm lubrication of her walls, thrusting in and out at a normal pace. She couldn't help but moan even louder, feeling my digits within her.

As the seventh song, Bez Odezhd by Julia Samoylova, followed, Applejack transformed into Fleur De Lis. I crawled towards her chest to suck each of her nipples while she caressed my hair and neck. I suckled continuously until it was hard enough for milk to come out of her. I made sure to drink all of it, not wanting to miss each and every drop. I crawled once more so that I can see her slit and she can see my hard-on. We were in a 69 position and with our eyes closed, I went back to muff diving her while she proceeded to give head.

The oral pleasure we were giving to each other was phenomenal and divine. Fleur De Lis's tongue danced around my shaft and tip and she inserted her finger to massage my prostate. I did the same again to feel her G-spot and I smeared my face on her cooch to get all her juices. We pulled out our fingers as I crawled to see her face. We laid on bed side to side as we snogged with our hands trailed from the back of one another's necks to our waists.

The eighth song, Secret Garden by Madonna, started playing. Fleur De Lis transformed into Nightmare Moon. Her horn started glowing as a pair of bondage cuffs appeared on my bed and bound my wrists. Another item that magically appeared was an already lubed-up dildo and she inserted it slowly into my arse. I took deep breaths to relax and eventually, the pain became pleasure. As the dildo thrust repeatedly at a gradual pace, she spread her wings and plucked a feather from them to tickle me. I squirmed with delight as it made contact with my nipples, stomach, and legs. She proceeded to pet my erection with the feather, emitting several throbs of ecstasy.

Afterwards, Nightmare Moon began grinding her glowing crotch against mine, making sure that her lips and my shaft are well coated with her natural lubrication. Finally, our bodies united as she inserted my rod into her love tunnel. We both moaned provocatively at the electrifying sensation that was out of this world. Shifting her hips up and down, her breasts bounced gloriously, her ethereal mane flowed glamorously, and her tail swished gracefully. Several thrusts led us feeling hot everywhere. Her body glistened with sweat, most notably on her breasts and abs. She changed her hip movements to a circular motion for a fantastically different feeling.

Nightmare Moon leaned closer to me, her slit-pupiled turquoise bedroom eyes and wicked grin telling me, "You're mine, and I'm yours, and together, we can make this night last forever". Our hands met, our fingers interlocked, as we smacked lips passionately, and she stopped moving her hips to flex her love muscles around my member.

Osculating my neck as I pressed my head against the pillow, Nightmare Moon's dominant position was definitely a dream come true. The nocturnal alicorn reached for her clit, rubbing it to build up her orgasm. Our moans became louder and louder until we couldn't hold it in any longer. As our sweet spots arrived at their limit, we screamed and groaned as I released my seed within her and her walls clamped and tightened, squirting her love liquor.

We halted and panted as the temperature of our bodies decreased slowly and the afterglow began taking over us. With a snap of her finger, the bondage cuffs and dildo in my arse disappeared instantly. My wrists were ultimately liberated and Nightmare Moon pulled out my length as our combined creamy essences leaked out of her warm cavern. She laid on bed with her hand on my chest as I looked at her with a satisfying smile, placing my hand on her cheek.

The ninth and final song, Waterloo by JONES, led to Nightmare Moon's eyes glowing green. I asked her if she was Queen Chrysalis. She winked in response as green light engulfed her body, ultimately revealing her true form as the former queen of the changelings. She finally spoke and our conversation went like this:

"Surprise! Did you find my disguises impressive?", Queen Chrysalis said whilst showing off her fangs and long forked tongue.

"That was clever and amazing! It's so nice to finally meet you. Your villainous role is superb, charismatic, well-executed, and made me adore you even more.", I blissfully complimented.

"I'm glad to hear that. Great song choices by the way.", she counter-complimented.

"Thanks. I've been thinking which songs fit the ponies the most.", I said.

"Any other disguises you would like to see me as next time? I'm open for requests.", she asked.

"Hmmm. I would like to see you as Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Starlight Glimmer, Daybreaker, Nightmare Rarity, Trixie Lulamoon, and Princess Cadance. And maybe, we could spice things up with different kinds of toys, a collar on my neck with a leash for you to hold, and tentacles coming out of your back.", I suggested.

She chuckled alluringly and said, "I'll see what I can do."

"I just want to say that whenever you need a place to sleep, you're always welcome to be in my room every night.", I sincerely offered.

"Well, thank you for that. I appreciate the gesture.", she charmingly expressed.

"Goodnight, Your Majesty.", I greeted her.

"You may call me Chryssi. Pleasant dreams, human.", she greeted back to me.

As the last song concluded, I switched off my phone and Chryssi used her horn magic to turn off the lamp and cover our naked bodies with a blanket. We kissed each other, I laid my head on her left breast, and we slept the night away in a cozy snuggle.

End of Chapter 1

Lyubiti means "like" or "love" in Ukrainian while Bez Odezhd means "without clothes" in Russian. Anyway, thank you so much for reading this clopfic. I hope you enjoyed the erotic romance this chapter has offered.

In case you're wondering, there's going to be another chapter where Queen Chrysalis disguises into different ponies mentioned above, including toys, collar, and tentacles. It will take time for me to conceptualize the next chapter. Your patience is truly appreciated.

Here's a bro hoof to every brony out there. I hope you have a wonderful day. - Anthro Fanatic

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