Hello all, it's been awhile. Probably a little too long as I think about the last time I posted an update. Unfortunately I've decided to go ahead and stop writing stories on this site. With having a full time job along with family I don't have time to write or finish anything and I know I won't ever come back to this. I've enjoyed my many years on this site as a reader and writer, but it's time for me to call it quits for good.

However, I don't want to just quit without leaving some closure. So for each of my stories I'm going to post the current progress I had with the chapter (which depending on the story might not be a lot of progress or polished) and give my plans for how I was going to take the story and wrap everything up to give some closure to those who care.

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Chapter 11. Training. . . Kinda

(With Naruto)

An annoyed expression covering his face, Naruto stood in the middle of a hallway within the Gremory mansion with nothing on except for a pair of black trousers. It had been one week since Naruto started to prepare Asia, Issei and Xenovia for their rating game and everyday proved to be more challenging than the last. So of course today was no different.

"Asia!" Naruto bellowed out loudly, while he waited with his arms crossed. Yet as the man stood in silence with no answer he closed his eyes and grinded his teeth.

"Perhaps she didn't hear you?"

There was a small ruffling sound followed by the sound of something swinging in the air.

"Either that or she is off causing more mischief."

Naruto's eyes twitched and he didn't say anything.

"Well the mansion and surrounding property is fairly large Griselda. So who knows where she could be."

Taking a deep sigh, Naruto opened his eyes and looked up. Where he saw both Venelana and Griselda completely naked and tied together in a net that was keeping the two bound tightly together, while a small note was attached to the net that simply read.

'Good morning Daddy, I have plans today. Have fun without me! -Your Princess'

"How does she even have time to do all this?" Naruto mumbled softly, as he had to admit his daughter was incredibly efficient with her schemes. "And a better question, how did she get you both into this situation?"

"She is quite cunning." Venelana began before wiggling her body a little, which made the net swing. "However, will you please let us down?"

Naruto looked at the two women with a blank face. "You're literally an Angel and a Devil, can you really not get yourself out of a simple net trap made by a seventeen year old?"

Venelana who had signs of clear alternative motives merely made a helpless face. "Now Naruto you wouldn't leave your poor wife up here?"

Naruto's fingers twitched slightly. "But we aren't actually marri-. . ."

"And don't forget Asia is your daughter, as her enabler you must take responsibility for her actions."

Naruto sighed. "You have a point." The man began softly, as he reached upwards and carefully began to lower the two women.

However, as Naruto stood underneath the women, Venelana got a devilish glint in her eyes and the net completely snapped. Causing Venelana to fall chest first into Naruto's face and knocking him onto his back. Meanwhile Griselda managed to land on top of Naruto's stomach and knock the air from his lungs.

"Oh my hero." Venelana whispered softly, while firmly pressing her breasts into Naruto's face. "I think you deserve a reward."

"Or maybe a punishment for what his daughter did?" Griselda proposed in a low voice, while she poked her head over Venelana's shoulder.

Naruto's eyes grew wide, as he was completely pinned under the Angel and Devil. Both of whom were giving him a rather hard and heated passionate gaze. Leading Naruto to the mindset of where this situation was quickly spiraling into. A situation he in all honesty didn't mind at all, especially if his children weren't around to make the situation awkward.

Yet as Naruto pondered on just going with the flow, he should have kept two things in mind. The first was that his life was full of complications, while the second that his daughter would always have some sort of alternative motive or scheme in play. A cruel truth that was quickly brought to Naruto's attention by a sudden voice.

"God damn Dad you're an inspiration!" Issei yelled loudly, which made Naruto snap his eyes towards the boy. Noticing the young brunette gazing at him with stars in his eyes. Though it was almost impossible for Naruto to properly see the boy, as Venelana was blocking a majority of his sight with her breasts. Yet Naruto was still able to get some mumbled words out.

"Issei what are you doing?"

Holding his hands up in defense, Issei kept his eyes directly on the two naked women. "Lady Asia told me she and Xenovia were busy today so I was going to train alone with you!"

"Well this is somewhat of a mood killer." Venelana mumbled softly, while she slowly released her hold on Naruto and stood to her feet. "Come on Griselda, let's leave the boys alone. We can play with my husband later."

Patting Naruto's bare chest and giving a small wink, Griselda joined Venelana before walking off. Though as the Devil and Angel disappeared down the hallway, Issei slowly approached the older man with a sheepish expression.

"Uh sorry Dad that was a total cock block on my part!" The perverted brunette began as he nervously rubbed the back of his head, while Naruto merely took a moment to gather himself.

"It's fine Issei, we have more important issues to deal with." Naruto then stood to his feet and began to stretch. "Are you ready to start some more training?"

Pumping his fist in excitement, Issei merely nodded. "Hell yeah Dad!"

"Well since Asia and the others decided to skip out to do who knows what today. Me and you can focus on some hardcore personal training."

Slightly twitching, Issei backed away a few steps and gave Naruto a nervous laugh. "Dad I thought we have been doing hardcore training?"

Naruto chuckled and slapped the pervert on the arm, which made him stagger to the side. "Not in the slightest, but now since you've learned how to mold chakra and make shadow clones. We are going to abuse the fact that you now have my genetics and train with as many shadow clones as you can muster!"

Issei gulped. "What exactly are you going to teach me?"

"Oh just a few things, nothing to worry about." Naruto began with a smirk, while the blond began to walk off. "But after I'm done you'll be an entirely different person."

Running to Naruto's side, Issei looked up to the man he idolized. "Will I be like your apprentice?"

Naruto glanced at the boy with a soft laugh. "You know I trained Giorno, but I never really made him my apprentice. Though I feel like it's time I should take on an official apprentice, so why not!"

"Awesome!" Issei roared loudly, while holding his fists high into the air. "I'm one step closer to my new dream then!"

"Oh really? And what would that be?" Naruto asked, but was about to regret doing so.

"Well Dad I can't be the Harem King, because you're quickly taking that title for yourself!"

Naruto's eyes twitched. "Issei I- . . ."

"But that's okay, because as your son I shall follow in your footsteps and become the Harem Prince!"

Taking a deep sigh, Naruto didn't say anything and just kept walking, while a giddy Issei followed close behind.

(With Giorno)

Having his eyes closed in frustration, Giorno merely sat in the silence of his chair while a rather loud purring noise was filling his personal office. This was a result of Kuroka, who was currently seated on Giorno's lap in her human form. Meanwhile Bruno was standing before the two with a rather perplexed look.

"So- . . ."

"Don't. Say. Anything." Giorno cut in sharply, which made Bruno hold his hands up and laugh. "And before you even think about it, no Asia isn't behind this. Or at least I think she isn't."

"I wasn't going to, but are you at least going to introduce me to your little friend?"

Giorno sighed. "This is Kuroka and Kuroka this is my closest friend and ally."

"Bruno Bucciarati." Bruno began, while taking a slight bow of respect. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Oh I like this one darling, he's very polite and dashing." Kuroka began as she nuzzled her body into Giorno's. Displaying the woman's attachment to the blond for Bruno to see.

"Darling?" Bruno repeated with a slight chuckle, which made the blond's eyes twitch.

"Just tell me why you're here." Giorno ordered sternly, which of course made Bruno nod while continuing to chuckle.

"Well first off our great Pope Pecsi has declared October 10th Saint Naruto Day." Bruno revealed, which did earn a smile on Giorno's face.

"Well that will slightly swell Father's ego. What else do you have for me?"

"A report from Naranica and Fugo." Bruno began, but his face sported a frown and his voice sounded less than pleased.

"Hmm those two were in Kyoto right?" Giorno asked, while Bruno nodded.

"Yes they were dealing with the local Yakuza per your order, well you made Issei make the decision, but you know what I mean."

"Yes, but you sound troubled. Was there a mishap? I know Naranica and Fugo aren't the most stable pair, but I assumed they could handle the assignment with ease."

"Well you're correct on that front, as they were able to complete their assignment easily. Plus to my surprise they didn't cause any major problems while in Kyoto due to their recklessness."

"Well if they succeeded, what's the issue?"

"They caught the attention of the Yokai Faction and their leader Yasaka. So much so that a few members of her faction confronted both Narancia and Fugo."

"Oh for fucks sake." Giorno mumbled in frustration, while he started to massage his temples. "Please tell me they didn't pick a fight with the Yokai Faction."

"Surprisingly enough they didn't, but they were questioned as to why an unknown faction was making power moves within Yasaka's territory. Fugo taking the opportunity to establish a friendship between our groups, proposed a meeting between the Boss and Yasaka."

"I take it that she accepted the offer?"

"Yes, the meeting will be set for when the Boss returns from the Underworld."

Nodding his head, Giorno wrote a small note on his desk. "I'll try and send word to Father and let him know of the situation. Until then just keep business as usual and keep expanding the Passione."

Taking a bow, Bruno quickly left the office, which left the blond alone with Kuroka. Who lightly ran her finger across the man's rather well defined chest. "Hmm getting involved with Yasaka, I knew you would be interesting to stay around, but I never imagined this."

"I'm the son of the man who will untie every faction together in peace. You should heed well to remember that, as we are only getting started."

Giving Giorno a rather lust filled gaze, Kuroka softly dug his nails into the man's skin. "Oh I'm liking you more and more Giorno. You'll make very strong kittens for me nya!"

(With Asia)

Standing outside of the Phenex estate, Asia looked through a rather large gate with a rather excited face. Yet her current company was in much different spirits, as Xenovia had her normal blank and uncaring experience. However, Rias and Akeno were both quite confused as to why they had been dragged to the Phenex estate.

"So why are we here exactly?" Rias asked.

"I'm curious as well." Akeno added.

"I wanted to do a little recon on Riser and his peerage. Ya know get some proper intel on the enemy. Well that and I'm awfully bored and want to cause some mischief."

(With Naruto)

Watching from a distance with a pleased expression, Naruto merely folded his arms as his clones were busy training a sea of Issei clones.

"You know, having this many of the little pervert running around is an eyesore." The voice of Kurama announced as he slowly stalked his way to Naruto's side.

"Hey there Kurama, haven't seen you all morning. Been hiding or something?" Naruto asked with a friendly smile.

"Actually yes. I've been doing my best to avoid Asia. She's been getting rather bored these last few days and you know how she gets when she is bored."

Naruto sighed. "Oh I know very well, but back to your comment about Issei. You should lighten up on the kid a little. He's making some solid progress."

"Considering his starting point, that doesn't say much."

"Oh don't be like that Kurama, Issei is making great progress. Hell, after this week is up I expect Issei to beat Riser and his peerage by himself."

"Well you have a way with idiots, but you're aware one of those devils is watching us?"

Naruto merely nodded. "Yeah it's the small one Koneko, she's been watching us all morning."

"You think the Devils are having her spy on us?"

Naruto shook his head. "It's a possibility, but if that were the case then Venelana would just follow me everywhere. No, she seems to only stick around when we are training."

"Hmm that's interesting, are you curious to find out why she keeps watching?"

"A little bit actually, care to monitor Issei while I go have a chat with her?"

Kurama let a dangerous grin slip by. "Can I torment the pervert?"

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "If it benefits his training, sure!"

With that being said, Naruto vanished in a blur of speed. Coming to a rapid stop right in front of the hiding spot that Koneko was using to spy on Issei's training. An action that caught the girl by surprise and forced her to jump backwards in surprise. Naruto sensing the girl's emotions quickly held his hands out to calm her down.

"Woah easy there, I didn't mean to startle you." Naruto began with a soft laugh, while Koneko watched him with a careful eye.

"Who said I was startled?" Koneko fired back in a monotone voice, while trying to keep her composure. "I was just preparing to defend myself."

"Oh I'm sure." Naruto replied as he rolled his eyes. "And let me guess, next you're gonna say that you haven't been spying on me and Issei."

"I-. . Uh." Koneko trailed off, as she didn't know what to say, which made Naruto give her a friendly smile.

Kurama hiding from Asia

Issei and Koneko maybe?

More fun with wives?

The final showdown gets ready!

(Future plans)

-Naruto would deal with the other factions and slowly become the strongest faction. And grow closer to his wives and "kids"

-Asia's prank on Kurama would be making him a body that resembles a young girl. A body that Kurama can't change out of. Essentially making Asia's "new little sister." Who Asia calls Kunou. That's right Yasaka as the final wife option has no children and her cannon daughter is actually supposed to be Kurama in this story.

-a big arc I had planned to wrap the story up was Naruto's birthday arc. Essentially the three wives and Naruto's children all scramble to find Naruto the best birthday gift possible.

-Asia and Kunou however figure out a way to transport into Naruto's home dimension to find his "gift." But instead of getting to the elemental nations in their current time, they managed to land into the dimension and slipped back in time to the time when Jiraiya was killed by pain. This was an arc where Asia got to interact with a younger version of her father and have a few harmless pranks. (An arc I planned way before Boruto did it btw) the arc would end with Asia showing up at the end of Jiraiya's fight and taking his body to revive him and take Jiraiya back to her dimension. Giving Naruto the best birthday gift possible as she essentially brings Naruto's father figure back from the dead.

Then the story would end with Asia and Naruto traveling to the moment in time Naruto left his home dimension. Breaking the infinite Genjutsu (something he never did) then after saving everyone he would bring them into the new world of peace he made with his new family. Allowing for people like Jiraiya and Tsunade to be reunited.