Nihlus has been following me. I'm surprised a Spectre would be so obvious. Every time I turn around, he's there. He's an attractive Turian, but I'd bet a whole hog's ass that he wasn't following me for the view. It makes this whole "shake down run" garbage stink to high hell. Anderson won't look me in the eye. He always does. He's transparent when he lies.

No amount of dope from Joker makes it easier to digest, either. He shouldn't parade his suspicions so openly, but I learn new things about him every day. Like his favorite kind of porn. That was an unfortunate day. I act completely and utterly professional with absolutely everyone, but it was impossible to disagree with Joker's thoughts. He's not wrong.

I met Kaidan earlier when he was added to the Normandy crew. I'd heard about him before the mission; we'd exchanged coms back and forth. Pleasantries. He's much more personable in… person. His letters come across too crisp and professional for how I like to get to know the crew, but I knew to get the commander promotion meant I needed to command respect. Kaidan's good looking, too. Something about his face. I can see his kindness. And damn, what a voice. A good voice gets me going. I just like to appreciate people, okay? People are one of only two things I'm good at. The other is my sniper rifle.

Anderson handpicked everyone for this mission. I'd worked with him before, many times, and he officially added me to his crew a few years back. Back on Earth, I think my uncle would be proud if he knew. We don't speak anymore, but he did his best by me, even if it was little.

I need to go check in with Joker on the bridge. We have to be getting close to Eden Prime