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Chapter 1. From Hero to Dad to Boss

Emptiness, that's all Naruto Uzumaki could feel as he floated aimlessly throughout a vast black void. His senses were dulled and he couldn't feel anything, which made the young knucklehead wonder if this is what dying felt like? Or perhaps he was already dead? Regardless Naruto knew he had defeated Kaguya and that was the only thing that mattered to him. However, his victory was not without obvious consequences considering after his final clash Naruto was almost positive that he had died along with both Kaguya and Sasuke.

"Kurama?" Naruto called out weakly, hoping his partner was somewhere nearby.

However, after only a brief moment of silence Naruto closed his blue eyes and took a small sigh.

"I guess this is where my story ends." Naruto mumbled in a soft and defeated tone, while he slightly cursed his luck. "I'm sorry I let everyone down." The young hero finished, as he thought back to his friend's and family. Knowing he was going to die without completing any of his promises or dreams.

Though oddly enough Naruto suddenly felt something strange touch his chest. A sensation that filled him with warmth, but most importantly was a spark that quickly moved its way throughout his body and reignited the feeling back to his body.

"What's going on?" Naruto began softly, as his eyes opened wide to gaze into a giant blinding light hovering above him.

"Are- o-ky?" A muffled and hardly audible voice called out, one that filled Naruto with curiosity and hope that his situation was about to change.

"Is someone there!" Naruto called back loudly, while the light began to grow brighter and brighter.

"Oh please God-." The voice from before began and this time Naruto was able to identity much more than before. Since now he could clearly hear the voice of what sounded to be a woman talking to him. "Save this man!"

"Who are you?" Naruto asked, while he could hardly see due to the blinding light now obscuring his vision.

"You talked!" The voice chirped in a mixture of astonishment and excitement.

Naruto was confused, but before he could say anything he felt his entire body jerk upwards. Then what could only be described as the force of a mountain being crushed down upon him he laid motionless against the ground. However, riddled with pain Naruto could instantly tell multiple things.

For starters he could feel pain! Which sucked, but is better than being dead in his book! Second, he could feel himself laying on the hard ground, which again is an improvement from an endless void. However, most notable was the symphony of sounds that reached his ears. Some were familiar like the chirping of birds and the howling of the wind, but other sounds were foreign to him. So finally opening his eyes Naruto noticed he was in an alleyway, but he wasn't alone.

Considering the most beautiful woman he had ever met was currently hovering over him with worry in her eyes. She was a young girl around the same age as his own if he were to make assumptions. She had long blond hair that cascaded down her slender frame and a pair of gorgeous green eyes. Both of which were currently scanning Naruto from head to toe. However, what caught Naruto's immediate attention were her breasts, which were practically pressed into Naruto's face regardless of the strange black robe the girl was wearing.

"My name is Aurora Argento." The now named Aurora began in a kind and friendly tone. "Who are you? Can I help you?"

Naruto smiled at the girl's almost instant need to help him, but before he could say anything his eyes grew heavy and before he knew what was happening he drifted into unconsciousness.


(Naruto's Mindscape)

Jerking upward Naruto was greeted with the all too familiar sight that was the sewer inside his mind. However, that wasn't the only thing Naruto found, as gazing down upon him with a cocky smirk was his partner and friend Kurama.

"It's good to see you kit." Kurama bellowed in a gruff, but otherwise pleased voice.

"Kurama!" Naruto shouted in both joy and confusion. "I'm so happy to see you, but what the hell happened? Did we really defeat Kaguya?"

"Well for starters you and that disgraceful Uchiha defeated Kaguya, but it wasn't without the cost of your own lives. Well to be more exact the cost of your friends life." Kurama explained in a simple tone, while Naruto simply tilted his head in confusion. A response that made Kurama huff. "The backlash from your, Sasuke and Kaguya's final clash literally tore a hole in our dimension. As such Kaguya died and you along with Sasuke floated inside an empty void."

"But I'm obviously not now! What happened! Where is Sasuke?"

Kurama sighed. "I watched everything from inside your body. Your friend used the eyes the Sage of Six Paths gave him to speak with me inside your mind much like he did at Orochimaru's old base. He figured the only way to escape your predicament was to use both halves of the old man's chakra to escape your situation. So he removed his eyes and placed them in your body and asked me to take over and get you to safety."

Naruto held his hands out in protest. "But why would Sasuke do that?" Naruto asked in a pain filled voice, as just the idea of his friend doing such a sacrifice for him made him sick. "Why would he throw his dreams and ambitions away to save me! We could have worked together to escape!"

Kurama closed his eyes. "I've done horrible things and I've been lost for years. I have been consumed by hatred constantly and I'm ready to be with my brother. If my only and last good deed is spent saving this idiot than I'm okay with that. I know he can create a world that Itachi would be proud of." Kurama began, as he glanced down to his partner with a hard gaze. "Those were the final words of Sasuke Uchiha before he gifted you his eyes and died. From there I did everything I could to keep you alive and also save you from the empty void you were trapped in."

Naruto clutched his chest, as he thought over the last words of his best friend. They had a strained relationship, but in the end Sasuke believed in him and sacrificed everything for that faith.

"So what part of the Elemental Nations are we in now?" Naruto asked, as he looked up to the massive fox. "From the brief moment I was awake I could tell I wasn't in Konoha. So where are we?"

"About that Kit." Kurama began in a low and slightly upset voice. "We are no longer in the Elemental Nations. Hell we aren't even in the same dimension and before you even ask I have no clue where we are!"

"But what about everyone back home? Are they okay? Can we get back!" Naruto shouted loudly, but Kurama merely sighed.

"I don't know kit, I honestly don't know." Kurama replied, which made Naruto drop his head sadly. "But remember you're not alone! We will get through this together, but in the meantime that woman who found you is waiting for you to awake. So we will talk later."


(Unknown location)

Being quickly flung from his mind and back into the real world, Naruto slowly opened his eyes and quickly found he was no longer in the alleyway from before. Instead he was tucked into an unfamiliar bed and the girl from before was seated on a stool at his bedside.

"You're awake again!" Aurora cheered happily, while she tilted her head and gave a friendly eye smile.

"Aurora right?" Naruto asked in a slightly confused voice, which made the girl nod happily. "Well I'm Naruto Uzumaki and could you tell me where I am exactly?"

Nodding her head Aurora stood to her feet. "You're in Italy or to be more exact, the city of Naples, unless you're talking about this house which is my apartment in the city." The friendly blond explained in a rather bubbly voice.

Naruto absorbed the information he was given and took a moment to think. Considering he never heard of Italy or Naples for that matter, so it further proved he was no longer in his original dimension.

"Well I thank you for everything you've done for me so far Aurora. I am in your debt." Naruto spoke up, while he perched himself upwards and noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt. This of course displayed Naruto's chilled chest and abs, while Aurora blushed a deep shade of red. "Where is my shirt?"

"Uh-uh well it was all ripped up and I took it off to check if you had any injuries!" Aurora explained in a rather nervous voice.

"So you found me and brought me back to your place to check my injures?" Naruto gathered together, which made the young blond nod softly. "Hmmm well why didn't you just bring me to a hospital? There is hospitals in Naples right?"

At this question Aurora tensed up slightly. "Well you were pretty beaten up and in an alleyway. So I figured you were somehow involved with the Passione in the city. So I was afraid to take you somewhere public, but I know God's plan involved me finding you. So I took you back to where I live so I could help you."

"Well I'm not exactly from around here and I have no clue what the Passione is." Naruto admitted in an honest tone, which made Aurora sigh in relief. "But I'm grateful for what you've done for me so far!"

"Don't mention it Naruto!" Aurora replied in a happy voice, while she turned away and started to leave the room. "But you must be hungry! So stay right there and I'll get you something to eat!"

Naruto watched Aurora walk off with a smile and slightly reclined back into the bed he was in, while he allowed his eyes to observe his surroundings. Noticing Aurora's apartment was rather small and reminded the blond of his own apartment in Konoha minus the mess. So it made Naruto wonder if his newly made acquaintance lived on her own.

"Hey Kurama." Naruto spoke softly to himself.

'What is it?' The powerful Nine Tailed Fox asked.

"What do you think we should do first?" Naruto asked.

'Well we know we are in a city called Naples that is located in Italy, which is most likely the country we are in. Also this girl does speak our language, which is beneficial for us and saves us from having to deal with any annoying speech barriers. I say for now stick close to this Aurora girl and gather as much information as possible. I doubt we can return to our dimension anytime soon if ever. So you should start adjusting to our new setting.'

Naruto nodded, as it sounded like a reasonable plan. Besides the blond was starting to like Aurora, as he could feel her emotions were genuine kindness that he hadn't seen from very many people.

"I'm back!" Aurora announced, while she walked over with a cup of instant ramen in her hands. "I hope you don't mind ramen. I am not much of a cook and I really don't belong in a kitchen. Though I can make one mean instant ramen!"

"Are you kidding? Ramen is the food of the gods!" Naruto shouted in a giddy voice, as he would never pass up on his favorite food.

Aurora laughed softly and handed Naruto the cup of noodles, which the blond practically consumed instantly.

"Well Naruto you never told me what you were doing unconscious in that alleyway in the first place!" Aurora pointed out, while she reclaimed her seat beside the blond.

Choking on his noodles Naruto silently cursed to himself, as he didn't really know what to tell the girl. Lucky for Naruto he had a helpful voice within his mind.

'Tell her you recently moved to Naples and got mugged and lost all your things.'

"Well I've been wanting to move to Naples, but when I got here I got mugged and lost all my stuff." Naruto lied, as it was easier than saying he jumped dimensions with the power of a Sage after fighting the mother of the same Sage.

"Oh you poor thing God bless you!" Aurora began in a truly concerned voice, while she reached out and grabbed onto Naruto's wrist. "You can stay with me for as long as you need!"

Naruto grinned wide at Aurora's kindness. "That would be awesome Aurora-chan!"

Aurora smiled wide. "Than it is settled you will stay with me and in the meantime I can show you around the city and even get you some actual clothes!"

Naruto chuckled and rubbed the back of his head. "Sounds like a plan to me Aurora!"

"Well after you're done eating we can get some sleep since it's getting pretty late out!" Aurora explained in a carefree voice, while Naruto looked away from the girl and to his ramen. Completely unaware to the girl who was currently stripping down into her bra and panties.

"Well where are you going to sleep-. . ." Naruto began but stopped with his jaw dropped when he noticed Aurora standing completely in her underwear with an innocent smile on her face.

"With you of course silly!" Aurora declared to the stunned blond. "There is only one bed after all!"

Naruto's eyes grew increasingly wide, while the roaring of Kurama's laughter echoed throughout his mind.

'Make that perverted teacher of yours proud brat!' Kurama yelled loudly.


(A few days later)

It has been a couple days since Naruto had stubbled his way into the life of Aurora Argento and began his new life in Naples. Since then Naruto had learned a few things about this new world he was in and more importantly the girl who had found him and taken him in.

Apparently, Aurora had been an orphan her entire life much like Naruto, but she eventually reached the age of eighteen and began to live on her own. Despite her loneliness Naruto found the girl to be incredibly kind and caring and liked to spend her free time volunteering in orphanages and homeless shelters.

Currently the duo were walking around Naples with the goal of familiarizing Naruto with the area and finding a possible job to support himself. However, as they walked the duo got many jealous looks from both men and women. Considering Naruto was now wearing a tight yellow shirt and a simple pair of tan joggers, while Aurora was wearing a fairly modest black shirt and matching shorts. Though the real kicker was how Aurora had her arms wrapped around Naruto's own as she lead him throughout the city.

"Over there is a great bistro if you want a nice dinner, but it's owned by the Passione. And that way leads to a large market for some fresh fish and other produce. Then in that direction is where the local church I attend is!" Aurora explained in a giddy voice, as she constantly pointed Naruto in multiple directions.

"It's a lovely city." Naruto comentened before looking up to the bright blue sky. "It's different from where I grew up, but I could see myself staying here."

Aurora grinned from ear to ear. "And you haven't even seen the best parts yet!"

"And I'm sure you'll show me everything Naple's has to offer." Naruto replied back with a soft laugh that Aurora shared. "But I'm curious Aurora." Naruto began, as he ignored the numerous jealous looks he was getting from passing by men. "I've spent a few days with you and I still haven't learned all that much about you. So why don't you tell me more about yourself? Ya know like your likes, dislikes and hobbies!"

Aurora placed her free hand to her chin and thought over Naruto's idea. "Sure." The girl began before pointing back at the blond with a grin. "Only if you tell me about yourself in return!"

"That's fair enough." Naruto replied.

"Well I like God, cooking and you. I dislike those who prey on the weak or commit horrible actions in the name of God. My dreams are to find the love of my life and finally have a family to call my own. That and spread as much love and kindness in the name of God to the world that I can! I even want to one day move to the Vatican City and official join and work for the church!"

Naruto smiled, as Aurora had a wonderful set of dreams for the future.

"Well I like training, ramen and my precious people. I dislike the time it takes to cook ramen and people who only want to cause destruction. My dream is to one day finally make my master's dream of world peace a reality. Then maybe get a family of my own along the way!"

"Your master?" Aurora asked, as she had no knowledge of anything involving Naruto's old life.

"Yeah his name was Jiraiya and he was a huge pervert, but he taught me everything I know and was the closest thing I had to a father before he was killed." Naruto explained, which caused Aurora to drop her head in sadness.

"I'm sorry to hear that."

Naruto waved the girl off, as he had worked past the death of Jiraiya. "It's okay I miss the old pervert, but losing him helped me grow even further as a person."

'You know brat, not a single person has ever heard of your perverted master in this dimension or his books. You could plagiarize the living hell out of his books and make a killing! I mean your master managed to make quite the killing off those books so why not do the same?'

Hearing the idea of the fox inside his head, Naruto pondered over the idea. Considering it wasn't an awful idea, but it did run the risk of Naruto turning into a major pervert like Jiraiya was.

'I'll think about it.' Naruto replied back in his mind, but was quickly snapped back to reality once he held Aurora grip tightly onto Naruto's arm. He then felt the girl's emotions spike with a mixture of worry and fear.

"Aurora." Naruto began, while he glanced down to the girl and could tell she was shaken. So reaching out he brought her body closer to his, which slightly calmed the girl. "Are you okay?"

"Passione." The girl whispered softly, while her green eyes focused on three goons walking right in their direction. Meanwhile the surrounding area was quickly clearing at the mere sight of the three individuals.

"Well what do we have here boys?" One of the gangsters spoke up, while he looked directly at Aurora with a sleazy grin. "If I wasn't mistaken I would say it's the local high and mighty church girl."

"Hehe I think you're right. She's so busy worshiping her pretend God." Another goon spoke up, while tugging on his groin. "Well I got something real for you to worship."

Aurora was absolutely appalled by the men's remarks and she slowly retreated behind Naruto. The latter of whom balled his fists, as he didn't appreciate what any of the strangers were saying.

"Why don't you ditch that loser can come have some fun with us?" The third member of the group proposed, while he motioned for Aurora to walk over to him with his finger.

Aurora shuttered, but she quickly thought over her current situation. These individuals were all members of a notorious gang in Italy, meaning they were capable of awful things. Worst of all, if she didn't comply to their wishes Naruto could be placed in danger and she didn't want that. So the young woman was about to step forward and give herself up. However, before she could move Naruto spoke up.

"I'll give you one chance to apologize to Aurora and walk away." Naruto began in a firm and confident tone, while his blue eyes hardened and he stood protectively in front of Aurora. "If not I won't feel sorry for what happens to you."

The three goons began to laugh and one even revealed a large pocket knife that made Aurora gasp.

"How about you fuck off asshole." The goon in the middle shouted, while he took one step forward.

However, before his second foot could even move Naruto was suddenly in his face with a finger held to his forehead.

"I tried to warn you." Naruto sighed, while he flicked the man with enough force to send him barreling down the street unconscious.

Taken by surprise the goon with the knife tried to stab Naruto, but Naruto grabbed the blade and snapped the weapon in two. Then without remorse Naruto punched his second attacker in the chest. Sending him straight into a water canal that was nearby. Finally the last goon pulled out a small hand gun and took quick aim at Naruto.

"Die you stupid fucker!" The Passione yelled, while he fired multiple shots directly at Naruto.

The latter of whom merely looked at the man with a blank expression before holding his fist out to the man. Then with a dead stare Naruto opened his hand and every single bullet fell out of his hands and bounced onto the ground.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." Naruto mumbled, while he gave the man a swift and powerful chop to the neck. Knocking him unconscious in a single blow.

Aurora stood in awe and looked directly at the unharmed blond. From what he told her Naruto was mugged on his first day in Naples, but here he was fighting like some kind of unstoppable force. Hell he flicked someone so hard then rolled down an entire street and he caught multiple bullets fired at him from point blank range. This of course made Aurora begin to think there was much more to her new friend.

"Aurora." Naruto spoke up softly, which grabbed the girl's attention and made her look forward. Noticing Naruto was slowly walking back to her side. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, but you didn't get mugged when you first came to Naples did you?" Aurora began in a critical tone, while she looked the blond up and down. "There is no way I could believe that after what I just saw!"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "Yeah you're right about that. Heh, sorry for not telling the full truth."

"Well could you tell me the truth now?" Aurora asked softly.

"It's a long story, but I guess I can trust you. That's if you want to listen about the tale of Naruto Uzumaki."

Aurora nodded. "Of course! I want to know more about you Naruto!"

Smiling wide Naruto suddenly scooped Aurora into his arms, which made the girl blush a deep shade of red. "Well why don't we go somewhere more private?" Naruto purposed before to Aurora's surprise he took a massive leap onto the city rooftops before jumping back towards Aurora's home. "Then I can tell you about my life and where I am really from."


(Three years later)

Three years have gone by since Naruto had began his life in Naples with Aurora, but things could not be better for the blond from another dimension. Considering not many months after Naruto shared his true past with Aurora the two quickly fell in love and even a year prior got married, which resulted in Aurora taking the last name Uzumaki. However, long before their official marriage the two did have a child out of wedlock.

A boy by the name of Giorno Uzumaki, who took mostly after his father in looks and his mother in personality and had just turned three years old. However, that was not their only child of the Uzumaki family. Considering Aurora was pregnant and was due to give birth within the next few weeks to a girl. Aurora was ecstatic to finally have a girl and had already decided upon the name of Asia. This of course filled Naruto with incredible amounts of joy and even if he could find a way to return home he was at the point where he wanted to stay with his new family. So he stopped trying to find ways to return to his old dimension almost three years ago around the birth of his first child.

Currently the young family was in their new and larger home outside of Naples that was further into the countryside. Considering with the growth of their family along with the wealth Naruto was making off writing new versions of Icha Icha Paradise based off his and Aurora's life together the family was quite well off.

Aurora herself was busy rocking Giorno on a small wooden rocking chair, while she quietly worked on knitting a pink blanket for Asia. Meanwhile Naruto was off to the side writing a new chapter for his next book, but he couldn't help himself from stopping and looking to his wife and son.

'You know I didn't become Hokage and my life didn't go the way I planned, but I wouldn't change a single thing.' Naruto mused within his own thoughts, while a gruff voice chuckled in response.

'You've done well for yourself brat. Your parents and teachers would be proud.' Kurama replied softly.

'You know I wonder if I should start training Giorno and eventually Asia. They should have chakra thanks to me, but something is off with both of them. I can feel something inside of Giorno and even Asia. It's a power that neither I or Aurora have and I'm curious to what it is.'

'Hmmm perhaps some training would do some good and we could even discover the anomaly within your children. Considering I feel the power you speak of as well.'

'Maybe it's something to do with this world? After all there is still so much neither of us know about this dimension.'

"Hey honey." Aurora suddenly spoke up, which made the blond look up to his wife and take a hold on his inner dialogue.

"What's the matter Aurora?" Naruto asked, as he could see the obvious discomfort on Aurora's face.

"Asia is coming!" Aurora yelled loudly, which made Naruto leap out of his chair in surprise.

"Shit!" The father cursed in response.

"Shit!" Giorno mimicked happily as he clapped his hands together.

Aurora glared at her husband with a death glare he didn't know a kinder hearted spirit like her could make.

"Get me to the hospital before I send you to God to repent for your sins." Aurora ordered in a stern voice.

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Naruto replied before making an all too familiar hand sign and created a clone to grab Giorno, while he picked Aurora up in his arms. "Let's get going!"

"Shit, shit, shit!" Giorno repeated happily, which caused Aurora to growl and smack her husband as he carried her off to the hospital.


(Twelve years later)

Twelve years have passed since Asia was born and the growth of the Uzumaki family had stopped, as Aurora and Naruto didn't want any more children at the moment. However, in the past twelve years the Uzumaki has changed greatly.

Naruto was now currently thirty two and had kept his young muscular physique, but his hair had grown much longer to mimic his old teacher Jiraiya. Naruto felt this was fitting as the man's books helped propel Naruto into becoming the most successful author in the world. So keeping his hair in this fashion was a way for Naruto to pay tribute to the man. However, Naruto's fame wasn't the only thing that had risen over the years. Considering he trained daily and was now at a point where he would be considered a god in his previous dimension and even more so in his current home.

Next came Giorno, who was now fifteen and had grown into a young an ambitious young man. One who values his family and those around him, which were traits he obviously inherited from both his parents.

Then there was Asia, who was now twelve and was practically a carbon clone of her mother in both personality and looks. However, she did have a small spark of Naruto's goofy and mischievous behavior sprinkled into her.

Finally there was Aurora Uzumaki, who had perished when she stumbled across a drug deal gone south within the city only a week ago. This event devastated the entire Uzumaki family and explained why the three remaining members of the family were all standing over Aurora's grave in mourning.

Naruto balled his fists, as he felt the same feelings of hurt and suffering as when he lost Jiraiya. The blond could even hear the words of Nagato echoing throughout his mind.

"Justice comes from vengeance, but that justice only brings more vengeance."

Naruto wanted to find those responsible and make them pay for taking his wife and mother of his children from him. However, he knew that wasn't a route he could take. Instead he merely glanced down to his children. Asia was sobbing at the loss of her mother and who could blame her? Giorno on the other hand had a hard and determined look on his face.

"This world filled with hate, drugs, pain and sin." The eldest of the Uzumaki children began softly, while he gripped his fists and tears rolled down his cheeks. "Something as foolish as disputes over drugs cost the life of a true saint in this world. . . That's inexcusable and is why I will join the Passione. I will climb the ranks and demolish the origination from the ground up. Then I will rebuild that organization and use it as a tool to change this city and world for the better. Just like Kaa-chan would have wanted."

Naruto was surprised by his eldest son, but closed his eyes and smiled softly at his conviction. As it truly was the best way to honor Aurora and avenge her death.

"I have more power than any man could dream of." Naruto began softly, while he brought both of his children in for a one armed hug. "However, I will take over the Passione and use it as an organization to honor Aurora's ideals and dreams. And I will protect you two with everything I have. That's my promise and I never go back on my promise."


(One year later)

One year has gone by since Aurora's death and Naruto's promise to take over Passione. A goal which Naruto accomplished in only a few weeks, as with his near godlike abilities, not a single person posed any sort of challenge to his power whatsoever. That of course meant for the last year Naruto had been operating as the new boss of the Passione and was working to make the organization more in line with Aurora's ideals of bettering humanity.

He started with eliminating all illegal activities and removed anyone who disagreed with his new vision of the gangster organization. It was a rough start at first, but with some help from his newly appointed and trusted Capos. The Passione has made great strides in bettering the country of Italy and slowly reaching out into other nations and cities. However, the Passione still kept a firm grasp on their power to better uphold the peace that Naruto was trying to create.

Though at this time Naruto was within his office and overlooking his top two men. One which was his son Giorno, but the other was another young man by the name of Bruno Bucciarati. Both of whom were waiting silently at their leader's desk.

"So have the preparations been set?" Naruto asked in a strong and commanding voice.

Bruno nodded and took a slight bow. "Yes Boss, Abbacchio has the target with him and is secured. Meanwhile Narancia and Mista have all the preparations set."

Naruto nodded with a pleased expression and turned to his eldest child. "And what about the package?"

Giorno nodded. "I managed to obtain the package this morning Father."

"Excellent work boys!" Naruto praised with a goofy grin, while he was practically shaking with excitement. "Asia is going to love her surprise thirteenth birthday party!"

Yes that's right, Naruto Uzumaki. Arguably the most powerful individual alive and the leader of the most expansive and powerful organization. Was using his abilities and resources to plan a preteen birthday party and as Kurama would say.

"Once a dumbass always a dumbass."


(Chapter end)

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